Middle names that go with Onyx?

So me and hubby are trying to find a different name for our little boy that is due in January. His name was originally Alasdair Liam, but for some reason, I’m not a huge fan of Alasdair (Hubby wanted his name to be Alasdair), but I like the name Onyx, but we can’t seem to find a middle name that would go good with it. What middle names would you guys use with Onyx???


Why not use both names? Onyx Alisdair or the other way around?


James. Michael. Zayne. Caspian. Charles. Samuel. Zion.

I have no idea how to say any of those names but maybe lee?

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You could not have one?!

I rlly like Onyx Orion like another commenter said!


Alexander, Lee, Matthew

Honestly I feel like Onyx should be the middle name

Onyx Liam sounds so cute

Onyx Alasdair Liam. It sounds quite nice and both names are included. :blush::blush::blush:


Onyx Alsdair sounds good then you get both


Onyx Cash
Onyx Michael

I always feel like I need to hear it with the last name, too, though, to decide.

Maybe go with a meaningful to you or your family, middle name? Almost anything can go with Onyx

Steelix or brock :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Onyx (husband’s middle name). I also like Onyx James

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Onyx Adair so it’s similar

Onyx James, onyx Alexander, onyx Johnathan

Both compromise with names then both happy

Onyx Mathew
Onyx Jameson

Onyx Ray
Onyx Michael
Onyx Wayne

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Onyx Fortis…means strong in Latin

Do you know onyx is a black gemstone

Onyx Jasper or Onyx Rain

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Well I’m partial to this middle name since it’s my son’s and very different! MOON :crescent_moon:

Yikes niether :woman_shrugging: sorry. Remember you’re naming a person. A baby who will become an adult.


Use the first name for his middle name onyx alasdair is cute

Onyx Asher, Onyx Reid, Onyx Alexander, Onyx Calum

Anthony, Alexander. I think a middle name starting with a vowel would have the best flow.

Naming children or Pokémon?:joy::joy::joy::joy:

My nephews name is Onyxander(Onyx for short)

Onyx Alasdair or Onyx Liam


Things to consider: Onyx may be a difficult name for many to spell, and definately to pronounce. It could garner not-so-nice nicknames as well. Have you thought about the traditional spelling/use of Alastair instead of Alasdair? And Liam is an amazing name that is still “different” and somewhat rare nowadays. Maybe use that one as a first name or keep as the middle name? Hard to misspell or mispronounce that one…and it is a strong name! Something to consider as well…watch the first letters of the 1st, middle and last name to ensure they are not something inappropriate (poor kid has to go to school for many years, lol), and watch the syllables of each name. The first (should) sound phonetically compatible with the last name, as well as the entire name as a whole. Listen to the choices over and over because you guys will be calling him that for a LONG time. Remember no child wants a name they have to wait until 18 to change. Try to give names that someone would want, versus what the parents want only (just my two cents and experience). Have fun with it. Look up names in baby books. Write down the name on paper…does it look ridiculous or strong and gives a good impression? Does it honor someone we want to honor? I know many people don’t believe any of that matters…but it does. Just ask the kids/adults who have gone to court to change their names or who make sure they are called by their middle names or nicknames instead of what their parents labeled them.


Onyx zander
Onyx xavier

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Dont worry bout not having a normal name for him :slight_smile: name him whatever you feel right


You can always go with no middle name.

How about Onyx Dair? (part of the first name your husband likes)

Our sons middle name is Onyx :heart:

Onyx is a BEAUTIFUL name by the way.

I was going to name my baby Onyx, but went for Equinox instead!

Dean, Stone, Blue. Something w/one syllable sounds best.


Onyx Reid,Onyx Xavier,Onyx Lane,Onyx Reign

I like Onyx Alexander

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How about Onyx Knightly? :black_heart: I think it goes super cute together. :grinning:

Onyx James , Onyx Korbyn :blush:

I like the name Maximus Onyx (I know I put the middle name as Onyx)

My grandson’s name is onyx

What a cool name!!! I like blue

Hendrickson or Hendi for short

You have to find something that sounds good when they are in trouble. Mine are Evan Michael and Gabriel Steven.

How is onyx pronounced? Just curious :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m with hubby love.!!!

Onyx Zeke
Onyx Joshua
Onyx Benjamin

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Tbh my family method (I didnt use it) when you cant think of a middle name pick a color or flower it usually doesnt sound bad

Onyx kaad or kaid lol idk

Liam goes well with Onyx. Onyx Liam


Just flip the names around

I like “wierd” names so I’d go with Onyx Hayze

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Are you trying to get him picked on?


