My 6-year-old daughter doesn't like eating: Advice?

I have a six-year-old daughter. She will be 7 in a few days, but I can’t get her to eat. She will gag and puke and cry just so she doesn’t have to eat. She is on a med for ADHD, and she has been on it for about a year, so I’m not sure it has to do with her med, but she wants to eat hardly at all, and I get stuff I know she likes but still won’t eat. When she was younger, she loved biscuits and gravy but will now only take a couple of bites and then cries she fully. She wants to eat no chips, cookies, candy, and she has never been a sweet junk food type kid. She doesn’t eat lunch at school. Yesterday we went to Ryan’s with my dad for lunch, and she ate a few bites, and that was it, and I know she has to be hungry, but I just don’t know how to get her to eat. She will sit down at the table for supper and cry gag and just about puke cause she doesn’t want to eat. I don’t know what to do.


You should talk to her doctor

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Certain ADHD meds will cause loss of appetite


A doctor’s visit is in order.

My brothers didn’t like eating when they were on adhd meds… I would def talk to her dr about it. Even if it didnt affect her when she first started taking it it still could be now. Poor girl something def going on. Prayers!

What is the Med that she is on? It might be making the difference. It could be a medication that suppresses hunger as a side effect. Best of luck and sending big hugs your way, hoping things can get better soon.


Talk to her doctor. ADHD meds are known to hinder appetite.


You need to take her to a doc and address it. You dont want her to get malnourished. She could be having trouble with textures. Dont wait and do it now.


Is she on conserta if she is msg me

Her doctor will say…she will eat when she is hungry. That’s what the doc said to my mom when I was acting like this lil girl.

Would definitely be looking into perhaps a dietician and at least get some direction

Get her bowels checked, could be something serious

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Is it Ritalin? My son was on that for ADHD and I had to take him off after a year as he had lost that much weight he looked sick. Talk to a pead :slight_smile:

Sounds like a question for her pediatrician and not FB


My son was. On. Meds. For adhd and. He wouldn’t eat at all. And. Cried all the time. For no reason. Took him off and he. Stopped the. Crying and eats fine now. Hope u. An find. Help

Most likely her meds.

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You might want to check with Dr ADHD meds are like speed for alot of people get it changed ASAP don’t wait

Maybe she has acid reflux? Def take her to the dr.

Cut the pill in half

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My daughter’s Adderall supresses her appetite. It makes her not hungry at all. She even lost weight when she first started it. Her Dr. prescribed Cyproheptadine to take with her Adderall. It gave her appetite back. So you should talk to her dr about prescribing something to get her appetite back.

When my son was on ADHD meds, he wouldn’t eat either. It’s the meds. Tell the doctor, but see if she’ll drink PediaSure in the meantime.

Meds could affect her appetite as well as there could be some under lying eating issues perhaps take her to your family physician and refer your daughter to a pediatric psychologist. Good luck.

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Pedialyte…or pediasure

Maybe add a multi vitamin to her routine along with a ped visit.

6 year old ??:woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming:

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Btw, ALL ADHD meds mess with appetites. My son had a horrible time so I took him off completely.

What should we go through this with our grandson as long as he eats a couple bites of something throughout the day she’ll be fine

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My step son was the same way when on his adhd meds when off of them he hardly had an appetite to began with so it was much worse on the meds. Dr recommend pediasure to be sure he was getting all his nutrition… if talk to her Dr tho just as a more reliable source…

I don’t know if meds are affecting but my daughter went through like a phase like that she is 12 and still goes through days were she won’t eat

The meds kill your appetite and when you do eat can cause diarrhea or nausea ask the Dr to adjust her meds or let him know she isn’t eating it’s most likely the meds


Surprised they put her on meds so young


That’s a side effect of the ADHD meds. You think she has to be hungry, but being so young - her brain doesn’t recognize it. Even as an adult there were times everyone would be ordering dinner - and go are you hungry - despite not eating all day, I’d be like nope. I should be starving, but I’m not. Dial back the medicine. The only other thing I’d suggest is take her to an allergist and get the workup for food the skin test and blood. Maybe she’s developed an allergy and her reaction to eating food makes her uncomfortable. She could have something like EOE anywhere in her digestive tract so completely internal allergic reaction that makes her not want to eat cause she’ll feel bad - and not the type of external reaction where she needs an epi pen etc.


She needs to see a doctor about this. She also just may not have an appetite. But she for sure needs to go and get checked out.


My son has the same issue with his meds. His Dr said to try pedisure I do the chocolate flavor. He gets everything he needs from them if he won’t eat

Get her off the meds and into a hobby. The adderal is suppressing her appetite. Shes 6, too young.


Even with meds she shouldn’t be reacting to that degree. Talk to your doctor and see if it persists after that. Are kids at school bullying her? I’ve known some little kids bullying others saying they are fat and other crap. Kids are mean.

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Well I use to say to my kids do u want to go to the hospital and go on a drip has if you don’t eat you will end up sick and in hospital so please eat.

