My 12 year old still wets the bed: Advice?

Hi…looking for advice on bed wetting… my son is 12 years old and still constantly wets the bed every night….We used to wake him up to go to the toilet but there is no consistency, he can be dry at 3am one night then wet at 11pm. We have literally tried everything, alarms, mats, chiropractor, medication, specialists, everything but nothing is helping. Hoping he may just grow out of it? Right now we have stopped waking him up as I can’t continuously be having broken sleep, he sorts himself out through the night and puts his washing in the laundry everyday then re makes his bed at night. We never get mad at him but the washing everyday is also frustrating…any ideas?


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My 8 is still in pull ups at night and it still leaks and 16 year old has acedent s too

My son had the issue until he was 11. After tons of specialist it was an underdeveloped bladder due to him being a premie. We had to wait it out. That was years ago and there maybe more solutions now. Talk to his doctor about it.


Have him wear incontinence briefs and sleep on a pad. Some kids do continue to wet the bed into their teens.


He needs a pediatric urologist.


I have been seeing ads for something called the TheraPee system. I’m not sure how it works but it might be worth checking out

There are medications if you want.

My brother was that way turns out he was just a heavy sleeper he had to cut off drinks at night time


I would suggest a pediatric urologist and also a pediatric sleep specialist. Depending on where you live you may have to travel for the pediatric specialists but it may be worth it for sure.

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My son did the same. He eventually outgrew it. Went to drs ect. Just be patient.

Have U tried the specialist they can give U tablets or patches etc has he had tests done on his bladder have use been to a bladder physiotherapy

Talk to his pediatrician. There is a medication that will help tremendously.

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Does he have sleep apnea?


No drinks after time and pee before bed. Wake up 3 hours after bed to pee again? Idk just a thought.


My cousin had the same problem turned out she had really bad diabetes. Not sure if you’ve had that checked just a thought.

I know some will say I’m being harsh but maybe it’s still happening because you have normalized it so much. It is a big deal and I really hope no other kids find out because kids are mean (we live in a cruel world unfortunately) but I think at 12 years old you need to sit him down and tell him this is not ok. For all you know it could just be laziness and he does it because he thinks you aren’t bothered about it.


My son is 6 and still wets the bed. He uses pulls ups. I got tired of washing them every night. He only has accidents in his pulls ups every once in awhile now. I think it helps him to know if he does he doesn’t mess up the bed due to the pull up. He also has anxiety pretty bad which I think is the cause of it. My oldest is Autistic so they said each of my children have a touch of it also and that could have something to do with it. I would talk to a doctor.

I wet the bed until I was 11 there was something prescribed to me by my doctor that made it stop I don’t remember what it was but it was a nasal spray

My daughter had same issue doctors meds we tried everything they gave her meds and they didn’t work she still had accidents
she just turned 13 and out grew it
Good nights are your best bet I know that’s embarrassing but it keeps
You from washing linen everyday cause believe me I get it I did that it gets old and expensive and ruins linen just explain to him wearing them will keep the bed dry and he can get up throw that away and put a new one on and go back to bed
They to are expensive but it worked for us better than washing linen everyday or it was for us anyways

My nephew actually had to have surgery when he was younger to widen his urethra for this issue.


My son did this until he was around 13. He had sleep apnea and had surgery and it stopped immediately!!

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My oldest outgrew it around 12/13… I remember the urologist said sometimes puberty fixes it

Dietary Triggers of Urinary Incontinence | Byram Healthcare.

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If you’d tried all the drs and meds i would assume they explained to you the same way they did me that it’s not intentional and they can’t help it. They literally lack the ability to wake themselves when they have to go until about 12ish and for some kids that struggle with this it doesn’t stop then either. If he’s cleaning it up and stuff then why complain at all?


The only thing that worked for me (I have five boys) was getting them up one hour after they went to sleep and then again at 2 or so. We usually never had accidents if we got them up an hour after they went to sleep… We tried it all but I had to get up to get them up and that was how it was.

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have yr dr do a sleep study im dealing with the ezcaxt thing but my 12 year old is 270 pounds

I know somebody who did until they had kids at 25 years old. Did everything drs waking up every hour no food or drink. Nothing worked. All drs said was your body grew faster than your bladder. After kids got up 2-6 times a night now was diagnosed with sleep apnea and has a cpap and maybe gets up once a night.