Onyx. Really? Won’t get very far in life with that name. Prime Minister Onyx :laughing:. I’m all for original quirky names but surely there’s a line.


We’ve done unique names as middle names for our sons.

We have Isaac Thor and our second will be Oscar (but middle name to be announced at birth)

We thought it best to have conventional first names for later in life (jobs etc) and our last name is very conventional too.

But still wanted to do something unique for the middle name

You can always call your child onyx, even if it’s his middle name.

Just another perspective :slightly_smiling_face:


Flynn maybe? And can you adults stop bullying an unborn child? Onyx is a cool ass name and you don’t need a basic name to be successful in life.



ignore them i love the name onyx


Maybe onyx as a middle name?

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Why not give him a “normal” first name and use onyx aas his middle. That way you can call him onyx but when he’s an adult he can get a job


My grandson is Onyx Clay

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Onyx Flynn
Onyx Alastair

I’m sorry all I think of is the Pokémon. Not trying to be a dick but for real :sweat_smile:



I saw Onyx Jace and it jumped out at me.

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My boys are August and Rory, and their middle names are William and David. When my ex and I named them we didn’t really care if the first names and middle matched. I mean obviously you want it to sound nice but it doesn’t have to completely go together and be a theme. Lol if anything, cause someone mentioned the possibility of the kid being bullied for his name, give him a normal middle name and if he wants to go by that when he gets older he can :woman_shrugging:t2:

Onyx Leigh/Lei
Onyx Lynn
Onyx Love
Onyx Rose

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Love the name onyx my sons name is oryn Knox.

Onyx James
Onyx cole
Onyx paul
Onyx Carter
Onyx Michael
Onyx scott
Onyx brody
Onyx kaiden
Onyx lewis
Onyx harrison
Onyx callum
Onyx Mitchell
Onyx lucas
Onyx leon
Onyx nixon
Onyx quinn
Onyx ryan

Onyx Michael
Onyx James
Onyx Theodore
Onyx William

Onyx Cyrus
Onyx Darius
Onyx Victor
Onyx James

Cool name :blush::+1:
My mind went to:

Onyx Lee
Onyx River

I will say that my now teenage son wants to change his name to “Max”. He loves that name. I imagine if he has a son, he’ll be a Max. :blush:
(his name is John Avery because my grandpa’s middle name was Avery)

No offense but are you black? That’s what onyx means.

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How bout instead or trying to find a name that “sounds good” go with one that has sentimental values to you and your husband?

I thought Onyx Liam was cute

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Onyx Sterling
Onyx Raine

Onyx James goes well

As someone with years of experience on the subject, having an “unique” name sucks and can sometimes be embarrassing as well.


I found my daughter middle name just on Google. Took me a few days and different websites but there were many options

What happened to the traditional names?


Part of my process was practicing yelling their full name (like if they were in trouble) and if you get stuck on it don’t use it. It needs to just flow, if you get stuck yelling their name it makes it funny not scary :joy::joy::joy:


Onyx has actually become popular lately I know a few kids with that name. I only know two of their middle names one is Micheal and the other is Kade.

Use parts of yours and your husband name combined.

Onyx Ambrose
Onyx Liam
Onyx Ivan
Onyx Wulfric
Onyx Roman

Tate, Thomas, Levi, Ellis

Why not just call the poor thing Liam and call it a day… Onyx really is he a rapper with a face tattoo and a bad attitude?? Alasd whatever that is…why? Just choose a normal name…


Doesnt matter what u name ur kid there will always be people that like it and people that dont

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Onyx sage sounds pretty. I really like onyx Liam too.

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Onyx is usually a girl’s name… all jewels are.

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Not even gonna lie… Onyx was my cousin’s dog for over 13 years and a boy in my daughter’s daycare class is named Onyx… First thought was… who would name their kid a dog’s name :woman_facepalming:t3:

Onyx James, Onyx Michael, Onyx Fredrick

If youre literally on here to just criticise a childs name youre garbage :joy:


My friend named her son Onyx Grey. It is actually becoming a common name for boys

Do the middle names mean nothing ? We choose family names

I Lovee Onyx! Onyx Jayde?

Onyx Blaze
Onyx Slate
Onyx Michael
Onyx Haze
Onyx Cash
Onyx Finn

Onyx Zephyr, onyx o’neal, onyx pierce, onyz theodore, onyz james,