Go to the doctor. I definitely say it’s the meds. Both my brother’s were like that exactly when on their ADHD meds

Take her off the meds. She will eat.

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Surprised she is on ADHD Meds at such a young age. I would seriously question that first and foremost.


The medicine is taking her appetite away.

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Has she seen a dentist ,a loose or cricked tooth can make eating painful as well as an abcess in her throat or something stuck in her through just an idea
Keep up the good work mom

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Ask your Dr for a child psychologist consultation.


Typically meds used in treating adhd may cause her to not have an appetite. We still had dinner but gave my daughter smaller portions so it did not look so big to her. My doctor said as long as she is eating some is fine. Should she have the desire to eat more she will ask for more.

I’ve tried adhd medicine… it completely took my appetite away and I’m a thin person who prefers to keep weight on. It didn’t take more than a day or two to determine that wasn’t the right solution for me

Give child protein drinks while waiting for Drs appointment… please get her checked out


If shes on vyvanse take her off it thats what my son was on and wouldn’t eat he dropped 30 lbs at age 5 he was a chunky 5 year old but still I took him off of it and now he will eat and even try new things

Talk to her doctor… maybe incorporate some people pediasure.

In the meantime, offer her chocolate protein drinks or bars.


Take her to dr to make sure nothing else is going on.


Try just leaving some of her favorite food lying around,in the rooms she spends most of her time in, so there is no strict sit down eating regime, you may just find,that with no pressure, grazing might be her way


Talk to her doctor about switching up her meds. This is a common side effect of stimulant ADHD medications. I’ve personally gone through this before and I know adults and children that have had problems also. You can try protein shakes & different things but don’t be surprised if you see little improvement. Unfortunately stimulant ADHD meds can cause you to have little to no appetite. It might get better if she’s on a lower dose but then her ADHD symptoms might get worse. I know insurance can be tricky but you may have to try a different stimulate medication or a non-stimulate medication to get the right balance.

I wasnt hungry when I was on amphetamines either…


It’s definitely the meds she should be okay as long as she’s putting on weight and growing. Try to feed her before her meds kick in and after they wear off.

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My great grandson is on ADHD meds and he’s never hungry. He too, only wants sweets & chips & soda pop. I believe it’s his meds.

try pedisure for meals if she’s not eating. cut out all snacks unless it’s fruit or veggie related. if it continue’s have a doctor look at her and see if it’s her tonsils or adnoids.

Will she drink chocolate milk? If so chocolate milk. Look into protein powders. Does she eat peanut and jelly sandwiches? If so. Get probiotics. And sprinkle have a capsol on the jelly side.
Pizza? Chicken nuggets? Multi vitiman gummies. My son is autistic. And I myself have my own issues of feeling like not eating. It’s something with chewing and swallowing. Sometimes I just can’t. So I drink shakes. Or make my own fruit and veggie blender shakes. Cause drinking is easier than chewing and swallowing during these epodoses.
Hope these tips help. Good luck.

Meds…definitely…my son was misdiagnosed with ADHD at that age quit eating and became aggresive…

My mom always made sure to feed me before she gave me my pill. But definitely talk to her doctor about it, the less she’s eating the less of a tolerance she’s going to have for the pill and the more it’ll make her sick instead of better.

Adhd meds suppress appetite ! My son doesn’t eat at school with them , I don’t medicate at weekends or holidays as I’m used to his quirks

The medications affecting her appetite get her off the medication and she will resume her appetite.


Off the meds… then… kids will eat when they are hungry…but off them meds!!! Seriously shes 6


Take her off that medicine add meds are bad for children that young I know because I was put on them in kindergarten but never had this problem this is not normal behavior the dr is just pushing meds on you so you can bring your daughter back only so he can make money doctors are legal drug pushers that give kids toxic medication that makes them worse this medication sounds toxic and evil get her off it she might develop a childhood eating disorder from it

ADHD meds contain chemicals similar to cocaine that makes you not hungry. Your basically giving your child illegal drugs in a ‘legal’ way. Look at children’s medication today-same ingredients found in cocaine, heroin, and meth. #bigpharmasucks


Parents need to start reading warning labels and researching side effects of any medication BEFORE giving it to their children but specially Medications for ADHD, anxiety and depression.

These medications usually suppress the child’s appetite and can have other more serious and significantly dangerous side effects.

It can be the medication.
It can be sensory issues.
It can be ARFID.
You need to speak to the pediatrician right away. Do not just take her off her ADHD meds cold turkey on your own because she will experience withdrawals if she has been taking them for a month or longer.

Her doctor should help you wean her off and try another medication or none at all for now. If a change in medication does not help her regain her appetite you need to follow up with a feeding specialist.

My brother was on medication for adhd and he didn’t have an appetite to eat.

Get her a food allergy “&” food sensitivity test…
Simply not being hungry doesn’t cause the crying sitting at the table… However, it would cause crying if she thinks you’re trying to force her to eat foods that are causing her stomach aches or skin pain.

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Stop giving the medicine for a week thats what son’s Dr tell me to do.

