My boyfriend told me his ex was prettier than I am: Advice?

He sounds like a very disrespectful man… How old is he?
You have 2 choices.
First: Tell him that ur ex had a bigger dicks and prettiest eyes.
Second: Leave him and find urself a nice man.

Maybe he is still grieving and never got to heal properly before getting into a relationship with you. Be patient and time will heal.

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No because in ur mind you are going to feel like a second choice


He’s still grieving her, I personally don’t think now is the time for him to be with someone else he needs support through this.
BUT he shouldn’t of voiced that opinion especially to you as I doubt he would like you saying your ex is better looking than him

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Next time he finds a prettier woman he will dump you.

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Consider it a red flag, I would be wondering what was coming next


No… That’s wrong on his in… If u wasn’t pretty why he with u? And why he bring his ex up anyway?


You need to get over it if you don’t you’re gonna sabotage your relationship over a deceased ex girlfriend

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Only a dude that is immature can speak to a woman like that.

If you can forgive him for 1 hurtful comment & move past it then stay. If not then move on. Only you can decide what is best for you. Personally I wouldn’t want to be compared to a ex as you both are different people. Words hurt. Don’t reply with a hurtful comment back as that makes you look just as bad.


It’s a process for him. I had an ex the past away (cancer) it took me years to move on. Everything was always a what if? Every guy I dated felt like a fill in. I know it sounds mean but it took years of therapy. That’s just me but maybe he feels the same. If you really care for him give him sometime. But I never said anything like this to someone just trying to give you my insight.

Depends on if you want to get over it or not.


Kill em so he can go R.I.P with her …f*ck him


You may get over it, but you won’t forget it. Forgive and forget doesn’t go together very good.

Just say that your ex had a bigger dick than him then call it even :woman_shrugging:t3:


Speaking from the outlook of having my boyfriend suddenly pass away, it’s not something to look at like he was trying to offend you. I wouldn’t take it to heart.

Kick his ass to the curb. And go back to his ex. What a piece of shit…

There is nothing worse than feeling like a fill in substitute :broken_heart:

Girl; leave him!!! You deserve so much better. Never let anyone compare you to anyone, living or deceased. Take it from someone who’s been through it; don’t drown yourself for someone who knows how to swim :heart:

I feel as thou he is in a very cruel round about way trying to tell you, he wants you to change yourself to be more prettier may it be the clothing you wear or the makeup you wear. Point blank he does not deserve you! He will never be happy with you! It’s because you aren’t his ex that had passed away and for you to stay in a relationship like this will only be and get more toxic. Ps… people aren’t supposed to change you and vice versa you are supposed to find someone that excepts you for you and does not change who you are or compare you to others. Good luck sweetheart :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Red Flag! Sooner or later it will slap in you in the face


Personally I’d rather be Beautiful over pretty anyday! He needs to change up his vocabulary sister!

Tell him your ex was fabulous in bed. He is mediocre…then high five his ass on the way out the door

Don’t ignore how you feel now if your guts telling you something listen

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It’s always going to be in the back of your mind. Tell him you ex had a better body than he does. Let him marinate in that.


Girl get this clear don’t be with a person who loves u for you looks because some years we all be old at that time no one will look beautiful be with a guy who loves u for ur soul not for ur looks

That’s just mean ,even if he thought it he didn’t need it say it!


The truth is he is still with you. I know for a fact that my mans ex is prettier than me but she’s nutts. Look facts are facts but again I’m a realist and I know myself worth and comparison doesn’t bother me because at the end of the day he is still with me and has been for the past 14 years so that speaks great volumes in my behalf so I’m not going to sweat or dwell on a small comment or comparison

Maybe she was… but maybe your gorgeous to him instead of just pretty you could be the whole package looks, brains, personality there’s more to you then just looks


I’d tell him your ex was better in bed than him , that will hurt like hell

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What was the context? Did you ask?
If he just came out n said it… red flag. Don’t let him get to you

If you asked… maybe he was being honest, which u may not like but it’s a good trait
Hopefully he would say something reassuring after

Are you joking? Leave him

So what if she was prettier than you??? I don’t really understand why you feel like this so I feel that you may possibly be a bit insecure. Apologies if I am wrong but looks are not everything and why get mad if he is being honest albeit may have been better if hadn’t said it out loud. Obviously he feels she was and his now with you because she is no longer around but that does not mean he does not love you. Love is so much more than looks and if it is an insecurity then talk to him about it. He may not realise how deeply you feel about yourself. Then maybe he can support you and help build you up again.

