My baby is breech. Is there anything I can do?

My daughter was breech as well until I talked to my chiropractor & she did different things to help turn her, she didn’t touch the baby/belly at all. I was seen throughout my whole pregnancy & it was the best, very helpful.

Baby still has time to turn. My baby turned after 2nd ultrasound.

My son was breech at 25 weeks and now I dont know what he is because it feels the same and I got denied my last ultrasound to find out and I’m 36 almost 37 weeks

Please don’t attempt to turn her yourself. You have plenty of time for her to flip on her own. Babies flip back and forth often. Just wait for her to do her thing. And if it’s necessary, the doctor can do it. But please please please don’t try anything on your own.

Take a Luke warm bath and try to gently coax that little one around… by rubbing Ur tummy … gently pushing them to turn… Talk to to them maybe some laughing will help… most import!!! Stay calm!!! U panic they panic!! I watched a super cool video on a doctor who did it in the hospital so don’t worry if U can’t get them to turn. If U lay down in an uncomfortable position that might help them move their own selves in to a better position… remember they are in a sac within another sac surrounded by liquid and muscle… U guys will be ok! :heart:

It still has time to turn its self


Mine was breech and then sideways and breech again up until about 36 weeks! I didnt do anything she turned in her own. You have plenty of time but I know its stressful! Good luck!!

Yes my son was breach but my obgyn turned him around

You still have 11 weeks. Baby can flip on it’s own


That baby will flip and turn constantly and doing something now will usually end up in baby moving position again. Relax dont stress

Peppermint oil in a counter clock rotation on your belly. :slightly_smiling_face: you still have time mama, baby will probably move on it’s own.

I went on all fours on my elbows and rocked back and forth for good 5 minutes. It worked

At 29 weeks it’s not a problem. Theyll most likely flip on their own before it’s time.

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Your baby has PLENTY of time to turn

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Your still early. Sometimes the baby turns much closer to your due date and if by the time you attend your last appointment your doctor will manually do it.

I had an External cephalic version (ECV)with my second but I was full term.

Mine was sideways at this point, she finally flipped later on.

Excerise ball, my baby was back to back and it helped turn him but he went back

Youre still early. Give them time to move. Dont try to do it yourself.

My first was breech natural she took her time but is fine

Baby still has roughly 11 weeks to flip. Mine flipped at 37 weeks

Mine flipped between Thursday doctor appointment and Monday appointment for C Section give the baby time

Mine was breech till 32 weeks I think? And even after that she flipped once or twice just for fun. They have time to turn around on their own!

I’m 25 weeks today and my baby was breech at my 20 week ultrasound but I have to repeat it tomorrow. I’ve been told with my daughter who’s 15 months that there’s still plenty of time for them turn at that point and it’s more common that some think. I’m Sure your ob will keep an eye and close to the end will do something

You’re early, baby can turn before your due date

I just had the csection :joy: I didn’t care.

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My granddaughter stayed breech until a week before due so don’t worry you’re still early

Try anything you can atm. While you’re still early, each week after 32 weeks brings you closer to a c-section.

Oh girl you got so much time left . be patient

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I was 20 something weeks when my son was breech. He ended up turning around on his own, and once your baby turns around, you won’t have to worry about them being breech again

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Baby can be breech one second and be head down another at this stage. They have plenty of room to flip flop still. Completely normal up until 36 weeks. If baby is still breech after 36 weeks that’s when it becomes worrisome and your doctor may schedule an aversion. My 2 month old stayed breech right up to 36 weeks and finally turned when we went to our last ultrasound to check her position before scheduling an aversion. Don’t worry momma baby still has plenty of time to turn.

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My youngest daughter didn’t turn around until right before she was born at about 37 weeks

My baby was breeched until my 36 wk ultrasound. She turned on her own. And I had her at 41 wks 5 days.


Babies dont flip until they’re ready to.

Ice cubes on ur tummy. Orange juice drink.

Your baby still has plenty of time to flip so don’t stress love

The baby might turn on it’s own. Still has time so no worries.