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It’s the medicine they can give her medicine to help her get hungry

Tell the Dr and he will try a different dosage or different meds

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You could try protein shakes and veggie shakes for her vitamin needs i did it for my youngest and now she eats with no problem

Maybe she is having stomach issues.

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Get her to Doctor for check up.
Try kids drinks they are like ensures but formula rich in the meantime. Mix it with ice cream

Many of the adhd drugs have this side affect. Talk to her doctor.

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It’s most likely the meds , bit maybe get her tonsils checked too.

Most ADHD meds are amphetamine based so that makes sense!

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That’s the way my niece was when she was younger when she would come to stay at my house I’d take her med away just so she would eat it worked that ADHD med made her very skinny

Maybe it is medical…Crohn’s?

When I was that age I was on ASHA medicine. Ritalin or however it is spelled I was severely under weight and didn’t eat. My dr didn’t know why, my mom took me off of it and I began to eat and gained weight after that she refused anymore meds for me and dealt w me herself I’m now 30 and can control it myself :slight_smile: hope that helps

I suggest you invest in some pedi-a-sure. If you can get her to drink two cans a day she will get all the nutrition she needs. The adhd meds are basically legal meth.

ADHD meds are notorious for reduced appetite. You may want to inform her doctor and/or psychiatrist to see if she can take something to counteract the drug. My daughter is almost 15 and been on ADHD meds since she was 5. Her doctor’s advice? If she’s at a healthy weight, let her eat how and when she wants. She typically eats 5-6 “snack” meals a day… a few bites and she’s done. She’s at a healthy weight, so I do not try to push food on her. Kids that age usually don’t deliberately starve themselves, so she’s eating all her body needs right now.

On a side note, I do NOT give my kid her ADHD meds on weekends, evenings, summers, or any school breaks. She eats like crazy when she’s off the meds. You might consider not being pressured to have her medicated all the time. These meds do not build up in the system or have a need to be weened off them, so you can start or stop at your convenience. Food for thought…

If she’s on meds the therapist (perscriber) should know

I’d try taking her off the medication for a while and seeing if her appetite changes .

We struggled with appetite suppression around this age with our son who has been on adhd, anxiety and antipsychotic meds since he was 8. The best advice we were given is get them to eat a little something (5 bites) and then make a calorie packed shake.

The shake concoction we made consisted of carnation instant breakfast, whole milk or heavy whipping cream and a fruit of taste bud liking.

STOP giving your child pills and give her CBD

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WTF would you pump these drugs into her system!! Doctors are not always right!!

Try protein shakes that’ll help keep vitamin n iron at least up ?my sisters son has addhd was on Ritalin I think was medicine and he was skinny bones but she gives him protein shakes helped

It’s the meds my granddaughter didn’t eat till they took her off the meds

Check with the child’s doctor have u suggested making.smoothies for her thier very easy to make yogurt bananas strawberries really any fruit and what ever juice u may.have there at home but.u.should check up with the doctor adjust her meds

Most ADHD meds are amphetamine based. So pretty much legal meth. The suppression of appetite sounds on par for her age. She’s probably also shrunk her stomach now quite a bit and everything in her abdomen area hurts/cramps/feels like shit. Take her to a doctor pronto and have them either change the med, give her another to get her hungry, or take her off.


I believe the meds are dangerous especially for a young child. They pass them out like candy. My son (45) was given Ritalin around 7 and caused all kinds of problems. Took him off and it was a total turn around. I hope you can find the right solution. Talk to her doctor🙏

Adhd meds tend to kill appetites.

Try preparing her a smoothie and let her help by putting in some of the ingredients

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The medication might be a central nervous system stimulant and could be suppressing appetite. Discuss with prescribing doctor and primary care physician.


My brother was on those meds when we were kids and he wouldn’t eat either. My mom took him off of them. This was about 20 years ago

I recommend speakimg with her doctor first. There could be a side affect that takes away her appetite

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I have a daugther who’s been on ADHD medication since she was 6 and shes 11 now. And we deal with appetite suppression. We have talked with her pediatrician and he told us that sometimes it could be a side effect from her medication but told us that after 12 hours the medication is out of her system which is roughly when she wants to “binge eat”. So I guess the point I’m trying to make is my daugther does the same thing barely eats as well but I’m not concerned cause she doesnt look like shes starving and I know as long as she eats only 5 bites I know it’s something in her tummy and she never eats her school either…

Get a test done on her throat.

NEVER take a child off medication without the doctor monitoring. Get a script for pediasure. Start with foods you can make funny faces with or use a cookie cutter. Sandwich in the shape of a dog or cat can peak interest. Hide the junk food and only leave out one or two small portions in baggies or Tupperware so she sees that’s all she can have. You can cookie cutter fruit.


I am severe add/adhd i was on meds for 16yrs. Take her to the doctor and lower the dose. I say this the most kindly way possible. Doctors go by what is recommended. They will reduce the meds to help her the very best. It took awhile to figure out the best dose for me. And it will take a while to help her the best. Dont remove her from the meds. I struggle to this day with normal life because im not on it any more