My 8 year old complains of heart burn: Advice?

My son, eight years old, has been complaining about heartburn always when he eats. He would sometimes stop eating saying he has heartburn, I’ve taken him to the doctor, but they’d just give him pain meds. So, mommies, anyone has the same problem, or is it possible for an 8-year-old to have heartburn? I would ask him to describe what he’s actually feeling, but he’d say its chest pain. And he sometimes pukes between meals. Please help


I take it to a stomatch specialist, aybe they need to do a scope


Take him to a GI doctor at a children’s hospital.


Take him to a gastroenterologist. It might be an ulcer


He could have reflux. I would take him to a GI. My ENT is the doctor that diagnosed me with having a hiatal hernia.

My 8 yr old… They gave 2 week antacid…

It could be heartburn, but it could also be something else. I agree with the others. Take him to a specialist


My son was born with heartburn he is 13 now and never grew out of it. Yes he can totally have heartburn. I would take him to a specialist. Specially if it is Everytime he eats. You can also try peppermint extract l. My son takes it twice a day. It helps a bunch. But take him to a specialist it can cause esophagus problems.

I agree get to a specialist. He may have problems digesting.

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Definitely could be heartburn…see a gp get a referral to pediatric cardiologist for chest pain and gastro for gurd…


My daughter has acid reflux. Does he eat hot Cheetos or other spicy foods. I’m a nurse and see a ton of kids with heartburn now and they consume a ton of hot Cheetos.

Has he always had this problem or did it just start? Maybe after being sick or taking antibiotics?

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Don’t sound good I’d take him to the doctor cause it could be an Ulcer. He’s pretty young to be getting Heartburn


Did they not do an upper GI? I have had GI issues my entire life and I am 37. I had an upper GI. Heck even my son has had two upper GIs one when he was an infant and one when he was a pre-teen. Why are they not doing an upper GI?

Upper Gi…sounds like acid reflux


Sounds like a dairy allergy. Keep a food diary of what he eats and which foods trigger this reaction. Then remove them. A stomach specialist should give you more answers.


I had heartburn as a kid but didn’t know what it was or how to describe it but I would wake up through the night wanting water because it was burning in my chest and throat. It wasn’t till I was an adult I started taking Pepcid everyday then when I went on a low carb diet of 20 net carbs or less it completely went away! Even when I eat spicy food or tomato sauce I still don’t get it as long as I keep my carbs low… it’s super weird to me but that’s how I manage it :woman_shrugging:t2: so if the doctor wants to put him on meds maybe all try to control it with types of food…

I do this anytime I eat greasy foods. Poor guy.

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He needs to be scoped!


Take him for a second opinion


That would happen to me, had acid reflux, due to my gallbladder not functioning correctly,and would release the acid back up. That’s why he is throwing up, it’s bile.Also, had an endoscopy and Dr found that my esophogus was narrow, that’s what was causing my chest pain when I ate,like if the food would get stuck. He needs to see a GERDS specialist and change his diet,no spicy food, or starchy food, no sodas, and no eating late. Hope he gets the help he needs, it hurts alot. It might be his gallbladder, and hopefully medication can help him, he’s so young to have his removed.

What is he eating that causes it?


Could be either GERD or his gallbladder… Get into a gastro asap


Could be a lot of things but cut out acidic foods and drinks like citrus, tomatoes/sauces, and caffeine. Cut out processed foods as well. But definitely get checked for a food allergy especially.


My daughter is 8 yr old now, and has always suffered from severe heart burn to the point of vomiting and not eating for days. She’s had to be on daily Omeprazole for 6months at a time just to heal her stomach and esophagus. Once we changed her diet around and got it under control, she’s good to go. If your doctor isn’t doing enough for your kid, get a new doc or second opinion.

Need to be seen by pediatric GI Dr.


Go to a specialist. It’s not normal for a child.


Take him to another dr and see specialist.He definitely has acid reflux or something else is wrong.Pain killers for a child without diagnosis? That’s ridiculous. A lot of pain killers will make things worse.Please take him to another dr asap.


