My 6-month-old is refusing naps: Advice?

I have a six-month-old daughter. She has been cluster feeding even after eating baby food & oatmeal. Now she is refusing naps but stays so fussy and rubs her face and yawns cause she is tired. I try to put her down for naps, and she cries and fights me. She is sleeping maybe 10 hours in 24 hour period. She still wakes multiple times throughout the night. I lay her down in her pack n play for her to go to sleep on her own, and she will start screaming until she gags her self (I do not let her scream that long either) she still uses her swing but is almost outgrew it and it’s almost no longer helping. I need help or suggestions, please.

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I haven’t had a baby in a long time. One thing all of my babies did was fight their sleep. They act like they were afraid they were going to miss something. Each baby is different. What use to work most and longest was after I bath them I would give him a bottle with a little cereal in it. Babies are new and improved these days so I’m really not sure. Lol

Do you pump at all? Maybe mix a fruit or veggie with the oatmeal with your breast milk. Might make belly full longer.

Take her to a pediatrician first. If all checks out try laying down with her until she falls asleep or have her sleep in your arms then lay her down.

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That’s all she wants is to be held by her mom they were just born 6 months ago babys just want is the love of mother and don’t let her cry that long

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Probably sleep regression. Look it up. They go through it at each milestone. Whatever you do do not break routine or its over from there. She will go back to sleeping in a couple weeks

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I would lay with my son it helped a lot, you gotta think that she was in your belly and you are the only safe place she knows until she gets use to things around her. Lay with her maybe you even could rock her if you got a rocking chair or let her snuggle to you and read her a story. Don’t let her cry it out maybe once she is older but she is only 6 months.

I would take her to a pediatrician. The reason being is if all the sudden she will not lay down and sleep but she will sit up in her swing and sleep something is going on when she lays down. Knowing how many babies are lost to SIDS I would just make sure that there’s nothing going on with her breathing or anything of that nature.

With my son, I would put him to bed then set the timer on the stove for 20 minutes. Seemed like an eternity. He would always fall asleep before the alarm went off, but not by much. Good luck!

You sure there isn’t something else going on? Spoiled from being held alot? Gas, do she can’t settle?

Have you tried swaddling?

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Gastric problem maybe? Like acid reflux? Why she isn’t comfortable with laying down and likes to be propped up. Could be your milk supply as well, try changing your diet.

So you could hold the baby and walk around till the baby falls asleep… Ask your pediatrition as well… 6 months is getting older so they dont sleep as much…

Sounds like she’s going through sleep regression which is totally normal around 6 months. Can happen around 9 months also. Read up on it! Maybe starting to teeth as well. Hang in there mama, it’s just a phase

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It could be that she is looking to cuddle. I used to hold my kids till they fell asleep for naps at that age or they would fall asleep I. A bouncy chair because they were more comfortable that way for napping. Also does she usually sleep in something other then a pack n play because the pack n play may not be comfortable


My son can get fussy for naps. I started dancing with him around the living room close to nap time. After 15/20 mins, he’s about asleep and I can put him in his crib. Do you use a sound machine? That really helps us. When he hears it, it is kind of a cue that it is time to sleep as well.


When mine started this I switched her schedule up.
Wake her at a specific time every morning, add stroller walks and daytime playtime baths to your morning routine, give one two hour nap, add outside playtime to your afternoon routine. :yellow_heart:

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Put calming lotion on her. Some babies refuse to nap after 6 months.

My daughter went thru that closer to a year and now my son is doing it too hes 9 mos. With my daughter it lasted a month or so she stopped napping all together at 2.5 shes 4 now. I noticed my son sleeps better when hes being cuddled

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A sound machine really helped us when she was fussy at that age!

She’s getting older so she is going to nap less don’t worry about she’ll tire herself out, you can also give her more solids to help keep her tummy full so she sleeps longer

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Some babies don’t nap past 6 months :woman_shrugging:

I would say just stick to it.

Sounds like sleep regression, my son did the exact same thing. Lasts for about a month but it’s because she’s going through milestones or a growth spurt

Maybe try baby wearing? Worked a treat for me :blush:

My husband found the greatest trick which is to use the soft tag of the blanket / receiver and tickle around the ear, it’s something that just calms them down and relaxes them to sleep. We did it with my son and every baby that we’ve met and it worked every time :wink:

I personally do not believe in the cry it out. There are other ways kids learn to self soothe. When my kids were this young, I rocked them with soothing music playing. My youngest, who is 2, still needs the music to fall asleep. My best advice is set a routine and stick to it.


She could be Teething!!! Her gums may be sore and that will cause agitation during feedings.

