My almost 1-year-old is not meeting his speech milestones: Advice?

Hello! My son is almost a year old, and he is not meeting Milestones that the pediatrician has given us in the speech department. No matter how much I research, I can’t find any exercises that are really good for helping children of his age develop their first words. He says dada, and he knows the meaning of the word no and up, but no matter what we do, we cannot seem to get him to try any other words. He doesn’t want to repeat or point. We read to him at least three books a day , and we work on pointing out and telling him what we’re doing while we do it. He is a very active boy and just wants to move around and get into things constantly, so sitting there and trying to read a book and points at pictures or words is really difficult because he doesn’t want to sit still and just listen or look at pictures. He has just learned to walk along with objects, so he is all about that right now. Milestones, he is supposed to meet by a year old, are pointing at things that he would like and saying at least six words that he uses correctly. Any advice or activities that we can do with him to help achieve these goals would be great thank you so much!

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He’s just 1 year old, he is fine. Give him some time, nothing to worry about.

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My lo just turned 12 months and her pediatrician said nothing to me about having to say 6 words and that every baby is different and it comes with time.

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Following. I am having the same issues with my almost 14month old.

My daughter didn’t walk or talk until at least 16 months old. Her pediatrician wasn’t worried so I didn’t worry either. She’s now 14 and brilliant. She walks now. :wink:

Its ok, every kid/baby is individual for him self, there is no charts that you can fit all babies

I’m on baby #3… they all talk at different times. Kids are all different… don’t rush that baby. They’ll talk when they are ready.

My youngest is 14 months old his only words are bub and mum and shakes his head no and he is only furniture walking every child is different and will learn at there own pace

6 words seems like an awful lot. My pediatrician said 1-2 words was perfect for a 12 month old.

Hes 1. No one year old talks geez

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1 to 3 words in normal for a 1 year old. Milestones are being met. Get a new doctor.

My friend studied speech therapy and (I was worried about my sons development) and she reassured me that it’s nothing to worry about at this age :slight_smile:

Have you had his hearing tested?

He’s 1 years old. Your doctor is worrying you for no reason :woman_facepalming:


Was he an early walker? My son could walk at 9 months and was very active and could ride a razor scooter at a little over year but barely spoke till he was two. I’ve read that babies either focus on motor skills or speech but usually not both. Just keep having conversations with him he’ll catch up.


I don’t have advice, you are doing everything right! Awesome job!
Every child is different and will learn at their own pace. My son did not start speaking well until almost 3 years old. His doctor and speech therapist really instilled fear in me as a first time Mom. I had a lot of guilt as well, like I did something wrong. We did a hearing test and took him to a paediatrician for a second opinion and they assessed him and assured me that his behaviours were not showing him to be on the spectrum. That he has an “engineer” brain, he thinks, builds, plays more than he talks. His speech came eventually. He is now a very smart 6 year old who talks my ear off. I guess my only advice is not to get to hung up on those speech milestones. Keep an eye on it but try not to stress too much over it.


Don’t panic mama. He’s only a yr old. A lot of kids don’t really grasp other words until 2.But keep doing what your doing maybe try toys , blocks with colors etc.


My daughter didn’t really talk till after she was two, she just didn’t want to lol after that she didn’t stop talking, she’s 15now and still won’t be quiet . Your baby is fine give it some time, all milestones are based on an average some kids do it earlier some later don’t stress they’ll be fine

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They start when they are ready. My son wasn’t talking till alittle after 3 and has been talking away since than. My 2 year old daughter started talking much faster. He will start talking when he’s ready. :heart:

Relax. My daughter babbled lots but didn’t make lots of sense with words until past 2. She walked late also.

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Don’t compare one child to another. All children develop at their own pace. Stop worrying! You going to drive yourself nuts forcing your child to be up to speed “by the book” my son however is speech delayed and I had him evaluated at two years old. Keep doing what you’re doing but please, loosen the reigns a bit, you’re doing a great job. Get the child’s hearing tested if you’re concern but I wouldn’t worry just yet about speech development and the child being behind.

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He is 1 years old. What do expect him to be saying


At one year it’s mostly random noises and maybe a single syllable word here and there. Mine wasn’t really saying anything until he was 2. Even then it was two words mashed in a scream. At 3 hes got full sentences

Don’t stress! Those milestones don’t mean a thing. My now 6 year old didn’t say her first words until 1 1/2 but was reading by 4 and was reading chapter books by kindergarten! Don’t beat yourself up over it!

