My 1 year old has cavities: Advice?

Has anyone dealt with their one-year-old having cavities? Mine has two on the front of his teeth, and they are beginning to form holes and wondering what the dentist did for them if you’ve experienced it!


They fill them in like they would an adult tooth

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If not too advanced they may apply silver diamine fluoride. It will stop the decay progression but will be dark or color. If progressed too far fillings or crowns may be done (with sedation). Sounds like a change in diet will be needed to prevent farther cavities for the future. Be sure not to send your child to bed with anything other than water (no milk!!) Brush morning and night as well. If he or she carries around a sippy cup, only water! Save other drinks for meals :slight_smile:


Jeez. That sucks. I was always really careful to always brush my babies gums and ( once they had teeth) teeth twice a day.
T hey will probably sedate and fill them like they do with older kids teeth

They will give you fluoride to rub on the teeth and if too bad will fill them…

When my kids have had cavities (due to their medications) I just had them pull the tooth i wasnt putting them through all the unnecessary pain for a baby tooth that was gonna eventually fall out anyways


You need to get to a dentist ASAP If the holes are visible make sure they are off the bottle. Sometimes they need to be extracted depending on the extent of the decay

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My daughter was 4 she brushed really well, her back teeth grooves are apparently really deep so she got holes because the brush just wasn’t getting it.

One of her front teeth got a hole too, she had to go under and have the back one pulled and the front they put a cap over it a white one so it’s filled the hole and it’s white, expensive though.

My daughter had them when she was 2 they put her to sleep and put caps on them. She’s 4 now and has to have them redone

Great dentist at Mary Bridge Hospital

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Are you sure they at cavities. My son’s enamel on his two front teeth is very thin. Looks kinda like a cavity. Do have a pic?

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My sons dentist just pulled em out since they were still his baby teeth

They will cap them or fill them if not to bad. I’d go to the dentist as soon as possible. If they suggest capping them I would make sure you tell them you want white caps. The silver caps look awful in the front of their mouth. IMO! You don’t start losing baby teeth untill around 7 years old. If the pull them out 6 years is a long time to have no front teeth. Also after last bottle or cup brush teeth bc milk sitting in their mouth rots their teeth.

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Mine did, she was a premie and I took her to a pediatric dentist and they were great.

It depends on the severity of the decay. Sometimes fillings or caps are needed under sedation. Other times, a fluoride treatment is treatment enough. Pay attention to what your little one is drinking, offer more water, and brush daily.

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My 4 year old had them. It devastated me because I’ve always been CRAZY about his teeth, sugar, juice, ect. And boom cavities. Its HEREDITARY for the judgy ladies in the back!!! If you have suck ass teeth (I do) then your babies probably will too!

Probably take an x ray to see how close the adult teeth are and pull them if they’re about to fall out anyway.

My great grandaughter had to be put to sleep to have hers done and a lot had to be pulled

My son had his front teeth filled at 2. Problem is that these are the worst to fill and he had to have them redone at 4.

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Have the same problem with my 3yr old girl she’s had fillings and ended up last year will three pulled out from the back

My son busted his mouth when first starting to walk.
Chipped his tooth which we found out also ripped all the enamel and rotted all 4 top teeth in front.
They ground them down and capped them and as he got older they pushed their way out when grown up teeth were coming in

Could be a vitamin deficiency

Ask your dentist, not us!


My daughter has one she will be getting fixed. I saw it as the tooth came in.
They will fill and cap it if need be. I was going to do it with “funny gas” I think it will be too traumatizing. So she will be going to happy bear dental to fix her little tooth.

You as a parent have to brush their teeth. They cannot do it well enough on their own until older


My 5 year old had one in her from tooth. She had it filled. The dentist noticed she was a mouth breather and said kids that are mouth breathers get holes in their front quite often and it’s not due to not brushing properly. She was referred to and ENT and she has a deviated septum which was mist likely caused by all the tubes shoved down her nose as a premie.

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My son didnt have enamel on his top 4 teeth, even though we took care of his teeth, They had to get pulled this past October. They were starting to chip and made it so he wasn’t eating. He was a trooper. As soon as it was done, he was fine. Horrible to witness, because it was an emergency situation and he needed them out now and they didn’t have any appointments until April of this year for sedation, so he was awake for it at 3 years old.

