My 9-month-old is having trouble popping: Advice?

My nine-month-old hasn’t been able to poop in 5 days. She pushes and cries, and I’m not sure what to do! I’ve scheduled an appointment with her pediatrician, but it’s still days away. I’ve tried prunes, prune juice, gas relief drops, tummy massages, leg exercises, and I’ve been giving her plenty of water, but nothing seems to help her! Any suggestions, mommies? Thank you in advance


We used miralax per our pediatricians rec when my daughter had this issue


Mixed some karo (white) syrup in her bottle

Is she still eating?

They make pediatric enemas. Used it once or twice with instant results. Ask doc or pharm first.

They have a baby enema thing, cant remember what it’s called. My daughter and now my granddaughter had the same issue.

Suppositories for babies… my daughter had to use them a few times when nothing else worked.

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Warm bath I know sounds odd but rub her booty holes while in bath.


Warm bath with baking soda … relaxes muscles and if she poops in the tub oh well at least shell get relief . Been there with 2 of mine

Warm bath 20 min after 2oz 100% apple juice worked for mine

Over the counter senna, does miracles!

Pedialax enemas and my son’s Dr prescribed him miralax that we mix with apple juice

I’ve used applesauce and it worked miracles for my 1 yr old.

Half corn syrup and half her milk, be prepared for a messy poop after that though lol

Qtip with vasonline. Rub it on the inside of her buttholes. Have a towel under her because it will start coming right out


I agree with the Miralax! My son has had an issue with pooping since he was born (hes now almost 10 months old) and we went to a children’s hospital and they told us miralax mixed with juice or formula :heart:

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Put 2 tbsp of Karo in the baby’s bottle mixed with 4-6oz of water…


I give my daughter the squeezable of apples and that helps her poop! Or a warm bath she almost every single night will poop in the bath :rofl::woman_facepalming:t3:

Warm bath and tummy massages and cuddles bringing their knees to their chest is what worked with my little boy x

This may sound funny but you and baby will thank me later…i use to lay them like I was about to change them and i would hold their knees up close to their tummy while massaging their tailbone like right at the top of their butt crack. It helps relieve pressure and it will help work it down!! Good luck!


Call your pediatrician

Couple tbsp’s of brown sugar and warm water. That’s always worked with my kid and grandbabies

Sit her on the potty! My little one was like that starting at six months and I started putting him on the potty and that’s the only way he will go now! :woman_shrugging:


Have you tried applesauce? and do the backwards “LOVE” massage

Dark chocolate and a banana straight after works for my son.

miralax and suppositories

Mango juice or purée worked for my son . Make the ice lolly’s with the mango purée they will see it as a treat then x

I give my four year old black coffee as a last ditch attempt but she’s four not a 9month old

Take her temp regularly

Apple juicy juice ! I swear by it

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Give her a bath and rub her belly. Than use a thermometer with vaseline and insert in anal n move in circular motion will make her go.


Syrup in bottle I promise it works👌🏼

Gerber infant apple/prune juice. It is in the baby section. Always works just make sure she only drinks one bottle at a time and wait about 2 hours then drink another

Our pediatrician had us buy suppositories for constipated babies. Worked great.

I had to give my daughter pedialax suppositories for 2 years. It’s so heartbreaking

My daughter had a pocket in her rectum finally outgrew probem

Pear juice was the only thing that helped my baby!

Pear juice!!! Works like a charm!

Dark karo works wonders! It doesn’t take a lot at all!


My son got to where he could only poop in the warm bathtub. Not entirely pleasant but hes always had a hard time pooping.

I was told by his doctors to use a q-tip to stimulate the “area” … like you would with a thermometer… best of luck

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Miralax & fletchers root beer flavored laxative. Worked wonders for my youngest son who use to get heartbreakingly constipated.

Glycerin suppository

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It’s normal. Dont panic. Thermometer in rectum. Juices. Water. Karo syrup. Warm Olive oil on tummy. Massage. It’ll work eventually. I ended up at dr. And right before he came in she pooped all over the wall. Lol


A little bit of syrup in her bottle. Works for my little one

Some dark karo syrup in her milk

A lil dark karo syrup in a bottle

Karo syrup in warm milk worked every time for my little one.

Just do a baby enema but use jelly on anus before anything. All kinds you could use.

Definitely don’t leave it. We were told it was normal but my little girl has chronic constipation. So she’d go like 2 weeks with no poos and it was really causing her pain. 2 trips to the A&E later and they put her on something called Movicol which she takes everyday. Literally missing one dose and she doesn’t poo that day.

Brown sugar in water worked for mine

Pedia-lax glycerin suppository. My son’s GI recommended them. The liquid works better than the chip.

When I was a baby and what worked with my nephew and for me was letting them lay out in a diaper and rubbing their belly

A little apple juice always worked great for us.