Thanks for realising mile stones matter. They’re there for a reason.

Get him checked… Could be speech delay… Could be ear infection or hearing loss causing him not to hear words.

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Just be super talkative around him eventually it gets picked up on.

My son didn’t start talking until 3 years old. At his 3 year checkup he was only saying 10 words. He started speech at pre school his almost 6 now and he won’t shut up now lol … my 2 year old daughter she’s a chatterbox she talks and counts and says her ABCs. Don’t worry every kid grows at their own paste. But if your worried try to get second opinions. Have him evaluated.

Every baby is different. My son is 4 and is speech delayed. He was going to speech 2 times a week before all this covid-19 shut down schools. I would say just work with him as much as you can and make him work for stuff. But I will say that I kept putting it off as he was just learning at his own pace and didn’t start speech until it was way too late. Depending on what state you’re in they probably have resources. I’m in NC and they even have a speech pathologist that will come to your house and literally just give you ideas about activities you can do with them. He’s not talking like most kids his age, but it’s all helped a lot.

Give him time sweet momma and don’t worry what the milestones are at this point and time - if he interacts with objects and is curious about things he will eventually bring the words out. My gr.son that I got custody of in Feb. was 3yrs. 5mths. and could barely say anything at all and I totally freaked out thinking he was on the spectrum or something had happened to him to cause the delay - none of the above and we just kept working and talking with him like we did everyone else in the house and now 5mths. later he will talk you into another world in complete sentences and knows exactly what he wants and his talking about. He was an early walker from my understanding but didn’t talk but could take care of himself in all areas like eating by himself, dressing himself putting on his shoes things not normally done by oneself at the age of 2 and under. Don’t worry you are doing a great job and as long as the love is there he will be do great sweetie. God Bless.

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My son was struggling and we put him in daycare part time the teachers also did learning but him being around other toddlers he was almost two it helped him so much and now he is doing great at almost 3 but if yoir dr is really concerned they will get a speech therapist if not he’s probably really close to his milestones… we had to have tunes put in his ears and his therapist fought for it to happen when his dr didn’t listen turned out he really needed them his hearing was like he was hearing under water.

Speech therapy will help. In my area its free until 3 but if you have state medical then its free after 3 also.

1 year olds don’t talk


Give him time he will get there. My son is 3, he only says a small handful of words.

He’s just fine. If you tried to hit every milestone the drs come up you’ll drive yourself crazy. You’ll know when to start worrying so just let it flow.

Sounds pretty normal to me for a 1 year old… that sounds more like an 18 month old of what you are expecting from him…now if he wasn’t babbling and understanding some words then I would be concerned… but he sounds normal to me… give him time. But you know him better than we do… i just know after having 4 babies there’s a range and every baby is different and you can’t really count on the milestone charts …some babies are early birds some are late bloomers he might just bloom a month after he turns 1 and ends up with about 10 new words a month after he turns 1. And starts pointing a week after he is 1… you just never know

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Albert Einstein didn’t even speak to his five years old and look how smart he was

My grandson will be two in September and only says a few words. He has multiple ear infections and constantly has fluid in his ears. Sonce he failed the hearing test they think thats why. He may be getting tubes put in and the doctor said he will probably catch up very quickly.

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I’m having the same issue with my son, who’s 11 months now. When I say issue, I mean, he’s not meeting certain milestones that his FATHER is setting. He only has 4 teeth, he walks along objects, and he says “dad”, but because he isn’t meeting these milestones the same way our oldest did, he’s freaking out, thinking there’s a developmental delay.

Here’s the thing.
Every kid is different, and they all grow and move at there own pace. If your child was 2 years old and not walking, then that might be cause for concern. However, my oldest nephew didn’t talk until he was almost 4 years old. He would make noises and grunt, but there were no discernable words. Then one day he just started speaking, clear as day, all because he wanted chocolate milk. Some kids just observe and will talk when they’re ready to say something.

Theres still time. I did ALL the right things, all the things they tell you to do to foster speech. And so far 3 of my 4 have fucking speech delays for various reasons.

