My Boyfriend's Ex-Wife Hasn't Been Making Car Payments and It's Affecting His Credit (And Life): Advice?

We were there with my husbands ex 20 years ago. We ended up with the car. It’s taken many years to get out from under her bad decisions.

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First document. Every time she made a comment or statement about the car payment make sure is was written down. Now that there is missing payments, contact the company and let them know what is going on and and ask if they would like to have a copy of the divorce decree. Once they have that then they can go after the correct party. Contact your attorney and see what can be done to make sure that the other person’s credit will not be affected because one party failed to follow through on obligations. Some companies will fight because both names are on the contract but if it was signed off by a judge that should help.

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He could probably take the divorce paperwork down to the car dealership and show he NO longer has the car…He could more than likely have his name removed from the loan and have her fully responsible…It is worth a try…

He needs to talk to his divorce lawyer. Better make sure he is telling the truth about the car arrangement first.

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He obviously doesn’t really care, his name is on it, I would go get the car, look into changing the locks & taking my name off of it. Why would he agree to keep his name on it.

Sounds like his credit is already ruined. Let them repossess the car.

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When my ex and I divorced, we met at the back that our loans (2 cars) were through and were able to go through them to remove each other from the car that we were keeping without an issue. Might want to call the bank. Not sure if there is a way to backdate to the divorce but it is another avenue to try.

Tell the ex wife to pay it or haul it off n return it!! Other wise go back to court get only his name on it and tell them she hasnt been paying but u will have to go thru court!

The finance company cannot go after him or affect his credit. Provide them with court order.

Get an attorney. I had to refinance and change the title after my divorce.

Get a lawyer to handle that,or get in touch with the bank and credit report agency and provide the decree.

He needs to get his name off of it! He has the right to go to the bank himself and get it done!

In order to remove his name from any of her debts, his attorney should have advised him to do a quit claim deed and remove his name from that debt. Please follow up with his attorney. Yes we’re in hard COVID times but affecting his credit is lifelong.


Shes not making the payments have the car repoed or i would take the car from her.

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Oh hey I’m in the same boat. Legit nothing can be done unless he or her refinances the other person off which most times means they have to agree to it

I was in this exact same situation and I let the car get repossessed by the bank!! He was passed off that I cared less about my personal credit than him making the payments on his car. I asked him for 2 years to take my name off, refinance, sell it, anything. He chose not to. I traded in the truck we had together and got a car in my name only as to not have any financial attachments to him. Well I got a call from the bank saying he was 4 months past due and they were trying to locate the car. I gave them his new address, his work address, parents, girlfriend and her work address. They located the car and picked it up. He called me absolutely passed off that I let them take the car. I told him that I let the bank know where to look!! It was a really hard hit on my credit, but the satisfaction of not having any legal ties to him anymore is way worth it!!

Or go get the car and make her remove her name from the title.

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Take the court degree to the finance company and they should let you off the hook. She will loose the car shortly

They should have gone to the license bureau and had the car put in just his wife’s name and done the same with the lender. You need a new boyfriend.

He should take the car back until she is caught up on payments. Then take her back to court

It’s a court order. Shouldn’t be hard to handle.

You have to file a motion, go to Court and show that she is in contempt.

What a legacy from what started off as a beautiful relationship.Battling over a car! How sad…

  1. I see a bunch of women stating that this is his issue, I agree. As a woman, I completely understand that we are always trying to fix things. However, as a man, he should be handling his business. This was from the past. He needs to handle this without your involvement since you did not cause the grief.

  2. Yes, she is in contempt of a court order. It should be extremely easy for him to contact a lawyer and take her back to court for not paying on the car. After which, he should have no problems since he can sue her if she continues to do this. At which point she would also be responsible for court costs, fees, ect.

  3. Another option, as someone else stated, is to let them repossess the car. It would look bad momentarily, but in the long run would have little to no effect on his credit. He may have to get another court order after the repossession since the lender will resell the vehicle and “they” would have to pay the difference, but technically she would be responsible for that as well!

Best of luck to you!

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His name is on the car title? Go get the car and sell it to pay the loan.

Go to the car place and have taken off its court ordered then u bring it too went. Through it with my x husband

In all honesty I would just stay out of it


he can legally go get the car, if he has proof of bein the one paying the bill

My husband would pay if she was trying…Times are hard

Your not married so technically you have no rights and I hope you dont have a joint account as he is paying it with your money…not your bill. Stop that by having a separate account at a different bank. If you stay with him you pay your part of the bill’s and he pays his out of separate accounts. You pay the bills directly to the creditor not to him
Protect yourself.