I worked for a pediatric dentist and we would have the parent hold the child and keep them from flailing while we filled them or if they did the exam and found more than the couple that the parents noted, we placed them in an outpatient surgery center and took care of them under sedation. Many children have what they term baby bottle tooth decay, find a pediatric dentist to fix them.


My just turned 4 year old had 2 in his front teeth. They just cleaned out the decay, and filled them. Now you can’t even tell. That procedure was done before Christmas and you still can’t tell.

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They’ll put caps on them or pull them depending on the dentist


My son had cavities when he was 18 months on his front teeth but they weren’t bad at all they had just started happening so they sent me to a pediatric dentist and he was put to sleep and he had white fillings done, the whole thing took about 30 minutes and it was over, he never had no issues and his permanent front teeth look very nice (he’s 9 now)

There are several options. I have been to three dentists. My daughter had 10 teeth by 1 year and had three cavities at her first dentist appointment at 18 months. The options they all gave were: 1) do nothing, just keep them clean and brush with flouride toothpaste (buy time) unless they get way worse. 2) Silver caps. 3) silver diamine flouride which is easy to apply but turns the cavities black. 4) fillings. For the fillings they recommend I waited till after 2. Pulling them is not recommended because baby teeth are placeholders for adult teeth.


Pediatric dentist. My niece had severe re flux and it wore down the enamel on her 2 front teeth they ended up being pulled and shes on meds daily

My 3 year old injured her tooth playing with her brother… instead of fixing it and causing her trauma they are leaving it alone unless it gets loose or starts to cause her pain. She also has a small cavity they are doing the same thing cause they would have to put her to sleep and the risk of anesthesia is worse then cavity on a baby tooth

My daughter would not go to sleep without milk or formula I was lucky she didn’t get cavities in her front teeth. Most likely pull the teeth if to bad to save and cap them. might put in spacers so teeth come in correctly.

They put caps on my daughter teeth bc kids under 10 I believe don’t get fillings they get caps. I would highly suggest going to dentist as soon as possible so it don’t get worse or grow an infection. My daughter is 8 and has 4 caps they will fall out when the baby tooth falls out

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They will pull them to prevent them from getting a tooth ache and to prevent the damaged teeth from harming their adult teeth. My daughter was the same way. Dentist told me it was called bottle rot but my daughter gave up her bottle at 10 months old so I honestly dont know what caused it. She has had to have a lot of dental work while my other children have not. She’s 9 now with beautiful teeth so dont feel bad or discouraged!

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Both my kids had that problem (no, not allowed to sleep with a bottle) and lost chunks of enamel off the front of their teeth very early on, genetic issue. Both had caps put on more like veneers than true caps. My daughter was put to sleep in a hospital to get it done, she was 2. My son was 3 and managed doing it awake the trouper. I’d recommend finding a dentist that specializes in pediatric problems.

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If coeliac disease runs through the family it can cause mirrored tooth decay (so the same both sides of the mouth).
It’s worth looking out for as it isn’t usually caught until someone is in their 40s and the damage is already done.x

Ask them if they will paint enamel on you kiddos teeth while you are in there. Some kids are prone to cavities, I was one of those kids. My mom had my teeth painted and my dentist now has told me several times had she not done that I would have serious issues as an adult.

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After you get them fixed,start making sure your child learns to incorporate teeth brushing into nightly routine. No sleeping with juice cup,etc. Good luck :sparkling_heart:

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Could be genetic, but most likely could be bottle rot. Sending the child to bed with milk and or juice. Only supposed to have water at bedtime

I had then as an toddler, I only remember throwing an tantrum after they were fixed bc my mouth was numb and I wanted spongebob Ice cream. I was about 3 or 4 at the time.

That was back in the early 2000s

Just means they need help brushing which is norm for that age. Depending on the dentist they may need to pull them if they’re too bad or they can drill it out and do fillings

Hey! So my little did back at that age she’s now 4, they tried a silver sulfate (I probably spelt that wrong) and it was to stop them from growing. Unfortunately it’ll turn the tooth black like the cavity. But her’s got worse so they capped them. But that’s what her dentist did, idk if all, dentist are the same. Wouldn’t hurt to ask though

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My 3 year old with CP has cavities on her front two teeth as well due to her being on a pediasure diet it was hard to avoid no matter how much I wiped her mouth after a feed or brushing twice a day. Her dentist usually gives her a cleaning and a fluoride treatment on her teeth every 3 months so far.

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YES! My daughter’s was from taking so many antibiotics as a toddler. Both her from teeth by the time she was five.

