My 5-month-old screams in her carseat at night: Advice?

My daughter is five months old. Recently when we start driving home at night, she will scream and cry the whole ride home; ~40 minutes, I have to pull over sometimes to calm her down. Did anyone else go through this, and if so, any advice? She’s fine during the daytime. I feel terrible that she does this, and I can’t help while driving.


Get her a glow worm or turn the light on above the door she is sitting at. My niece hated the dark car rides.

If she doesn’t do it durning the day my guess would be the darkness bothers her. Maybe a stuffed animal that lights up would help.

Could you maybe get her one of those mirrors with lights and music it may distract her

Most likely scared of it being dark, maybe get her a light up toy

Yeah, she can’t see lol it probably scares her.

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It passes. My child was the worst. I hated going to my brother in law’s with her for dinner. Non stop screaming. She eventually got over it. She’s 14 now LOL

In my experience hysterical screaming in the car is pretty normal. I used a little lighted mirror, which helped some.

My daughter did that. We ended up getting a dvd player and some baby dvds and attached it to the back of the seat so she could see it and played baby dvds. Worked like a charm.

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Get her a DVD player fir car

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It could just be the darkness, I would deff get like a portable light or put one of her favorite shows or songs on to comfort her


It sounds like she’s just trying not to go to sleep. Give her a little toy that flows or something

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My sister was like this. Mom had to let her have a flashlight and would drive with the light on in the car lol

My baby hated the dark because she didn’t want to go to bed. We had to turn on the light in the back seat.

My youngest did this. I had to turn on the lights in the back of the car

My oldest and youngest freaked out at night. As they got more verbal, they were able to explain the darkness made the trees and sky look scary. She could just be scared. Get her a little light that wont affect driving but would soothe her.

Yep our iPad help lots ! Lol

Is she getting hot? My sons scream if they get too hot in their carseat so I have to blast the a.c. and freeze myself out so they’re happy.

Yes my boy did this and we got a car dvd player because it would be light and sound and it worked pretty good but I always sat in the back with him and held his hand too. Not everyone can do that obviously but it helped

Maybe its too dark for her to see and all she knows is that shes moving and has no clue whats going on? Try a little dim light in the back seat and see if that helps!

My daughter does the same thing. I’ve got a little string on white Christmas lights around her mirror.

my daughter is the same I think she doesnt like to be alone
so my husband or my kids will sit back there with her.

It also could be a Vision issue. Have you taken her to a eye doctor? My daughter had issues at night as well and it turned out she needed glasses

One of my grandkids did that too at about the same age. Trust me, she will grow out of it

My daughter was the same. She eventually outgrew it but until then I just avoided driving in the dark unless her dad was with me so I could sit in the back with her. We did download some cartoons on an old iPad and that helped too.

Who knows. What sets the kids off. Since its a nighttime thing, cld the lights whizzing by bother her?

Daughter did the same so we tried not to be out and about in the car at night.

Get her a glow toy or a small battery operated light. Make sure she’s not scared of the dark.

My daughter has cried in her car seat since she was born. Now she’s almost 10 months… we drive a lot and during a 6 hr car trip she will scream for 5 hours of it. Day or night though it doesn’t make a difference to her. We switched to a different car seat, tried tons of toys and things but nothing works forever for us. We are hoping as soon as she’s into a movie we can distract her with that. Sometimes it’s not that bad but 3 out of every 5 times we are in the car she’s upset

The flashing lights from other vehicles and street lights bothered my son.
At 5months I assume still in infant seat, pull the canopy thing down to block her face from the lights or put a blanket in the window.

iPad with his favourite, Elmo worked.

Night light and a rattle toy xx

I had this problem with my son, tried a blanket over his seat incase it was car sickness, got him a new seat, tried music/singing, had someone sit in back with him, tried toys. Everything. I finally got a DVD player for right in front of his seat and played those animated nursury rhymes and that is the only thing that helped.

Car DVD player or maybe a mirror to see herself? Paci ? Temperature? Toys ?

Whew YES!!! For MONTHS. I tried everything. Ended up getting the sun protector things to put on window bc the reflections were freaking him out. I had to leave places before dark because he would scream.

Maybe give her a little light?


She may be doing it for attention because the first time she might have really been sick or hungry or something and you got her out and now she knows that when she does this that you will pull over and get her out

She might have reflux. She’s had a full day of eating and then to be put in the car seat, it probably gurts

I always turn the back seat light on. My son doesnt like the dark and not being able to see me.

Is she teething? If she is, it could be bithering her more at night than in the day…

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My daughter did this as well, I think it was being in the dark that she didn’t like. I downloaded a night light app on my Phn and it would play soft lullaby music and and alternate different colors of light. She loved it!

A lighted mirror and a dangly toy.

Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother : Target Buy one of these baby night/mobiles to position in backseat. It will entertains/soothes her. It has a little remote for you to keep in the front with you. It’s scary for some babies to ride in the dark without anyone/anything for comfort, IMHO.

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My son does this sometimes. I put a light on for him and he has a mirror that he looks into. If he still cries, we sing wheels on the bus and that usually calms him down. He’s 8 months now.

They make a glowing seahorse that plays piano music… I think Fisher Price makes it. My son has had one since he was a few months old and still uses it to this day (he turned 2 at the end of the summer). It really helped us during those times we had to drive at night.

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Try using a battery operated night light. It worked with my first son!

Try getting a lighted mirror for the backseat

She might be scared of the dark. My daughter sometimes throws a fit at night when we’re in the vehicle. Even though we pass lights and street lights and such she’s still says it’s to dark. My daughter is afraid of the dark.

