My 19-month-old is still content in her crib: Should I switch her to a toddler bed?

My 19 month old still seems content in her crib. She’s never tried to climb out, when we lay her down, if she’s not ready for bed, she plays with her stuffies in the crib and entertains herself. I know this because I can see her on the camera. My question is, do we need to take her out and put her in a toddler bed if she’s content with the crib still?

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If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

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Keep her in the crib!

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No leave her in the crib as long as possible. Especially if she’s content. If she’s in a toddler bed she can get out of bed whenever she wants and that’s a whole new problem lol


I’d leave her in the crib as long as she’s okay! My 20 month old slept in her crib until a few weeks ago when she decided to just start climbing out. That’s whenever we moved her to a toddler bed. Things changed literally in one night

She’ll let you know when she’s ready…

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Why move her if content is leave it till she tries clombing out also toddler beds r much easier to get out of you’ll.knlw when.she rwdfy shell let u know


My daughter is 26 months and still sleeps in her cot/crib one of my friends child still sleeps in his cot/crib and he’s 3 years old

Just make sure she is still within the limits to use it ! Most cribs have limits on them

I’d switch over. The toddler bed is an essential step. Best to teach her now about staying in her bed than later.
And I’d be more worried about suffocation since shes getting bigger. A bed with walls can trap a stuffie/blanket up against the face (suffocation was my only big momma fear)
We switched my monkey child at 1yr. He was climbing out with absolute ease so it was definitely time.

My son didn’t go into his toddler bed until he was almost 3. I asked the doctor about it because my daughters all started to climb out at 1. She said it was probably a comfort thing. That his crib was his safe place and not to take him out until he started trying to climb out.


No. My son turned 3 in April and still uses his crib and will for awhile.

Keep her in. My son didn’t climb out at all, left in till just after he turned 2 then he went straight to a single bed.

I switched my oldest around that age and it was the biggest pain in the ass but she’s never been a good sleeper. My second I put in a bed right around 1 and never ever had any issues with her. I plan to put my third in a toddler bed in the next couple months when he turns 1 as well but I guess I’m the oddball here. It’s kinda like they have less opinions when they’re younger so it’s easier? If that makes sense 🤷 you can always just do a test run

My daughter was almost 4 and it was an exciting transition! We made a huge ordeal that she was a big girl. I’ve never had issues with her sleeping and staying in her own bed since!

I was in a hurry with my first and took him out of the crib and into a twin bed around 18m old. My next son was into everything so I left him in the crib until he started climbing, close to 3yo. My daughter requested a big girl bed at 2 so she went into a twin canopy bed. It’s rlly up to you and your child, you know them best :relaxed:

My daughter was 3 when we converted it into her toddler bed. And 5 when we moved her to a twin. She never tried to climb out, but felt like a big girl and proud when we switched her to her toddler bed. It worked out for us.

Don’t rock the boat in my opinion x


Not unless she grew out of it or is climbing out of it :slightly_smiling_face:

I didn’t move my kids until they were 2.5. They were still within the limits of the crib and they weren’t trying to climb out or anything.

It doesn’t make it any harder to switch to a regular bed or toddler bed just because you wait a few more months.

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I switched my children when they could climb out

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Set up her toddler bed. Let her choose what she wants for now

My son is 2.5 and is showing no sign of wanting to leave his crib…and I’ve honestly not got the energy to start dealing with him not being contained at bed so we’re fine with it


Keep her contained as long as possible if she is still comfortable and is within the cribs weight/height requirement. If you decided to take her out make sure you have EVERYTHING baby proofed and a gate for her door :slight_smile: I used caps for everything because they are able to get to things so easy being able to slide out of bed :slight_smile:

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You need to do what’s best for you and her. If she’s still safe in there I’d leave her in there :slight_smile:

Left my little one in till he was nearly three. We tried it around 20 month and he pulled his room apart. Then tried again a month before he was 3 he was a dream and still is bed with very little fuss. Think he was just more aware of his boundaries and surroundings and felt safe.

You don’t NEED to do anything choose whatever works best for you and your child

no, I moved my daughter when she was fine in her crib and she refuses to sleep in it now.

My daughter is about to turn 3 and she still sleeps in her crib she doesn’t even try to climb out of it :rofl:

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I didn’t care if mine slept in the floor as long as they were sleep!!! Wherever she’s comfy is where she need to stay.

My son was in his crib until he was a little older than 2. He never tried to climb out, and it made bed time so much easier. As long as they’re not climbing out there isn’t really a reason to change it if you don’t have to. The only reason we did was because I had another baby and it was easier for him to get himself out of bed in the morning because I was always nursing and felt bad having him in there after he woke up.