Most likely work on them or remove depends on your dentist

They put temp caps on them. My daughter had this. They said it was from the bottle, but she had poor teeth like her father. Caps worked great and fell out when 2nd teeth came in.

My baby had the same. They put him out and did all the dental work. They will cap them depending on how bad. But a good dentist will try to save the teeth because pulling it will effect their speach development. My son used the pacifier a bit too long (2 yrs).

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They are bay teeth they turn black as if it was a cavity they will eventually fall they won’t cause pain because they don’t have a root

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My almost 5 yo has just had metal caps on 2 of her teeth and will fall out when she is 11 or 12

My little brother had cavities in his two front teeth and they pulled them.

My son had to be put under, had the cavities cleaned and put caps on his top front 4.


With my son I was always told to give him some water before bed to wash the milk off of the teeth.

my guess oral surgery and remove tooth but def make that dental appt asap

My kids had caps and fillers put on when younger. They brushed everday, mine was just family inheritance of bad teeth.

If it’s the first set of teeth let them come out on their own or if it’s too painful remove them, if it’s final teeth fill them

Why is a one year old having that much sugar in the first place…

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Most times kids that get cavities at such a young age is due to a bottle, are you giving juice in a bottle ? If yes move to a cup …

My son is 5 and they filled my sons tooth in when he had a hole in his tooth.

Get them out they ruined my daughter’s permanent teeth.

My 3 year old had a couple at the back, they just put caps over them

Do you put him to bed with a bottle? Does he drink lots of juice?

When I was four I had 8 fillings, my baby teeth were awful​:disappointed: adult ones not much better now :wink:

On a 1 year old?! How??? Yikes…


So I have this issue with my son. No this isn’t “normal” at the age of 1. No baby teeth don’t just rot and fall out naturally. No they won’t put a one year old under sedation for fillings.

You have two options usually. A) you can have them filled and the child will likely be restrained and although the procedure doesn’t hurt can be traumatic.

B ) they apply a silver nitrate fluoride treatment which stops the rot from continuing but it does turn their decay spots black. Then around age 2-3 they will sedate them and fix them permanently.

If you can find a pediatric dentist I would recommend that route.


Definitely make an appt asap!

Happens, can be very serious!! Get answers - 2nd opinion if necessary!!!

My sons ended up bad had to have four removed and a lot of caps at 4

My daughter got silver caps at 4

Does he drink from a bottle still? If yes this is part of the problem. Also, only water in a supply cup at night time… no juice diluted or milk. If the cavities are shallow they can drill and fill them easily. Or they can put a filling over top just to protect the enamel. Baby teeth are important to help babies learn to talk, bite and Chew. If they are allowed to rot as some others have suggested it can cause them infection and affect the eruption of their adult teeth. Take them to a pediatric dentist… ditch the bottle, and only water in a sippy cup at night


My only advice would be to brush their teeth 2x a day. Maybe have them pick the toothbrush so they get excited about brushing their teeth and use fluoride toothpaste that’s safe for 1 year olds. Have your LO brush them him/herself and then you can go ahead and brush them. Sorry I wasn’t much of a help😭

First of all, fevers can cause bad teeth. Yes-fevers! My now 14 year old had his entire mouth capped via oral surgery at age 3. When the caps starting falling out around age 11, his front teeth were already rotten. I took him to the dentist and he had oral surgery again. The surgeon told me that if your child has a lot of fevers as an infant that it can seriously affect their teeth.

It’s not always bottle rot, many dentists and parents judge kids with teeth problems so hard. My oldest had reflux that ended up damaging a few teeth, he got caps. I brushed his teeth like crazy since he first got them, taught him how to brush, got an electric tooth brush and a timer to set a routine. Never put him to bed with milk, only water. He still ended up with a few questionable teeth, not cavities yet but probably would have ended up like that had i not taken him to a dentist when i noticed something was off.
His capped teeth are falling out now and healthy teeth are coming in.
Best advice is it’s better safe than sorry, suck up any potential judgemental looks or comments and take the kid to a dentist, stat.

Get a second opinion. My sons dentist said he had 4 cavities and I thought that was crazy. I took him to another dentist that was highly recommended and he said my son did NOT have any cavities.

Shaziya Munshi Samira Suleman …cow milk thi thaai if I’m reading correctly…so be careful if you have started cow milk for the nights…

My step brothers mother apparently put him to bed with juice in his bottle and it rotted his four front teeth. The dentist put silver caps on them. Once those teeth feel out and the new came in, they were fine.


