My 18-month-old refuses milk: Advice?

May daughter will be 18 months at the end of June… we can’t seem to get her off the formula. We have tried EVERY milk choice possible and she absolutely refuses!! She does get yogurt, pudding, cheese etc daily which all have milk in them and she tolerates them all just fine! Any other moms out there ever go through this with their child? How long is too long for a toddler to be on formula?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. My 18-month-old refuses milk: Advice?

Talk to your pediatrician and see if she actually needs milk. My kiddo drinks water mostly. We started that around 2.

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My daughter is the same way! Shes 22 months and drinks the Enfamil Toddler formula.

My daughter barely will drink milk. Our pediatrician said it’s ok as long as we make sure she is getting calcium and healthy fats through other foods.

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Some of my kids don’t drink milk at all. Not any kind. If she gets in yogurt and cheese she’s fine. Why force it on her. You can just stop the formula. Let her have fresh orange or apple juice instead.

I never drank milk and still don’t to this day. Give her water

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Make her. If you quit giving it to her shell drink it. Dont give into her.


My daughter has never really drink milk we switched her off of formula at 12 months and she only drinks water sometimes a little juice. 

We never use milk. No need to, really.


Dilute it with water
Or add to formula… adding more each time

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I had WIC for my daughter around that age, she didn’t like milk or was upsetting her stomach so they said to give soy milk a try.

My daughter is the same way. She is 18 months today. We currently have her on Enfagrow toddler formula.

With my now 1 year old I did half formula half milk for a couple days then went full milk

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You can try toddler formula or I mean really if she’s eating other sources of dairy she doesn’t really NEED milk.


Mix it half and half and slowly make it more milk than formula

My doctor said as long as the child is eating enough he doesn’t need milk. My son was ebf and refused milk after I weaned him

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I breast fed my daughter to 13months then she happily went onto juice and water, like yours she had plenty of dairy in her diet xx

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If she doesn’t like milk , don’t force milk . If you’re worried about calcium , vitamins and other sources can provide this.


Try warming it up a little. My youngest didn’t like cold milk and took until she was like 18 months to drink it cold

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Talk to the pediatrician. For years I told my family that milk made me sick. They didn’t believe in doctors. I’m lactose intolerant. :unamused:

Also to transition over do a Oz of milk to the rest formula and slowly add more milk and less formula


Put a little bit of chocolate in the milk and then less in it. That’s how I got my oldest to drink milk

I put a small amount of carnation breakfast essentials usually chocolate but she likes vanilla too in her milk it has good vitamins in it

They don’t need to drink milk if they get calcium in other ways


Get yourself a cup of milk, Lol jk.
But really with my girls if I can’t get them to eat or drink something the second I have said thing it becomes their absolute favorite.

She’s fine, as long as she’s having yogurt, cheese milk products I wouldn’t worry. Offer her water to drink.

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As long as she’s getting calcium through other sources, don’t worry about pushing milk. She just may not like it.


My daughter was the same when she was that age.Nido (nestle) powder milk was a saver for me that was the only milk she drinks after formula.

My almost 3 year old does not like milk, not even chocolate milk. If your kiddo happily eats yogurt and cheese than they’re probably getting plenty of calcium. You might also try feeding the toddler nutrition drinks

My 6yo never drinks any kind of milk but will eat the rest. She is just on a multivitamin per Dr’s request.

I used the water down method :woman_shrugging: water her formula down till it’s just straight water and then offer milk as a alternative in bettween

My one grandson couldn’t drink any formula, we had to put him on powdered milk,me drank that until he was three then, gradually added two precent milk to it,he is now 21 years old and drinks a gallon of milk in three days

Start mixing formula with milk to help her come off

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You might try putting Ovaltine in her milk, if they still make it. I haven’t looked for it in a long time! But Ovaltine has a lot of vitamins and minerals in it. That might do the trick.

In used to give my kid strawberry milk. He loved it!

Your kid doesn’t need milk as long as they’re getting enough calcium and dairy. My son was lactose intolerant until he grew out of it and thats what 2 doctors told me.

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Slowly add milk to it until she doesn’t notice its gone

Toddler formula? One of mine was like that.

I agree start mixing it with a milk of ur choice a lil a time till it’s just that milk

She’s fine. You’re providing it in other ways. You could try warming it and see what happens. Maybe add a banana? I wouldn’t add any flavoring to it as they all have added sugar and you don’t want to set her up for a life long need for sugary drinks.

