Mhy water broke and I was sent home: Has this happened to anyone else?

Basically, I am 34+5 weeks pregnant. Early hours Tuesday morning, my waters broke. I was kept in the hospital overnight, on antibiotics. Has two steroids in injections for baby’s lungs if she does decide to make an appearance… Anyways I always believed they couldn’t let the baby stay inside you after 48hrs of waters going due to infections that may occur… Anyways they sent me home last night with antibiotics’ no follow up an appointment!! Nothing!! Just basically, mother instinct knows best and to go back if I am worried about the baby, but I am worried sick Has anyone else experienced this??? When I had a scan yesterday, I have 1.5cm of fluid left around the baby, but the lady who scanned me said I should have at least between 2 & 8cm? I am just so worried, and dunno who to listen to as every doctor I spoke to told me someone different


My water broke at 38 weeks and they delivered saying that they wanted him out within 24 hours.

I don’t know at how far along they will deliver after it breaks.


Call your ob and get an apt


I think u need to go to another hospital. You know ur body my girl.


I’d call and make an appointment with any OB that is available today.

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I would call another hospital

Get to ur ob asap bcuz my oldest almost suffocated bcuz my water broke and the hosp ignored me telling them just bcuz i was 18yrs old and didnt kno what i was talking about :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

id go in like every 3 hours after they release you they will get tired and just keep you lol thats what i would do 🤷

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Go to a dr that will help u deliver. I was told that slow leak or not once ur water breaks u stay in the hospital. Ur baby is going to risk suffocation. Go somewhere else


I’d call my ob office

Get seen asap. That’s not good in my opinion

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I have this happened to myself and my son by the time I got to an emergency C-section it was 4 days past my water being broke. I had the most horrible infection with antibiotics so did my son and he ended up in the NICU for 7 Days on antibiotics that meant that I was never able to nurse my child please call ASAP

First of all,not safe for the baby and secondly a dry birth is absolutely terrible.go in!!

They should deliver!!! I do not understand what they are thinking.

Erin L. Hollen what would you suggest?

Call the ob! Possible suffocation can occur… Good luck!

Just go back. Be pushy. Demand to be admitted.

Follow your instincts. My last one had almost no fluid around her. And they took her immediately.

My water broke at 33 weeks 6 days and I went in and had my baby. I’d be calling my ob asap!

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Hell no !! go to a different hospital or go back and demand they help you!!! Or call an ambulance, this is unbelievable


This is not right. Please call your actual OB and go to a different hospital


Go back in and file a complaint with your states medical board when this is done


I’d be going to a different hospital! A baby’s lungs aren’t fully developed at 34 weeks!

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I had my little boy at 33 and 4 days my water broke 4 days before i had him but they kept me in the hospital i be scared to go home i be finding a different hospital

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Go immediately dont wait. COUNT KICKS MOVEMENT go to a different hospital if this one doesnt do what they are supposed to. Call your dr. There should always be an on call


Go to a different hospital! You know your body and instincts. Demand they do something!!!

Go back to the hospital or maybe a different but go back. You need to deliver

I’d go back to the hospital and try to talk to your doctor directly? Or maybe visit another hospital and see what they say too but I wouldn’t wait I’d go today at least just to clear your mind

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Call ur ob asap i had a friend whos leaked and they admitted her and she had to deliver early. You definitely need a second opinion

Damn I was dilated at a 4 and 100% effaced my water hadn’t broken but I was having contractions every 5 mins! they kept me!! I would definitely go to another Hospital!

I would go back or to another hospital. Some nurses dont always make good decisions.

That doesn’t sound right. Not enough fluid around baby is dangerous. I was induced with my 1st and 3rd for low amniotic fluid. But I was at term for both though. But was warned with my first with 1% amniotic fluid that if he were in there too long like that he could have been born brain dead. I’d go into L&D instead of your normal ob. I would go in over and over until they did something.

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I was told their not supposed to let baby stay in for over 48 hours after your water break. You and baby risk infection and baby risks suffocation.


Ummm they should have kept you.

Go back asap they should have kept u

Go with your gut feeling my water broke Dr said oh u have leaking before went was at two had son that night

Go back now and tell them you’re not leaving

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Call your ob and go back to the hospital

I would call your OB.

This is dangerous! You need to call you OB and go to a different hospital

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Mine leaked for weeks and mine was born with pneumonia. Almost lost him go see doctor now!!

No! Delivery within 24 hours if water breaks. Wth go back to doc or ER now!!

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Yes!!! Go to another hospital then, or go back up there and demand to stay!!! My first child had a horrible infection when I was sent home after my water broke, she had to have iv antibiotics almost a week n a half!!! Go back, if they checked you and confirmed water broke and let you leave is so wrong, they may think you’ll go into hard labor in next day or so but just know infection is real possibility. Hope all goes well

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Definitely go back or to a different hospital. They should have never sent you home!