Probably hungry feed before u drive

Maybe put a tent over her seat with fairy lights over the top of it…

Yes! My daughter started doing this when she was around that age and is still doing it at 10 months old. :pensive: I bought a toy that plays music and lights up in hopes that it will help. We haven’t tried it yet though since I just got it for her.

Giving them a light helps

Witching hour. My twins from 4-7 were a nightmare for months during those hours. I couldn’t do anything other than hold and nurse. It was brutal.
My cousin also had a baby who would scream the whole ride home. She worked in Boston but lived in NH and it was awful. Finally after she was over a year the only thing that stopped was when she turned her forward facing.
Try feeding right before driving? Or playing some sort of music while driving? Best of luck.

A little light for her, and buy two mirrors… one for the front, and one for her so yall can see each other.

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Maybe the darkness in the car and the lights outside are scary to her.

It’s the dark my baby dont like it either

My 5 month old does the same! My 6 year old actually clued us in to what was going on. She is afraid of the dark and the constant moving lights. We have to have a little light on in the back for her that stays on at night so that she has some light and it is staying right there.

Get a light up toy for her, it will make it not as dark, she is probably scared thinking shes alone in the dark. Mine went through the same thing

My son did this. I turned on the light in the back so he could see.

That was my second daughter, I tried everything from singing to you name it. Then I decided to change the car seat to graco 4in 1, like magic she stopped. My guess was she hated the baby car seat.

Toys that light up maybe? Good luck momma

Both if my son’s do this, they are scared of the dark

My daughter did the exact same thing around this age you just got to ride it out. She should outgrow it soon

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My first born just screamed in the car no matter what time of day it was. I bought one of those portable DVD players and played baby shows like Sesame Street or the wiggles, etc. and it helped some. I know they say you aren’t supposed to have babies watch tv before age 2 but when you’re driving with a screaming baby in the back it totally causes distraction and anxiety so I would give it a try!

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Dose she have a ear infection.

My son did this! He was afraid of the dark.

My 5 month old does it too. Not much you can do

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If my daughter gets fussy at night I will turn the back dome light on. She seems to like it and it doesnt bother me

Your baby is delivered from the unclean spirit in Jesus name amen

Add a light . Small dim light

My daughter did this we too. We did all we could and turned out she had really bad travel sickness.

Oh yeah we have twins around the 5mths I was having to crawl in the back and sit between the seats and just chat and hold there hand while hubby drove it’s a faze it to shall pass, provide toys and we have a dome light which we turn on and of keep it on for them etc, it’s dark and they don’t see you, play some music I just talk to them, one of those night lights can work also, try to make the child have plenty of play time before going into car seat so she sleeeepppps in the car

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I had DVD player for both my kids, hung on back of seat when they when facing rear too. They had something to watch and light too. Worked great and would do it if we had another kid.

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hook a battery operated lite somewhere she can see it in her seat. she may be just afraid of the darkness.

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Mine did this too because she couldn’t see anything. Lights and having someone sitting next to her helped.

I would get a light up toy

All my kids screamed in their car seats til they were about 6.mos

Maybe getting her a small light up toy that is not going to bother your driving but will give her some light

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My baby did the same thing until I got her light that goes on the backseat. Not bright enough to distract me from driving but it keeps her calm as I drive at night

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My son did the same thing. Once I got some light up toys for the car he was fine. I did end up getting him a tablet and he would watch busy beavers while I drove.

My daughter will scream unless the car is moving…lol…every red light or stop sign she throws a fit, until we are moving again.

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My son did this until he was a little over a year old. He stopped When we faced him forward in the middle he doesn’t do it anymore. He’s almost two now.

My daughter is 7 weeks she sometimes gets scared at night driving , I hold her hand from the front an she usually stops crying maybe if your closer too her it will help

My almost 9 month does this. She’s afraid of the dark. I bought this from amazon and it helped a ton. It plays music and changes colors. It attaches to the headrest in the back seat.


We put a light on in the back


Maybe the sitter isn’t burping her properly after she eats but before the ride home? My youngest cried all the time in the car seat but he had a ton of digestive issues at that age.

My 10 month old does this… my hubby can drive at night, my eyes bother me too much… he’ll drive with the light on. We don’t go out after 5 if possible

I gave mine a glow baby… my little ones hated the dark

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My son did this for awhile too he would freak when we would go anywhere at night and I would have to sit in the back with him while my husband would drive. He quit doing it thankfully and it helped when he started front facing too. A light will help or toys to calm them down.

My daughter doss this. Gice her a light up toy or turn on the back dome kight

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Ugh my daughter is 3 months and she screams day or night it’s a stage and can’t wait for her to out grow it. It well get better just have a sing she likes on or her favorite toy music helps with my daughter

My baby was the same she out grew it at 4 months . Now she loves car rides.

maybe a nighttime stuffy that glows a little and sings

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Get her a glow worm toy or a mirror with a small light so she can see herself i have one with a light and it plays music too


When my daughter was that young we had a mirror on the seat’s headrest…the mirror also had lights and played music. You could possibly bring a favorite toy or blanket that might comfort her. Good luck Mama.

She probably afraid of the dark

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Mu daughter did this. It was because she couldn’t see anything. Or so thats what everyone told me. She was fine during the day

Music has helped my son, lulu kids to be exact. I think it might helped.

Turn a light on for her


My daughter did the bad, my dad got her a soothing hippo. It has calming lights and music. So now my dad buys all of my kids these right after I deliver lol.