My baby has a diaper rash all the time: Advice?

What can I do for my baby who constantly gets a diaper rash? the second it clears up she has another and i feel so bad for her


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. My baby has a diaper rash all the time: Advice?

Change diaper brands

Change diapers or wipes. Could be what she’s eating also. I’d suggest changing briskets first though

Corn starch at every diaper change. Not talc.

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Desiten and baby powder with corn starch! Everytime you change her too put both of em on her… my LO had the same issue. Try sensitive wipes too

I second the change diaper brands. Also if you know anyone that has breast milk, see if you can get/buy some and either make lotion or a milk bath. I currently breastfeed my 2 month old, so when ever she starts to even look like she’s getting red, I give her a milk bath and it clears right up.

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Change diapers n get sum A&D ointment

Change diaper brands!

Monkey butt paste or powder.

Switch diaper brands. Wash their bottom with luke warm water at changes. Change them more often. Ensure they’re hydrating. Water is ok after 6 months. It helps lower the acid in urine.
I used Gold Bond baby powder. It took a day and it cleared up. I stopped using powder all together unless it was needed.

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Resinol works wonders. :raised_hands:t3:

I had the same problem. Had to go to all natural diaper brands !

Diaper rash can also be caused by food allergies or very acidic food. I know you said baby but not really sure they age.
It also could be a yeast infection which a pediatrician could prescribed a cream for.

My son is 2 and still struggles with diaper rashes due to food allergies and gi issues. His poop sometimes instantly burns his skin.

When baby has a bad rash try to stay away from wipes and use just water and a wash cloth it helps not irritate the skin more

My son was in the NICU for a couple of weeks post-birth and the doctor told us to only use extra strength Desitin. No Talc baby powder! Good luck, Mama!


Could be yeast. Speak to your dr…

She probably has acidic urine. Alot of times that happens during teething, too. I used to use gold bond powder when that would happen and always rinsed them in the sink with water, rather than using wipes. (I have 5 kids so I’ve tried a thing or 2.)

Sometimes a child’s pee or BM are too acidic for the skin. Put a vaseline barrier on before new diaper.


Change diaper brands, only water wipes and “la petite” lotion (Amazon) at every single change. Having a rash at every single diaper change usually means something in their diet is causing a very acidic reaction. The most likely culprit is milk. If child’s on formula you need to switch to a non milk-based formula and if you’re breastfeeding you need to cut dairy out of your diet. If little one is older and eating stop feeding child acidic type foods like oranges etc. You may also want to visit the doctor as it could also be caused by yeast infection. In that case you need Nystatin cream prescription.

Try cloth diapers. Try changing the disposable diapers your using. Change frequently. Consult your pediatrician if it continues. Much peace and love ☆

Change the diapers… That should fix the problem.

My kids both could not wear Pampers for that reason. Once I switched. Problem solved.

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Wiping front to back?

Change diaper brand sounds like they are allergic

If you’re using chemicals to clean your floor it can cause diaper rash from baby crawling on it and breathing it

Get a tub of A&D ointment

Use baking soda in her bath eveytime and it will be gone.

Line the pampers with cloth diapers

Get prescribed cream from the doctor

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Nystatin powder worked best on my grand daughter. She got diaper rash easily. Was more like a yeast infection.

Change diaper brand, get a size bigger diaper, and for mine it helped giving baths a little more frequently than I originally did

Change diaper brand, change wipe brand. Change diaper more often, even if its just a tiny bit of piddle. Wipe and dry every time before putting the diaper back on. And cream when it flares up. No baby powder.

