My 6-month-old constantly pulls a blanket over her face: Advice?

I’m a new single mom & pretty concerned… mainly when shes sleeping or about to fall asleep, my 6 month old daughter pulls her blanket over her face and holds her breath, her arms and legs go straight out and she kind of starts hesitating (it looks like at least) she then quickly pulls the blanket off and finally breathes. It freaks me right out, every time I pull her blanket off her face she’s always got a huge smile on her face so I’m not sure if I should be as concerned…? Anytime I see her do it I instantly run to her to take it off. I’ve tried taking the blanket away but she’s been doing this basically her whole life & will not sleep without one no matter what I do. I’m not sure what to do at this point. I feel like she’s going to suffocate…


I’m begging you buy a sleep sack. There shouldn’t be anything including blankets in his crib. I have a family member who lost their 6 month old to unsafe sleep.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. My 6-month-old constantly pulls a blanket over her face: Advice?

No blankets untill a year or older


Sleep sac. Take away her blanket.


You need to remove any blankets from the crib until at least 12 months. My kids all love(d) the zipadee zip sleep sacks!

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Kids should not sleep with a blanket till they are one

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My oldest kid has always done that. Still does to sleep at 12 years old

This is why they say a sleep sac or make sure they are dressed warm.

You don’t put blankets in a baby bed. They have sleepers that are thick for that purpose.

It sounds like she might be playing. I understand being concerned as you are a first time mom. I’m a mama of three and all my kids slept with a blanket from birth and they’d cuddle it to their face. I’d just watch them. Let them fall asleep and then move the blanket once they were asleep. My almost 2 year old still does it but I don’t worry as much with her now that she’s older.


Safe Sleep and Baby Care – Evidence Based Support
You should join this group immediately


Don’t use a blank at that age. I used a sleepsack

6 months she doesn’t need a blanket. Recommendations for a blanket is 1.

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No blanket til at least 1 year

It’s a way babies play it’s like peekaboo

Your reaction may have made her think it’s a game (not a bad thing). I would switch to a sleep sack or something similar and only use the blanket when you’re paying attention to her and it’s play time.

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Buy her a sleep sack, Worry free

Shes probably playing peek a boo…turn peek a boo into another lil game


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This is why I only used Muslin blankets w my youngest. She did the same! Muslin are light and breathable~


Everyone always says no blankets…they also say not to lay them on their stomach when they sleep. I did both, my baby was happy and slept well and sleeps well to this day (she’s 8yo ). She pulls it over her face because she thinks its a game, she conditioned you to respond that way. Just let her do it but keep an eye on her, she will be okay!

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Don’t put a blanket in with her when she sleeps.

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I put my son in full body sleepies for the first year.

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Get her a sleep sack

U need to not give her a blanket use sleep sacks . Take the blanket away.

Put her in a sleep sack
My little is obsessed with her blanket too. I let her have it while she’s falling asleep abs she’ll rub it over her face and eyes to put herself to sleep then once she’s out I take it off her.
So basically if you’re sleeping or age isn’t supervised she shouldn’t have it until she’s bigger


Get one of those little blanket animal toys. Can’t temember what they are called. I cuddly or snugger ?

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6 months is too young to sleep with blankets or pillows. It sounds like a startle reflex when the blanket goes over the face; just like when babies go underwater they hold their breath, it’s a reflex. Try baby night gowns or sleeper bags! My girls loved the sleeper bag gowns, the ones you zip close over the feet! No more blankets or pillows!!


Don’t give her a blanket


Nothing in crib except baby

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Safe sleep = Nothing in the crib - blankets, bumpers, pillows included with baby on their back


No blankets, no bumpers, no stuffed animals, no pillows, suffocation hazard


No blankets, she’ll sleep without a blanket eventually lol, much better then suffocating in her sleep.

My daughter is 7 months and also does this, my child before her did the same thing as well. I noticed it’s a comfort thing for them and it’s easier for them to fall asleep if they rub a blanket along their face or cover their eyes with it. I don’t leave my daughter unattended with the blanket, and I move it anytime it concerns me. Once she’s asleep I put her in a sleep sack and take the blanket away. As long as you are monitoring her I’m sure she will be fine. It’s just a comfort thing for her :slightly_smiling_face: and like many others said she may even be playing peek a boo

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Invest in a sleep sack and remove the blanket.

I don’t offer blankets until I can no longer find a sleep sack to fit my child which is nearly 1 year. And if it’s nice out, just a cozy pair of pjs is sufficient.


That’s how my baby sleeps too. I just take it away once he is asleep.


