My 1-year-old only wants grandpa

I have a 1 year old who only wants grandpa. I’ve been okay with this for a few months now as I am a single mom and I’m glad he has a good male role model in his life. All of a sudden, it’s more like he really doesn’t want me and will cry until grandpa takes him. I live with my parents (trying to save up for a house) so this is an ongoing thing. This is starting to hurt my feelings as I love my son so much and am his primary care taker. I spend time playing with him, giving him baths daily, feeding him, etc. Am I doing something wrong? Is this just a phase? All comments/ideas are welcome. Thank you


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. My 1-year-old only wants grandpa

Totally normal for kids to favor someone “fun” over the Mom enforced daily stuff.

Don’t let it get you down, it will swing to your favor soon enough :slight_smile:


It’s not uncommon for a child to prefer one caretaker over another. It’s just a phase. Try not to let it hurt your feelings. Your little guy still loves you as much as ever!


It’s a phase. Some kids choose one parent over the other, it sucks but it is normal.

I also lived with my daughter, with my parents and had the same issue. Now she’s 15, has a great relationship with my dad and with my now husband as well.

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Totally normal. My son has always adored seeing my dad since he was little. He also has always been a magnet to my husband (his dad). He’s 5 now and will now choose my mom or my husband over everyone else. When he is sick though or hurts himself the first person he always wants is mama.


Enjoy it. Be grateful. It won’t last forever.


In child development class they tell you about a time where they generally want affection from dad. It’s psychological. Since dad isn’t in the pic your papa can be and this is just a phase


If his grandpa is loving and caring for him then don’t take it personal. Be grateful that your son has a positive bond. It’s normal for kids to bond with one person over another and as long as grandpa is a positive influence allow that bond to continue. If you try to break it you’ll end up hurting both of them. When you move out the dynamic will shift but for now let him have his grandpa.


Enjoy it. Let him love his Grandpa. You will be grateful one day x


Completely normal phase…

Absolutely normal, my son did this with my uncle (who watch’s him while I work) he did the same exact thing, it’s a phase and will grow out of it, I didn’t let it bother me that much because he’s absolutely great with my son now he’s 4

My youngest daughter :100: favours her dad over me, she will cry for him, not bother with me when he’s home and constantly crave his attention. I love thier bond, it initially upset me because I have 3 older children who have always been more for me. But now I enjoy the peace whilst he runs after her :rofl: definitely developmental and a phase that they grow out of xx

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Perfectly normal! Our 3 yo granddaughter absolutely adores her grandfather. Be grateful that your little son has a wonderful and loving male figure in his world. It’s all good! God bless!

My son gravitates towards the male role models in his life. And I’ve been his number one caregiver ever since he was born. It used to bother me, but it doesn’t anymore.
I think it’s a guy thing.

Its just a phase sweetie. Dont take it to heart! If he wants grandpa let him go to his grandpa take 5 mins for yourself :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s normal, dad isn’t around as much so grandpa is the next best thing :heart: what a great way to bond

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Don’t feel bad! Im in the same boat as you. Single/ divorced mom, living with my parents. My son LOVES my father! He even prefers my dad takes him to bed every night not me. My son and I have an amazing bond that no one could ever break. But im 1000% grateful that he’s able to spend quality time with his grandparents and be so close to them. My grandparents all but 1 passed before I was born or soon after. I don’t feel slighted when my son wants my parents over me, I know he loves me but his relationship with his grandparents won’t be as long as his relationship with me on earth. Love and accept your village :heart:


I’d be grateful that he has a granddad that loves him like you do, not very many grandparents like spending time with their grandchildren, obviously his granddad must put in time and effort towards your boy,your son will love you too, but in a different way :two_hearts:


Kids are like that. U are mummy u are safe. Grandpa is carefree so he wants to be with him… But he loves u. So enjoy it while it lasts. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