My daughter was a fruit fanatic (oranges, strawberries etc etc ) from the age of 1-2 and she also formed cavities from the acidity of it
I took her to a pediatric dentist at the recommended age of 2 and because of her age they recommended putting her to sleep to fill the cavities and remove the damaged teeth
I struggled with knowing they had to put her under for the procedure but it was a success
She has perfect teeth now 15yrs later

Take her baby to the dentist before it gets worse & good luck !

My daughter had that, go to a dentist more than likely he will tell you to clean them regularly and keep on eye on them. She had them when she was 1 and they got filled when she was 5.

My daughter had decay and a chipped tooth at 1yr and she was exclusively breast fed. It runs in my family and she had to go under for dental surgery. However, because she was so little physically (she’s always been in the lower 5th percentile in size) they couldn’t do surgery until she was 2. They put crowns on the front to keep them white and the molars they did silver caps. She hasn’t had any issues since!

If you let him sleep with a bottle stop sugar sits on their teeth and causes cavity better yet ween him off . Dentist can fix them that’s all you can do.But get rid of bottle water in a sippy cup

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my 3 year old hasn’t gone to the dentist before until now. she has 3 cavities. they said she was really well behaved at the dental office and said they could try to fill them while she’s awake . i opted out of that because i know she will lose it once they start drilling. so day surgery was our best option. they are on her back molars so she needs those for a while. simple surgery. she has to have a pre op physical within the month of surgery and a covid test two days before.

Go to a pediatric dentist. They will know what to do. My 3 year old will be knocked out on the 26th to get 2 fillings and a cleaning done. She has a cavity in one bottom tooth on each side.

It depends. My child had to be put to sleep and had a couple pulled.


My grandson has bad cavities when he was 2-3 I can’t remember exactly how old he was. But he would take a drink and hold it in his mouth for several minutes before he would swallow it. Unfortunately he has to have 3 teeth pulled and spacers put in then they capped the others.

Are you doing bottles at nap bedtime it decays the teeth

At the age of two one twin had caps out on most of his teeth, while the other one has never had a single cavity!!! Had to be done again at the age of 6!!!

My kid got put to sleep by a dental specialist and they fixed her cavities.

Take him to a pediatric dentist ASAP.

18 comments and not one person said brush the babies teeth :woman_facepalming:t5: wow everybody saying my kids had this many and had to get this surgery BRUSH YOUR KIDS TEETH BEFORE THEY HAVE TEETH BRISH THEIR GUMS EVERYBDAY SAMEWAY YOU SHOULD BRUSH YOURS

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The dentist just kept and eye on my daughter’s but we got rid of all sippy cup and bottles at especially with juice in them she got regular checks and then they fell out when she was like 4 or 5 and grew back with no issues

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Usually they start getting flouride which helps avoid this. I was getting fillings in my molars on my third birthday. By 7 I had an upper plate with two molars on each side.

Cavities are formed by drinking out of a bottle, it comes from not removing plaque from the teeth. Some, are born with enamel deficiency and leads to quick decay. The dentist will more than like fill the teeth but if you wait any longer, they will need to be pulped and capped. (Baby root canals and silver caps)… my advice is, never let your baby go to sleep with bottle of milk or juice, let the last thing be water. If that’s not an option, remove the plaque by wetting a wash cloth and rubbing off any excess. Good luck!


My son had a couple fillings at 3 years old, had to be asleep for it but super quick procedure

I’m just curious how you know your 1 year old has cavities

Caps on front teeth. Sorry, expensive!

My oldest had issues with here front teeth. It was a genetics thing. Didn’t matter how well we brushed, they just decayed. Her other teeth were fine. They pulled them once they were close to coming out. Now her adult teeth have come in and they look great.

My son who is 5 had his teeth come in with half enamel (looked like crescent moons). We waited for his baby to to fully drop down all the way (top teeth). They they went in when he was a year and 2 months and put crowns on the top 4 teeth to fix it. The rest of his baby teeth that came in with divits or looked like cavities was just minor missing enamel spots. They told us they would re calcify with excellent dental hygiene practices and they were right you can even tell and he has had zero cavities. We took him to the hospital where a Pediatric dentist did the work under general anesthesia.

My son got cavities on his front teeth because I would brush his teeth and then give him his amoxilin for his ears! Not good!

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