My Boyfriend Will Not Change My Cat Litter

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"I am 24 weeks pregnant and have 3 cats…i live alone as my boyfriend needs to be in his own home to take care of his sick mom…when he comes over he REFUSES to change my cat's litter and I am starting to get annoyed by this…we all know it is not good for a pregnant person to change cat litter and he despises cats, says they are not his so he shouldn't have to change it…this makes me worried for how he will treat our baby when she is born…cats are easy to care for and babies not so much… I also don't understand why he doesn't care for my well-being? how can I convince him to change the litter and make him aware of how dangerous it is for me to do it"

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"It may not be his cat but that’s his baby, right? You’re his girlfriend, right? He should help especially if it’s pertaining to something that could hurt either of you. He needs to man up."

"Changing the cats litter can be fatal. I would stress the significance of how dangerous it actually is and that it’s not because you just don’t want to. If he still won’t help, I would look into some sort of filtration mask for when you do change the litter"

"Changing cat litter can be harmful if you are pregnant send him factual info and educate his dumbass"

"Wear gloves and a mask and do it yourself. Wash your hands, with soap, when done. You’ll be fine"

"Put on some gloves and a mask"

"I have cats, I changed their litter myself during pregnancy. I wore a mask, gloves and washed my hands afterwards. It’s not difficult…"

"Mask and gloves and wash your hands well with an antibacterial soap afterward you’ll be ok. Sorry he’s acting like this. Is he not used to cats this could be why"

"If he won’t change the litter, he ain’t gonna change diapers either! Good luck with him"

"I changed my cats litter box during all my pregnancies… I just proper measures such as gloves and mask over mouth and nose… never had a problem"

"U can always wear a respirator mask . Put some latex gloves on . I would also buy litter that has minimal litter dust . And scoop it daily so there’s not a lot."

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