My 6-week-old cries and I can't figure out why: Advice?

Hello, I have a six-week-old baby girl, and sometimes she just cries and cries cant figure out what she needs. I try feeding her change her diaper rock her, and nothing helps. I give her some drops of the gripe water in case of colic.but it doesn’t seem to work. Anybody else experiences this? Or have any suggestions I can try. TIA.


My daughter was the same way - turned out to be real bad acid reflux .

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Do you breastfeed or formula feed?

Do u swaddle? That was my babys issue shes almost 4 months now

Could be tired??
I had this issue with my son and was told by my pediatrician that he could be a “fussy newborn” it apparently peaks at 6-8 weeks but should settle after your out of the newborn phase

Mine does this when she’s really gassy, or is over tired.

Have you checked if shes constipated? My daughter had really bad constipation as an infant and would cry like crazy because of it

If shes formula fed she might need a different kind

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Did you try scratching her ? Sometimes they’re just itchy and can’t scratch it them selves

Sounds like teething :smirk:

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When my babe was this little we had to switch to soy instead of anything lactose based. That helped with his discomfort. Also swaddling helped.

Yeah at 6-8 weeks they have what’s called a “wonder week” they never seem to stop eating and you can’t put them down for a second,
It lasts a couple of weeks and you’ll be exhausted but it is totally totally normal. Your little one is right on track.
(I was like you when my little one had hers between 6-8 weeks and I thought something was wrong) xx it does pass but if you are concerned seek medical advice but from what you’ve said you’ve got nothing to worry about - good luck - skin on skin really helps and if you don’t have one invest in a baby sling.

Could be various things… acid reflux, may want to be swaddled, could be gassy (gripe water didnt work for my daughter) we used mylicon. Baby may want to cluster feed.

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Maybe she has gas or constipation and it makes her belly cramp… my kids loved when I just laid them on my knee and pat their backs that way and switch up with doing it on my chest too…


My youngest… Turned out to be chronic ear infections


Gas? Gripe water didn’t help with gas for us. Try a pacifier or pacify with breast. Try a swing or just snuggle and comfort baby. Is baby staying awake too long? Could be overtired.

Mine had gas as a baby and gripe water did nothing for him. My mom suggested a little bit of watered down coke, or watered down crushed soft peppermint. It worked, just an option.

yes my little girl was the same way and she is colic i tried switching formulas i found one that helped a little bit but not all the way enfamil gentlease and gerber colic drops are what really helped

Most likely reflux and/or colic. Could be gas, mylicon worked best for my babies. I had 2 colicky babies both with reflux and I can say unfortunately gripe water never helped, by about 3 months it went away in its own. Zantac did help alot but I know they have lawsuits against it now. Talk to her doctor about it and remember this will pass. The thing that helped me the most was knowing it wouldn’t last forever, colic peaks around 6 weeks and is usually completely over by 3 months

I’d advise u to take her to gp see if there is anything underline any problems… just so u tick the box.

May be reflux, she may be tied also. A lot of doctors miss that

If it’s gas you can give her gas drops (not gripe water, but actual gas drops). Those were a life saver with my daughter when I couldn’t figure out what was ailing her.

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she may have acid reflux, next time you go to the pediatrician tell them about it

It could be purple crying. My daughter had it and it was terrible. She would cry for hours and nothing would help. And as quickly as it started, it stopped. I would have to put her in the bassinet and just walk away

My youngest was like that. She would cry and cry for no reason every night right around the same time. I took her to see her ped. He told me sometimes babies cry just to cry and that’s ok. It’s them adjusting to be outside the womb. There nervous system is still adjusting. They grow out of it.

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My second born did the same thing…cried, cried, cried. Doctor didn’t know why either. It would start at 5pm and go til 8pm. One day, I swaddled him good and snug…low and behold that worked. Not saying it will work, but, it’s worth a try. Good luck.

You could try gas drops and/or probiotics. Both helped my son with fussiness.

I tried lullabies and just rocking her until she calmed down. Sometimes I would have to strip her down to a diaper. Sometimes I would have to swaddle her. Try skin to skin contact. It may help.

Maybe gas
I had to use those gas drops for mine

Rest her stomach on your stomach her skin touching yours, that use to work with my baby. Hope it works for you too because I know how helpless you could feel at times coming to this.

Well Done you for asking for help

My daughter had same and I switched formula to similac alimentum for food allergy hypoallergenic and it almost completely stopped within 24 hours. Kept using until 6 months and then was fine to change to regulare formula.

Ear Infection pain maybe? Or acid reflux? Try Drs office. :slight_smile: I hope something helps the poor baby girl.

I started putting my baby girl in a bath every night she would cry sometimes nothing worked so I just put her in a bath and she likes her nightly baths now.

Have her checked for colic

Miracle worker! Give it a try better than the gripe water!

My son’s 5 weeks old and same. I try everything and sometimes he just cries and cries. I try to soothe him as best as I can a remind myself it’ll pass. Sometimes nothing is wrong regardless of everything I’ve tried. Just be patient and hopefully you have someone else to help you through it. Not doing it alone is the most helpful. All that crying and dealing with it alone can wear on you. Good luck!