A good trial that won’t hurt is to give him prilosec and avoid spicy or acidy foods for a couple weeks. See what that does then take him in. They make strawberry dissolvable prilosec…my kids has always had severe heartburn

I don’t know why does the Dr.give him pain meds.:crazy_face::crazy_face: what is wrong with this Dr.This story doesn’t sound right to me.:thinking:


Gerd gastric reflux n tums with calcium for kids helps my pediatrician suggested, but it if ongoing I’d try children’s Tagamet -Prevacid -Prilosec- both work just cut doses tablets in half ,

He needs chiropractic care. Most all heartburn/acid reflux is a back issue.

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It may not be heart burn, heat burn comes after you eat when your food starts to digest in ur stomach not in the middle of a meal. But yes it is possible for a child to have heartburn I use to have it all the time I remember laying in bed at night when I was a small child and having what I thought was “throw up” and sometimes some nasty stuff that made my throat sore (stomach acid) come up in my throat and then go back down I never complained about it cause it was annoying I guess but never really made me sick sick and my parents raised me not to really complain about sickness/pain unless it caused problems or was unbearable. But I was a fat child (yes being fat can make a difference in your stomach behavior) and my parents fed me pretty much whatever I wanted pizza McDonald’s etc, I know it’s hard for a smal child to go on a “diet” but mabe try feeding him different foods not necessarily healthy foods but mabe stuff not as heavy or try smaller meals more often if eating whole meals hurts his stomach
But yes I agree with everyone else get a second opinion

Hope he feels better soon!

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I’m not saying it’s the same situation but my sil had the same problem with her son who was quite a bit over weight. Once she got him on a healthy diet and he lost some weight it got better. This seems to be the typical cause. However if this is not the case baking soda and water 30 min after a meal helps alot. Not eating within 2-3 hrs before bed, no red sauce, deep fried foods, spicy food or chocolate. These things should eliminate problems but if they dont, see ur pediatrician about a safe form of daily acid reducer. Have them look into problems with his upper and lower stomach flap and check for gallbladder and ulcers. Insist they do if nothing helps.

Apple cider vinegar mixed with honey to get it down.

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Take him to a different doctor. It sounds like he has bad acid reflux issues.


My daughter gets heartburn when she eats hot stuff. And she loooves hot sauce. She’s been getting it since about 10 I think. We monitor her diet, eat small meals, sit and relax after eating and no jumping around and no eating right before bed. No acidic fruit juices and drinks after eating and between meals. Sometimes pepto and tums but please check with your healthcare provider for their advice.

If this is persisting it’s not normal go to a pediatrician he may need to be be scoped you cant let this go on it could eventually cause more harm to his esophagus if u cant get.him to a pediatrician sooner your nearest children’s hospital waiting around for a miracle?? U called it good luck

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Also make sure there isn’t an ulcer from drinking sodas and such


Give him milk or ice cream it helps with the acid in his stomach. also like someone mentioned above avoid acidic foods. Tomatoes is a big one and there’s a lot of food made with tomatoes :confused: , caffeine, chocolate, mint or spearmint of any kind, spicy foods, greasy foods… All bad for someone prone to heartburn or acid reflux. Also acid sitting alone in an empty stomach only makes matters worse. I have learned all this through years of experience. I’ve been to many doctors have even had to go to the ER a couple of times (ulcers) and they really can’t do anything for me other than give me pain meds.
I now take doctor prescribed Omeprazole and it’s been a life-changer.

Buy some over the counter Omeprazole or Nexiumand start him on that till you can get him in to another dr. Sounds like acid reflux/heartburn. Can even be the gallbladder, but gallbladder attacks are very painful. Also start keeping a food diary everytime he gets sick that way you can see if there’s some common food involved!!

Is he eating too fast? Sometimes it’s something simple

Have him sleep in his left side. It helps

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My advice is to not ask a bunch of people online for medical advice for an 8yr old. He needs to go see a GI specialist that can actually put a camera down his throat and see exactly what’s going on.