Start mixing in whole milk a little more at a time.

She’ll get there if she has no other choice. I switched my son at 10 months and he didn’t know any better. They don’t know better. She will get there.

Add milk to the formula and ween her off. Eventually she’ll be drinking milk. If she needs the heaviness add a little toddler cereal

I had to heat my oldest daughter milk tell she was like 3 or at least leave out to tell it room temp. My daughter didn’t like cold milk. Hope this helps.

I mixed milk and strawberry banana yogurt in my sons milk for snack time and he loved it he was picky with milk as well but the yogurt helped

They don’t need milk. Just do yogurts etc. At 18 months she doesn’t need formula.


I would put the slightest bit of Ovaltine chocolate powder in the milk for meals or whatever and my son got used to regular milk that way. You just do it like 1 or 2 times a tiny amount.

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Milk is not a necessity as long as they’re eating well water is the only “drink” they need


Milk isn’t a necessity if they’re getting the nutrients from other stuff like cheese and yogurt or whatever.

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So they do actually make toddler formula but unless your child has a medical issue they don’t necessarily NEED to drink milk. My daughter wouldn’t drink milk either. She broke herself of the bottle because she wouldn’t drink milk and I wouldn’t put anything else in it. She eats just fine though. She was 13 months when she broke herself. She is a very healthy 2 year old

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I took formula away at 12 months bottles and all. They did fine daughter was mad but if all she had was a sippy cup and was thirsty she drank. Where I work no formula or bottles after 12 months

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Stop buying it.
Give her a different style of milk. They have all kinds.
Water, watered down juice sometimes… She can’t have what you don’t buy.


Kids don’t really need milk after one!

My dd stopped drinking any form of milk at 2 and same as you, will have dairy based products but just doesn’t like the taste of milk itself. Has water and protein powder on cereal. You can’t force it so make sure they’re getting enough calcium and vit d and potassium in the rest of their diet. I get forever livings multi vitamins as they contain more than any other multi vitamins you can get.

if she’s getting enough dairy from other sources she doesn’t need milk at all

My kids are in their 30’s but I remember the Pediatrician saying (in jest) “I don’t care if they take formula in their lunchbox to kindergarten!” He was, of course joking, but making the point that it provides full nutritional needs, when toddlers can be such picky eaters. My kids were like yours though, where I grew up with a big glass of milk at every meal, they wouldn’t take it.


My grandson done the same thing. So we would give him almond milk & then half almond milk & whole milk. Transitioned into full whole milk in like 2 weeks.


My daughter has never really liked milk like that I still took her off formula at a year. It’s really not that big of a deal. Especially if she’s getting dairy from other things.

Put like an oz of milk then rest formula and keep adding milk and taking away formula

She’s fine if she’s eating actual food. Stop giving it to her

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I gave my son toddler formula for as long as he wanted it, so probably till around 4. It had tons of vitamins and nutrients and he wanted it so why not


My son hates any kind of milk. We give him a couple pediasures a day. Three plus meals. They don’t have to have milk but I do the pediasure for the extra protein and vitamins. He only drinks the vanilla, hates the chocolate and strawberry. We even tried the toddler formula and he hated it.

My son had a hard time weaning off the formula, too. It’s difficult, but just slowly take it out of his diet. It will be hard and there will be rough days. But he will stop. Good luck, Mama!

I cut my children off of formula at 12 months. She doesn’t have to have regular milk. Try cheese, yogurt, etc…

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We stopped formula at 12 months. My son does not like milk what so ever. We give him water and he loves it. We make sure he gets diary through other foods.

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She doesn’t need to drink milk. Just give her water.

Milk is not important, make sure she gets dairy in other ways

It’s fine not to drink milk or milk like substances… Water is way better anyway

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My son would refuse unless it was flavored. We switched him to chocolate pediasure. We mix a little in regular milk so its flavored and he gets the nutrients

I have the same problem.
I use Enfagrow now for her.

Stop. I just quit. When I knew I had to alter something I planned it on a 3 day time frame then suddenly quit. Throw away bottles and offer drinks from a cup. Not a nipple cup. A regular sippy cup that can leak and spill. Be cautious and aware. Remind and keep offering drinks from cup. After 3 days you’re done. Potty training too. Stay with it. Keep reminding and let them see what is happening under the long t-shirt. You will have a potty trained kid in 72 hours. I had twins and 3 others. I helped with 15 gkids. Our next one is 2 in 2 weeks. We usually have them potty trained by 2 years.