He 1 years of age… by 3 years of age I would be worried but he one!!

I did everything you did with my daughter and she was talking a lot. My sister did the exact same thing with my nephew and he just turned 16 months old and says maybe 4 words but can understand what is being told him. He’s not even a year old so there is still plenty of time for him to develop it. Always remember that the milestones the doctor gives are a general thing, kids develop at their own pace. I would just keep doing what you’re doing because everything you listed is great.

every child develops at their own pace. It can’t hurt to contact early intervention services (check with your county or state)for a much more thorough evaluation to assess his development.

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He’s only 1 and every kid is different. My sons didn’t talk much until they were 2 or 3. My daughter on the other hand was talking in full sentences when she turned one. So I would say give it time.

My one year old says 0 words no mom no dad no nothing

My son didn’t start talking till after he turned 2 now he will not be quite all kids develop at their own pace

My 20 month old son doesn’t speak much either but he understands quite a bit. Our pediatrician said its nothing to worry about yet and that he should start taking off around 2 years old. One day recently he said two new words. It will come, you are doing the right things. P.S. My understanding is that boys take a little longer

It’s a one year old!!! Don’t worry!! Wait until 2 then think about it!!


He will talk when hes ready and that goes for everything else, those r recommendations not expectations

My daughter didnt start talking till like 1 and a half … I have a 13 month old right now who says mum and dada, that’s it and as far as i know that’s completely normal…

6 words correctly at 1?! Well my 14 month old is super delayed then! His pediatrician isn’t concerned though. My son has said Mama but has stopped; says dada to everything; can meow like a cat and roar like a dinosaur. He refuses to wave but can point. I think he is just going at his own speed. Don’t worry! I’ve known kiddos who learned sign language as babies and didn’t formally speak words until 2 or 3.

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My LO barely spoke until he was 3. I highly recommend not getting super stressed about perfectly timed milestones, if he’s hitting most of them I really wouldn’t worry. Just keep practicing and odds are he’ll get there eventually. All kids are so different. Try not to stress.

Babies do things on their own timetable. From the sounds of it, he sounds like a normal 1 year old. Give him time and don’t stress. He’ll get there eventually.

If by 2 there’s no words then I’d be looking for advice. Kids develop differently. I have an almost 2 year old that can say 3 words clearly and babbles the rest. My friend has a child the same age that can say 7 words clearly.
Keep doing what you’re doing and see where it goes.
If by 2 theres still no clear words, there are tons of self referral speech centers for children.

My 3 year old doesn’t even have 6 words he says correctly…

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All kids are different I would not worry about speech until they are three

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My son was the same way he just wasn’t interested when he turned 2 about a month later he just started talking and hasn’t shut up since🤣goodluck. Try speech bubbs I believe that’s the name.

I worked in child development for years. When a child is that age, there are a lot of skills they are trying to develop simultaneously. Many children will be delayed in one major skill because they are focusing on another based on what their goal is. When working with the kids, I noticed this was particularly true of walking and talking. I wouldn’t be too concerned about language “delays” at this age. Your little guy has a lot going on all at once. Once he starts figuring some other stuff out, he’ll get around to the talking when he’s ready. Keep encouraging it when you interact, but don’t feel the need to push it too hard. He’s perfectly normal.


No worries. Some children don’t say much til 2 years old.


My son didn’t talk a lot at one. His pediatrician said he needed to know so many words by 18 months. And he didn’t know them. A few weeks later he started talking like crazy!! You’re doing everything right! I wouldn’t start to worry just yet, give him some extra time. All babies learn at their own pace

My son didn’t either until he got into head start

Completely normal as long as he actually understands you. My daughter barely talked until she was almost three, now her vocabulary is amazing and she speaks like an adult. It’s kinda unnerving at times😂

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We read and sing a lot an encourage the sounds she can make with her voice. Not all kiddos catch on super quick <3

My son is 1 and a half. he uses 3 words properly… Please, More and Ta.
He doesn’t even say mum and dad anymore, or up.
He’s a very smart child as well. Every kid is different, don’t be do worried!