Could be gall stones… I had the same thing…

the vomiting is causing the lining in his throat to be destroyed, that would be my main concern and the reason he is vomiting. Stress, acid re-flux, heartburn or something else. Do you use a lot of spice in your food? Does he eat certain things without issue? Pedi-Sure supplements can help or even an antacid for kids. Pain meds just mask the issue. Note when and what food when he complains and go from there, could be lactose intolerance to allergic reactions, be the investigator.

Get a referral to a paediatrician he is only 8

Get them checked for hpylori

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I would suggest seeing a gastroenterologist.
DO NOT give them any over the counter acid reducers as it can be harmful to a child and they can have costly side effects of taken for extended periods of time. Only take these if they are prescribed by a DR because they will monitor your child while on them.
You can try tums and see if that helps.
Sleeping on the left side helps
Try to have him avoid caffeine or limit his caffeine intake, try no acidic foods after a specific time.
Chiropractic care can help.
Does he have difficulty swallowing? If so this could be something a little more serious.

Pay attention to his diet the best you can and see what his trigger foods are and try to avoid them if possible.

Hope this helps

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Get him to say whats bothering him .change his diet, less greasy stuffs fried foods citrus fruits etc .give him cereals and a ripe banana in the mornings no late night snacks

He could have acid reflux. I had it and my mom found out the hard way. My daughter who is now 12 has it too. They actually checked my son for it when He was a baby bc he couldn’t keep food down.

You need a new doctor asap


second opinion. could be heartburn or acid reflux or a host of other problems. if he’s puking between meals for no visible reason, there is obviously an issue. ignoring it could cause bigger potential issues in the future.

a cup of warm water with coconut oil and a teaspoon milk , helps me against heartburn. it is natural and no side effects

Have his gallbladder checked. Sounds like stones to me. All the symptoms fit.

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See a gastroenterologist. In the meantime, when he complains, try a simple antacid to see if it helps with the pain he is describing. At least you will know if it’s actual heartburn or not.

Has acid reflux my grandchildren have had it since they’ve were small

Take him to the doctor to get an evaluation. It sounds like he needs medical help not facebook suggestions.

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Take him to the doctor immediately and stop asking people for advice; your child’s health is in danger


Take him to a gastroenterologist. I wouldn’t necessary think a doctor suggesting pain meds for an eight year old has a grasp of how serious his stomach issues are. I would definitely insist on an endoscopy. It done under very quick sedation and is the comprehensive way of seeing what’s going on in his stomach. Totally painless and I walked out of the doc’s office twenty minutes later. I was a little groggy but relieved that perhaps someone could finally tell me why I had terrible stomach aches and nausea.

Get him seen, my cousin was treated for heartburn for years… It was throat cancer, not heartburn

Sorry to hear what’s going on with your son. Have you been writing down when it occurs and what he is eating. You should reach out to another specialist for him. Sounds like GERD . Unfortunately I see this daily at where I work ( childrens hospital ) … call your insurance company to find out who takes your insurance and see a specialist for him. What concerns me that he is vomiting. :frowning: As I said write down times and how long and what he ate & when he vomits bc this will be a big help to the specialist. Sending healing thoughts and prayers.

Dr. And new one if need be. Could be anxiety. But rule out the major stuff first. Be pushy and be his advocate. Is ha on other medicine?

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Go to a GI doctor yes kids can have reflux heartburn…and it can cause ulcers and erosion of the gi track

Get him checked for a hiatus hernia.

I cut dairy out as it didn’t help and just made it worse. I had to change the way I eat completely cause my stomach produces too much acid which isn’t helpful. Best thing to do is go see different doctors. I had to change mine due to him not listening to me. The new doc is great so far.