Honestly I would call my pediatrician and take her in to be sure if you haven’t already.
Also you didn’t mention it but have you used a Thermometer to check her temp. Try some Baby Motrin and see if it helps make sure you give the right dosage. She might also as stated above be having pain from a growth spurt to which the Motrin will also help.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’m a new mom so still learning! But when my LO just won’t lay down solo for a nap, I’ll lay on my side and lay her next to me and let her nurse herself to sleep. Then i slowly get up. I know it’s not a magic solution but it gives me time to get done what i need done or nap myself :woman_shrugging:


My daughter went through the same thing with sleep regression. We started rocking her to sleep. Little by little I would lay her down during the day in her crib with her bottle and I’d be here in the room with her. She would eventually want to be held and fall asleep while feeding. Now she’s back to napping 2-3 x a day and she’s starting to fall asleep on her own no crying. I would definitely NOT just let them cry it out this young. Babies cry when they need something and our love and affection is a need just as real and important as water or food. Stick to a routine and it will get easier. You’ve got this momma!


Sounds like she is teething…maybe try frozen wash clothes they also have alot of other ways to soothe teething babies…hope this helps…mommy of 7


Maybe a growth spurt. Mine didn’t sleep much when she was a baby, she was EASILY stimulated and curious about everything she is very smart now at 13 years old. Maybe get her a good bedtime routine and wear her out really well.

She may want the comfort of being held. May not like being laid by herself. Every baby is different and there’s no rule on how they should nap. I know it’s hard because my youngest daughter was the same way until she was about 9mos old. Try wearing her in a sling. The cluster feeding sounds like a growth spurt and also using you as a pacifier. My daughter did that aswell. Once I wore her per our lactation specialists advice she did awesome. Shes just attached to me more than my others. Its her own personality. It can get frustrating but I’d give anything to do it all over again.


If you think something is wrong talk to the doctor. I have a friend whose daughter just got diagnosed with a disease that has to do with the body rejecting the fat in the milk. One of the symptoms was staying awake for long periods of time. I’m not saying that’s what it is I’m just saying if you think something’s wrong you probably should talk to the doctor. Sometimes it’s nothing sometimes it winds up being something. She could be teething right now I’ve got
An 8-month-old and she’s teething.


Does she do a lot of spit up or anything? My daughter had a horrible problem with acid reflux and I know that it can sometimes cause bad gas from the crying and it didn’t make it easy for her to sleep either

I would say a growth spurt but I also had a similar issue and mine would only sleep when nursing and would wake up as soon as I played her down. She just wasn’t getting all of her energy out. Being outside more and taking a little longer bath has helped.


Sounds like shes going through a growth spurt… my son did that. It will pass. I had to cuddle & rock him until he fell asleep. Then I laid him down in his crib afterwards. Keep her sleeping area consistent.


Idk she is kinda young still but maybe put her in a room with her own crib. Lay her in it and rub her temples and forehead softly or talk softly or sing a song while rubbing her temples. Also rub her back or tummy if that doesn’t work. Make sure she has a blanket over her appropriate for the weather. Do it for like 10 minutes if she seems calm leave the room and close the door. If she cries when you leave the room wait a few minutes before going back in. If she is sitting up or standing at the crib side lay her back down and tell her it’s nap time. Leave the room and close the door. Be consistant and keep laying her back down and covering her and tell her it’s nap time. Do not pick her up just keep doing this till she goes to sleep. After a week or 2 of this she should get the drift. If this doesn’t work idk what to say to help you. Good luck

Growth spurt… may even have some leg pain with it. Rock her to sleep for now. Try a lavender bath and lotion with legs massage right before night time feeding. As for at night, I’m guessing your beast feeding since you mentioned cluster feeedings…breastfed babies normally don’t sleep through the night as early as formula fed babies because breastplate is so much thinner. My son was about 1.5-2 before he slept through the night regularly. He’s going on 3 and we still do the lavender baths & rock him, especially during growth spurts

My son went through a phase like that around the same age. I knew he was tired, so I would keep lying him down in his crib and rub his back and talk soothingly to him. (He is now 31 years old so then they slept on their tummies). If he got up, I would gently lay him down again and start the back rub and quiet talking to him. Eventually he would fall asleep. It took about a week of this and he eventually started falling asleep on his own. Good luck to you. I’m sure she will settle down soon.