As the bank to pick up the car and to put that information on her credit not yours.

His name is on it? Why doesn’t he go get it?

Small claims because if both names are on it, they split it.

Well if she doesn’t pay they will repossess the car. Who is first on the title? Who is first on the insurance? I would repossess or sell the car.

Let the car get repossessed, and if he’s tied to anything else financially, get it out of his name, and he can fix his credit afterwards.

Is he paying alimony or child support. Take the payments out of that. Or if they have kids and it would hurt his kids he should make some payments and suck it up.

If she got the car in the divorce, why didn’t his lawyer take the steps to get his name off the car?? I would’ve insisted on it and followed up on it to make sure before I signed anything.


Does he know where the car is?
He can call the lending place and let them know where property is located.
They will have someone repossess it.
Four months behind, I would think the lending place would have done that already.
Better to turn it in. Especially if she’s not keeping the bargain


Please contact an attorney and take her back to court. My ex had the same requirement in our divorce. Years went by and I thought he had taken care of it. Surprise, he died 4 years ago and I got stuck paying it off.


Pay it off and move on because she likes the tie. Get a loan with a good interest rate short of a interest free credit card,pay it off then pick the title up and sign it over and transfer the title to her name.

Go to an attorney. File bankruptcy on the car and all things in his name.

  1. Absolutely not your business.
    The end

A car in his name is his responsibility, He should go back to his Lawyer :face_with_monocle:

Get an attorney to take care of this

She is in contempt of court for not following the decree. He needs to take her back to court and have the judge order his name taken off the title or to sell the vehicle and split the difference, if anything is left after paying off the vehicle.


Contact his lawyer to send letter or sue her for breach of divorce decree …

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If he is on the car loan, he should be able to contact them and show the decree to have his name removed.


Call the divorce lawyer and report it.

If his name is on the loan his is also responsible for the pmt.

Go to small claims court with Judge Judy

Take her back to court to get it out of his name-

Pay the payment according to the divorce agreement

Transfer title to her OR sell it if it has his name on title

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Should have sold the car!

His name is on it go get the car.

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If he wouldn’t have been messing with you in the first place he wouldn’t have this problem. Lol

Take her back to court.

The judgement should clear him if she took responsibility

Take her back to court

Why’s his name still on it

call the car company to see if their going to repossess it if they are call your lawyer and legal channels get the car and get rid of it., if you do not want it .

Get the car out of his name

Take her back to court

I’d take the credit hit and watch the car get repo’d.

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You actually trusted him to do that ???

When my husband got his divorce I helped him go through the decree. His lawyer asked him to pay her 20,000.00 plus she got the car.
She left him and their son, we met 7 months later and he filed for a divorce a few after we met.
Anyway I told him he should tell his lawyer that payment for the car should come out of the 20,000.00 and he would pay it off and send what was left out of the money from paying off the car… The ex was very bad with money and he paid all the payments till the final pay off.
Yes he had a horrible lawyer he was all for the woman. She didn’t have to pay for child support, insurance for child or his plane ticket to go see her.
If and that’s a BIG IF he is asking for your help in how to handle this situation ask to see the divorce decree so you’ll know what can and can’t be done.

Thats the reason why shes not paying to tarnish his name…

Dont give a dime…his divorce his problem…

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First of all, property settlement should have been describe in final decree. If she was to get the car, the they should have both marched their little butts down to dept of motor vehicles and take the title of the car. The husband signs the back of the title releasing or selling her the car and the title is put in her name. Once it is in her name then she is responsible for the payments unless that was also spelled out in final decree. I have gone through this and it is very cut and dry. It is not the lawyers responsibility. It is the owners of the car and they both have to go and get the title changed. Once it is in her name, he is no longer responsible. Period.


If you plan to have a future with him, then you want his credit to be straight (house, car, etc.). I would take her back to court because she is in violation of a court order. Show them her payment history because she may be doing this on purpose to screw with his credit and his future. Have her arrested, request the car be given to him (legally), then sell to recoup your losses (court cost and filing fees). Also, notify the credit agencies of the court order showing her as the responsible party and they can remove the negative items from your credit.


