My 7 year old stinks like a teenager: What can I do?

My son just turned seven, and his armpits smell like a 13yr. I’ve taken him to see two different doctors (his doctor will be out for three months), and they both have told me there’s nothing abnormal because he doesn’t have any type of pubic hair growth. He just has to use deodorant. I feel he’s too young for deodorant! Has anyone been through this? If so, what did you do? Did you see a certain doctor? Please help!! Thanks, Concerned Mom.


Well the other day my 7 year old daughter told me she smelled…and yup she had BO like a teenager…too young I thought :woman_shrugging:t2:

My son defiantly needed deodorant about 8, it’s just hormones and them growing up

It’s normal. His feet will stink soon too. Better get some foot powder to go with his new deodorant

My son is 7 and uses deodorant and showers daily that helps a lot.

Does he smell even if he is not sweating? I think it’s really normal for kids his age to stink when they’re active and sweating a lot especially when they’re outside or they don’t change stinky clothes. My daughter stinks when she’s too sweaty. If you think he can’t have deodorant yet, maybe you can try baby powder.

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Antibacterial soap and time for deodorant! My daughters started out at age 6.

Take a shower and Use deodorant. Why would you me worried about this?

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This article might be helpful for you

There’s a roll on that you can get from a pharmacy, not sure of the name. It’s helps to stop the build up of bacteria that causes the smell

I started my son on deodorant at almost 4 just to get him in the habit of using it after he bathes. I dont think 7 is too early

My child has been through this. Shower, wash armpits with lime ( my husband told me about it and it actually works. Still use soap) and then deodorant is fine.

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Just get him deodorant :joy:
You can’t be too young for something your body needs


Lume natural deodorant. It’s great!

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Not too young for deodorant he doesn’t want to smell he just doesn’t know how to fix it. You’ll need to encourage him to bath more often paying special attention to his pits and get him a gentle deodorant. Synthetic shirts make pits smell bad too look into. More cotton for his shirts. I raised 2 boys I’m well versed.

My 5 year old uses deodorant & he loves putting it on. Just let him use the deodorant. Lol

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My daughter stated using deodorant at 7 for the same reason. They do have more natural ones you could get to start him on… My daughter is 11 now and still struggles to remember to use it lol

He could just have overactive sweat glands. It could be his diet things that he’s consuming.
But he’s not super young to have that. I know a little girl who’s eight and she has to wear deodorant.
Kids nowadays are developing hormone bursts earlier than when we were younger.
haven’t you ever noticed that middle school girls are developed a lot like high school girls now.
Our food is pumped with hormones. It is a wise thing to switch to organic meat.


My 8 yro wears deodorant and I’ve been in his classroom where they all stink! Lol I dont think its anything to worry about.

So is he lactose intolerant or sensitive??? My daughter is and will stink like crazy particularly after regular milk or ice cream. If she hasn’t had any for a while its disappears after about 2 days. Check the diet. My kidlet almost 6. I made the connection around 5. I limit the dairy and use a probiotic.


Ive realize that this is pretty normal at this age. My son is also 7 and getting deodorant in his Christmas stocking. They make unscented, non aluminum all natural deordorant for kids

Look up more natural remedies for body odor instead of using deoderant since its full of chemicals . Make sure he showers everyday and try lime juice for his armpits

My oldest started using deo at 8. Kids are smelly

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Exfoliate his armpits.
Mine get like that in the summer and I use a tomato dipped in sugar to scrub and it helps with the smell

I suggest Arm & Hammer Deodarant… it’s aluminum free and it’s under 3$.

Mitchum is the best for the young ones or the deodorant from Amway this is actually the best a bit pricey but it works 100%

Use deodorant… start him on roll on its easier for young ones to apply.

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It is normal. I have a Cub Scout den of eight 7 and 8 year old boys and half said they use deodorant.

Yeah mine is 8 and uses deodorant nothing wrong with it and is best to get him used to it now so he continually uses it. Dont want him getting made fun of for smelling bad in school and such

My older boys are 7 and 8 ( I have 5 boys) they’ve been using deodorant for a couple years now. Boys stink 🤷


Your doc wouldn’t tell you to use the deodorant if there was a reason your child couldn’t or shouldn’t use it.