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Adding small amount to milk to formula, increasing more and more will get her used to the taste, also try chocolate or strawberry. Try adding her favorite yogurt and make a small shake.:rose:

I weaned my daughter off of formula at 11.5 months. We just had to switch to soy milk and we get the vanilla one for her.

They do not have to have milk in their diet if they are eating other food with calcium. I just took the bottle and formula completely away at 12 months.
Of course always consult your pediatrician but mine was completely fine with my boys not having milk of any kind. They are 2 and 4 and still think milk is disgusting.


She does not need milk the formula can’t even be good for her at this age

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Stop giving it to her… wean her off and replace with normal milk slowly

Cook a 1 cup of rice with 4 cups of boiled water & 2 T corn syrup 1 can of unsweetened condensed milk on low for 45 minutes, stir. Let cool for 1 hour blend in blender 1 min 30 seconds turn off the blender let sit 2 minutes. Blend 1 minute 30 seconds. Strain rinse out empty blender add strained rice mixture & add 1 washed banana & blend 1 minute 30 seconds, turn off 2 minutes let blender cool off. blend 1 minute & 30 seconds. Strain again & pour into a bottle. Put corn syrup on the bottle nipple & serve to baby. Try powdered goat milk if you don’t have evaporated milk.

My daughter’s pediatrician said to mix 3/4 formula to 1/4 milk then go half and half the 1/4 formula and 3/4 milk then all milk

My 1yr old hates pain milk, but she eats alot of cheese and has yogurt fruit smoothies with milk and yogurt bites, occasionally we do the Olvaltine chocolate milk mix and she loves that! She’s doing great with her percentiles so I’m not really worried that she’s not drinking milk every day! I weaned off Formula around 11m cause I was pregnant with #2 and they’re born 1yr20 days apart and I’m not making bottles for 2 kids and I knew I was gonna be way to busy with newborn to fight and struggle with her about food. :sweat_smile:


Maybe she doesn’t like milk. ? I never liked milk. The consistency or taste. So I don’t drink it or anything that tastes like it. But I eat cheese and flavored yogurt and puddings People really don’t need milk if they have a good diet.


Start with say 8 ounces formula, add 1 ounce milk, next day 7 ounces formula 2 ounces milk, next day 6 ounces formula 3 ounces milk until your at 100% milk, this worked for my granddaughters


None of my kids or me drink milk. I would t be too worried about it. You can stop the formula too at this point. Offer water instead.

My daughter has a 2 year old boy and doesn’t eat much he drinks 2 %milk and she gives him toddler formula too

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If she is consuming yogurt and cheese she is getting enough calcium that she does not require milk. Give her water to drink. And she can get her calcium from her food.

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Just make sure she has a good diet. Give her water instead. They don’t need milk or formula at 18 months. Just balanced nutrition.


You don’t necessarily need milk. There are so many other options to have calcium. And your baby is already taking those options just fine.
I would wean her off formula asap. Especially if your in the US. Your tot doesnt “need” formula when there are babies out here who depend on formula.


My doctor said they can get enough of the calcium and everything from all the other dairy products you’re serving and don’t actually need the daily glass of milk, so I would stop offering formula and give water or whatever your other choice beverage is. (My 5th hates milk too. She barely does it with her cereal. And it was my concern too only she was breastfed and I dried up before she was 11 months and I used up all my saved breastmilk and this is what her doctor told me)

She doesn’t need any milk. Just water

My son just didn’t like milk. I took him off the formula and the doctor told me it was fine if he didn’t drink milk but to make sure he gets his calcium in other ways. I give him a lot of cheese, yogurt, orange juice with calcium etc. And he just drinks lots of water.

In the mornings my son was hungry and looking for the formula so instead I gave him yogurt.

She doesn’t need dairy, just offer her water. mine were all off milk at 12 months

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Have you tried almond milk or goats milk

I can’t stand milk. Talk to her doctor, she probably doesn’t need formula if she’s eating a balanced diet

Maybe she doesn’t like milk. I don’t and haven’t drank it since I was bottle broke at one year old.

Just don’t give it to her anymore. Maybe she just doesn’t like milk. Give her water. It will take a few days but she’ll get it.


Dont give in!!! If she knows she can refuse and get what she wants she will!!!

They don’t need milk after breast milk or formula

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There are toddler drinks in the formula aisle its powder, it has balanced nutrients and extra nutrition for toddlers. It’s like toddler formula.

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