My 3-month-old has been spitting up a lot: Advice?

Hey mamas, has anyone ever had a problem with their little ones spitting up so much all of a sudden? My baby girl is three months old tomorrow, and she is formula fed (I tried breastfeeding but had to stop due to certain reasons ), but starting the end of November, she just keeps spitting up so much and so often. I don’t know if that indicates her getting sick or just something that she does. She is acting normal and not fussing more than usual. Some tips on what I can do to help her not sit up so much would be appreciated.


Try a little cereal in bottle with formula. You will have to cut tip of nipple be careful not very much it should help


Yeah my last kid was a puker/spit up the dr suggested the thick formula from Similac I forget which one it was and that helped.

Switch formula… Similac is a great option…


What does her pediatrician say about it ?


My son projectiles puked we found out he was allergic to several different formulas. Had to have dr look at him finally found a formula that worked. It was outrageously expensive. Good luck. Think of going to pediatric dr for sake of your child’s health

Change her formula. Theres a carnation brand I used for my son. Was easier on his tummy…no problems after he started on that brand.

I would set up drs appointment make sure she isn’t loosing weight! Tell dr what’s happening it can be several reasons formula is too heavy for her digestive system I think giving her cereal now is too soon! My son was profusely spitting up and loosing weight here he had a x ray and it showed a closure of a stomach valve which I had to take him to children’s hospital and they reopened it and problem was solved he had no fever no other symptoms but was loosing weight!

I would set up drs appointment make sure she isn’t loosing weight! Tell dr what’s happening it can be several reasons formula is too heavy for her digestive system I think giving her cereal now is too soon! My son was profusely spitting up and loosing weight here he had a x ray and it showed a closure of a stomach valve which I had to take him to children’s hospital and they reopened it and problem was solved he had no fever no other symptoms but was loosing weight!

Maybe she is having an intolerance to milk, try her with soy for babies and make sure she burps before settling her down .


Sounds like the formula is not agreeing with her


You may want to talk with the pediatrician about this could be a underlined issue. That should be your first thing. It’s great your trying to reach out to other moms about it but this isn’t the place to get the Info since every child is different !


Make an appointment with her pediatrician. We want to help but We R not Doctors, honey.


Talk to the pediatrician. When my daughter was little, she did that a lot, called doc, recommended a different formula, tried it and it went fine. But yeah, ask pediatrician.

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My granddaughter was doing this. Dr says its acid reflux and said to put a spoon of her milk.

She could have acid reflux. Talk to your dr asap so they can get her tested.


Probably allergic to baby formula products.My son (49 now ) was he spit everything up.He would suck his bottle and then. throw the whole thing up.and come up smiling.He was on every formula even. On pro so be( soy formula)Finally I said to heck with it and gave him a bottle of pasteurized milk.Well…never had a problem again.Worth a try !!!

My youngest was the same way but I changed to similac sensitive and it helped. He still spit up but not as bad. I would ask your pediatrician first tho.

Are you burping while feeding? Like feed an ounce and burp. Feed them burp. Also keep baby upright while feeding and 20 minutes after feeding. If it still happens ask your doctor. You might have to change formula.

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If your child is getting sick too much or unexplainable, you should be consulting a physician, not a web page.

Might me acid reflux ask her dr and if it is they have special formula for that


My son did this his was extremely bad, he had pyloric stenosis; where a muscle was growning around his stomach. He had to have surgery to clip the muscle. I am not trying to scare you, just have it checked out. He threw up really bad and was almost 2 months old. If I had not kept on and on to my doctor he would have died. Just have her checked.

Are you giving her to much formula? Try to burp her and hold up. As long as she’s eating and gaining weight than it shouldn’t be a concern. My baby used to spit up a lot I told his pediatrician about it and he told me that it is normal because he was gaining weight and eating a lot

Are you overfeeding heris the formula right for her tummy is she constioated or have runnynpoos

You need to keep her as upright as possible when feeding. She may have trouble with a sphincter in her throat that allows liquid to come back up! Our son would spit up an entire bottle after eating! He soon outgrew it! Good luck-but definitely check with your doctor to make sure your baby is getting enough food!!!

My sister went thru same thing with her 2 month old…had to change milk an few times…u an her doctor have to figure out what works for her lil system…best of luck…

Switch formulas and try ice or cold milk My daughter hated warm milk She to this day puts ice in her milk

Dr or Baby health nurse or midwife there are formulas for upset tummy’s we just swapped our bub given to him by our Dr seems to work so far and cut down the amount of water per bottle

Talk to her pediatrician!