Repeat after me:
Boys :clap:are :clap:nasty :clap:

In all seriousness, boys are stinky little things. My son was wearing deodorant everyday starting at the age of 8


My daughter is 9 and she uses deodorant…we use one that don’t have aluminum…

My son has been wearing deodorant since he was 3yrs old. I started with all natural roll on per his doctor, he’s almost 9 now and wears regular deodorant now. For me age isn’t going to dictate anything if you stink it’s time period!!!


My oldest started smelling around that age also. We just had a talk with him about it (it’s normal, make sure he doesn’t forget to wash under his arms in the shower, that kind of stuff) and we got him some deodorant. You can always start with a natural deodorant that’s free of harsh chemicals and strong fragrances.

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Wait until you smell his feet :thinking:


Umm my daughter has been using deodorant since she was about 6-7 … she’ll be 13 next month. We use Mitchum gel at night & men’s Degree during the day.

My son did too.
He is a very active child. There’s nothing wrong with it. Let him use deodorant.
I notice that it stopped with my child. Probably because he’s not doing any sports at the moment.

My 5 year old daughter uses all natural deodorant… she needed it and it works great!

My kids all use it. They’re 3, 4 and 7. And I started with them before I ever smelled them. :woman_shrugging:

My 8 yr old daughter is like that. It’s normal.

My 7 year old has had his own roll on and spray since 5. I think its good to start an appropriate personal hygeine regime as early as possible.

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Just give him deodorant​:joy::joy::joy::woman_facepalming:t4:

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Yes! My son has needed deodorant since he was 8. Doctor said deodorant is fine. Not to use antiperspirants.

Just give the kid deodorant not going to hurt lol

Wash his arm pits with rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer every few days. Smell is caused by bacteria and it will kill it. My son was the same and deodorant was not enough to stop the smell.

If he smells he definitely isn’t too young for hygiene products, deodorant included. Teach him how to care for his hygiene. Showers, what soaps to use or not use, clean clothing, and deodorant.

Just give the kid deodorant…

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My niece is 7 and also uses deodorant :heart: I’m finding it to be way more common now a days

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Normal. My now 18 year old son started puberty at 9.

Have him use corn starch. My sister started at the same age.

Dermatologist will help! They helped me!

13 is absolutely not too young for deodorant…no ill intentions but why would you not allow him to use it…this is a age where kids are mean and I couldn’t imagine the things other kids may say to this child for smelling bad…please give the child deodorant

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Have his sugar checked

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Mitchum deodorants. Some people have a natural strong body odor.

i don’t think theres an age restriction on deodorant lol. Use it if you feel he needs it. Nobody will judge you for taking care of your kid’s hygiene


Yeah buy all your soaps and detergents from the health food store throw out the carcinogenic stuff and start eating primarily organic. Organic food had superior antioxidants which help the body excrete toxins and free radicals. The reason why it stinks so bad is because his body has slot of toxins in it and some of them release through sweat.

See the difference in antioxidants? This is really important.

In Mexico people use baking powder with green lemon

My grandma gave me deodorant when i was really young because I have very sweaty armpits


Just use the deodorant :roll_eyes:


Mom of 3 teen boys here and they all started with deodorant around 7/8. Its normal but that smell can really be a bit much for a sensitive nose. We use a natural deodorant from young living because of my concerns for chemicals. Its great!


Yup just had that talk with my 8 year old not to long ago he said he’s armpits smelled and I told him well boy you better go use some of that deodorant you gots in the damn bathroom or else you gonna be smelling like that all the damn time …

My son has had to not just because bit actually had to wear deodorant since he was 5, teach him how to apply it though because to much can be harmful. Apply it once a day just one swipe and if needed add another swipe (he is little) and bath at least everyother day and wash old deodorant off good every bath/shower

My son had to start wearing deodorant around that age too and he was fine, he’s now 27.

My son started around that age. He’s going to be 13 next month. Just use common sense. Buy some deodorant.


My sister had the same issue my mother ending up bathing her in apple cider vinegar I am pretty sure I was young. Shea Ellingham correct if I am wrong

My boys have been using deodorant off and on since they were 5… not because they needed it but I figured start em early and fight with them less later. They are 7 and 9 now. I get the travel axe ones. They have regular ones and spray ones


Try the product called Lume sold on here on Facebook.

