My baby is breech. Is there anything I can do?

I’m 29 weeks pregnant and my baby is breech, so I’m wondering if any other mommas had the same problem and if so, what are things I can do to help my baby turn?


You are only 29 weeks. Give it some time.

Your baby still has a little time to turn around but if not you can ask your dr for options

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You have a bit your baby could still turn around.

Still plenty of time for baby to turn

You are literally only 29 weeks dont expect them to turn right away they’ll turn alone when they’re ready. I’m 31 weeks and my baby is in the process for turning over


You still have quite a bit of time… especially if it’s your first child it’ll take til 37+ weeks for baby to turn

I had 5 kids, the last one was breech. They turned her 2 weeks before she was born by using ultrasound and pushing on my belly.

You still have 10 weeks! there’s plenty you can do. Googling about it will give you pictorial instructions. Talk to a midwife or specialized chiropractor

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Still plenty of time for your baby to turn on its own

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Get on all 4’s best way for baby to turn x

Your baby still has time to wiggle around and drop

Go to the chiropractor and have them do the Webster Technique

You have a while. I wouldn’t try and do anything on your own. You don’t know where the umbilical cord is or if you will do any damage to your baby. I would wait it out , you have time.


My baby was breach at 39 weeks. Cold peas at top heating pad at bottom.

YouTube has different stretches you can do. But your not to the cut off yet for another 7 weeks

My baby just turned at 31 weeks

The baby will turn itself closer to your due date. My son was like that even at 30 weeks even he was breech and now that I’m 37 he’s been head down since then.

My son didnt turn til 38 weeks. I remember when he did.

You still have plenty of time, definitely discuss with your doctor, sometimes they can help rotate baby or use a flashlight an it will follow it. Definitely don’t do anything without talking to your doctor just to be safe!


This is not a pregnancy complication. This is normal. Geez.

I’m 35 weeks she’s still breech. Try not to stress too much. Whatever is safest for delivery is all that matters :blush:


Baby can still turn bells didnt till like 34 weeks.

You still have lots of time. Mine was transverse and literally didn’t turn until the day before my scheduled C-section. As soon as she turned I went into labor that night.

My baby was breech and still turned on his own at 39 weeks and I did nothing special for that to happen. Still early, just give it time.

Baby has plenty of time to turn. Don’t worry about it

My baby was breech until around 32 weeks. Lots of time :blush:

You have plenty of time for baby to turn I wouldn’t stress it to much normally baby turns and puts head down when it’s close to delivery. My daughter was head up at 30wks by 36wks she was head down

I wouldn’t worry too much my son didn’t turn until I was 34 weeks and boy I remember the day he did lol but my daughter turned at 28 you still have time

Inversion can be done but if baby doesnt want to flip they wont

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Babies can still turn until the day of delivery

My daughter was breech. I did EVERYTHING to try to encourage her to flip. Exercises, exercise ball, stretches, positions, ice packs on her head and heating pad down low… I even attempted an External Cephalic Version. Unfortunately, it was unsuccessful. I delivered on October 9th via Csection to healthy baby girl!


I’m 28 and baby breech as well but all is well and no signs of premature labor so I’m sure baby will turn when its almost time so don’t worry you got several weeks left baby will do its thing

You can get in doggy style position and sway/rock! I’ve seen it work! My friend was delivering twins. Twin B was breech! They delivered A, then turned her over to sway/rock. Baby B flipped just in time!

Baby has time to turn

My baby turned at 35 weeks. There’s still plenty time for baby to turn :slight_smile:

You have time. My last baby was heads down until I hit 7 cm then flipped breech in labor. I know you’re trying to avoid a C-section. But this is not something you can really control.

mine turned naturally closer to time

They don’t worry until closer to 36/37 weeks. At 29 weeks They can be breech one minute then flip head down. There’s still so much room in there.

Both my kids were breeched they will turn on their own. Don’t stress. My youngest didn’t turn till the day of my c section then I had to be induced

Get in the pool or tub.

My daughter went in to be induced. They did an ultrasound that night and said the baby was breech and said she would probably have to have a c section in the morning but over night she turned and my daughter went into labor naturally. Safe natural delivery.

My daughter was breech and she never did turn. But they could try and turn your baby for you.

They wouldnt do inversion on me. Theres def still time to flip!

you have a lot of time before baby gets into its final position… I wouldn’t stress too much right now

Does have plenty of time to turn. Mine was also breech though still at 38 weeks. I had an awesome doctor though, she took me to the hospital, placed her hands on my belly, grabbed the baby and gently rotated him, then I had to wear this harness belt for a week so he won’t turn again. They induced me a 39 cuz they didn’t want to chance him turning. But you still have lots of time yet.

Be patient. My son turned 1 WEEK before I was due!

You’re only 29 weeks love. Try not to stress to much, babies can literally move in a day from breech to not and vise versa. My 2nd was breech(sideways) and my youngest is breech(feet down) he went from head down to breech in literally 2 days that i had between an ultrasound and the next. I was shocked but she told me they can do that in even 1 day. Be very careful trying to do things at home like trying to turn the baby etc your doctor or midwife might because they know exactly what to do and will scan before. Drink lots of water to get baby moving. I had to have a csection for my 2nd because she stayed breech till over 40 weeks.

You have plenty of time, sometimes they don’t turn until right when they’re ready to come out. Mine didn’t turn until the week of delivery, all 3 of them.

Plenty of time to turn. More active later in pregnancy

Girl you’re only 29 weeks you still have a way to go. Ypu know what you can do?? Relax, I’m sure the baby will turn in 10 weeks

Give it time. Baby will turn. My was breech at 35weeks and at 38 weeks he moved position. Ready for labor.