How long ago did his ex pass away before he started dating you? Sometimes when people lose someone they love tragically it takes a lot of time and healing to move on and let go. I know a close friend who lost her husband at the age of 30 and started dating 3 years later. She always talked about her husband on dates and would compare everything. I’m not sure in what context he said shes prettier, but try to be open minded and help him with the process. Ask to see her picture and ask him what he loved most about her. I would also suggest couples counseling if your both serious. In counseling you can talk more about this with another perspective present.

No never once said always in you’re head what he said

There is always gunna be someone “prettier” than you out there in the world, to be offended by that statement is your own insecurity. To be offended that he said an ex was prettier than you, that is deceased, is also just an insecurity. The woman is gone, don’t let a ghost be a reason to affect your feelings in a relationship. If you know he loves you, for what’s inside, than his opinion of the surface of others shouldn’t matter.

She can’t be prettier than you she’s dead. She’s probably got worms crawling out her head

Kill him then they can be together, jokes though.


A guy that would say something like that would have no limits he would go to destroy her emotionally and she should not only dissolve the relationship she needs him out of her life permanently and could never be to soon!

Tell him your ex had a bigger dick but he doesn’t hear you complaining :woman_shrugging:t3:


You’re still in the honeymoon phase- of course he feels like the love of your life. Leave, and find someone who wouldn’t be so stupid enough to say something like that. Who will find you to be the most beautiful (inside and out) creature that he has ever seen.

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I’ve been with mine for around that amount and he due to come back to hb in August hope he ain’t beating round the bush wit others :roll_eyes:

What was his point to ever tell you. He gains nothing at all. Attention seeker??

He sounds like he hasnt moved on from her death, theres biggee questions toask him, move past your hurt and ask him does he need counciling, irs ok for him to greave the rest of his life but not ok to compare relationships, this person sounds like his hurt pushes you away and he uses it to do so

Yea . Don’t show the hurt. Be strong and act like you forgot it already.

These comments are savage lol :laughing:

It does say that the ex wife has passed away

Leave, and never ever settle for less than you deserve…you should never have to settle for the feeling of being “less than”…not even for a minute


Kick his arse to the curb

7 months! Nobody cares😂

Love of your life doesn’t mean you are to him​:joy::joy::joy:


You changed your story in your story, so which is it? Sounds made up.

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Well at least shes dead so u know he’s not off with her etc. But that’s a horrible thing to say to someone,I’d knock him out!!

How you know you’re immature. You feel a way and he is supposed to also because you said so!!!:woozy_face:

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Is it that your boyfriend said she was prettier? Or she said she was more prettier than you? :unamused::unamused:

I’m not trying to sound insensitive but why the fuck would he say that especially with her being dead. Either he’s just that dense or just an asshole I’m sorry girl. You deserve better :heart:

Don’t go back!!
My boyfriend cheated on me an use to throw other women in face , i walk away, he cried around to come back, but he passed away last month…

Have self respect for yourself…thats awful…being compared to a dead ex… Move on

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He would have been mad if you, well she isn’t now.:neutral_face: There’s no reason to be an a-hole to you because he’s bitter she died. I understand his heart break, but you don’t deserve that. I would just move along to someone who wouldn’t degrade you like that. As women , beauty is a very serious and sensitive issue and he hit right below the belt. We want our men to view us as desirable. I fear it may affect your self esteem later if you continue to stay, but only you can answer that question. What are you willing to tolerate?

It’s h with u for ur looks? If so u don’t need him!!

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Maybe he’s just being honest and that’s the reality but I agree he should never say that to you in your face,i hope you can get over it and be happy


U started by saying 'Love of ur life’i knew then it’s gonna come to that.U won’t recover from that.He said it,he meant it.

No he never cared how that remark would make you feel. He never will. Leave him.


I mean she is dead why do you really care :grimacing: he must think something of you he is with you now


The way he treats you is the way he feels about you.


I’d be saying see ya don’t let the door hit you before I do you stay here I’ll f$&k off !

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First of all, she’s dead. Wtf are you upset over ? Its not like she’s gonna come back into the picture. Head must be big as fuck getting offended by someone else looking better than you

Based off of what I see on your status is SHE said she was prettier than you, and God rest her soul, her opinion doesn’t matter. Even if he thinks she’s more attractive than you that doesn’t matter either if he loves you and wants to be with you for who you are. Looks don’t mean everything. If she was alive and he was with you then that talks for itself ( clearly they were not together for a purpose ) it will hurt, and it’ll hurt bad but if he isn’t still in love with her then I personally believe you guys will make it work, he might just need some support. It sounds really insensitive and selfish, that’s what sucks!!! Always put yourself first and protect your feelings but discuss with him what bothered you and how you took what he said. If he wasn’t trying to malicious then I’d say forgive him. Good luck :white_heart:
And BTW!!! IT DOESN’T MATTER HOW LONG SHE’S BEEN WITH HIM! 7 months of dedication is serious, especially when feelings are involved. Stop kicking her while she’s down :woman_facepalming:t5: y’all sound cruel.