I’ve suffered with heartburn and digestive problems since i was a young child… have a scope done, avoid acidic foods, i eat mash potatoes and drink milk when mines bad and stay up right, no lying down for at least two hours after eating… mine was an ulcer, it’s ok now but i still have to be careful what i eat etc… a food diary is a good idea as gluten triggers mine, raw carrots, and onions too… keep pushing to see a specialist… good luck xx

I was having the same problem a while back and I had to go to a gastroenterologist turns out to be I ate something with bacteria in or on it. Dr prescribe me antibiotics for 2 weeks and I got better. Hope he feels better and you get answers for him. Prayers

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Take him to a different doctor

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Have him chew a piece of gum that is not minty. Fruity gum is best

Liquid rennie works wonders, my eldest suffers with terrible heartburn that comes right up into his chest causing him awful pain. Taking liquid rennie has helped him so much.

My 12 year old granddaughter complained a lot with stomach pain. Doctor said she was constipated and didn’t want to run a lot of tests. She finally agreed to do a ultrasound. Immediately called a surgeon to remove her gallbladder. It CAN and DOES happen with children. If you know your child is suffering INSIST the doc find out why.

Go to the doctor. Nobody on Facebook can diagnose him.

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For all you people saying " go to the doctor"… in the description it says she has brought him. :woman_facepalming:

I hope they figure it out soon what is wrong. When i was younger i had the same problem it was my gaulbladder. But because i was so young the doctors just kept sayin i was emotional. ( for 6+ months). Try having him eat just regular mashed potatoes no buttered saltines and see if those have the same kind of reaction. Good luck to you & him!

Rhubarb juice and soda water worked for my child

I would encourage you to have a cardiologist check out his heart first to rule out ant heart problems. I would also encourage you to have him checked and tested for esophagus and swallowing problems, along with an upper GI procedure to rule out ulcers and such. Sincerely

Warm water always helped mine and I’ve had it since a child… I’m also allergic to foods and habe Ibs so might want to see if there’s something like that going on

My 7yo started having acid reflux problems again and has been really…gassy. just so happens Mylicon has come out with children’s chewables and it has helped her TREMENDOUSLY.

My 8 yr old daughter is going thru this very thing even down to the vomitting! Dr said its a mixture of nerves and acid reflux! Put her on meds and we go back for a checkup soon!

My daughter complained about this at a young age. She had 3 issues that were causing hers. Allergies/sinus drainage, she was being bullied/stress and acid reflux. Our Dr. put her on omeprazole and allergy medication year round. He also sent her to a GI specialist. Definitely find a Dr that will listen to you and your child.

My daughter had reflux. Started around age 12 or 13. Come to find out she had a gall stone when she was 16. Yes… It can occure in young adults and even children. Ask for a gastrologist to do an upper GI. My daughters was found by xray. She is 17 and off reflux meds. Took over 2 years of issues to finally get a dr to fully notice and pay attention and take her complaints seriously. I had a gall bladder issue when I was 17. Dr passed it off as being gas. Went thru hell with 2 pregnancies. Finaly at 27 a dr paid attention. If I had one more attack he said it could have killed me. My gall bladder was close to bursting. Get a good Dr!!


My 7 year old has same exact issues. Took her to the doctor and they said she has acid reflux and gave her a liquid medicine for it which has helped. She is also lactose intolerant I found out and she cannot tolerate dairy well. I’d def suggest switching doctors and getting him in as soon as possible so he can be properly diagnosed and taken care of.

Sounds like reflux. Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t only babies and elderly who get this. I strongly recommend seeing a doctor, but my 2nd son is still on Prevacid and he’s 10, it is the only thing that’s helped him. Good luck, Mama

My 16 year old has had heartburn from acid reflux since she was 4 and has never been prescribed pain meds she has been prescribed Zantac, Prevacid, and Prilosec… If your doctor is giving pain meds for heartburn you need to change Doctors and report them to the medical board!


My 2 younger boys were diagnosed with GERD when they were infants. It has gotten better over the years but when they eat fried foods or drink soda they have the same complaints as your son. Please look into getting him tested for it. There is a swallow study the Dr can order to diagnose it if needed. Hugs to your little guy.