Continuous bed wetting for boys is also a sign of potential sexual abuse. Not saying it’s your case but rather an informative note for others to take.


My 11 year old is having the same issue. But here’s is more so if she’s super tired she sleeps hard

A specialist for urology. Also is he worried are stressed? You may try depends at night to help him keep the bedding dry.

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That’s a serious sign of sexual assault

My son did too until he was around 12 but he grew out of it, I always thought he was scared of the dark when he was little and just got used to not waking up but he’s 24 now and will deny ever doing it lol but now I have a 4 yr old daughter that wets the bed but not every night so I’m hoping hers won’t last as long

Most kids I know (usually) will out grow it around 12. So hopefully he will out grow it soon but I would start making him wear depends every night. He would get sick of it quick. I believe you have just normalized it so much he thinks it’s perfectly normal.

My friends daughter wet the bed til she was 14 she was just being lazy and didn’t want to get up and go to the bathroom and then someone at school found out and started picking at her she stopped wetting the bed after that

And who ever laughed at this is a idiot. Y’all obviously never had to deal with a child with a medical condition. There is still grown ass people having accidents. Get a LIFE.

I would get him back to the doctor and have everything checked including sleep apnea just in case. And get him some depends or something so you’re not having to wash laundry and he’s not having to make his bed every night in the middle of the night. I’m sure he’s tired of doing that too


Adenoids being taken out helped my friends son who peed the bed until 16yo


Just sending positive vibes
. It’s tough…xx

My 8 yr old grandson still does…5 yr old dont …

Limit fluids before bedtime… have him flex those muscles to help strengthen for more control…don’t make him feel bad about it…and he should outgrow it around 13 or 14…if not…go back to the specialist. Bet he will be just fine though.

I’ve read a lot of articles stating lots of kids (mostly boys) grow out of it at 14.

Medically it is called nocturnal Enuresis and it can be caused and helped by many things, depending the cause. Either way, best to seek a specialist opinion.


Look into homeopathic/herbal remedies. There is stuff that can help strengthen the bladder.
May simply have a weak bladder and while sleeping he doesn’t remember to control it.

Also, I’ve heard a lot of people deny water later in the evening which actually doesn’t help.
I have a weak bladder, always have. I’m 39 now. I can say that skipping the evening water actually makes it worse. At one point I was sleeping on incontinence pads just Incase until I figured out what works for me. Definitely having enough water to have hydrated hurine helps. Dehydrated urine feels a lot heavier and harder to hold in…

Also cut back on sugary foods if he eats them. Try to stick to natural whole foods, no preservatives, no dyes.

1 drink with dinner & none afterwards. If he needs a drink give him a liquidy food like a little tinned fruit. Wake 2 hours after going to sleep to toilet and he should make it until morning. Also get him to do pelvic floor exercises which help strengthen bladder muscles too.

I would bring him to a Urologist immediately.


Our son had had the same issue. We also tried everything and nothing worked. About 4 months before his 12th birthday he suddenly just stopped and that was it, the nightmare was over. But whatever you do please do not make your child feel bad about this, they already hate it more then you do. Its embarrassing and gross and makes them feel like a failure without any outside source telling them they have to stop doing it. If they could… they would!

Thank you for not shaming him!!! You’re doing a great job!

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My 9 year old is having the same problem, and has been for years now. We are seeing a pediatric urologist. He’s on a medication to help with his overactive bladder. We also stop drinks at least 2 hours before bed and we have the alarm but took a break from it to see if the medicine will help. I will say that one thing that has helped ease with the frustration of having to change and make the bed every day are these bed pads. We lay it down over his sheets and that’s all he has to throw in the washer other than his pajamas. It’s been great especially when we go on vacation, I don’t have to worry about him peeing on the bed and ruining the mattresses with these. Sitting down to pee also helps boys empty their bladders more than standing up so we make our son sit to pee before bed. Message me if you want, but definitely check out these bed pads!

Non-Slip Bed Pads for Incontinence Washable (36" x 52"|2 Pack),Waterproof Bed Pads,Adult Washable Incontinence Bed Pads for Adults,Dog,Kids

A child at that age should be evaluated by a doctor. It can be a health issue or caused by stress.
Best of luck :four_leaf_clover:

Is he ADHD? If he is sometimes the side effects of the meds is bed wetting.
I would talk to his doctor and wouldn’t make it a huge deal to him. It sounds like he already knows what’s happening and takes care of it himself. Do NOT limit his liquid intake.

