My Boyfriend Suddenly Doesn't Want a Second Baby After Years of Trying... But I'm Already Pregnant


My boyfriend and I have a 9-year-old daughter. We were not a couple in her early years of life, but we are now.

We’ve been living together as a family for the past 3 years, and all of us couldn’t be happier. Since we’ve been together (3 years), my bf and I have been trying to have another baby. We were starting to feel like failures until it finally happened. I’m pregnant! But when I went to tell him, he freaked out. And is now questioning whether we should go through with having the baby.

I’m totally devastated. When we first got back together, it was HIM that insisted we have another baby, not me. I was very fine with just having our one child being that she’s already getting too old for any potential new child to be a real playmate for her anyways. But I did everything I could to get pregnant FOR HIM.

Idk what to think now. He says I can keep the baby if I want to have it, but I know he’s not thrilled about having the baby at all. I’m heartbroken by his sudden change in heart now that I’m actually pregnant. He knows I want to keep it, and I know he doesn’t. And now we are barely speaking to each other. Idk how we can get past this?"

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I would suggest getting him into couples therapy since this was something he previously agreed to. Get to the root of his issue.