Warm bath helped my little one when she was constipated. Ended up pooping right there in the bath but I was so relieved she wasn’t struggling to poop any more

With my two year old I would put some vasaline on a qtip and put it in the rectum like you would a thermometer and its always helped him

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Put a small piece of soap up the boom boom. It works like a laxative! Trust me!!!

Mineral oil 1 Tablespoon

Brown sugar and water

This works amazing. Even though baby is y0unger you can use this safely. You just use less of the bottle. But works within minutes


Apple juice worked wonders for my now 14 yr old. She still believes in it.

Miralax but if u dont want to be depended on that powder fiber works good in bottles I had to do that with my first

My 5 mo is the same way. Her pediatrician finally put her on miralax. 1/3 cap to 4oz formula

Pretty sure my son was older but glycerin suppositories helped. They have these for babies too or younger children. Otherwise juice. I think someone above suggested the glycerin suppositories. Bears repeating though. Good luck! That’s the worst.

Touch of caster oil in prune juice. Warm bath about 15 minutes after and if you can, do bicycle motions in the bath.

Apple/prune juice watered down a bit

My daughter is on miralax everyday. She has an extended colon and it also is tapered at the end. It took us over a year to finally diagnose her. If she misses just one dose of miralax she gets stopped up. I’ve tried almost everything on the shelf and found that the pedialax liquid suppositories work the best. Almost instantly it makes her go.

My little man was impacted once before and since be was only a few weeks old the dr showed me how to use vaseline and massage the sphincter. It always helped him.

When my 4 month old gets constipated, my pediatrician recommends putting a tablespoon of dark Caro syrup in each bottle until he poops. I only put half a tablespoon and it still works!
Also, bicycle motions with legs and then bring the knees to the tummy for a couple seconds. It helps relieve pressure.

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Pump her legs up and down like an accordion against her tummy. That worked for my little.

Warm water and sugar x

My baby had the same problem around that age. She would cry and cry cuz she couldn’t pass it. We tried everything. My uncle (that doesn’t have kids) said giver her warm sugar water…with in 30 minutes it all came out!

I agree with the Vaseline on the qtip it was doc recommended when my nephew was a baby he had the same problem often works like a charm just dont insert it to far

Enemas is what i had to use with my daughter

Suppositories! They work everytime. They are always my go to when nothing else works. You can buy them over the counter at the pharmacy.

My daughter has pooping problems too and I give her a tablespoon of miralax just to help it be soft

Glycerine suppository

Teaspoon of white kyro syrup in each bottle will keep them regular. My son had bad constipation as baby…pediatrician told me to try it…worked like a charm!


My six month old had this problem for months. We finally started her on probiotics with fiber one packet a day and she has been regular ever since.

My little one had the same problem. I layed her back in a very warm bath (not hot) and brought her knees to her chest, made a game of it. She relaxed and went right in the tub. Then put her on Miralax every 3 days. Good luck, its heartwrenching to see them like this.

When my daughter was a baby I used to have to give her baby enemas bc she had bowel issues (you can get them at walmart). Her Dr. Also recommended warm apple juice.

Karo syrup in their bottle, only about a tablespoon, apple prune juice watered down, apple juice. Those usually worked for my son. He had constipation issues when he was little due to the formula he drank/ate.

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Celery and carrots help a lot of you can purée them or juice them

Old fashioned Qtip and vaseline.

Me and my 5 yr old drink celery juice every morning it cleans is right out and it’s so healthy too so many benefits. Not sure if a 9 month old should have that daily but I know of people who give it to their young ones in sippie cups but it will def help the poop come out

Pureed Sweet potato it is a life saver

Put some apple juice in her water

My little one had that problem. Pear juice done wonders for him. Also non constrained apple juice I found it in the frozen juice section

Massage the bottom of her feet in the central part both feet. You will find that she will start to push against your hands wanting more pressure. It’s part of reflexology. It is better done by professional but you can do it yourself. Use circular motion

Gripe water and cereal

My son was like that…I would have to use infant suppositories…they are just glycerin…but they melt quick and he would go and feel so much better

Try Apple juice diluted with some water.

I’m not a father but I do know that if you’re feeding them too much baby formula with alot of iron than it will cause constipation.

Its hotter outside and the little babies get dehydrated easily… my baby had the same issue. We have to make sure to increase their intake of fluids…
In addition to the ideas that the other mommies have shared…

Warm bath, and massage while in the bath.

Qtip with Vaseline. It’s not fun but it works. I’ve had to dig my kids hard poop out. Usually if it isn’t too bad you just barely insert and move around a tiny bit and it gets things flowing.

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Old school was Karo syrup in their bottles. Changing her formula could help too. But if your breastfeeding i don’t have a clue

Warm sugar water a warm bath and doing bicycle legs with them

My boy is also like that gkycerine suppositories im also using prunes juice Orange juice and all bran

Use a anal thermometer