Spinning babies all the Way! You can also use peppermint oil midwife uses it to move breach babies.

my baby was breech the whole pregnancy didnt turn until 39 weeks

You still have time. I was around 35 weeks when my daughter finally turned on her own. Just do what your OBGYN tells you.

You’re only 29 weeks, that’s still fairly normal for baby not to be in position yet.

All you can do is pray it turns at the last. Minute

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You still have plenty of time for your baby to turn. My youngest did. But in some cases the Dr. can turn - help the baby turn at birth. They told me this when my was breech.

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My oldest was breech until 36 weeks. She flipped and i had a vaginal delivery. My second was breech and she never flipped, C-section with her.

It’s still normal at 29 weeks to be breach, your baby will still do all kinds of flips between now and your due date…


I had this same issue a couple weeks ago. (Now week 36) If she didnt turn by the next appointment they were going to manually turn her. There are some safe yoga positions that I tried to give her more room to turn. Luckily she turned and is now ready to go! Just dont panic, if they havent turned, your doc will do what they can to help. Good luck :blush::+1:t2:

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My son was breach at 28 weeks and flipped himself by the time I had my 32 weeks altrasound

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You’re baby will most likely turn later. Mine was breech until 36wks.

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My 3rd was transverse until 37 weeks. They were going to book me in for a c section. The day before the appointment she turned. Spinning babies helped heaps.

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Sometimes they turn on thier on but if not they might have to be turn or take the the baby by surgery.

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Yeah bubby will keep spinning don’t worry until d-day


Babies turn way later than that sometimes. dont worry. Maybe look up turning babies.

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My daughter didn’t turn until 38 weeks. Don’t stress.

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My baby is breech I’m 25 weeks. My 1st was breech until 2 weeks before his due date. You’ve got plenty of time baby will turn


What everyone else said baby still has time to go heads down

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Don’t worry yet still lots of time for baby to flip. My baby was breech the doctor had to turn her at 38 weeks 3 days


My sec.son turned positions when i was in active labor .good luck don’t stress .things will be ok,prayers are with you always.

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I heard many babies turn starting around 32. I was told at 31 wks he was breech and about 5 days later when they checked for something else, he was head down already. I’m at 33 now.


My baby turned on her own at about 33 weeks, so don’t worry too much just yet! Your doctor or midwife will start giving you tips as well once you get past 34 weeks if they’re still breech.

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You got plenty of time for baby to flip.

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Mine turned at 32 weeks.

Still got time to turn on its own…

My son was breech up until 39 weeks and we tried to have the doctor flip him but he wouldn’t do it so I had a c section that same day, it really wasn’t that bad. Turns out baby boy was stuck on my spine and couldn’t flip.

My baby was breeched as well around that time. No biggie you got time for them to turn on their own and they will swim alot in there. I’m 33wks now and hes fine. It only becomes a concern close to when you are due or before you give birth.

You got time for baby to move. If not I’m sure the nurses and doctors will know what to do. Don’t stress about it, stress is not good for a pregnant momma.

U still got plenty of time. Doctors dont really start becoming concerned till at least 36wks. But even then they can turn up until birth. But look into spinning babies exercises

My mom used ice cubes to chase my sister down out of her ribs maybe it could work for you

I had a boy breech came butt first I laid more hours having him than in labor they didn’t even take me to have a c section I lost a lot of blood if he wasn’t for my fourth child they told we both wouldn’t of made it

I was told my son was breached buring my 20th week and bc he was too big for my frame he made it difficult to breathe that my mom suggested I go to a mexican sobandera or masseuse. She was able to flip my baby with gentle massage while inhaling deep and exhaling as she guided him in the correct position and it worked but to my luck my son was not happy and would flip back in a matter of hours. But again he was too big for my frame that he was delivered via c-section at 32 weeks

This is NOT a pregnancy complication. This is completely NORMAL.

