My Best Friend Stopped Talking to Me When I Told Her I Was Pregnant: Advice?

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"I need advice. My best friend has not talked to me since I told her that I was pregnant (4 weeks ago) before then ,she was at my house every single day and basically living here with my boyfriend and I. I am so confused on what is happening because she wont even take my calls and texts anymore and she unfriended my boyfriend on facebook…she is pregnant too so its not like she cannot have kids or anything so I am just confused on what I did wrong…we have been best friends for years and now i just feel heartbroken that she isnt here for me when i am always there for her…how can i fix this when she wont even talk to me?"

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"This might be far fetched but it sounds to me like she wanted your man."

"Dude who is her baby daddy"

"It’s just my opinion but maybe she’s pregnant by your man too and that’s why she unfriended him and now refused to see and talk to you…"

"Some people can’t handle others taking the spotlight away from them. They want to be the centre of attention"

"She is either upset you and pregnant too and "taking the spotlight " or she wanted your dude or a combo"

"My first thought was that she’s prego with your bf’s kid and he was probably telling her he was gonna leave you, but now you’re pregnant so she’s pissed that he won’t leave you now."

"Maybe she is pregnant with ur boyfriend’s baby too"

"Maybe she thinks he aint shi… and is sad to know you are now stuck with him for life."

"Sounds like she’s probably pregnant with your man’s kid, and is pissed off because he was still sleeping with you. Unless you know for sure who the father of her kid is, that’s what it probably is."

"Might sound crazy, but are you sure your man and friend didn’t have something going on? Does she have a man?"

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It popped in my mind before i even read the comments. I am always goving bennefit of the doubt to people however this smells lile cheating to me.