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It all depends if its your full waters or not as waters do come back, they are professional so do know what there doing…

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Go to a different hospital you can get an infection. Water broke = baby.

So dangerous! Get to the ER. This can lead to you and baby getting infections and other risks.

My water has broke with all 3 of mine and I had my baby that day. 35, 36 and 37 weeks. When my water broke with my first I started running a fever about 12 hours later and they did an emergency c section because the risk of infection. I would go to a different hospital. This is unbelievable. My sister’s water broke at 33 weeks, they sent her to a bigger hospital with a NICU, they kept her until 34 weeks and delivered him. They wouldn’t let her go past 34 weeks but either way you should be in the hospital and the baby should be monitored daily.

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I would go back I went in for my 34 week appt and had them check me and I was dilated to a 4 and they sent me straight to the labor and delivery and had him that afternoon.

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Does happen… my waters broke at 29! Weeks… went in to hospital had steroid injections and told to look for signs of infection then sent me home, had to go back 2 times a weeks for heart beat monitor and temperature check then home again… had him at 32 weeks


Absolutely go back. Risk of infection dry birth and suffocation for baby. Go back and DO NOT LEAVE.

That doesn’t sound right AT ALL!! I was told I had 24 hours after my water broke. Go to a different hospital, or go back immediately!!


Go back. That is negligence on their part. On a side note you will never run out of amniotic fluid your body will keep producing more. That’s still no excuse to send you home you need to be monitored

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Don’t ignore instincts. Go back, do not leave without a plan and multiple opinions

Get a second oppinon where I live they don’t let you even go 12 hrs after your water breaks due to risk of infections and complications with dry births.

You need to go back to the hospital, or go to a different hospital ASAP. At 34 weeks that baby is going to need some nicu help.

I had low fluid with my last baby. Around 1-1.5. They sent me straight from the office to the hospital and said if I didn’t have my baby within 12 hours, I’d have a c-section. Luckily the induction worked but still. You should absolutely not be at home. Too long with little to no fluid could literally kill your baby!

Call your ob and have them meet you at either the same hospital or a different one.

You should absolutely NOT wait!!! My friend was made to wait and her son is permanently disabled. He’s now 36 and still only has the use of 2 fingers on his left hand. PLEASE go directly to another ER or your OB!!!

Yeah so you need to go in to a competent hospital.

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You need to go to a different hospital! If your water broke they should’ve kept you in the hospital until you delivered! My son was born with a bad infection due to my water being broke for over 34 to 36 hours, luckily he was fine after some IV fluids/antibiotics, but it could’ve been worse. Please go to a different hospital.

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Go to the ER and dont leave!

Go to er now. That can cause huge infection affecting baby. (From experience)

My water broke at 22 weeks. They pumped me with medication and sent me home till 24 weeks. I went back to the hospital and stayed there until I delivered at 31 weeks.

My water broke with my daughter at 34 weeks 5 days also and I had a c section (she was breached) her lungs were perfectly formed. No nicu time. Every baby is different but you need to trust your instincts. I thought once water broke fully you’re at a higher risk for infection so I’m shocked they just sent you home?

Go to the ER! Tell them your water broke Tuesday!!That’s so dangerous!! My sister in laws water broke and they where worried for my nieces safety because she lost almost all her fluids.

I’ve never heard of this but this sounds extremely not right I’d go to a different hospital and I’d be pestering my ob/gyno. Push to get looked at ! You have rights .

Id go back to hosp if it was me…They tried that on my sister…She was having csection cos twins…Her waters broke and they were convinced she wasnt in labour cos she didnt have pain in stomach was in back…My mum said all her labour pains were in her back…Only then did they take her seriously…She was left in pain for 12hrs then one of babies in distress so they final took her to theatre…They were gonna send her home though…I always thought u stayed in hospital cos of infection

My water broke and they told me to come in for monitoring. They told me if labor had not begun within 12 hours they were going to induce me because of the risk of infection. I would go back and demand answers…that’s a scary situation :grimacing:

Whoaaaa sounds like a lawsuit cuz thats not good at all

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They broke my water too early with my induction i wasn’t even dilated much. My baby had an infection from no liquid & i got a fever you definitely need to go back.

You need to see a OB Doctor.

Did you speak with your OB? Go to your OB and go to a different hospital but go if you don’t feel comfortable with what they told you.

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Was the hospital in contact with YOUR OB? Or just the on call?

Id contact your OB first. Let them know your water broke and what the hospital said.
If your OB still tells you to wait it out, go back to the hospital or better yet a different hospital (if its possible).
Tell them your water broke. Tell them everything the other hospital did AND that they sent you home.
Its possible that they’re trying to give the steroids time to do their job, but that should be done under observation with IV antibiotics.