My daughter is the same way with her grandpa. We don’t live with him but as soon as he comes over she forgets all about mama lol. I will talk to her or try to play with her and she straight up ignores me :cry: but I love the bond they have :heart:
So it’s completely normal for your little one to be attached to his grandpa. & doesn’t mean your doing anything wrong at all. Don’t take it so hard he still loves his mama :hugs:

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Honey our grandson gets like that here
He picks and chooses who he wants like your little guy our grandson loves his papa
Let them have this trust this he loves you your mommy your always be mommy
So don’t take it to heart


This is a phase for sure, but I’d maybe ask what he does that your son likes. Sounds like he just likes hanging out with papa. He’s a boy and they recognize that difference in his age. My son was the same, at 18 mths only my dad could hang with him. And then he stopped wanting papa and wanted me again

Mine only wanted Daddy because they saw me all the time. When we role swapped as I got a great job offer, suddenly they didn’t want Daddy, only me! :joy:

Let him have grandpa. Baby knows you’re mom. Those are precious moments for both.

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I’m sorry but this is so cute :sob: he just loves grandpa.:heart:

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I have 3 children.My middle son has always been extremely attached to my momma and Step dad.He is 9 now ,and he still spends the night with them every weekend(they live next door).My daughter who is 2 and 1/2 is attached to them as well,she doesn’t want to spend the night but she will come up to me and say “go Mimi and pop pop house” and they will come over and get her for a few hours.I am so thankful that have that amazing relationship with my kids.Now my oldest we lived in a different state until he was 4.So when we moved closer to my parents he was kind of stand offish for awhile.He’s 12 now and has a great relationship with them,and will go over there sometimes but he’s still a Mommas boy and rather just chill at home with me lol

My son went through a phase around the same age of only wanting Daddy. I know how you feel because I was one who was with him around-the-clock and it would hurt my feelings too. But it was just a phase and you have to ride it out.

I adored my Grandfather. My parents said I always wanted to go see him. I literally thought that man hung the moon. And when I was 17 he got sick. I went to the hospital for hours everyday. I stayed with him until he took his last breath

I think it depends what the grandpa gives to your son === as soon as you understand what the grandfather does to make your son happy, do it to make him happy as well

It’s normal. My son only wants grandpa too. Haha

My son and my dad are bffs. Have been since my son was born. They go through phases like this all the time

It’s normal! For the longest time my son only wanted me and still does

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Grandkids know who loves them. The fact he’s bonding with his grandad is a good thing… Yiur just being a, little silly and over emotional because your a, good caring mum… Grandads Rule…and Uncle’s

Ahh honey this is normal my daughter went through the same thing she even felt we where taking her daughter away from her. She is now 7 and is a mama’s girl but when grandpa is around we can all forget it thats her partner in crime and those two get in a lot of trouble together…

My son is only two and will yell for for his papa all day long. It’s the age and sometimes they don’t want their momma

This is a beautiful blessing! You should view it as such. Let him have the bond for its called unconditional love. :slight_smile:
There is no need to have your feelings hurt. Just embrace this time that your child gets to build a bond that not all know.

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My son did that for a couple years when he was younger. I worked a lot and lived with my mom, so she was the only one he ever wanted. It’s just a phase, momma. You’re doing a great job.

My son and daughter both absolutely love my dad, as soon as they see him nobody else matters to them. Grandparents aren’t here forever so I let mine love on theirs as much as they possibly can. At the end of the day you are momma and you are still who your little one needs.:heart:

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Once I divorced back n the day I moved back in with my parents (it takes a village to help raise and love ) don’t ever be ashamed of that but my two kids wanted my parents more than. Me (mAwmaw gave ice cream ) pawpaw let them help water the grass , mow the grass . Plus my parents were my number one baby sitter while I worked. No need to worry my youngest is 15 and he might be a pawpaw boy but he tells me 100x a day he loves me and every chance he is always hugging me

My daughter did this when i split from my husband and moves in with my parents. She only wanted them even though i took care of her mostly. Its normal it just sucks a bit. Now shes 3 and shes back to wanting mommy