Do you have a history of allergies in your family?

Colic can’t always be treated, it could still be colic. Nothing soothed my daughter it was usually at bed time 6pm up until she was almost she was about 1 year old

May just be having a stroppy 5 mins my 1 month old does the same sometimes usually just putting her over my shoulder and moving my body in a figure of 8 calms her right down to sleep might need to see a doctor just to be sure

My daughter was diagnosed with reflux a little younger than your daughter. We didn’t suspect it because she wasn’t spitting up at all but she had silent reflux and had symptoms that we, as new parents attributed to being a newborn. She couldn’t be flat or she cried. She took small, frequent feedings and would be okay after the feeding for a few minutes until it kicked up the reflux. She started to refuse the bottle towards the diagnosis of her reflux. Her breath had a sour smell to it and she would arch her back while screaming sometimes. She ended up needing medication and a new formula and she was an entirely different baby. Maybe observe and see if she has any of those symptoms to rule it out. I remember those screaming days vividly. Tell yourself it doesn’t last forever and you’ll get through it mama! Hang in there.

Pick her up and put her ear to your chest and hum gently…I did that to my grand-son and it worked very well…

Maybe try binky if she doesn’t take one already. Or carrying her like in one if those wrap things. Idk. Might help, might not. I wonder if it’s a fussy cry or like serious crying. Maybe a warm bath and/or skin to skin time to allowher to relax and ho to sleep. Hang in there mama! Hopefully it’s a short phase and it’ll pass.

Just hang in there and ask for help when you need it. Hand her off and take a hot shower or nap.

Hold her, get a baby carrier, have some skin to skin or a bath together

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If you’ve fed, changed, and burped her, try baby wearing!

My son was like this. I would put him in his swing and turn vacuum on. Only thing that worked. I went through 2 vacuums.

My son cried literally 24/7 from the time he was born up till like a month 1/2 he’s 8mo now looking back I want to assume it was colic or his bad reflux would make him uncomfortable sometimes only humming in his ear would make him stop I know how frustrating it can be I hope she gets better :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Look up wonder weeks. 5-6 weeks baby have a big fussy period as they’re becoming more aware


Could be reflux and colic. My son was the same up until about 4-5 months of age. Nothing would soothe him and some days and nights I felt like I was going to lose my mind! But it does get better. Have doc check to see if he has reflux. And also make sure to get someone to help you and give you time to rest. Hopefully you have family or a close friend nearby that can help. Also if dad is in the picture, have him help out too. Hang in there. And remind yourself you’re doing everything you can. It will get better

Our baby did that till we changed him to alimentum Similac ,he had a protein sensitivity, and his vit drops bothered him all day so we stopped those too

My daughter was a total a-hole for a solid 45 minutes a night, every night, at 8pm. It lasted a few weeks and nothing we did made it stop so we just held her and walked around the house, knowing it would end. Yours will too.


What worked when mine was fussy was to go in the bathroom (in the dark) and run the water faucet and I’d sway and hold him. He calmed down every time.

My son was like this and had reflux. This too, shall pass. It seems like eternity but it does get better. My son’s reflux got better around six months. We did three gas drops in every bottle to help with gas issues and I tried everything and nothing ever worked to soothe the colic.

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My grandson is like this. We bounce him on an exercise ball and he falls right to sleep. It’s the only thing that works.

My son cried, turned out he was allergic to a milk protein (I breastfed only - turns out cow milk proteins go into the breastmilk when you eat dairy). Elliminated dairy and he was fixed.

Sometimes gripe water is just not strong enough. My son is 5 months. At 2 months he was diagnosed with a dairy allergy and has acid reflux so he had to be put on soy formula and a med to help with acid reflux.

I’m not sure if you are breastfeeding or not… I was unable to. If feeding formula. Try a different formula. We ended up giving my daughter Soy. We tried them all and soy seemed to help.

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Baby is used to hearing your heart beats, put baby’s ears close to your heart beat.

Take her to the chiropractor. My daughter was like that and it made a world of difference

My newborn did that too turns out he was really gassy & once we changed him a formula for gentle tummies we haven’t had that issue anymore

In my Mom groups we called this thr witching hour. Its completely normal. I used a baby wrap and wore my daughters a lot through that time. Was the only thing she would be calm for

Sometimes babies just cry and there is nothing you are doing wrong. My son had a lot of gas pains though and this caused him to fuss. Try gently moving her legs like she is riding a bike to help her pass it.