Mine was like that. I would wake him at 5 or 6. Feed change diaper. Little playtime. Bath at 9ish to relax n he started knocking out. So i do same at night n it worked

Don’t be discouraged. All of our baby’s are different. Momma knows what’s best & you’ll figure it out. Not everyone’s advice will fit into yours or your baby’s needs, but it’s good to try something new. If it doesn’t work out for you the way it has for others, it doesn’t matter. Like I said, you’ll figure it out. Everything will fall into place eventually when you try♥️

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I give my baby a bottle and she goes right to sleep. Keep up the nap schedule ! Even if she fights it.

She could have acid reflux and laying flat is bothering her tummy… try putting her on a slight incline when she sleeps, this may be why she sleep well in her swing as she is not laying flat.


My daughter didn’t nap much because she always startled herself but had a love-hate relationship with being swaddled. We got her a Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit, and it was a life saver. She took naps, and slept through the night.

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Car rides, how I got my now 13 year old to sleep when she was a baby but my 5 year old hasn’t napped since he was 13 months he may sleep 6 hours a night doctor referring him to a specialist

Cluster feeds occurs during times of growth spurts and often coincide with a temporary change in sleep patterns. Just tough it out because it likely won’t last long.
Many, many will still wake to nurse during the night past the age of 12months too.
I have three children and each was still a learning experience because they were all so different from one another. I say that to give yourself some grace because there are tons of reasons sleep can alter…teething, gas, growth spurts, wonder weeks or times of cognitive leaps.

Mine is just shy of 6 months I tuck her arms between her stomach and me and hold her against me while I rock and pat her butt she fights for a couple of mins gives up and then 5-10 mins later she is asleep I also use her pacifier I also use a fan for sound when I have to do this.

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What I did was put my son in his crib, if he started crying I would go in the room and soothe him for a moment and then put him back down, rinse and repeat. He eventually got the hint and goes right to sleep now. Started this at 2months hes now 11months and has been sleeping threw the night since 2months old. I personally don’t like the cry it out method, 6months is to young they don’t understand yet.

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Make sure it isn’t medical. My daughter did the same thing and her tummy wasn’t able to handle certain foods yet.

I took my kids for car rides…always worked

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We would also place him in the swing at naptime. Another good one that we were so glad worked!!

My son will not sleep in his pack n play at all. Do you have a crib? It might be more comfortable.

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I found dark with soft classical music really worked when they were fighting naps. I did usually rock my babies to sleep.

Rock her to sleep and sing to her.
Gotta be patient with your baby, it won’t happen just because you want it to.

Could also be a “phase” if it suddenly happening

Her age maybe she taking 2 naps? If that’s the case maybe she ready to go down to 1 nap a day.

It happens the moment you get it down they change.

I used musical mobiles and while they were awake I kept they as busy as possible when they weren’t eating so they would be tired. If you don’t already have one try a Walker during the day it helps the legs stretch out and move around also helps baby explore I also had a interactive jumper that vibrated played music and had toys attached that they could get all their play time. I also used sleepytime baby bath for every bath. Dont know if you bottle feed or breast but I had 3 and breast fed all except one because of extreme growth and hunger so I supplemented formula with feedings. Lots of floor time and tummy time helps too I tried to make sure they got even amounts so they awakened all their senses and were exploring and tired. Hope this helps

She is fighting sleep. Time will hopefully resolve it. I do warn of not letting her scream it out sometimes. I should have let mine once in a while. She’s a teen now, she no longer fights it. But it took that long! Lol

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Rocking, nested bean zen sack…white noise…taking outside for walks in the stroller before nap time following with a bath…also, we give our son chamomile tea…only like 2-3 ounces in his bottle when he shows signs of sleepiness. That usually does the trick!!

I would give my little one foot massages when she would fight her sleep. Put her right out.

Could be a phase unfortunately… does she like to be rocked? I have a 5 month old and I kind have to rock her to sleep still , I have a schedule for food we give her food around noon … and that’s it …

Baby wearing <3 get a carrier and put her on. You’d be surprised how fast she will fall asleep


I have 3 kids and rocked every one of mine to sleep. They all needed me around till they were 4 or 5 maybe ( but not rocking that old) Now they are 16, 14 and almost 12 and I’m so glad I did it (ignoring the complaints and negative comments about doing it) because they are all now independent and growing up. I’m so glad I spent that time with them while they would let me and wanted me too :rofl::rofl: but now I can walk into any one of their rooms and hang out for a few and they don’t yell at me to get out or go away (I don’t do it often) they also might just sit staring at video game, but they don’t hate me being around either.

You could also try putting the Hawaiian music channel on 800 and see if baby falls asleep to the music. Also YouTube has baby music you can play til baby falls asleep. But then again it could be a growth spurt or teething try frozen waffles :waffle:

My daughter did want to nap and life went on. It’s frustrating but it’s life

Give her Tylenol. She is probably getting teeth. And get a bigger swing.

