My 2-year-old doesn't talk much: Advice?

Anyone kid say a couple of words like mama and dada and then just stop? My son will be 2 in June, and he isn’t talking.


Mine was similar … I knew something was up mentioned it at every dr appointment until I basically said refer me to a specialist (ENT) because your not doing anything about it … both ears full of fluid …needed drained and tubes put in … it’s been just over a year and he now speaks almost perfectly full sentences after a few months … not always the case but worth checking out

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My little turned 2 in December and doesnt talk much. Just work on it… keep talking keep encouraging! And if your really concerned ask the pediatrician, but honestly I wouldnt worry just yet :slight_smile:

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Mine turned 2 in September of ‘18 and didn’t start talking good till about mid February/March of ‘19.

Sometimes boys are slower. We tested his ears and they’re fine. He’s 3 now, and he can say most stuff but still gets frustrated when we don’t understand him.

It’s normal. All kids learn at their own pace. If it continues over the next few months bring it up to the pediatrician for peace of mind.

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My son just turned 2 last week and my doc sent me to early intervention at his 18 month appt he does have other delays as well and we are waiting on an appt with a developmental psycologist. It could be a speach delay or it couod be something more my doctor said at a year and half that they should be saying 15-20 words.

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My daughter barely said a word until she was 2 1/2 and then all of a sudden she started off with full on sentences and freaked me out lol every kid is just absorbing information at that point. Eventually you won’t be able to quiet them🤣


He/she doesn’t have much to say🤷‍♀️

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My daughter is 14mo & doing this. She knows words but chooses to still gogo Gaga & mamama & dada. I just keep encouraging her and repeating words to her

My daughter will be 2 in June also and she sometimes talks a lot other days not so much. I wouldn’t worry until way after he’s 2… just keep engaging with him you’d be surprised how many words they can actually say.

My son didn’t talk really at all until about 2 1/2 or even right before he was 3. The dr told me it was normal and that nothing was wrong with him, but he’s 3 1/2 now and talks all the time. Everyone understands him and is very clear. Every kid just grows at their own rate


Every child is different and develops at a different pace. However, discuss it with his doctor. Early intervention is critical if there is some type of problem.

My niece is 4 and is just now starting to talk. She has no medical conditions. Some children just take more time.

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Some at 20 months have 15 to 20 words ours did baby sign at 2 had 30+ signs and said most of those words. But more importantly does he understand you and follow directions?

Mine was like that. Then out of nowhere he won’t stop talking. He still babbles a lot but it is only when trying to form sentences. He is nonstop

My 8 yr old didn’t say his first full sentence till the night after his 3rd year checkup, and had the Dr recommending speech therapy lol. Now he won’t shut up

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My daughter was a micropreemie…was told if she couldnt speak 50 words on her own she needed speech therapy. Now she is 3 and soon starting speech therapy again since Oct 2019.

My son was a late talker, didn’t say many words when he was 2, now he’s three and has grown so much with his talking.

My middle didn’t talk til 3, no intervention we just put him in playschool. Youngest said some words: Mama, dada, doggie, hi, no, etc at 13 most, then he didn’t talk at all. Now he’s 3 and doesn’t shut up. No intervention.

My nephew took a veeery long time to talk. But WHEN HE DID… He was like a dictionary! I wouldn’t worry much. He may just be veeeeery smart and process things in his mind that are bigger than talking. :blush:

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Take him to doc to get evaluated

My son will be 2 in July and says mama dada ya and that’s it!

My son has speech delays, he started speech therapy at 2, and started school the end of this January. He’s in a headstart program that allows him to go to school early. He gets on the bus at 745am, and is off by 255pm.

He’s 2… let him be

Any older siblings? My youngest didn’t speak until age 3 , I was convinced something was seriously wrong, started observing her while asking questions and realized she always turned to look at her Sissy who would always answer the question before youngest could form a response, sent older one off to Kindergarten, took a leave of absence from work thinking a year of therapy and specialist appointments would fill my calendar, within a week of big sissy out of the house for 6 hours, youngest was talking and had a vast vocabulary :joy::joy::joy:

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I have a grandchild that didn’t talk either. Then one day after they turned 3 they started talking like they had been talking all along. I guess they just didn’t have anything to say. Kids do things at different times.If they haven’t started by 3 I would seek help.