Here’s my take on it. I have five daughters the national average is babies are sick in the first few years 12 times a year that’s once a month.When babies are born they only know to things . One is to suck and The other is the cry when I came into this world they were sterile they have to build up a resistance runny nose coughing
And ear aches their fallopian tube‘s are horizontal so they can hold fluid which causes pressure like an earache as they continue to grow the fallopian tube‘s starts limping slightly downward letting the drainage happen. Other thanHaving a rash Find yourself a good pediatrician and is Forrest Gump would say that’s all I have to say about that

I dont know if you breastfeed or formula …but when i brought my daugther home she did this the same time every night for a hour …i would get so upset cause i couldnt get her to stop. I tried everything. To my surprise all i needed to do was change her water. I formula feed her and just used tap water. After i changed her water to distilled she stoped and i was relieved! Doesnt hurt to try it

My first guess is the baby’s belly is upset. I had to use gas relief drops and rub their backs both while holding them up and while laying on their belly to help encourage their bodies to release the painful gas. My first was formula fed and he experienced most of the gas issues. My last was breastfed and didn’t have the issue as much but it still happened occasionally. After doing this I swear my babies never cried

Goat milk may
Help .

After having 3 I learned that sometimes it’s most likely gas.

My son was the same way I was unable to breastfeed and the formula was getting that, he is lactose intolerant and have ones we found the right one for him he was ok .

Get a Windi. Docs told me she was colicky but I don’t believe in that personally. I got the windi and holy hell she passed a ton of gas and stopped crying instantly.

Gas is very painful to babies.My granddaughter was taken to a chiropractor and she gently used to bend legs sideways backwards and the motion released the gas.There was a lot and not all relieved with burping.Try it may help

She may be allergic to her milk. My daughters baby did that and that was her problem. May be lactose intolerant . There are alternatives. Check with her doctor

My daughter did that when she was a new born and finally after 2 months the doctor put her on what she called “gut drops”. They are called probiotic drops and you can buy them anywhere and it was 2 days later she stopped crying. She would cry when she ate, cry when she slept, cried and cried and cried

Look up PURPLE crying. It could be that absolutely nothing is wrong. Its something a lot of babies go through.

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I held my daughter belly down on my arm. It seemed to help her when she would cry and nothing else worked. I also would put her head on my chest and bounce her. Those are the two things that worked for me.

Try little remedies gas drops. Gripe water never worked for us

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Could just be crying to cry. But also try some baby yoga to work out gas bubbles. Bicycle kicks and the like

Try probiotic infant drops. They are a bit pricey but soooo very worth it! They seriously work wonders! My daughter (now 16 months) would scream bloody murder if I missed a day giving them to her but with them was a complete 100% different baby. Too much bad gut bacteria can really mess with little babies alot more than you would think

If you are concerned please take your child to a doctor.

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Check fingers and toes (hair can cut circulation) and if there are tags on clothes

My Daughter went thru this with my grandson for months…for 3-4 hours straight…she kept talking to the Dr. And he said just colic…and he was always bound up…not pooping for 3 days at a time…colic they would say. By the time he was 2 the poop thing was still going on…finally Doc took a good look and realized he was allergic to milk MILK PROTEIN! Not lactose…took him off all milk and cheese and he was fine…

My son was like that, then I switched to lactose sensitive formula and it was like night and day, it made a huge difference.

Try running a vacuum cleaner for some reason it soothes them worked for us give it a try and sometimes we would go for a car ride seems like lights out as soon as you start driving good luck

Try wrapping her tightly in a receiving blanket , put her on her tummy and hold her on top of dryer and the white noise and she should fall asleep . Good luck

My son would cry all day and was wanting to eat all the time he was breastfed. I told the doctor something wasnt right they said its normal. I switched his doctor and found out he had acid reflex he was put on meds and then I had a happy baby. Good luck.

Maybe change bottles I switched to the mam ones and used infant drops as he had bad colic zz

Milocon drops works wonders

Baby senses your stress. Relax, put baby on chest in recliner and stroke babies back. Baby wants just to relax with you. If you fall asleep great rest for both of you.

Gas… Not knowing how to fart properly would make me cry too.

Make sure baby has bootees on. Sounds crazy, yes, all my babies cried like this till we put boottees o their feet. They then settled.

My son did the same thing the following saved our lives from the crying : make sure to tale baby out during the day and if possible during the evening for a short walk. Give baby a bath before bed ( if you feel comfortable getting into a bath with baby works even better and the skin to skin really calms them) like others have said try to be relax yourself. Massage baby. It’s a phase it will pass .

Sometimes they just need a good cry. So long as you cover the basics. Keep your head up. 1st few weeks are hard but you’re doing great by the sounds of it.

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Might be colic or reflux . My daughter had both together .


Swaddle and infants gas drops rather than gripe water. My ped suggested that to me. Good luck mama. It’s hard. :innocent::heartpulse:

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My twins both did this …finally figured out it was reflux… talk to her pediatrician

Have you burped her well? That’s usually what would upset my babies. Also try bounce walking her my babies all loved that. But definitely make sure you are burping her good!!

My son had acid reflux I had to feed him in sessions a couple minutes apart, and make sure your burping really good, cover the basics, swaddle and maybe a sound machine, mine has a heart beat! :heart: hang in there

My daughter was the same way. If you breastfed, she could be allergic to the lactose. I also got on YouTube and tried different white noises and found running water worked to calm her down.

Is it around a similar time every day? Could be babies “witching hr”