My oldest of three thats all she knew as a father figure sense dad walked away.and my other two always ask to go over there on weekends weather me or there dad here

Don’t take it personal. Like you mentioned, be grateful your son has a good father figure in his life. Their relationship will evolve when you get your own place. Encourage all loving relationships in your sons life


I’m single mom and when I only had two kids I lived with my parents until my 2nd born which was my son was 2.5 years old. And he was extremely attracted to my dad and tbh still is and he almost 10. I had to move out asap cause it was getting bad for all of us. It was hard for awhile once I moved out but now it’s not bad. He still wanted to spend every weekend and holiday there. But just to make you feel better you are not doing anything wrong. Once you move out things will get better in time.

Girl its ok. My youngest made every single step my father in law made. Its ok and they needed this time to bond with each other. My father in law taught both of my boys what they know now.

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My grandson went through this. His mom would go to get him from his highchair and he’d say “NOT YOU, Grandma” It lasted quite quite a while. I did leave some things for mom. No Greyson grandma doesn’t do baths, Nope mom reads bedtime stories. It’s a phase and a little bit of a power play on the kids part. It’s hard, but don’t get your feelings hurt, you’re his momma, he knows that and loves you.

This is a phase - let him enjoy it for Grandpa most likely won’t always be around . I know it hurts your feelings , but this man is vitally important in his life . Your child will NEVER forget who his mommy is !

My daughter went through same thing as a toddler she wanted her grandparents constantly. She outgrew it but I’m happy she had great grandparents to love her, not all kids do.

He will change who he fixates on over time and sometimes it won’t be you, sometimes it will. Just try not to fixate on it yourself!

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It’s normal. Your child probably sees grandpa as the fun parent lol. While you are with him constantly and probably the one who tells him no, etc. Same thing with my boyfriend and me. As soon as deedee is in the house it’s game over. Then there are times when the kids are sick or just having one of those days where all they want is momma. Don’t let it hurt your feelings. It shows a strong foundation and relationship with family that will last. <3

I have the same problem with my youngest son and my mother…
He only wants his “Na-na” and it breaks my heart…

Oh sweety I had the same problem with my first born son. I was always working. I lived with my dad. I had no clue how to be a mom yet. I was a mixture of emotions. My mom moved in with us to be there for an extra set of hands. And every day I would come home from work I would pick up my son and he would cry. When I put him down for the night the only one to settle him was my mom. He was an angel for her and preferred to be around her over me. Of course I felt terrible. I felt like he thought I abandoned him, I wasn’t good enough, we weren’t bonding. But time went by and you realize that no one could ever replace you. It’s just a phase. My dad would literally prop my son on his shoulder and when he fell asleep, he wouldn’t put him down until he woke up. Call that spoiling, I call that heartwarming. Let the grandparents have their special time with them. They won’t be around forever. And now my son is 8 and this year told me his valentines was me because I’m the best mom in the world. Even when I feel like I’m not. :heart:

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It’s okay! My youngest gets called pj by family, her Initials at OV, they call her PJ for pops junior because she loves her pops and she looks like them and acts like him too. So mine even got a name because of this kinda stuff


Your doing nothing wrong hun. He will out grow this children go through phases where they want one thing more than others.

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It’s a boy thing don’t take it personal

Your over thinking. They will go though stages like this. It nothing to worry about.

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I was the same way hun when I was two with my grampy​:rofl: she still loves u and is a normal phase :two_hearts:

My son stayed with my inlaws and grew real close to his grandma and grandpa. It’s normal My feelings were hurt but he loved me the same so relax and it will be ok. Hugs

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Let him be - one day you will want these days back - your son is so loved by his grandpa that most kids doesn’t get that chance-


It’s normal. Hang in there mama.

The most influential “parent” to a child is the one of the same sex. If dad isn’t around it makes sense why he’s forming a close bond with his grandpa. You’re not doing anything wrong.