Might be a stress related issue

My son wet the bed til he was… :thinking: maybe 10
Found out he was :hyperactive/AC/DC
He slept hard /never knew
He did grow out of!
Thank God

Good never get angry with a child for wetting the bed. It’s not in their control and will cause them trauma for being shamed and punished for something they can’t do anything about. Some kids bodies just don’t connect to waking up for the bathroom until they are older . I’m sure at this age you are exhausted of it and frustrated but it’s very likely these days are over very soon. Make sure using the bathroom before bed. Put a plastic cover in the mattress. Get your sleep , toss the laundry in and stay hopeful it ends soon. Don’t stress over what you cannot controlx


My brother did the same thing… he grew out of it by 13-14

I was a bed wetter til God knows when; I grew out of it but it is so embarrassing for a child. I internalized it…no one talked about it. Don’t make him feel bad.

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Ninjamas size L or adult diapers

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Buy the large throw away bed pads and place them over the sheets. It will be less traumatic for him then having to strip the bed every day


Ok so I wet the bed for a very long time as a kid. Basically they said my braid and bladder weren’t talking to each other. I got put on a medication for a year and it made me stop wetting the bed. Even after I was off of the medication, I never did it again

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My cousin use to west her bed until she was 16 and he mom finally got the money to go to a specialist just to find out she had something wrong with her bladder

Hi, ours did too! It stopped at about 12.5. We did everything!!! Bed alarms, even medication. Nothing worked. It just stopped on its own.

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If he’s 12 and you say you’ve seen everyone. Maybe a second opinion then? Unless he’s just being lazy and not getting up. I know every kid is different but other than when my child was learning to use the potty just before turning 2 they maybe had one or two accidents at the most. At 12, personally, i wouldn’t wait to grow out of it. I know most diabetics need to go through the night . Have all labs been completed? Definitely talk to him and see how he’s feeling as well. …

I had the problem. Had surgeries at 5 and 11. Went to specialist as well. Tubes would relax at bedtime and out to play. Go to bathroom and tighten. Surgeries really didn’t fix the problem completely, but eventually out grew. Nothing to drink hour or so before bed is the best.

Supporting him through it is good.
Letting him clean up after himself is good.

Does he struggle with constipation?
Does he empty his bladder fully when he goes?
I would, at the very least, have a consult with a urologist. If anything, it may alleviate any stress he feels over the situation.

Children who have been sexually abused and children of trauma wet the bed, I did until I was 12. Not trying to accuse anyone of anything but it was true for me. I was extremely afraid of the dark and then I outgrew it at 12. Meds never worked for me.

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Good night disposable pads . My disabled daughter used these in the bed, 2 pads keep sheets and bedding dry.

Adult depends, son and bed wake up dry still use bed covers because they do leak sometimes but it would help him get some uninterrupted sleep also.

Hang In there mumma. Many children wet bed. It’s not talked about.
Cut drinks down after a certain time. Increase drinks in ams so his bladder can become more use to more fluids.
Also push for docs to do more before it becomes that he’s aged out.
I think if I remember rightly there’s 1 child in 30 who still wets bed at his age. It is honestly more common than you think. His bladder needs to mature.

It’s hard mumma. Even harder on this lad of yours who can’t for fear of being bullied do what his peers are doing like sleepovers camping out etc.

Look up megacolon. Chronic constipation can cause this issue. No infections?

Is he on any form of sleep meds? Maybe he’s sleeping through the feeling to go

I feel bad for the poor guy hope u figure it out.

My nephew wet the bed till his was like 14 they put him on a medication and he eventually stopped he is now 19 and doesn’t take the medication anymore and still doesn’t wet the bed I don’t know what the medication was I would have to ask my sis n law

Who TF laughed at this??

My son did this until he was 12ish also. Goodnights (pull-ups for big kids) worked SO well. And a protective pad (like the ones from the hospital) made it easier to clean up.
Mine grew out of it, he’s a 27 year old Navy man with a wife and son now :blush:
Hang in there mama :heart:


Have him wear pull ups…adult diapers…he needs sleep too

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I agree with above . Get adult depends. It will help with getting sleep and easier clean up.

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Have you had him to the Dr? A Urologist? So many things this could be. They are the ones w a degree.