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When this happened with my oldest it was a milk intolerance. We switched to soy and he was fine. He was on soy formula/ milk up through 2 years old and grew out of it by age 3.

Refux!! Try nutramagin it worked wonders for my daughter :blush:

Why even post this here. See her pediatrician.


My gson is on acid reflux formula with enfamil. It has helped him alot. It was prescribed and so wic picked it up for him.

Alot of babies go thru this phase at this age. Bring it up to her doctor either way.

Take her to the doctor. This is Facebook


Honestly when it comes to your kids health care you can’t just take whatever advice. What’s right and works for some babies could be harmful to yours. It could be so many things that treating for one thing that may not be the problem could make your baby worse or cause a different set of problems.


She could have acid reflux.take her to.her.pediarician find out hell weigh.her normal but.not all the time. He or she will be the judge.

We tried 2 antacids zantac helped a little in the beginning but she started again and omeprazole was a life saver. I tried everything I could before meds with no luck. Good luck mama.

I had talked to my doc and he tried but till I talked to another mom we didnt get it undercontol. Getting ideas from those who’ve been there isnt bad, just follow up with the doc too

Change the milk … try something more delicate on the stomach

I’m sure this person has ask dr, well I hope!! Moms ask for different ideas nothing wrong with it.


Does this inquiry make you wonder if its fake??
No mother would resort to FB for this issue…really??

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I did with my daughter. She was allergic to the lactose in the formula so she was prescribed lactose free formula

Maybe switch formula ? Milk based made my son throw up had to go to isomil n prosobee soy based instead of milk

She could be allergic to cow’s-based formula. Perhaps a switch to soy-based formula would help? She may also have acid reflux. My daughter was allergic to breast milk and cow’s-based milk. Switched to soy formula and that helped. Despite that, she had severe acid reflux. They wanted to do surgery on her stomach at 3-week’s old, but I chose other options, with rhe doctor’s consent. She saw a G.I. doctor for the first year of her life. She was in 2 medications 4 times a day, for a year. Finally, she outgrew the acid reflux. I would suggest talking with her pediatrician.

I had that problem once . I changed the formula and it stopped

Change the formula try a new one she is alergect to that one ,

My daughter had this problem she was diagnosed with acid reflux. Solution was to add some infant cereal to weigh the formula down worked like a charm. Good luck

Prob just feed her less :slight_smile:

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My daughter was doing this and the dr said she had acid reflux. I had to make sure she fed upright and didn’t lay down right after eating.

My kids both had tummy troubles when teething.

My daughter did after she took the rota virus vaccine

It had something to do with the vaccines

She never puked much till she drank the rota virus capsul

Then they put her on Enfamil A.R

Which i dont think was necessary

As long as she’s not fussing or losing weight, it’s a normal thing for them to do. Try mixing formula with rice cereal and see if the spitting up slows down. Burping her fully is another thing you can do, after a bottle go for one more than the normal.

Milk substitute, pro so ee bee is one, check with Dr…

It’s most likely the formula!!! You need to take her to the Dr. so she can be checked out !!! Always keep the Dr informed of EVERYTHING that is going on !!! People don’t know your baby like your Dr. 🤷

Ask her pediatrician for it could be you need to change her formula to maybe soy base or something more serious .

My daughter did this. I would suggest a rain poncho before anyone held her. One half of every bottle came back up. She was lactose intolerant. Put her on a soy only diet and it did help.

could be a little reflux try holding her upright for 15 to 30 minutes after feeding. helped some of my kiddos with the same issue. youngest especially

She is eating to much

Try changing formulas she may be lactose intolerant

Talk to your pediatrician, she may be having a reaction to the formula

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I went through about four different types of formula before I got to the Similac one that’s easy on their tummy

I just went to the doctor for our 4 month checkup for my son. We asked the same question. My pediatrician says its completely normal as long as it’s not projectile and different colors. Although my son is breast fed.

Could be acid reflux. My daughter had it really bad as a baby

Try a different formula or talk to the doctor probably a little sensitivity in the stomach

Maybe allergic to the formula

Burp her, if you’re not doing that already.

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If you’re okay with it try a chiropractor. We did that with my daughter around 2 mo. It took a few visits but helped out amazingly.