She playing you. Her natural body defence will cut in, she will pass out, and then start breathing, Quite normal.

Babies like to feel secured with a blanket touching their faces both my kids slept with this in their hands always had to touch their faces when they slept try this it’s much safer than a full size blanket also a sleep sack or sleep sack pjs

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Buy a sleep sack. She won’t be able to pull it over her face.

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Sounds like someone started playing peekaboo with her and she’s trying to play. My 4m old does it all the time with anything he can grab and giggles waiting for you to move it… Just get her a sleep sack for bedtime so you don’t worry yourself.

All of my kids never slept w blankets… my youngest jus turned 9 months but still looks like a 5month old :see_no_evil: she sleeps in her bundle… but sometimes she sleeps out of her bundle… maybe get a sleep sack?.. and don’t put nothing in the crib

My son also done that and pretty sure still does he’s 40 now. My 3 year old grandson does it now we just check to make sure it’s no to tight. The only other thing is don’t give a blanket. I really do t know why they like to scare us like this.

She might very well be trying to block out the light, my daughter would do the same thing so instead of putting it in her crib, I got a light weight blankets and covered the top of her crib.

Yes very much agree … My son is 7 months and uses a small blancket to rub on the side of his face to fall asleep . its a comfort thing they do.

She shouldn’t even have a blanket at 6mo. So there’s that


Shes doing it herself!!! I’m going to assume she rolls on her own as well both ways…in which case the blanket is fine!!! It sounds like shes playing with u…take a deep breath and play with ur baby enjoy it!! At 6 months she will not just lay there a suffocate she will move herself she will try to get breath like anyone else at this point…the risk of SIDS has also significantly dropped at this point…again take a breath and enjoy baby!!!


She knows she can get a reaction out of you when she does it. It’s a game at this point. My kids and grandkids always had a blanket. We checked them through the night. Never a issue

Please join Safe Sleep and Baby Care – Evidence Based Support . There is a lot of unsafe advice in this comment section. Your child’s safety should be number one and that group will teach you exactly what you should and should not do.


You safe sleep people are hilarious


My daughter slept face down since a week old :woozy_face: she does the blanket thing still at almost 2 lol if she doesn’t have a blanket she’ll pull a pillow over her head. Idk but it helps her go to sleep and she seems to know when to take it off :woman_shrugging:t3:


I recommend a crochet blanket if you’re worried about her suffocating. It will allow for air to get through and she can still cover up with it.

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Stop putting a blanket in her crib :woman_shrugging:

Mine does the same. If she doesn’t have a blanket she puts her arm over her eyes. She will be 6 months on the 9th. I let her go but I just make sure she doesn’t wrap her head in it. But inorder to do that they have to be rolling around. Mine can’t do that yet

Blankets shouldnt be used for kiddos in any type of 4 sided sleeper. Sleep sacks are a great option :black_heart:

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It’s normal. It’s a shock reflex similar to when you blow on their faces and they catch their breath. It’s good and normal development

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If this blanket is her “lovie” (a comfort thing) maybe cut a piece off so she can feel it but it’s not too big (but big enough she won’t put it in her mouth and choke) to impede her breathing. My kids had and still have their “blankies” that are about 12x12 inches square that they slept with forever.

You say you worry your child will suffocate but won’t take the blanket away. Take the blanket away. You aren’t supposed to have anything in a crib besides a fitted mattress sheet and the baby. Take the blanket away and if the baby has a tantrum it will pass and they will fall asleep and be safe. Make sure the baby is warm enough. They make sleep sacks for the purpose of feeling like a blanket but they are safe

Did you play the pass out game at school. Clench hands together and blow into ya thumbs as hard and long as you can. You run out of air and pass out for a few seconds. Natuaraly you start breathing again.

Don’t put blanket in with her

Mine did it too and 22 yrs later she’s still a pain lol

Don’t put a blanket in there with her just dress her well.

Babies aren’t suppose to use blankets until after 1.

Mine does the exact same thing I just use a receiving blanket I got at the hospital so she can breathe through it

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Use a wearable blanket instead

For peace of mind, we use a sleep sack for bedtime. (Oldest uses comforter now that he’s 5.5) My boys thought this was hilarious too as a game when they were that age lol

Take the blanket away if your worried.

I co slept with my kids they all had blankets my son since a year old sleeps with the blanket on his face. Like me.

She doesn’t need a blanket. Dress her in a onesie and a swaddle.

My grandson did that for years! He’s now 25.

Blankets aren’t safe. These comments are terrifying. Get a sleep sack. They’re literally $5 on amazon tf.