I took my 2 year old of the crib she was perfectly content in and I will forever be sorry for it… shes 25 now…lol

This is my daughter too. My second son was in the crib well past his second birthday haha. He was totally cool laying in there singing and playing with his stuffed animals. Lol. My daughter is now 18 months and will play in her bed for at least 15 minutes after nap. Leave it.

Na my girl was 3.5 before we switched her oit

No leave her in there as long as she’s happy with it :heartpulse:

My daughter is 3 in December. Still in her crib.

Will prob switch her to toddler bed next month

Keep them in a crib as long as they aren’t climbing out I think once you put them in a toddler bed they are more likely to roll off or get up in the night.

If she’s not climbing out of the crib and seems content with it I don’t see a reason to switch her

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I’d say I’d she still fits and is content, then leave her

Keep her there till she starts trying to escape it. Then its time to move to a different bed if she comfortable where she is no need to fix something not broken. But don’t go by oh she won’t stay in a bed. That may be but as long as the child’s room is a safe place and u have a camera if she plays with her toys or falls asleep on the floor that’s not that big of a deal.

i didnt switch 3 of mine til they actually would try to climb out by themselves. the 2nd one really didn’t wanna leave it til she was like 2. when she started asking to sleep with me in my bed i offered her her toddler bed next to mine.

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You are her parent you will know when she’s ready to go to the big girl bed! Trust in yourself some things just come natural!

I kept my children on their cribs untill the age of 3 . They wore very good and safe from falling . When I changed them to big bebes I needed keeping the crib mattress to stop their fall :sweat_smile:

Let her be until she is interested in moving into a big bed unless you are pregnant and need the bed she is happy and content with her current situation let her be happy

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Once she’s oit of the crib she will get in and out of the toddler bed whenever she pleases. When she is really ready you will know

Leave her in her cot as long as she’s happy. My daughter was in her cot bed until she was 3yrs as she loved it & I only moved her when she got too big for it.

I kept my kids in as long as possible. Once they started jumping out and was unsafe I moved to a regular bed.

If you have room put the toddler bed in her room and try it. But I agree with the other ladies. She’ll let you know

If she’s still content in her crib, has plenty of room to move around and you feel okay with her still being in her crib then leave her there

No! You should keep her in the crib. No guarantee she will stay in a bed.

Let her stay in the crib until she starts climbing out .

No. Leave her in there as long as possible

She is comfy I’d let her stay

Ifs she haopy dont change it she might not slwwp

Right she will let u know when she is ready

I would wait to age 2 if possible

Just wondering why people are always wanting to transition kids so soon? I have a 21 month old and she is happy as can be in her crib. I want to wait as long as possible so she stays put.


Leave her. If she’s not trying to get out. Be happy that she stays. The minute my kids started climbing out that’s when I switched them over to toddler beds. And I think they were way too young but once they know how to get out it’s more dangerous for them.

I have 3 children the two older ones were in a crib til around 2 2 an half when they started to climb out of the crib that’s when they went in a bed and they are 15 months apart in age then my third child was just a little older he was closer to 3 whe he started climbing out of the crib so I waited til all of them did the climbing out of the crib then put in a bed

My advice as a parent and a child development professional. Leave her in her crib until she climbs out or asks for a new bed. Many kids love the containment of the crib and for her, it sounds like a comforting and happy place. Why do you want to move her?

If she’s content in the crib, keep her there. My daughter went from a crib straight to a twin bed at around 2.5y because she climbed out of the crib constantly. We put her in a twin bed and got a couple of bed rails that slide under the mattress to prevent her from rolling out. She’s a wild sleeper and rolls all over the place, lol. If she hadn’t been a climber, we would have kept her in there until she was potty trained.

We got our daughter a toddler bed when she turned 3. Until then she slept in a crib. We actually moved the mattress over cause honestly it’s the same size. She transitioned just fine. Plus we have a baby on the way and wanted to give her something extra special so she didn’t feel like the baby was taking away her bed.

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My daughter was the exact same way. Never tried to climb out, and was very content. I wanted to change her for myself so I wouldn’t have to pick her up and put her in the crib but we decided to wait and changed her to a toddler bed when she was 3-3 1/2 :thinking: I think. I can’t remember. But even still she won’t get out of bed until we tell her she can. I guess we got lucky. :woman_shrugging:t3:

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They’re called 6 year cribs…anyway they used to be. The toddler beds are the same size as a crib. When my daughter shook the bed until she stripped the screws we took the railing off and used it until she was 5!


