My Boyfriend's Ex Dresses Skimpy When My Boyfriend Comes Around

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"My bf goes over to his baby Mumma’s house to see their child or picks up for his week on and she dresses like a sleaze or puts on what he likes… And made the comment along the lines of “ oh hope your gf don’t get mad” I appreciate he tells me these things so I tell him I’m uncomfortable with it and want him to say something to her to stop. He wants to just ignore it and “save the peace.“ This thing is vile… and has ill intentions. I trust him. But at the same time you just never know… thoughts?"

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"She is doing it to piss you off. Ignore her. He doesn’t want her or he wouldn’t be telling you."

"If he’s wanting to ignore it to not cause problems I would understand… be happy he is being upfront and honest about what goes on over there when he’s getting or seeing his child…"

"You can’t control what someone else wears. You say you might trust him but if you are worried she would “take” him because of an outfit then why be with him anyway? If you really are this insecure, don’t date anyone with kids. He has seen her na*ed at some point so what’s the big deal about seeing her with clothes on."

"Honestly. I would just shrug it off. No use of making it more drama with kids."

"Definitely don’t give her the attention she’s wanting. But also, maybe it’s just how she dresses on her kid free weekends? The worst thing you could do is feed your jealousy/fear/worry into this situation. I agree with him ignore her, show her behavior doesn’t phase you because that’s how secure y’all’s relationship is.."

"If you trust your man leave it alone. Calling her out may make the coparenting harder for you BF. In the end she’s the one looking like a fool."

"Sorry but it’s none of your business how she dresses. She is her own woman. Wether she has I’ll intentions or not. If you don’t trust your man just say that"

"IThey obviously broke up for a reason, if you trust him what’s the issue? Do not call her out on it and going with him isn’t going to make a difference. Get over it. They have a child together and again, are no longer together. He’s with you. He clearly still has the option to be with her if he wanted to and is choosing not to. So Be the bigger person and ignore it."

"She’s trying to cause issues and wants to know that it gets to you. Just leave it be. Let her be. It’ll piss her off more than saying/doing anything."

"Like it or not, you can’t dictate how his kids’ mom wants to dress. Also if he likes it, that is an issue of his, not hers. She can wear whatever she wants. HE owes you commitment, not her, if what she wears make him tempted or you insecure that’s a problem of you and your guy."

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