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Try switching her formula to one for sensitive stomach such as Similac sensitive

Might need a formula change. Might have a bit of a reflux problem. I’d try a lactose free formula first, feeding her upright, keeping her upright for about 30 mins after. My son is 4 months, and taking about 6 oz bottles. I give him 3, burp him, let him chill a little then the other 3. We also see a chiropractor and that helps a ton.

She may have severe acid reflux

It’s normal for them to spit up as long as it’s not forceful spit up.

I also tried breastfeeding, switched to formula, my daughters 4 months old and her doctor just prescribed her Tagamet for reflux

What formula is she on?

Might need to try a soy formula. Also we purchased a Baltic essentials necklace to help with acid reflux and colic and GERD. Here’s the link to the necklaces if you would like to look at them.

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Similac sensitive stomach

Could be reflux, but usually that involves crying and projectile vomiting, like ALOT of vomit. Could be the formula needs to be changed. Could be feeding too much at one time. Or it could just be how it is. I had one with reflux, easily threw up half of what she ate, no matter how little I fed her in a sitting. And screamed constantly for food. And despised tummy time to the point I couldn’t force it on her. Then I had one who threw up after every feeding, but doesnt cry constantly, and was ok with tummy time, and didn’t throw up huge amounts like she used to, but enough that keeping him in dry clothes after a feeding is rough. That’s just the way it is with my kids. We’ve tried other formula, we’ve done all kinds of bottles and different feeding amounts. Nothing helped except not drinking formula anymore. So… he has a few months left and we’re done by 1.

you need to talk to her ped. Dr & see if there is not some underlaying problem & not just a formula problem

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My daughter was a terrible spitter despite having soy formula and a thickener. I always made sure she sat up for an hour after eating. Definitely try switching her formula though. She may need a gentle labeled one or even soy if lactose intolerant.

If she was just started on formula it could be the brand
Could be overfeeding
To fast nipple flow
Not burping enough
Happy spitter

Try stopping every ounce to burp, pace feed, slow flow nipple, leaving baby upright 30mins after eating and if none of that works talk to your Dr about the formula and what’s going on.


our pediatrician switched us to Similac for Spit Ups for this reason, it has helped a lot

She may have acid reflux. Does she get congested a lot? If so the milk may be going to her lungs and not her stomach and spitting up clears the lungs. I would seek professional advice. It may only be a simple matter of changing formula.

My youngest did this. I had to switch him to Similac Advance Soy. That was the only formula he would tolerate until he was around 7 months old. I tried several brands of both regular formula and soy and that was the only one he’d not essentially projectile vomit, within a half hour of being fed. Try a few different types and brands. (My boys wasn’t fussy either. Like it didn’t bother him, other than he wasn’t keeping it down.) Good luck!

Are you tracking her feedings and how much she eats ? Babies that eat too often will spit up , bad burping , wrong formula should be last resort.
Youd be surprised how many babies get fed too often (eating slow, leaving some bottle left ) keep a log of when and how much and thatll us usually fix problem unless its medical

Could be acid reflux. If you’ve tried formula for spit up already, talk to her doctor about the possibility of acid reflux. They have formula with added rice starch for babies with reflux too. And keep her inclined for at least 30 minutes after eating.

Or the nipple size might be too large on the bottle and she’s overeating

Talk to her doctor. It could be a lot of things, first thing that comes to my mind is gerd.

She she should be on size 1 nipple and try a spit up formula. My suggestion is enfamil AR and Similac spit up formula both have worked well for my daughters. Also, how many ounces are you giving her? At 3 months I think my daughters were still on 4oz every couple hours

If she gaining there no need to worry its normal

Has she been seen by her doctor about it,I would start there first. You never know if something going on

I would make an appointment with your pediatrician. Don’t change formulas without their guidance.

Sounds like a formula problem but u should always run stuff like this past your babys doctor. It could be caused from the wrong formula that your baby has a sensitivity to, which was the case with mine, or are u overfeeding ? But best to have the dr. Aware of this.

Switch formulas maybe

Check your nipple size and make sure the flow is not too fast, also be sure feeding positioning is not too flat and she is sitting up a bit with tummy lower than head and try keeping her somewhat upright for at bit after feeding & getting burped well. If the problem continues maybe look into a formula change.

Why is no one telling her to burp her baby? If you aren’t doing that already, it’s VERY important to burp them every half ounce to every ounce. If you are already burping, then I’d talk to her doctor.

my son did the same thing and ended up on zantac for acid reflux id definately take her to the dr and see whats up

2 of my little ppl was like that n they were elergic 2 the cows milk in it they had 2 have special milk from doctors