My Boss Is Married and Flirting With Me, Help!?


"So I’ve been at my job for a little over 2 years now. In the beginning, me and my boss flirted here and there but it wasn’t anything serious. Well as time passed, things got very serious, QUICKLY… which wouldn’t be a problem except he’s married, and twice my age. He says him and his wife are getting a divorce, and that he wants to leave her. I feel so shitty because I think the world of his wife, but they have nothing to do with each other. My struggle is how close he’s gotten to me and my son.. so when shit finally hits the fan it’s going to be very messy. Do I end it before it gets worse or just leave it be? I’m so torn, because it should’ve never gotten this far."

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"Crossed the line…back up and keep him out of ur life. One of you will end up being fired."

"How is this even a question? You are wrong and he is wrong, stop it now."

"He’s played you from the get go. He isn’t planning on leaving his wife. You’re his side piece. Leave him. IF he ever gets a divorce then perhaps revisit, but I’d tell you he is going to do the same thing he did to her."

"Your boss is a married man he hasn’t left his wife… many men promise to leave and never do. Do yourself a favor and walk away go find a real man that doesn’t cheat…"

"If you thought the world of his wife, you wouldn’t be messing around with her husband. Sorry, you did this to yourself."

"You never play with someone else’s man. Once a cheater is always a cheater."

"Why put your son in that situation? Don’t you want a real relationship with someone for you and your child?"

"He’s gotten close to you and your child. Flirting would be bad enough but this sounds like it is past the point of flirting. Yes, he’s guilty but why are you even flirting with a married man to begin with?"

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