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My daughter was breech up til a week before my due date she flipped on her own n my son laid transverse til 32 weeks then he was heads down for a while both kids r c-section babies due to trouble with first birth

Spinning Babies! See if you can find someone near you certified to help. Also, acupuncture can help and spend time on your hands and knees

My daughter couldn’t turn because her cord was wrapped around her neck. Just let nature take its course, it may well be for the best x

My baby was breech to n I had her natural birth n everything was fine, she was really small though she only weighed 4lbs 6ozs. I’m praying for you. See what the Dr says also
Good luck SWEETIE

You still have plenty of time for that baby to turn, but look into “spinning babies” if you’re seriously concerned. It may help. Visiting a chiropractor may also be helpful. Try to avoid a c-section at all costs and look up the risks of them manually turning a baby.


Are you kidding, csection! Way less painful than pushing that baby out of your vagina!! Trust me, first baby was turned had csection. The dr. Said I was the only one he’s ever heard laugh during the procedure. Then tried twins naturally…no way! Csection! Just my opinion

My baby was breech. My doctor tried with all her might to turn her but it was a no go! I’m five feet tall and bless her heart – she had a big head. So we had a C-section and she was the prettiest baby. My son came VBAC with no problems two years later. This was 30 years ago. I hope you’re tall with plenty of room.

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My daughter was beech. I tried laying inverted on an ironing board propped on the couch…but the day she turned I had gone to an acupuncturist and then when I got home I knelt next to and leaned on my exercise ball and rocked and swayed. I felt her turn and called my midwives the next morning to get checked out and sure enough she was head down!! Good luck momma!

The manually flipped one baby & I delivered one vaginally feet first. It can be done. Dont let them force you into having a csection just because of it. You have to push harder & they have to monitor more closely. But you can do it!


If they don’t flip at 35-38 weeka they will do an inversion. They didthis with my first and he didn’t flip, next day he flipped on his own. Then he was stubborn and came a week later after 28 hours of labor by csection!

That’s normal at that stage of gestation. Stay active and the baby will flip.

My son was breech. I’m 39 and he was my last. He stayed breech until 29 weeks. He finally turned. I also had a lot of amniotic fluid, so they were worried he would turn back and I would have to have a c-section.

I went to the chiropractor and he did the Webster technique, which flipped my son. I was a few weeks away from due date.

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You still have weeks to go for baby to turn on it’s own. My daughter was breech and turned a week before I had her

Believe it or not my daughter was breeched the night before I talked to her n the day of surgery my doctor checked to see if maybe she has flipped n she actually did I was super happy!! They listen to you

My baby turned breach in the 8 month C-.section

They will either do a version at 35 or 36 weeks… manually turn baby…I had same problem with my last 2…but the last one she ended up Frank and I had to have a c section…but the time b4 that he just needed a little scooch to straighten out

Baby still has plenty of time to head south. :heart:

Yeah,it’s way too early to be concerned with that! You have plenty of time for babe to flip.


I’m 30 weeks, and just had my check up yesterday, and my OBGYN told me that they dont have to be turned until between 34 and 36 weeks is usually when they flip.

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29 weeks… baby doesnt need to turn anytime soon. Some babies turn around during labor. Plus breech isn’t the emergency that doctors like to say it is. You can birth a breech baby. See if theres a CPM near you. Dont go to a nurse midwife though.

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… babies don’t usually go head down until 30-34 weeks. Sometimes not until 36 weeks… chill out.

Yoga! Downward dog. But my last baby turned at like 35 weeks :blush:

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You have plenty of time. My son was breech and flipped at 36 weeks.

i seen a dr on a Reality show turn a baby right before birth, it was awesome, good luck 

My daughter kept flipping. At 38 weeks she finally stayed head down

Most babies are still rolling & flipping at that stage. I’d be more worried at 34-35 wks. Then there are techniques that dr can do. All are not without risk.

You have plenty of time for the baby to turn

My gal didn’t flip until I was like 34 weeks
There’s still time

It’s still early so baby could flip naturally. If it doesn’t happen near full term eventually doctor can do a maneuver called for short an ECV to help manipulate baby into place. But u still have plenty of time. I wouldn’t worry about it until farther along, god bless tho, congrats