I would make sure you are encouraging him to speak. Dont let him point or do the “give me, want” sign. He doesnt get what he wants unless he does his best to say the word, maybe you say it first for him to mimic and praise him when he does. You might need to consider speech therapy if he isnt able too.

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Nope! My son was 2 in nov had tubes put in October prior to his birthday. He has been starting to say different words not phrases yet and he’s not very clear yet either (tubes due to lots of ear infections) every one is different! It’ll be ok!

Mine didnt talk much at 2. It was until she was 2 1/2 that she really took off, like someone flipped a switch

I’ve noticed watching my 2 nephews grow up and my 2 daughters that boys tend to start alittle later. Atleast from my experience. My 3 year old nephew barley said anything. Than with trying to help him sound out words ect. Now he doesnt stop :rofl: my daughter will be 2 in a week and although she says some words they arent 100% clear.

Read books, point things out. Sound them out. Everg child grows differently. He will get it :blush:

My kid didn’t really start saying whole lot until after 3. Little sentences here and there. My kid is an only child and not in daycare so a kittle behind on speech. However if your kid has siblings and/ or in daycare should be picking up things a little faster.

My son didnt start picking up words til like a month before he turned 2…now he is 2 and learning new words almost daily. Just give it time. And just keep repeating words they’ll pick up eventually.

Look on the bright side: the “no” and “mine” phase will come later and wont last as long. :dizzy_face:

My daughter will be 2 in July she’s saying full sentences,but every kid does things differently. If you’ve expressed it to his pediatrician and she says everything’s alright. I’d give it time and if he still doesn’t keep telling her.

You really need to get him in speech therapy. If he is having some difficulty, they can pinpoint it and fix it now before he goes to school

My son was the same way. I was so worried I started speech therapy. I think the thing that helped us most with him is I got firm in making him pick what he wanted for a snack or drink and he had to tell me juice or cake or whatever it was that he wanted. He’ll be 3 next month and he’s talking up a storm now.

My son wasn’t talking much at the age of 2 ended up getting him evaluated for speech delayed which I’m glad I did cause he was at a 18 month level… he went through 3 months of speech therapy started preschool the day he turned 3… he just turned 4 last November still goes through speech therapy at school (2nd year of preschool) now he doesn’t stop talking lol

My boys didn’t start talking tell they went to pre school and that when they were 4

All kids are different and NEVER compare your child to another! A 6 month old can talk complete sentences when my 3 year old couldn’t. I was crush thinking I did something wrong. I took it as my kid had nothing to say. And when he did talk for the first time he said… “ mommy I shut my pants”

All kids are different and all kids learn different. It is only up to your child when and how they talk. Never force it. That will scare them. Reading … that doesn’t help I read all day everyday and my boys didn’t talk till they were 4! It’s good to read just never force it!

My son didn’t say very many words at first. As soon as he turned 2 he was speaking in complete sentences. He knew his shapes, colors, numbers and knew the alphabet. He’s in first grade now and he’s the best reader in his class. Its a good thing to keep your eye on but it could be nothing.

Don’t worry about it . Your child will talk when he’s ready to . My son was the same way and he would shake his head for yes and no . We had an old
Pediatrician at that time and he said the kid doesn’t talk because y’all talk for him ! LOL my son is 31 , brilliant and in the dental field . He still doesn’t talk that much ! LOL

Some are just quiet and when they start talking they never stop (guilty!) My son was actually delayed and speech therapy was needed.

I lived next to a little boy many years ago. He was three and didnt talk either. His mom and dad were both doctors and said he’d talk when he was ready. Turns out he could hear!! Once he had his ear problem taken care of he started talking a mile a minute!!! Just saying.

Sorry couldn’t hear.

Just keep an eye on him… kids develop differently and my eldest didn’t speak until 2, then he exploded with words. Dont stress yourself out because other kid’s can do this or that and yours cant. Just talk to him a lot, read to him a lot. Encourage him to talk.

My youngest did speech at 2.5yrs and it was a waste as he simply was not interested. As soon as he turned 3 we started again and he responded a lot better.

I’ve had two kids with speech delays (in their case it is due to ADHD).
If your child isn’t saying at 30-50 (i believe) full words that others can understand by 2…it is a cause for concern.
Yes. Some kids are just late talkers or even “lazy” but even in those cases it can put them behind in their ability to express themselves appropriately and it can also put them behind socially.