My baby was breech at 29 weeks and she turned on her own. I was frank breech during my moms entire pregnancy and was born that way. Some babies turn on their own, so be patient.

I think my last one was still breech at 32 weeks he turned. He was 10lb5oz when he was born at 41 weeks

All these people say baby has plenty of time to turn… bubba might not turn, my baby was breach from 32 weeks, I was scheduled for c section on the 19th July, waters broke 17th July 4am and I had to have emergency c section by 7.15am daughter came into this world at 7.33am.
I tried everything to get her to turn! Bouncing on a yoga ball, laying down with feet on the couch, having a warm bath with an ice pack on her head, doctor tried turning her externally, she didn’t want to budge. Google “how to turn breach baby” there are lots of you tube videos that are safe to try :blush:

My gyno tried f or several weeks to turn my daughter and she didnt want to turn. I gave birth to her bum first. Safely in1981.

There’s still plenty of time for baby to turn. No need to be concerned about it unless your doctor is.

My daughter was breached until 36 weeks that when they turn around usually to head for the birth canal

They usually turn on their own closer to delivery

Honey my daughter was breech for a while Dr said I would need a C-section I was in bed one night I felt this weird feeling went back to the Dr the next. week she had turned I felt it I just knew I told the Dr that mothers know

My doctor did an aversion…she turned my son by pushing him. Easy enough to do.

My son didn’t turn until 37 weeks. You have plenty of time. And if you try to turn baby now, it could just flip again.
There are some cool websites with guided exercises, if you get close to the end with no turn.

They say get on all 4s

Plenty of time for baby to flip. If it gets closer and your doctor becomes concerned, they can massage your abdomen to try to encourage your baby to flip head down before labor. Don’t worry yourself about it too much right now, though.

There is still time, the baby will flip around a little before time. Dont stress, I’m 37 weeks and my nany flipped again last week and is back flipped down now

Look up

My daughter was breech all the way through my pregnancy, the day my waters broke 5 weeks early she went head down :joy:

My first was he turned a few days before birth.

You have plenty of time for the baby to turn

Mine was breech until a few hrs before he came out. I remember feeling him turn.

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My B flipped at 38.3 weeks. There’s still time.

Get on you hands and knees and rock back and forth. This was a trick my Mother had new mommas do in the hospital. She worked in OB for 38 years.

You can see a chiropractor that specializes in turning breeched babies. Sometimes your doctor can do it too. My son was breech and i ended up having a c section because of it.

They turn when there ready

Good chance he/she will turn on it’s own. Mine did ans all was good!

I swam and it worked

My second daughter was breech. Then she went head down, back to breech, head down and back to breech all in a very short time. She stayed breech and came out of my abdomin foot first. Everything will work out.

I was 37 weeks and we found out my daughter was breeched. We tried everything! What I truly believed worked was finding a chiropractor who specialized in breech pregnancy. I am convinced he got her to turn head down. No pain at all.

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My baby was frank-breech until week 36! He finally flipped so they canceled my c-section and I was able to deliver naturally after being induced at 41 weeks! Wait it out, it’s still early!

I had ultrasound with my first child a week before my due date she was still breech. Then again 2 days before and she was breech. But the went ahead and took her that day cause she was a 10lb baby.
My Dr always told me that a baby will sometimes wait till contractions start to turn.

Calm down for one thing, you still have lots of time for the baby to turn. The worst thing that could happen is baby doesn’t turn and you have a C-section.

Get yourself a doula. They’re GREAT

My daughter was breeched all the way up to 37 weeks but she flipped onnher own. Give youre child a little while longer i would start to worry at about 39 to 40 weeks

You can have the baby flipped day you go into labor. Just have the baby checked after for broken bones.

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I was breech when I was 33 weeks I’m now almost 36 weeks my baby turned on its own!

With 3 of them up until 37 weeks and they all flipped

I tried from 19 weeks to 36 when I had her to flip her, nothing worked for me. Try spinning babies.

My youngest was beech. There’s not anything you can do. The dr said they could attempt to turn the baby by physically pushing my stomach. But that rarely works. I just scheduled a c section. My sister’s baby was same and she let them try to turn baby with no success. Her stomach was bruised and hurt from them pushing on her. Still had to have c section

I think there is plenty of time so dont stress over it! Check with your doctor and see what he/she says. I think there are excercises you can do, which help turn the baby “supposedly” .

My son was breeched until 35 weeks.

I heard they turn you around not sure LOL! I think my sister was trying to be born feet first she has curled toes

You’re early still. Mine flipped regularly until 39.5 weeks. She was born at 41+4

dnt do anything baby will turn on his own just walk around

Baby has plenty of time to turn. My oldest turned at 38 weeks and brought me up out of the bed lol. It felt like the world flipped.

There is still more than enough time for the baby to right itself

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Not worry about it yet bcuz they flip all the time. I’m 32 weeks and my daughter has flipped around 4 or 5 times now.
My first was breech and stuck in my ribs so there was no going into labor. My second was breech then flipped then went back to breech and flipped back days before they took him out.
When you hit 35-37 weeks and your still breech then start to worry about it. Stop stressing yourself.

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My baby girl was breached to almost my whole pregnancy I saw a chiropractor but she never flipped I ended up having a C-section all worked out

Also, you do NOT have to have a c-section for a breech baby. It’s an option, yes, but you can birth a breech baby vaginally.

My baby was breech until the week she was born. No need to worry. She will flip when it’s time.

Relax! My second was still flipping back and forth up until 39 weeks, they did a bedside sonogram at my 39 week appointment just to make sure he was head down.