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Go to the ER tell them your water broke and you cant feel baby any longer.

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Go to a better hospital

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That is messed up. My water broke with my first at 34 weeks, and even though I was only having very early signs of labor they induced and gave me stuff to speed my labor up. They said it wasn’t safe to keep her in after my water broke. And after I did have her she developed meningitis and had to stay on the hospital for 3 more weeks. I’m not sure if that was caused from the water breaking early or not. She is now a healthy, beautiful and very intelligent 10 year old.
So definitely follow your instincts, that doesn’t seem safe to me.

Go back! You cannot go 48hrs with your water bag broken that’s too big of a risk. When I had my daughter they said I wouldn’t be able to go 24hrs with it broken but yet they let me be 25hrs like that cause they were trying a new medication which didn’t work. Well since I was like that for 25 hours me & baby got an infection & fevers. Thank god her fever went away as soon as I had her and infection cleared up. But we had to stay in hospital almost all week.

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My water broke on Friday, and my contractions didn’t start untill early Sunday morning and he made his appearance late Sunday evening.

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My water broke at 34 weeks and they just induced me to have the baby never went home

Go to a hospital like Brenner’s (wake forest Baptist hospital)

Yea they did that to a family member and ended.up having to do an emergency c section because baby didn’t have enough fluid I’d go right back or another hospital and not leave

U need to deliver if your water is broken. Go to another hospital or contact OB provider. I’m a labor and delivery nurse and have NEVER heard of such a thing as sending a patient home with an afi of 1 and ruptured membranes at 34 weeks.

As MS Waseema Jaffer stated… You continually produce “water”. 34 +5=39. I don’t understand the steroid shots. My 2nd daughter was 5 weeks early… Didn’t have any trouble breathing. They actually thought I miss counted because she was 7.6 lbs. At 8 days old her jaundice count was19.6… Berlin we was not developed that’s when they said yes she was 5 weeks early.

Go back to the hospital!!!

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You need to go to a different hospital asap. That is insane. My water broke and i went to the hospital and they didnt let me leave without having my son. Thats crazy

Once your water breaks you have to stay in the hospital to be monitored. Baby could get infection and or you as well

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Go to a different hospital

My water broke at 34 weeks and i was kept in the hospital on bed rest with an iv that had antibiotics 24/7 until i had my son at 34w5d. They said they were going to wait until he decided to arrive unless once i hit 36 weeks they were going to induce me…id go for a second oppinion because they kept me on bedrest to hold off labour for as long as possible. He was also in the NICU for about a week and a half

Steroid shots were to help develop babies lungs

Id go back to the hospital mama! Always trust that mother instinct! If you have to, go to another hospital and while youre there call your OB office and tell them exactly what has happened.

My water broke and I was told to go to the hospital. Once there my baby wasn’t dropping after 18 hours in labor my doctor told me I had to try to push cause we risk a chance of infection. I would definitely go back to the hospital.

Did your water breal break or do you have a small tear/ leak?


I was a week overdue with my daughter. My water broke. Dr checked and didn’t believe me because my cervix was closed.
Sent me home. 2 days later I went into labour and ended up needing an emergency c section. My daughter had no water and had been living in her poop for over a week. Spent 5 days in nicu.
The dr that did the csection was so mad the previous dr sent me home 2 days before. My daughter almost died. Trust your gut and go back in.


Go back!! That is not okay

Go to a different hospital. The chance of infection goes way up once your water breaks. That’s crazy.

Go back and if they send you home again go to a different hospital!
Prayers for you and baby

Go to another hospital!

I was in labor for 2 days with my son after my water had broke on its own…turned into emergency csection…he had to be on an iv for 4 days after with antibiotics to make sure he didnt develop any infections , i had a collapsed lung etc from my body trying to deal…anyway those antibiotics apparently have potential to cause future hearing loss…hes never experienced any loss of hearing and hes almost 8 now but he does have apraxia which is a neurological speech disorder…weve seen many ppl over the yrs and had genetic testing and all that done to confirm hes not autistic, etc . and to see if anythings traceable but apparently theyve never proven or figured out where apraxia/dyspraxia comes from specifically but ive always wondered if that’s why…i wouldnt accept their choice of sending u home etc. Id be demanding the proper process be started and taking place

Id call your regular ob. With my first I went in for a regular check up and I was extremely low on fluids. My Dr told me to go home and get my stuff and meet her at the hospital because we’re having a baby that day. However, I was 40w 3d. Idk if there’s a difference in protocol when you’re not a certain number of weeks, but your regular ob will be the one to give you the best advice for how to proceed.

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