I’m always for evaluations and intervention. At 6 you can’t tell my son had a speech delay. My 2 year old is already making progress (sees st 1x a week and its been hit and miss due to weather and holidays) he’s not saying a lot of things clearly yet…but he’s trying which is more than what he was doing in November.

My son (autistic) was able to be evaluated at 2 1/2 because he only knew about 7-10 words at 2. My doctor gives me a milestone chart every time we visit in case of problems.

My son didn’t start talking like most his age until he was a couple months past his 2nd bday. Social your kiddo with others around the same age as much as possible and read, read, read. Pick two books and read those two only for an entire week then move on to two more the next week. Also try picture puzzles and say what each picture is while doing the puzzle. You can try coloring too, ask your little one to color the tree, then the flower then the sun and so on to see if he is understanding what you’re saying and if so, see if he’ll repeat it back to you.

He’ll talk when he’s ready! He just taken it all in my dtr was later then most but she 12 now and she doesn’t stop😍

Maybe his needs are being met and there is not much need to communicate. They talk when ready x

My son said a few words just before he’s 2nd birthday. He’s now 2 Years and 2 Months old (he turned 2 in December 2017). He talk a lot more, says colours and shapes. He can even count to 12. Wait till a could of months after he’s 2nd birthday if he doesn’t progress then I would be worried.

He has so many months in-between hia age now and 2. My daughter started talking all of a sudden

At the 2 yr check up with your pediatrician ask for an early intervention review/ exam one of my 4 was in speech therapy from 2 until 4 1/2 for speech delay He understood but didn’t speak many understandable words. The state we lived in had someone come to my house weekly then we switched to a local elementary school. He also qualified for headstart because of his speech delay. Get the evaluation.

This happened to my child! And he ended up needed speech bad. I addressed with his doctor and we
Him checked and he had a slight delay. He was two and a half. I just knew something was off. If your worried express
Concern with his doctor and they can help u!

Just keep and eye on the speech and keep trying to teach them new words and concepts. They may just be taking their time. My 1st was a preemie (born at 28 weeks) and he wasn’t talking sentences until he was about 2 and a half. But by golly when he started… he still hasn’t stopped talking and he is about to be 6 lmao. Jokes aside keep a watch if you have any concerns ask their doc.

Just read and speak to him :slight_smile: he will when he wants. Say the names of things as you hand them to him or he points to them.

My son had one word for everything… “snuh”. He used just that word for everything till he DECIDED to talk. I Don’t remember at what age he actually started using words, but it was long past 2 years old. People were worried, but I knew he was okay. Hang in there mom.

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My son was diagnosed with Autism at 2. He said Mama and Dada and then lost all speech. He is almost 7 now and nonverbal. Early intervention is best. No harm in getting it checked out sooner rather than later.

Maybe he just doesn’t have anything to say

My son will be 3 in may and he hasnt really talked up until about 3 weeks ago and it’s like he gained the ability over night and his vocabulary and conversations grow everyday it boggles my mind at how fast it just happened every kid is different

Run don’t walk to a developmental pediatrician. Early intervention works but the operative word is EARLY.

Yes my son has nonverbal autism

Soon. He will be talking like a lawyer non stop don’t worry be Happy​:+1::+1::+1:

He will talk when he wants

My oldest son did this and for the longest the only word he spoke was dada but it wasn’t to his dad it was to everything. But it didn’t last forever and my fourth child took even longer to talk. They are both now grown and it has never caused any issues.

I have a grandson that’ll be 2 in June, he doesn’t say much either. We’ve started telling him to use his words, its working. He’s starting to say more and more, especially here, he knows Nana wont give it to him with a big shrug and point. Nope, use them words young man. I wouldn’t worry to much about it. After 2, I would start working with them on using words really hard.

My middle child was like that. He would start to talk and I thought he was catching up, but then it was like he would take some steps back and then catch up and then fall back again. My advice to you knowing what I know now is this. You know your child (children) better than anyone. Go with your gut. Talk to your pediatrician about your concerns.

My son just turned 3 and still doesn’t talk much, he is in speech and occupational therapy and is getting better with his verbal skills. My son was also put in to early preschool to help him as well. Just take it day by day and talk to your PED and see about getting your child into speech.

My little sister wouldn’t talk either. She would only grunt. Took her to the doctor and he said quit responding until she says the word. She would point and grunt. She’s 53 and a speech therapist.