Unfortunately not much on the market for gerd or heartburn for kids since zantac was recalled. First changes are your best bet. Nothing with citric acid no fried foods limited amounts of dairy, etc. You can ask your pediatrician for a list of recommendations as far as appropriate foods go, but from my experience getting rid of the fast food and deep fried foods, and citric acid was the best solution. Also not letting them eat about 2 hours before bed and but a wedge under the mattress to elevate the head to 45 degree angle seems to help.

My daughter complained of the same thing, diagnosed with severe acid reflux and since it was undiagnosed for so long, the acid ate away at the enamel of her teeth. :roll_eyes:


Pain meds for heartburn? My 21 year old son was born with acid reflux and was prescribed 2 acid reflux medications, but never pain meds. Any doctor that would prescribe an 8 year old pain meds for heartburn, shouldn’t even be a doctor.


Honey helps with heartburn, but it sounds like acid reflux or Gerd. I take Tums before I eat. Maybe try that?? I would look into seeing a specialist and maybe get a different doctor.

I don’t understand why his dr.isn’t giving him something for acid reflux. Like zantac. Or something similar. Find another dr. I had this since I was 30 it’s a bad feeling not to be able to eat anything. Best wishes!

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I am 58. I had reflux from a toddler. It never has gone away. Heartburn and reflux are the same but different.
Reflux you want a antacid.
Drink pickle juice dill. Or eat a pickle. Helps me a lot. If it continues I’d suggest a scope. You can never be to safe. I am now on a prescription Med and over the counter. It has helped.
Bless this child.

Going to sound crazy… it is likely a problem with digestion. Give him a cleans. When their body gets backed up it causes diaphragm pain. And bloating. Of course consult his primary physician first, but I bet he is backed up. Gas pain has been mistaken as heart attacks and labor before. It can be very painful. He needs to flush his system if this is the issue.

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Probably just reflux, which is not good, but nothing to majorly worry over. Two out of three of my children have acid reflux that is easily kept under control with Rolaids multi-symptom chews. If it is still continuing with an anti- acid, you may need to see a doctor to make sure there is nothing wrong.

I’d get a second opinion, does not sound right, giving him pain meds ! Thought he would have suggested the antacid medicine ! Did he ask if your child was chewing his food enough and not gulping it down ?

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My youngest son was having severe pain from heartburn/reflux for months. We tried everything (tums, changed diet, sleeping at an angle, etc, etc) for about a week, but nothing helped. Long story short as possible, but I promise it’s worth the read.

Brought him to his pedi and the she put him on a prescription antacid for 3 months. She flat out told me that he can not be on this type of medication long term because it will do more harm than good in the long run. We had to go back for a follow up every 30 days and if it didn’t get better after that we were going to be sent to a gastroenterologist for a scope. After 2 months he was doing better and we stopped the medication. It was about 6 months later when it came back with the vengeance! It was so much worse than the first time. I did a lot of research the first time we dealt with it and continued to educate myself on other things we could try if it came back because I wasn’t going to put him back on harmful medication again for a short term fix.

If it is truly heartburn/reflux find a local chiropractor that is highly recommended and experienced, especially with children and make an appointment asap. I know it sounds crazy, but it was the best decision I ever made! He had 4 appointments at the chiropractor that week and has not had any pain or symptoms since then.

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I would cuss his doc out after making an appointment with a new doc and when you get to the new doc DEMAND that they check him for acid reflux…if gone unchecked it could cause real damage at such an early age!!! Don’t let this slide and dont put up with a doctor not listening to you and your son!!

Sounds like gerd or reflux. Change doctors asap cause that shouldve been his first conclusion. No pain meds…ugh. Research and fing a respected dr in your area and go there. Get a referral for a gastro Dr and a cardiologist just to be safe. Really sounds like reflux that has gotten out of hand though. Please take this advice. Hope it all gets better soon.

Try eliminating dairy from his diet. All dairy. Even dairy addictives.

My infant son was put on Gaviscon and Pepcid, both liquid form. Worked wonders.