When I was little, I had tubes put in my ears, and that helped me hear a little. But I didn’t start talking until 3-4. Nothing wrong with me, just never spoke a lot until I was a little older

Chillax… boys are usually later… mine still won’t talk. Mom of 4 and not worried yet… he understands everything!

find a new doctor who understands child development so you are not needlessly stressed

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I asked my sister who pushed his button? My nephew pointed and grunted one syllable sort of words until he was almost 2 years old, then he started speaking. Complete sentences, no paragraphs. Each word was perfectly articulated. He understood everything.
So stop being so frightened.

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I’d have his ears checked and if that’s fine I wouldn’t worry about it. If he’s learning to walk he may be more focused on his gross motor skills than his physical ones. Also i learned boys move a little slower than girls. But all babies learn at their own pace

put him in speech therapy. will help wonders. my 5yr old was nkt talking at all at 3hrs old and now shes almost completely done with speech.

If he knows the meaning of “up” then make him say the word (to the best of his ability) before you pick him “up”. If he knows the meaning of “no” and “yes” make him also do the same thing when you’re asking him yes or no questions.
“Do you want this cracker?” wait for him to answer “yes” (in what way he can pronounce it) before you give it to him. Things like making it a part of their daily speech will help tremendously, especially when children start to realize they won’t get what they want until they give you what you want first.

My son hated talking, it was like he thought there was no need as he could just point and make noises, he’s now 3 and doesn’t shut up, I wouldn’t worry till 2/3 ish

My son did all his milestones behind what the timeframe is supposed to be. And he never crawled he tried once got up on hands and knees went 1 leg forward and then just went back to his army crawling.the only thing i missed of his firsts was rolling over the first time. I was in the hospital and it was a Tuesday my mom called me said he rolled over onto his stomach. Got off the phone and started bawling. My nurse comes in freaking out asking if im ok and im crying to her saying " my baby rolled over and i missed it" she went and got me Kleenex. I dont think she knew what to say.

Have his hearing checked/rechecked? Has he had a lot of ear infections or does it take a long time for them to go away, if so you may want to look into getting into an ENT for an evaluation for tubes. Also, at age one most boys don’t talk a lot compared to girls. Don’t stress just yet. Get his ears checked, everyday show and tell him what things are. Practice singing and reading. If he watches cartoons try to get him to watch ones that ask questions like Disney Jr. If he’s an only sibling you may try to take him to some play groups so he can interact more with other children. My oldest had to have tubes right before he turned two. We kept asking and asking but the pediatrician ignored me and until he finally listen but then I felt like it was too late and we had to play catch up. If you feel like your pediatrician is wrong or isn’t listening to your concerns don’t be afraid to get a second/third opinion. When we were in speech therapy mainly they played with little people toys and told him the names of the animals and try to have him repeat it. They would read to him. It’s mainly interactive play.

I would suggest getting additional doctors opinions. I’ve had 3 children (17, 15, and a soon to be 1 year old) and none of their doctors( 3 different pediatricians) measured speech milestones until at least 18 months.

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Do you have other children?? My 4th hardly spoke until he was 2. My pediatrician said, “He’s got 3 other children to speak for him. There’s nothing to worry about”. Get a sign language book and teach him some basics. You should speak what you’re signing. That may help. I taught mine please, thank you, hungry, drink and a few other basic things.


My son said the mama baba dada thing but his first and only word was doggy. He said that for couple weeks then stopped when he learned to walk at 15 months. I had him in speech therapy at 2 i believe. Once he started therapy he just took off. Went from nothing to using 3 4 word sentences. By 3 he was above where he was supposed to be in speech. My mom and i were talking about something one day in the car and he said “thats rediculous” he would use big words in the right context. He was in prek at 3 and they were learning a new word each week. He just needed help that i couldnt give him.

I wouldn’t worry until he’s 2. Boys tend to do things a little slower than girls. Just like most things for babies, let him figure it out. You can also play the “what’s this?” Game or anytime you give him something, tell him the proper name (bottle not baba) use very simple words. Don’t stress it yet. He’s still really young!

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He will get it all kids do it at different levels my son didn’t like to do anything when we were at the dr office but as soon as we left he was fine hes almost 3

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Shoot. He’s still a baby. He’ll get there when he’s ready. What the pediatrician says are just suggestions. Every baby is different. No need to force him. He’ll start talking when he’s ready.

My son didnt talk until he was almost 2. He has been in every excelled class and program his whole life.