Sleeping bags for babies?? And smaller blanket like comforter.

It’s a comfort thing :woman_shrugging: both of my kids do it. My 6 year old and my 1 year old

She will be fine. My kids have done it that young too

Mine slept on their stomach from birth and they had blankets…no swaddling cause they didn’t like it …she’s probably playing a game. Relax and enjoy your baby. At 6 months she’ll already be moving around and she wont just lay there and suffocate.
Try blackout curtains in her room…she may prefer total darkness and be trying to block out any light.

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I have family members who lost their children to unsafe sleep. There’s no such thing as the safe 7 for co sleeping. Go ask any loss parents.

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Well… if your kid is laughing that’s how they play peek a boo. They don’t have the dexterity to use their hands so the second my babies got a hold of blankets this is what they did!!! I could be wrong but if u play peek a boo try it. Also my kids liked softies against their faces when they go to bed. This is common in alot of children. It’s a sensory thing. Show her to pick a corner and hold it in her hand to rub against her face.


She likes the breath of fresh air sensation probably

Sleeping sack for babies. You can get them from baby stores or kmart

I’m sure she’ll be fine. My son and daughter did this. Once they fell asleep I’d check and make sure the blanket was away from their face.

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Just keep checking on her periodically, it probably is just a comfort thing for her. Kids do strange things


I just take the blanket off and when she falls asleep pull it don and tuck it around her under her arms. I have 4 children so far and they r all ok. I do check them at night I always have to take the blanket off my 6&12 year old head cause it worries me but that’s how they fall asleep

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Both of my boys did it and my baby girl probably will too my boys are 2 and 4 and they not still do it the youngest uses a corner of the blanket now though

If ur that worried take that blanket away and comfort her the best u can til she learns to sleep without it. It’s something all babies learn unless parents give in and arent careful. Either its a baby thats alive because u took the easy way out or u have a baby thats gone because u didnt do what u needed to do. Dont live with regrets if u can control the outcome. :heart::heart:

Mine did this and ended up swallowing part of the blanket.
I could hear her struggling to breathe in the dark of night. And I jumped up and pulled it from her throat :sob:
Sleep sacks from then on.


Oh man kid already knows how to raise your blood pressure. Not a fun game to be playing. Blanket is fine as long as it’s thin and breathable and you’re supervising but remove it when she starts to fall asleep

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Besides all the advice about buying a sleeping suit
Bub thinks this is the funniest game lol mine would do something similar and laugh/smile as soon as I got to her lol

The American Academy of Pediatrics advises that babies less than 12 month sleep with no blankets or pillows.


Do u play peek a boo with her? My grandson would pull the blanket up over his face/head like that (still does he’s 1 now) he never held his breath not even sure at 6/7months that he knew how to purposely hold his breath. But it started after we started playing peek a boo with him so just a thought. But if she can put the blanket over her face and head she can take it off of her face and head so I don’t know that I would be super concerned about that as much as I would be concerned about the fact that you say she holds her breath? That doesn’t seem normal to me are you sure she’s holding her breath?

My son loved to sleep with one on his face I would only do it if I was there and i would make a whole for breathing and take it away if I left and no blankets or pillows at night cause of it. Maybe trying to play peekaboo with you

My oldest is 9 and still sleeps with a blanket over his face. He used to do this as a baby we took blankets away unless we were right there

Could be too much light in their face. Even with eyes closed you can tell if a light is on.

Mine did this too around 4-8months when playing, not just with blanket but with my cardigan or whatever she got her hands on. They’re just playing but it is scary.
As long as she doesn’t have blanket or anything Like that in her crib or bassinet. If she sleeps with you, put a wearable blanket sack on her and keep your own blanket/comforter away from her face

Never use blankets until they’re a year or older. She will sleep without one eventually. She probably thinks it’s a game now bc she gets a reaction from you when she does it.


My son did this , we dressed him in sleepers so he’ll be warm , they have thin ones for the summer and heavier ones for the winter

Saying this now, a woman I follow on Instagram had to bury her son in January because she thought using a blanket for her child was safe until she went to go wake him from a nap and found him blue because the blanket he was using he had wrapped it around his neck while he slept the husband gave him cpr until paramedics arrived, he was put on life support and lived for less than a day afterwards…

Always follow sleep safe instructions.

No blanket.


She shouldn’t have a blanket. Period.

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Not supposed to have a blanket

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My Daughter has a blanket outfit. she puts on over the sleeper. No blanket for one that young.

Children aren’t suppose to sleep with a blanket until 12m. I suggest purchasing sleep sacks. :slightly_smiling_face:

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