My grand daughter would say stuff you could not understand at all until she turned about 3. Then she took off… Now, at 4, she never stops! And she says many things you might think are beyond her years. So, they all have their own timetable…

If your child is growing up bilingual, this is normal. Speech develops later at warp speed. Otherwise, you need to see a doctor ASAP. My daughter had only four words at 18 months and was diagnosed with a severe speech delay. She was in speech therapy for a year or so. She speaks beautifully now.

My son didnt talk till he was almost 5. He could, he knew words, just didnt. 2 is very young i wouldnt worry. At 5 he has a full blown vocabulary and never shuts up :rofl: they told me he needed therapy and testing and blah blah blah but he was fine :heart:


I thought my daughter would never talk, can’t remember when she did start, but she hasn’t stopped since. It’s something to keep an eye on as speech therapy early can help a ton. Does he communicate well without words? He may feel he doesn’t need to talk to get what he wants. Every child is different and it can be any number of things, don’t stress and just talk to him and take action as needed.

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When the light clicks on, he will start. My Son will be 3 in September and he is just now saying words that I understand and more words everyday. Point to things and say what it is to him all day. Ask him to repeat. He understands you. Takes some boys longer. :blue_heart:

Kids are all different. My oldest son could talk but didn’t talk much. My youngest son was talking in complete sentences and using really big words at 2.5 yrs, my daughter is 2.5 yrs old and talks but is sometimes hard to understand. Like some other ladies said, if you’re concerned, talk to the doctor. They’ll be able to tell you it’s normal or what steps you need to take.

My niece will be 3 in a few months and she didn’t really start talking until a few months back. It was like one day I couldn’t understand her and the next we were having full sentences!!!

See if he is severely tongue tied. My daughter was. Once dentist cut it for her, she started talking after she healed and hasnt stopped.

Has his hearing been checked? Does he hear basic conversation everyday… Make it a point to talk to him normally…Say good morning, please and thank you, mommy and daddy love you even sing songs… Hope this helps

My daughter will be 2 in May and says words but never sentences. It’s still babbling and some three worded sentence but barely. But she understands everything we are saying.

My grandson took his sweet time talking too. They taught him some sign language that helped. They also put him in preschool at 3 and he turned into a whole new kid. This school is along the lines of play learning. Montessori type.

Yes. My youngest started talking at 3. She just listened and observed. At 3 she was talking and with time more now she can go on and on…:grin:

My son hardly spoke either. We took him to the doctor and because of multiple ear infections he recommended putting tubes in his ears. After, that he started speaking more and with a few speech classes became a chatterbox. Hang in there.

After they become chatterboxes you may wish for the good ole days!

Boys do not talk as quickly as girls do. My youngest grandson turned 2 in October, he is just now trying to use words. And sometimes, if there’s an older sibling, it will take longer as the older one will speak for them :rofl:

No worries… My niece didn’t talk till well into her 3’s… When she decided to talk it was in FULL SENTENCES! Just be sure to have her ears checked.


I think kids are all different and learn at their own pace, I’m a mom of 4 , one of them being a boy. They are all teens now but he was a binki baby and once I got rid of the binki he started talking more. My girls were blabber mouths lol


My son started speech shortly after 2. He said bite bite momma one time then never said another word until speech.

My daughter is almost three and just started. We have been to ear nose and throat specialist and it’s normal they say every kid is different

SLP here. If you have concerns I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend getting an evaluation. Early invention is key. Some kids may catch up, yes, but how do we know who will and who won’t? Waiting longer could set them back further. At age 2 most states have free early intervention programs where the therapist comes to you and works together with you to help your baby. After age 3 you have to go to a clinic or school for therapy. Maybe he needs therapy, maybe not. But it doesn’t hurt to get him checked out!

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My daughter is 2 and she only says a few words. Shes in birth to 3…

My grandson is 4 and when tested he is at a 1 yr old level .My other grandson is 5 and only says a handful of words .Both are in speech and they only go once a week and they same like (speech) they aren’t worried 🤷

Boys are delayed in speech compared to girls. Untalkative 2 is common

Sometimes if you give them what they want without them talking they only point at things.

It sounds like a sensory processing disorder. Try speech therapy and/or a chiropractor.

Have his ears checked by an ENT.

That’s a question for his doctor

kids do not talk good til 3

Hes only a year and a half, slow down.

Occupational therapy. A doctor can refer you.

Have the ears checked