No you will never get over that! You will always think his looking for prettier! You should be the prettiest girl his ever seen in his eyes.


Just because he said she was prettier than you don’t mean it made her a better person than you. Beauty comes from the inside


Tell him to dig her up to make sure :sob::sob:


So what ? Listen she is deceased he is probably still mourning and did not think about it all the way through. She may have been prettier and that’s ok . You may have more important attributes that drew him to you . Doesnt mean he loves you any less. There are attractive people everywhere but what matters is what kind of person you are that is something with real substance.


If it was me i will make his life miserable

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Oh gosh what a hurtful thing to say to someone, no wonder you’re upset I certainly would be. Nor do I think I’d like to stay with someone who compared me to his dead girlfriend in anyway.
However I do know that guys sometimes dont put their brain in gear, before they open their mouths, and I’m wondering how this conversation came up and is there more to it. Realistically only you can decide if this is a deal breaker for you or not.


Ul never live up to the memory of a dead person until he’s properly moved on. He needs to deal with that on his own. Best thing for both of u would be a mutual split

Leave…no man should compare his current girlfriend to his ex…(vice versa as a woman shouldn’t compare her ex to her boyfriend) …
But seems like looks is all that matters to him…

Just my opinion :woman_shrugging:t5:…be with someone who loves you for you inside and out and not compare to other Women

Walk away from him asap. Red flags . Please do yourself a favor lose the pos now


I doubt you will ever get over it.

Isn’t he an insensitive grub…people can be stupid…

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He will always compare you to her. Speaking from experience. Leave now.

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My oh text his long time female friend that he dreamt about her.

Ppl will tell you the truth when their mad that what I learned…That’s Soo not cool I would leave him.

You’ll get over it if you want to. Don’t dwell and be a better person than you were yesterday. If you truly Love him you won’t let this get to you. Let it go and pray for Him.

You should never say an ex is better looking PERIOD!! Move on sweetheart. You can do better. He should be making you feel good not a dead ex.

My ex husband passed away,at times I talk to my husband now about him and at times when I do that my words probably explain my ex as the most amazing man ever. I’m sure I have said things to my husband now that have hurt him but I don’t mean to! my husband just understands loss is really hard for me! (As it is anyone, you can’t understand it till you have lived it) I’m sure he holds her to a higher standard when really she may not have been that great. In my situation truth be told my husband now is so much more amazing than my ex but the loss it’s hard to bring myself to say that because I’m still hurt. I am not sure how long ago this happened for him mine was 8 years ago, if it’s newer it’s very hard. Sometimes just be his backbone and listen, he may just need a friend. I know it’s hard. I would try and talk with him let him know how you feel if she passed more resent it may just be too soon for him he may not be over her. This can be years :heart:

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As a rule don’t date anyone who talks to dead people, especially if they can’t form a coherent sentence.

7 months in,leave now you’ll soon get over him and you’ll love yourself and find someone better who thinks your perfect for them.
Leave his sorry ass! X

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If he don’t make u feel like the one and only… he aint it!!!

… this is tough, because my boyfriends ex killed herself… and i feel like if she didnt they would still be together… when he speaks about her ( not very often ) he says his girlfriend… it does bother me,… but i try to remember shes not with us anymore…

Why in the world would he say that. I/m sure that there are men more handsome than him. You should have told him that he is free to go join his ex.


Nope. You’ll remember that one.

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It’s a red flag for me…you need to decide if you can live with these types of comments when he is mad because this is not going to be the last one. Just follow your gut because it is God guiding you. All the best!

So does he talk to dead ppl​:thinking::thinking:


He should never compare you to anyone else, especially not an ex!
In my opinion that is a really cruel thing to say, because you’ll be forever thinking your not good enough.



He is the love of “your” life. Does he feel the same towards you?


Didn’t it say that his deceased ex said that she was prettier than her ? Not that the boyfriend said it ??


Is he only with you for your looks?? If so then leave now. If he loves you for you who cares…there is always someone prettier and always someone better looking than him. Looks are only skin deep.

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Am interested in what the context was. Was this a conversation, an argument, did he say if out of the blue. If you do want to stay with him, I suggest you speak to him about how that hurt your feelings. And how he needs to handle your feelings with more care.

Is she really deceased?