Leave her in the crib if she’s happy. My daughter climbed out of hers at 14 months so we switched her to a toddler bed which fallowed with mommy I need a drink, diaper changes, let’s cuddle. Don’t rush it

I have 7 kids. I moved them up as the next one was ready to move from the bassinets into a crib. All but one was climbing out by then anyway. My 6th liked the crib. Which folded into a toddler bed. So I just bought a new crib for my 7th. My 6th stayed in her crib till she was almost 4.

Cribs are the same size as toddler beds. Which are good for most kids up to age 5. No reason to rush her into growing up if she happy. Or if you feel more comfortable with her in a crib. She’s fine.

My son turns 3 in Oct and just switched to a twin bed from his crib like a month ago. Only reason I took him out of his crib is because he was hurting himself Climbing out and we had the extra money to buy a bed.

Let her stay in her crib. She must feel safe and content to be in it. My son was the same way. He loved his crib and stayed in it till he was 3 then he went right to a twin. Toddler beds are a waste of money.


Our oldest was around 2 when we moved him to a toddler bed. I was 2 weeks away from having surgery and wouldn’t be able to get him in and out of the crib.

No! If she’s fine in there, wait it out. My son didn’t get a toddler bed until 2.5 because he was content. Enjoy the relaxation and rest while you can!


My son was in his crib until he was 4, and would have been perfectly content to stay longer. Extraordinary adult!

If she’s happy leave her in a crib. I switched both my kids once they could climb out. My son was 18 months and my daughter 2.5 years. Each child is different. No need to rush if they are content.


Nope, just leave her be! My daughter was 2.5 before we switched to a toddler bed and only then it was because she was just too heavy for me to lift into crib. She never tried to climb out and she slept happily. If they are happy leave em be


We waited until 2 yrs or older. If she is content no need to change. When they start getting out it’s time

If / when she is out of diapers even at night she will need to get out to go otherwise if everyone is happy why worrie

Unless you plan on potty training any time soon, keep the crib. That was the only reason we had to switch so early to a toddler bed. And we did the toddler bed because he wasn’t tall enough for a twin bed yet.


When my son climbed out of the crib that was when I transfered him. It’s different for everyone. Do what feel right for you.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. She’s not even 2. The only reason why I switched out, was because they would climb out. Safety first. She will let you know when she is ready

Don’t need to move them until the can climb out. Its a safety thing. Dont want them falling mid night. If they dont climb out…id keep em in the crib until they dont want to sleep in it anymore. No set age to transition. Mother of 5.

Leave her be. Our first moved to a twin with box springs on the floor since we had moved and couldn’t bring the baby bed. She loved it. My younger had a crib that transitioned to a toddler bed/ daybed by removing one side, then moved into a twin by 3 (he was climbing into his sister’s bed so we knew it was time). Every kid is different.

No. I didn’t put my toddler in a jr bed until she was 2 years and 2 months. We had moved so it was exciting for her to move out of her crib.

My son stayed in a crib til about first grade…he still fit and never tried to escape…

Let the child enjoy her crib, when she start climbing out you have a problem.

She will let you know when she is ready, or she outgrows it. Don’t rush

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No. If she is content and not attempting to climb out she is good. When potty training starts it will be a good time to consider getting rid of the crib

I didn’t move my 4 kids until they were nearly 3 years old. If she’s happy, leave her.

As long as she is happy and content in the crib why take her out of her secure place.

My daughter was 3 before we put her crib away. She was comfortable there, she still fit. Why change it?

I can’t get my sleep in his big boy bed. Hes gonna have no choice when his baby brother gets here but its not a rush to transition them

I would leave her until you decide to potty train. Then get a toddler bed.

My daughter was tiny and was in a crib until 5. The only reason we got her a bed was I didn’t want her to draw a picture of herself in a crib in kindergarten. Lol

The only time you need to transition is if they’re too big for the mattress or try to get out. I’ve always went straight to twin, with a side rail if necessary. :blush:

My son’s doctor told me not til he starts trying to get out of the crib

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As long as your child fits in the crib and is safe, let it be.

Absolutely not, she’ll let you know when she’s ready for a change

If you have room put a toddler bed or regular bed up and leave her crib let her help figure what she wants no reason to upset her at this point

No. My child is 32 months old and still in her crib because she is perfectly happy in it

Keep her in there until she starts climbing out! Why rush it!

Leave her… when she starts climbing out then go to toddler bed.