There’s going to be a day you’re going to cherish telling this story. Right now it’s hard. However, He will always want and love his mom, he knows you’re close by. You let him know he’s safe with your dad. You want him bonding with others, it’s healthy. Plus, Grampa is slipping him some sweet stuff when nobody is around :laughing:

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Be thankful you have a parent for him to be close to it will be a memory for both of you when he is gone


It’s not unusual for children to prefer one parent over the other for a time. My first born wanted daddy and pawpaw all the time around that age. I was chopped liver at that point lol.

As a grandma my grandson does this to me. He spends the night all the time with me. He’s one. Even in the middle of the night he screams for mimi and yes sometimes my daughter 18 and her husband have to call me so I can go get him or calm him down lol.
I as a grandma love every min of it but I can tell you at one point he will want momma again bc my grandson did. There are lots of times he doesn’t want me. He wants mommy and that’s OK.
Please don’t get your feelings hurt. Know that he loves you very much. There is so much love to go around. .
Us as grandparents love them babies just as much and it makes our heart happy to love them babies too.
Keep your head up friend. You got this


In my opinion, let them both enjoy it. Grandpa won’t be here forever. All 3 of my kids were like this and we lost my dad in 2019. Let him and grandpa be together. Don’t get your feelings hurt. I’m sure grandpa is just wanting to be there and help. And it’s OK. You will miss this!! Get as many pictures of them together as you can and tell your son when he’s older how much he loved his grandpa and even tell him it made you a little jealous. Let him know the bond they had. It’s irreplaceable


My daughter loves her grandparents. Especially pop pop, it bothered me sometimes but I remembered I was the same way growing and I remembered the memories I made with them till they passed, I’d do anything for them again. I enjoy watching her wanting to learn from grandma and playing with pop pop. She’ll run up to me still and say “ mommy you the best “ and runs back sword fighting (fake) with pop pop. Your son loves you, but these will be the best memories for him too and the stories that never end

One day grandpa won’t be there then you will miss this. My daughter basically lived with her meme (great grandma) for ever. She always wanted to spend the night. Now my meme has passed but my daughter has all of those memories.


He loves his grandpa! Cherish that. Not everyone gets to have a bond with their grandparents like that. My 14 year old still prefer her Nanna over me :rofl: and we live 2 hours away

You should be so grateful you have him in your life, my kids ware so attached to my dad, we lost him two years ago till this day they ask for him. Keep that as long as you can, your child will always know who his mama is.

Girl my 7 year old would live with my mom and dad if I let him :joy: he just loves his grandpa and he knows you’re right there if he needs you. When he’s hurt or scared he’ll want mommy. Let them be mama and enjoy it :slightly_smiling_face:

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You & your parents are his safe place. Let it be. Do NOT take things your child does personally, as he has no awareness of “hurting your feelings”.
He wants comfort & love from the people who comfort and love him.

Enjoy it now. If he’s like my grandson, he’ll be so clingy to YOU at age 2-3 that you will beg him to go see Grandpa :laughing::laughing:

Just know, your child will never purposely hurt you by withholding his affection. He’s just now learning he can love multiple people at the same time.


It’s normal. All of my children except my last were all for their papa and all still are.

My oldest son is the same way! My grandparents used to live with me and when my son was born they had him when I was at work and had an great bond with my grandpa. It hurt my feelings at first but now I’m just glad he has strong male role model who he looks up to and loves him. Looking back my wanted my grandma more than I wanted my mom.

It’s a phase! They all go through it! I had a little boy I babysat who ended up getting attached to me like this. For about 2 months around his 1st birthday he cried when his momma picked him up. It will pass! Let baby enjoy grandpa while he’s still here. We never know when that final day will come. :revolving_hearts:

If us a phase it will change enjoy some free time you will need it

I think this is normal. My grandpa has been my best friend since I was a baby. I did everything with him, and til this day, I follow him around like a shadow. We still do everything together when he feels well enough to do things and I help him all day long (I live with him). Grandparents aren’t around forever, let him love him as much as he can :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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No that’s his best friend. He loves his mommy don’t worry instead be relieved that you have that extra person that your child can be close to.