I have a son middle child woke up at 11 and cried until 3. No colic nothing wrong. Today he’s a doctor. Lol.

She’s hungry. You need to start adding more food to her diet and maybe add a little rice cereal in her bedtime bottle

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Sometimes patting and soothing them once you lay them down, white noise was our savior. We have a white noise app on the phone for travel and a player thing on the crib . It has music or white noise. We did the wearing them too… just try different things til you find one that works for you. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Sounds like sleep regression…my son went through those stages several times

Try to massage softly behind her ear everytime she is tired … N most importantly engross her in some lullabies …it helps

We sing to our son after his bath and book, we’ve always had to sing and rock him. We have found that pentatonix or voiceplay (basically accapella) are best for a smoother transition for him knowing it is bed time, for in the day a baby carrier could settle your little one quicker and I found my son slept for longer after being in our carrier and it might take a few goes of trying to mission impossible them from the carrier to the bed but it could be something to help in the day.
I wouldn’t worry too much about a baby not sleeping the entire way through the night, unfortunately as hard as it can be on us it is just a phase and it will pass but unfortunately not instantly.
Asda little angels do a bedtime mist that works wonders for us too with helping the lavender bathtime routine so maybe try that too?

My son went threw that. But I realized it because of a schedule. See my son knows nap time when we go to the room and lay down. Now maybe your girl might be thrown off by something different?

I tried to let my son cry it out but he was a no limit soldier. Lol I ended up co sleeping with him until he was about 2. And then we switched his crib into a toddler bed and he sleeps in his bed most nights. For him I think it was he wanted to be able to come get me if he needed me instead of waiting until he woke me up screaming lol I still let him sleep with me and my husband occasionally because we have a king sized bed and he’s still little and I soak it up as much as I can! Heck our 6 year old still climbs into bed with me and her daddy lol I only tried the cry it out because my parents did that but with both kids I ended up throwing in the towel. It all just depends on how you want to parent. You are a good Momma! You can do this!:heart:

My grandson had to be swaddled so tightly, growing pains. Too. Welcome to motherhood.

Sounds like a growth spurt if she’s cluster feeding.

I’m going through it too! We rock him or lay him on his side and pat his bum and back. His naps aren’t lasting long at all but he is sleeping through the night.

One of my Granddaughters was doing this I had to let her fight it out… Took awhile but she started taking her naps about killed me tho well until she did lol

Play a same white noise or music when its nap or sleep time…really kids learn fast to sleep when it starts playing

Do you have a schedule? Is there a wind down period before nap time along with making it dark, etc.?

Swaddle her and rock her, dark room that is quiet

Get 4 latex gloves , put them one inside the other 2 ply thick basically . Fill these with rice , when you lay the child down pat them a little then start laying your hand there a min or 2 after they fall asleep , when your sure they are asleep very quickly & carefully replace your hand with the rice hands . It helped tremendously with my child . Also get a large clear plastic jar , print a good clear picture of your face put it in the jar seal the lid they see it soon as they wake , helps with screaming as soon as they wake up . Put away the rice hands when not being used for bedtime . Also 5 mg dissolvable melatonin 15 min b4 bed our pediatrician suggested and it works wonders for longer sleep b4 waking .

Have you tried holding her or rocking her until she falls a sleep?

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I had to rub the side of her face and then she would calm down n fall asleep n had to have her blanket to hold

She may be a clingy baby, try holding her to sleep. Lay her on your chest for naps. It limits what you can do through out the day but getting her to sleep means she’ll be a much happier baby and she’ll be easier on her mama!

Rock her asleep and put her in the crib once she’s sleeping?

I am in exactly the same boat with my 6 month old :weary:

Laying down with her might help. I would lay down with mine in the bed and when they dozed off move them to a crib.

I used to lay a pillow across my legs, lay my daughter on it and gently bounce her to sleep.

Is she constipated possibly? My 9 mo old did that when she was constipated.

Wow! #Determined lass you have. Had you tried napping with her? I doubt she likes being alone. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Maybe she’s not ready for baby food.

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My daughter used one of the sleep suit… worked great for my granddaughter.

U need let her cry so now what she doing play u


Acid reflux or silent reflux

Turn off all the lights, lay with her and let her cry it out

She may need more solid food more times a day.

Oh.momma…need doctors…sounds like colic…

I just snuggle mine when they hit sleep regressions like that.

Lay down with her. She wants to be near you to feel safe.

Give her warm bath @ 8 am then she will have a good sleep then…