You can use regular corn starch instead of powder. Also let you baby be naked as much as possible the rash needs to dry out. You can also get coconut oil and use corn starch to make a paste and use that as diaper cream after the current rash goes away. It’s what I used in my kids since their skin did not like any store bought diaper cream

Happen to my baby girl she is now bout to be 10 lol
I did everything
I can’t remember the name but it’s for yeast infection my boys used it for jock itch
My daughter had to be changed very frequently and applied the cream she was very sensitive down there

May be allergic to the diaper brand you’re using

I only use vaseline.never have any kind of rash…put it on thick

Change diaper often
Let baby air out
Change brand of diapers/wipes

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Nurse here :person_raising_hand: in a Tupperware container with a lid Make greers goo- equal parts of desitin, miconazole (yeast cream) and hydrocortisone… Its miracle cream


Could be the diapers, wipes, baby soap or lotion or maybe tummy imbalance where her poop is acidic. If she’s only on breast milk then it would be something your eating, if she’s only on formula then she might need it changed. If she’s already on solids then it’s probably something she’s eating. Prunes and bananas would give my daughter a really bad bleeding rash when she ate them even if I got the poopy diaper off right away. Use butt paste to clear it and vaseline to hopefully keep it away. Use trial and error to figure out the cause so you can fix it

I agree with the changing diaper brands and using unscented wipes and changing more frequently. My pediatrician recommended Desitin with a layer of Caldesene powder over it to create a wetness barrier. Worked like a charm and the powder is talc free.

Bigger nappy or check for yeast infection…

Check the diapers you are using could be the problem too

Change diaper brand for sure.

Baby Vaseline and corn starch works wonders for Our son and I had to change his diapers

Don’t use pampers or huggies diapers worse thing for diaper rash

Could be allergic reaction

When I say slather the butt cream on, I mean SLATHER IT ON THICK!! We used Boudreauxs extra strength, the kind in the red tube. Let their butt air out every so often. Just let em be nakey it’ll help. Switch to a non scented, sensitive skin wipe too (they tend to be cheaper!)
I swear by the Walmart brand diapers. They’re amazing for the price and I don’t know anyone so far that had a kid that broke out from them. Make sure they’re non scented as well!!

Use corn starch! Works every time!

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Get the yellow one, I swear by it.

change diaper brand.
Water wipes.
triple paste cream.

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My childern have extremely sensitive skin; I have prescription diaper creme for both! And almost never have diaper rashes ! I think it is worth mentioning to your pediatrician.

To much acidity in the urine… in the diet… cut out all juices… Dec no sodas… bottled or boiled water only :blush:


Go on Amazon and get a tube of Corona…my family has used it for diaper rash and dry skin for over 50 years. Awesome stuff!

This is the only diaper rash cream I use. It helps tremendously in hours. My Nana used it on me when I was a baby and now I use it on my littles :blush: I have tried everything, homemade and organic but this is the one cream that never lets me down.

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We used lotrimin cream, it’s for athletes foot. But it could be a yeast type of diaper rash. It’s worth a try.

Cornstarch or Vaseline.

I clean him up and apply some vaseline after every diaper change. It’s been working for us. He used to get diaper rashes every other week but not anymore. we’re now turning 6mo

Wash the baby’s butt under cool water with ivory soap every time

We switch to cloth diaper and it helped with rashes.

Talk to your doctor.
Stay at Home Moms :fire:

Just curious, you say baby but how old? what type of foods or drinks do you give, or if you are breast feeding? What do you consume? Acidic foods may be the cause. My daughter has gotten rashes after orange juice even if diluted, And some acidic foods aswell. But oat meal baths and aquafor have always been my go to, works like a charm.

Alternate moisturizing and drying, and change the type of diapers
It could be an allergy to the diapers but my daughter was like this too and I had to consistently try to dry up the rash without it being too dry that it makes a new problem

Witch hazel worked when Nystatin didn’t.

Change diaper brands!!!
My kids did too!!
They couldn’t wear anything except Huggies!!!

I used corn starch to prevent diaper rash. Dont use it to treat if its already there though because it Will make it worse.

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Neosporin and powder

most important step, change diaper as soon as she wets or poos, use butt paste generously and when her bottoms are really bad and need more protection add some caldesene powder.