My kids ADORE their papa, all 3 of them, now ages 10, 13,4 they have all always been attatched to him. But it’s great now that they’re getting older that just another person in their corner. Babies are dramatic, it will get better lol

My 5 yr old only wants me and never daddy…and he never gets upset by it…

Welcome to Motherhood!

Mine would go through phases when he was little but now he is all about his Mommy

I’m a Grandpa and I approve this message.


I wouldn’t worry about it. My son was close to my dad when we lived with him too. My dad is now gone and I so miss seeing their close bond. Grandpas are special :heart:

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It’s a phase. When my son was 2 years old he spent 3/4 of the time at his grandparents. I would bribe him and he still would cry bloody murder if he had to sleep at home with me lol fast forward to when he was 4 he barely wanted to stay with my parents he only wanted me would still sleep there sometimes now he 6 and won’t even sleep there at all always wants to sleep at home but still love his grandparents and calls them everyday It will get better

Believe it or not but grandparents play an extremely important role in a child’s life, be grateful your child has that. I loved my Grandpa so much and loved being by his side. Sadly my daughter never got to meet her Grandpa but she does have an amazing Grandma


Oh sweetie it’s perfectly normal especially if he’s the primary male role model in his life.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:Try not to be jealous! Thank God you have a wonderful family to help raise him up! I know… I was a single mom too & felt truly Blessed if they gravitated to their grandparents or Aunts & Uncles, ( Although a tad jealous too​:wink::revolving_hearts:) A baby CANT have enough good people in his life to love him. Single parenting is THE HARDEST! Enjoy their bond & do the things you need to get done during those times. Trust me they change day by day & your precious baby WILL know how much his mommy loves him when he grows older because you Blessed him with wonderful people to love him too​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:Huggssss​:heart:

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Please be thankful! Your baby is safe with your Dad…and yes it’s a faze for the most part…every kid loves it’s Momma!!!

Enjoy the help and the time to yourself while you have it!!! You are doing nothing wrong

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My son is 100% still a papa’s boy to this day and he is almost 8. They have an amazing relationship. He used to see his papa daily as they watched him while I worked. I have since moved away from them but my hours every other month to their house for 2 weeks

I’m a grandma and my grandson doesn’t want to leave me when he’s here. I feel bad when he does this to his dad and now he’s been doing it to his mom. The babies just love their grandparents, I wouldn’t be concerned. They have a bond it’s a good thing

My second son was this way with his dad. He didn’t want anyone but his daddy. It broke my heart often, but he just felt safe with his dad. As he got older he slowly became more attached to me and now I’d say he’s a mommas boy through and through. It’s a phase, but he will always have a special bond with his grandpa.

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My daughter is obsessed with her PawPaw. If you ask who her best friend is- it’s PawPaw. It did used to hurt my feelings a little but now I’m thankful she has my parents who love her and she’s happy, comfortable and safe in their company.

Your child is lucky to have a grandparent that’s so involved. Someday all the child will have is the memories of him.

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My daughter doesn’t have her dad around, but her uncles are very active in her life. She is very close to her uncle Nick. Always wants him, alllll the time. It’s good for them to have people they’re close to. It might hurt your feelings but don’t ever think that your son doesn’t believe that you are his safe haven.

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It’s normal.
Kids seem to attach to a certain person at some point.
My 5 year old is attached to my mom…he is definitely a nanas boy.

He will change in time when you move out

Don’t be sad about it! That’s awesome! And don’t take it to heart kids change who they’re attached to a lot. My son only wants me when I’m the only option lol. Otherwise it’s only his dad as if I didn’t birth him :rofl:

be grateful you have a home with wonderful parents, who love your baby, their grandson, Be thankful your son has & will always have a great relationship with his grandfather, there is nothing wrong with that

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My son still has his favorite person, thats his aunt. It hurt my feeling when he was really little. He’s almost 14 and it doesn’t hurt them as bad.