My kids did not speak much until 2 and they are both very smart and successful adults!

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My grandson will be 1 in a few weeks and his only words r still dada and mama. When he is ready he will talk. When my kids were younger my boys took forever to talk but my girls were talking up a storm before they were 14-15 months old.

He’s obviously not gonna be a Politician let him develop normally

He’s still young. Just talk to him.

My son only said few words till he was 4 only say no and mom

I thought milestones were measured at 2 for speech


Make sure he doesn’t need tubes!

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Have ears checked and relax

My little guy kept getting low milestones with his speech, then just recently (he’s 3 now) he began talking all sorts of words and phrases.

…read read read, lots of books and just talking to him about everything you’re doing throughout the day. “These are your pants” “this shirt is red” “look at the birds, trees” etc.

Some kids take time to pick things up and then one day you wake up and they start talking and never stop… sometimes I wish I could go back to the quiet days :joy::joy::joy::heart::heart: good luck; don’t be too hard on yourself because every child is different and go their own pace :heart:

My son started speaking closer to age 2. Before that it was random words… one word and no sentences. He now is 10 and doesnt stop speaking… ever …and is an A student in languages and speech. Keep reading to your child and speaking. Every child develops differently but I persobally think reading to them is very important in developing their language skills

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Please please please don’t hold your child to any kind of milestones as far as talking. Every kid is different. I was constantly talked to by family member on how my son should be doing this or that by this age or that age. We talked to the pediatrician and she was understanding with all our concerns but she was not concerned at all. She knew that when he was ready he would talk. His vocabulary grew with each passing day. Now he is almost for and says words and phrases that we look at him like where did you learn that lol. Please be patient keep reading and talking to him. It helps more than you know. Next thing you know you will have a little chatter box on your hand.


At 2 years old, my son was ‘behind’ with his speech. I was told if it was still a concern at 3, they’d look into support. He turned 3 this week…and is such a chatterbox. Don’t worry x

My daughter is 15 months and babbles but serious words she only says are dada, mama, cat and quack. By the standards of your pediatrician, she’s WAY behind. But my pediatrician says she’s fine. And I think she’s fine. Each child is different. They’ll get there in their own time.


It’s been my experience, speech is a bit like walking…they will when they are ready. There is no rule to say when they should be doing things. If he was over two & half years, I may be a little concerned, depending on my observations…relax

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Milestones need to be more flexible…
My 6 year daughter was trying to string sentences at 13 months.
My now almost 1 year old son is like your little boy. Very much a physical being. Want to touch/wreck all the things!! He says “baby and baba” he babbles to himself and points while shouting…
He will speak. In his own time. He’s just too busy right now. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Never worry. Your child isn’t developmentally behind. He is definitely going in the right direction. Just encourage and he will surprise you. :grin:


Have him play with children that talk and he will soon do it to. Milestone are the stupidest things ever invented. My son never got teeth until he was over a year old and of course I was really upset but I was lucky enough to have an older more experienced dr and he said he will have better teeth and he has and he went on to be a very mature intelligent man and father


Sounds just like my grandson. Wouldn’t talk at all. Just couldn’t be bothered. He more grunted than anything but very very busy. Now at 2 he knows the whole alphabet, all his number to 10 in English and Spanish and doesn’t stop talking. All day long he talks to his toys and repeats everything we say. Keep doing what your doing but don’t stress about it. Ask for words when you give him something and see if he will repeat them. I bet in a few months he will be talking your ear off.

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Have you tried makaton? A lot of nurserys and schools use it as a way to communicate with children regardless of if they have speach delay or not as it’s a fun way of encouraging children to say the word and do the movement of the sign. I hope this helps! Wishing you and your son all the best x

It sounds like you have a normal child :slightly_smiling_face: mine only recently started putting words together and she’s two! Every kid is different. It sounds like his priorities are exploring and he’ll start talking and using words later. Don’t worry :slightly_smiling_face:

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Kids are all different they speak at their own timing, my son turning 2 and still can’t say mum or dad or say after me but I don’t bother cos I know his time will come, he now can count 1 to 10 . Be patient my son when 1yrs can’t hardly speak or point at things they are active so let him play and enjoy his time don’t stress over milestone cos there’s no milestone to measure when it comes to child development, they do things in their own timing