Desitin ain’t a thing anymore?

Maybe it’s what she is eating or the diaper brand. Butt paste is good for diaper rash.

Could be the diaper brand or the baby wipes you’re using. The wipes broke my son out and when i changed to a different brand, he stopped having bad rashes .

With a diaper rash I would rinse her bum off in the sink water, pee or poop. Then I would dab her dry with a towel and use a lot of aquaphor to put a barrier. This helps so much! Do NOT continue to use wipes.

Change diaper as soon as she pees Wash area. Put butt past on it for a couple of days. It will be gone. It’s available at Walmart and is actually called “ Butt Paste “

Call your doctor because if it’s not due to the diapers or wipes, it could be a sign of diabetes or sugar issues!

Just consistently use :100: cornstarch a thin layer every time and works like a charm, don’t add any moisture unless the child has a sore for helping with burning.

Change brand of diapers and use A&D ointment

If you’re breastfeeding, that would be the obvious answer. Watch what your eating. If not, keep diaper rash meds on till you can talk to doctor

Def talk to her Dr about it

Medical grade manuka honey will help keep it clear but it’s possible she’s allergic to the diapers that you’re using

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Air it out! So what if they poop, let them air it out

Try switching up diaper and wipe brands

The red tube of Butt Paste is all that worked for diaper rash for my kids

Try corn starch. It works wonders


I went to a doctor who told me I was keeping my son too clean. Only wash bottom after poop, not for pee. Say what you want but it worked.

Corn starch with A&D cream :ok_hand:t2: take a bath with baking soda :point_up_2:t2: this will heal it very fast and keep baby as dry as possible change diaper regularly don’t let baby sit in a wet diaper or this will continue if possible let the baby air out as much as you can lastly it could definitely be a good sentivity :pray:t2::confounded:

It may be her urine, to strong.

Could be a yeast infection or the fact she is allergic to her own waste (yes that’s a thing my cousin is). I say change her as soon as she pees/poops in the diaper and see if it helps. My kids never had diaper rash cause I changed them so frequently. However my daughter was allergic to a brand of daughters and that looked like a diaper rash. Changed diapers and it went away. This has been 16 yrs ago and I can not remember what brand it was tho. I also used luvs diapers if that helps.

Plain cornstarch or you can make a paste with Vaseline. Its better then any store brought cream

Water wipes and tubby Todd!

Change diaper brands.

Baking soda bath for their bums , you have to get a extra strength diaper cream from doctor !! Nyastatin works for us !

Everybody is raving bout these!! No matter how full they are, they stay dry to the touch! Meaning no more diaper rash on the littles!!

Arbonne diaper cream is amasing. Also works for adults with sweat sores in groan and under breasts.

Air! Take diaper off when you can and air out!


I had to change to all natural Huggies diapers from pampers swaddlers. It made a huge difference! Cleared up in a few days. I also started using all natural huggies wipes. Never had another diaper rash! Good luck!

First thing is contact her pediatrician. Second is put cornstarch on her when you do diaper changes. No creams, just cornstarch.

Change diapers, and change her more often .
I babysit a baby boy and he got a very bad rash , we use this combination and worked amazing ( first the cream and then the powder)

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Pinxav my mom used that on my sister and I used it on all my kids and grandkids, love it! Works fast. However if your child is having this issue all the time, even with frequent diaper changes, you may need to consult with your pediatrician, it could be diet related, or something in regular diapers that they are allergic to

Maybe change brands of diapers or wipes or both. And if it’s just pee don’t use a wipe just for poop use a wipe, maybe that will help ! it helped my son when his pediatrician said to do that so maybe try

Butt paste is the best thing I’ve found. Put it on every time after diapering and after evening bath. Also during diapering, use a cool towel to clean the area (even if she’s only tinkled) before applying the cream. The wipes usually burn my little guy so I use a cool towel when he has a rash.

Butt paste and a bathe