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Sounds like you’ve done what you can, every kid is different might try no cutting out liquids a few hours before bed and see if that helps. I’m sure it’s as equally frustrating for him. Would definitely really talk with him and make sure mentally he is in a good place, it could be something like bullying is going on.

My son did this then stopped at 13. He had seen all kinds of drs w no help. Good luck!

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Does he have nightmares or night terrorors?

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This advice that I want to give you I had the same problem with my son when he was coming up peeing on the bed so my mother told me because I had the same problem so she said that you take your child outside and you know when it’s hot really hot a rock go near where they could be a rock a big rock that the sun hits it all day you let him P on that rock but you got a let him you cover him so like the steam of The rock like when he peas it comes out like a steam so what you do is you let him P on that rock Witchu cover him so like that the steam can stay in there and you do this every other day because the steam helps the bladder to stay warm salt lots of luck It works for my son

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Has he seen a doctor to make sure there is no medical issue going on? So he have strong urges to go during the day, too, or is is just a matter of not waking up to go? Cutting off liquid by a certain time before bed?

This is sad. He needs rest also. Get adult depends until y’all figure it out.


Going through the same thing with my 13yo son.
Paediatrician and urologist think it’s caused by bowel impaction. Only way to fix it is to be on Movicol for a year in order to keep bowel clear and shrink it. My son is also using minerin wafers, which help some of the time, but are only a temporary fix.
So upsetting for them, and frustrating with the amount of washing. I understand😩


Have u talked to his pediatrician?

This is very common in children but especially in boys up until around the age of 13. It will eventually “click” in that part of his brain and the bed wetting will completely stop, immediately. If it extends past the age of 13 then his pediatrician might want to run some tests but chances are, he will stop on his own.


Diabetes?? Adult depends and bed covers

My son is 12 and has the same issue. He sees a pediatric urologist. It is very common in boys till they hit puberty. My son’s bladder also doesn’t empty completely.

I would honestly have him wear Goodnights or something because the wet bed is obviously wearing on all of you. It may not be something he can control. If you haven’t taken him to the Dr I would suggest a trip but in the meantime, have him wear protection so it’s less likely that the bed will get wet every night.

Get some incontinence mats / puppy pads to them to sleep on might cut down on the washing, cut liquids 2hrs before bed and make sure they use the loo right before bed , maybe even get a potty type thing for the room in case they are scared they won’t make it if they do wake up before it’s too late

This isn’t uncommon. First, get him to a urologist to be checked out. Keep using the Good nights, bed mats, etc. Invest in more sheets.
Data varies but boys can do this thru high school, some thru college. Their body hasn’t grown to catch up with the rest of them.
Sometimes there’s meds he can take but if they don’t work, it’s a waiting game. My son stopped at about 15.
Sometimes it’s psychological so ensure nothing is going on; stress it school, bullying, etc. If there’s something happening, addressing it with therapy can help.

limit liquids after a certain time…4:00 or 6:00. put a port a potty in his room. not sure…good luck…hugs

My son did till about 12/13… just stopped on his own. 4 kids, he’s the only one that did that. I have no advice cause I tried so much. I just wanted to tell you I understand and that he did stop on his own.

Honestly imagine what he feels and if the only thing you have to do is wash that laundry just wash the laundry. He will eventually grow out of it but I’m sure it’s absolutely horrid for him I mean he can’t stay with friends and friends can’t stay over. That’s one of the hugest things of your childhood so in my opinion as a mom and I did have a bad wetter and I was a bedwetter just support them and try your best to be encouraging support system.


If its not something medical then it will more then likely stop when he hits puberty


Diapers and plastic matress covers. Also cut out liquids before bed. It can be frustrating but I had a family member who struggled with this same problem. Even into his teen years he was wetting the bed because he couldn’t wake up to do it at night. He happened to grow out of it.

Is he stressed about anything? Do certain foods make it more frequent? My gp said up to age 13 is not uncommon.

Maybe cut down on liquids a couple hours before bed.

It,is hard I had 3 children that had that problem the eldest was,about 14 before he stopped.,there is no answer.

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Most of the time it’s a waiting game but speaking as someone who gets up frequently at night to pee: see a urologist and get his blood sugar checked
I have iC and neuropathy in my bladder and I do a ton of nighttime peeing if my blood sugar is low. If I eat something right before bed I’m fine.