Man buy the lil guy deodorant and some good body wash. He probably dressed u saying he stinks as well. My son 7 I would buy him deodorant if he stunk

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Ma’am put deodorant on your kid.


My daughter uses deodorant and she’s six. It’s okay to get them into good hygiene routines!

Son just turned 9. Been using deo since he was 7!

My 8 year old son has started using deodorant this year. Mostly for after gym class but he still uses it.

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If he stinks he stinks. Thats when u know he needs it unfortunately. Im sorry but not letting him use it because he is a little younger than you feel he should be is cruel, he will be known as the smelly kid in his class.


My 6 year old daughters pediatrician told me to start using Dial soap on her. It’s a bacteria that needs to be treated. It worked!!


My 8 year old daughter wears deodorant and has since 6/7. Its something you gotta do sometimes :woman_shrugging:t3:

Use common sense and get your kid deodorant. It wont hurt him just get him to smell good


My daughter started using deodorant when she was four. She saw me doing it everyday and wanted to do it too. She’s six now and has her own that she puts on by herself everyday.

If you are afraid of aluminum in antiperspirant, get deodorant or the crystal rock (alum) kind. Because of all the hormones in our meat supply kids reach puberty at younger ages. And all of it doesn’t necessarily come at once.


Make sure its deodorant and not antiperspirant, deodorant is for the smell, antiperspirant is for sweat and smell, he doesn’t need that yet

This in my opinion is a good choice for kids. Do some research & choose one that has ingredients your comfortable with.


My cousins have been smelly since about that age too. But they just started wearing deodorant recently. So if you can deal with the horrible smell, then yeah he’s too young. Otherwise deodorant is fine

My 9 year old wears deodorant and if he doesn’t use it he smells like a teenager. Some kids need it earlier than others.

Use aluminum free deodorant like native if you go that route

Put deodorant on him. Even if he didn’t need it, it’s great to start the habit before he gets rebellious.

Hyperhidrosis, I think that’s the correct spelling is where u sweat profusely. Again I think they use botox but only wen they r teenagers.

Very effective recipe
Go to some organic shop and buy ALUM…(its transparent white thing)keep it in ur washroom and after taking bath rub it in underarms…or otherwise use after making it wet if not taking bath someday…it’s a miraculous formula for smell

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Have him drink more water. His sweat is so concentrated that drinking more water doesnt have him smelling as bad.

Just let him use the deodorant. Go all natural if you’re really worried? I don’t see the big deal with it?

My Son Is Almost 8 he started at Age 7…he has his own shower stuff etc aswell cx

My 7 year has recently started having to wear deodorant, my 12 year old only started when he started secondary school last year. No big deal. Mitchum is amazing btw x

Have him see an endocrinologist to check hormone levels.

Normal. Hormones can be weird at any age. Please stay away from the doc unless an emergency until end of pandemic. Use products that you deem to be safe. If unsure start at a co-op or something and ask there. But really they can use whatever you use.


I had a child’s that said they washed with soap, but always had BO. Most depressants made it worse. I got a bottle of hunny and a bottle of liquid castile soap. I mixed it 3 parts hunny to 1 part soap. And had them use Tom’s natural deodorant after the shower and in the morning. Good luck.


All kids sweat. Even kindergartners. Get some deodorant. If you are uncomfortable with aluminum based antiperspirants there are plenty of other options although they may be less effective. Make sure they are bathing correctly. Also consider your washer and laundry detergent. Maybe they need to be maintenance or changed if his clothes aren’t getting clean enough. With the temp change they may be sweating more at night especially if you have a mattress protector.


If he isn’t already, using Dial antibacterial bar soap helps a lot. Make sure it says antibacterial. Scrub armpits and feet, and I even use a pumice stone every other day for my feet. It helped so much.


Make sure u get the antiperspirant and deodorant some only have one or the other my little boy is 7 about to be 8 he smells like the big ones too and he loves using his deodorant just like mom and dad and the big kids :woman_shrugging:


My 8 year old wears deodorant. I remind him everyday


My son had of odor and extreme sweat. Botox injections were recommended at 10 yrs old. I refused. Not too young for deodorant imo.