My husbands ex wife got the car in his divorce. She stopped payments on the car and it was repossessed. It was on my husbands credit for years. Once your name is on a car note you cannot get it taken off. He provided the financial company with a copy of his divorce decree and it still stayed on his credit.


send decree to car place , they should release him from responsibility. My husband had to it, same deal was happening. He has to prove divorce and that she is now the owner.
Its a tad more involved than I stated but well worth it. Especially if shes not making the payments as it is hurting his credit as well.
PS … was corrected by a FB and Law guru…
Take the decree to the leader. In my husbands case it was dealship since leading was in house. Otherwise the papers are filed with who your loan is through.
We did not need to go back to court or to lawyer.

Send a copy of the divorce decree to the company

Repo the car with the police

affects his credit report

Let him find it out shit :rofl:

Get the BEST ATTORNEY you can!

Mind your business.
He needs to go to court

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Let him take care of ut

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Take her to Judge Judy

Wow some of ya’ll are nasty and rude. No, technically it’s not her problem to resolve, and maybe I missed where she said she called her. But I don’t see how getting some insight or advice from others on how to navigate or resolve the issue is so wrong. I’ve had a similar situation and no I never said anything to the ex about the problem, but I was the listing to my S.O. rant about it. I did my best to be supportive and interject my opinion as needed. So, yeah it is her business. It’s clearly affecting her life and trying to find some reasonable solution to help the spouse seems completely reasonable to me.
To the OP, I would definitely have him contact the divorce attorney and get a court order to force a refinance or selling of the car. The attorney can most likely advise him on how to rectify this problem with the credit bureaus. Good luck!


He needs to take her to court and if it’s in the divorce decree and have his name taken off of it if she’s not holding up her end.

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Go to the finance company with the court transcript saying she is responsible for the payments and have them take his name off the loan

The best thing he can do is get his attorney involved. the finance company will not remove him off the loan nor the title unless his ex refinances the loan to remove him. Even if he called the police they won’t get involved if her name is on the title with him. If he can take possession of the vehicle, get his payments caught up by working with the collections dept of the institution and turning around and selling it himself or refinancing it to remove his ex then it’s no longer a issue if getting attorney involved isnt an option for him. Good luck!

If your name is on it take the car and catch up the not then sell it let her take you to court it won’t look good on her

Definitely attorney time for violating the agreement. He isn’t going to get anywhere by trying to reach out anymore. Although it’s nice to have the proof that he’s done so. He can also go after her for the impact on his credit and finances.


Thats an easy one… if in the decree, he needs to talk to his attorney & have him or her talk to her attorney to see if they can handle this situation out of court but if not… he needs to take her back to court with decree in hand!

I would call an attorney. Maybe there is a way to get the car from her and yall make the payments. Or get a new court order to put it just in her name since she got the car. Then you might be able to send a copy to the finance company.

In not an attorney but a retired law enforcement officer. And if she had an accident it can also come back on him. I would get my name off ASAP!


Call the finance company and let them know that the court ordered her to pay for it. That it is not your problem. If necessary send them proof. If they dont work with you contact an attorney.

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If she wrecks the car and has no insurance then you could be held accountable if your name is still on the car as owner.

Unfortunately all he can do now is masked the payment and save his credit and try again to get the court to take care of it or grant him the car back it happened to someone I know that’s what they had to do Not fair but it is what it is

Happened to me…I stupidly co-signed a loan for my son’s ex. She stopped paying and trashed the car. I ended up with the car AND the loan charges and the
Payment. Lesson learned.

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He shouldn’t have agreed to having his name put on the paperwork with hers in the first place… gotta keep future consequences in mind when doong thinking about doing crazy things like that🤷🏾‍♂️

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You never know what kind of situation she is in either!!! She got divorced!! When I got divorced I got the house and I gave him the car I had 3 kids to take care of all by myself all bills were now mine and I struggled but he let his gf drive our car and had no license and my name was still on it I had to take him to court with what little money I had he traded it in to take my name off of it but bought his gf a car with it. For her 4 kids.

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Get his name off the car’s title ASAP! That way, he won’t be responsible for late payments!

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Did he have a lawyer when he agreed to the original decree??? If so, I’d get a new one! He should have made her bug him out of it and transfer it to her name solely. Or sell it and she can use her half to buy her own car. Joint property leads to nothing but headaches

He should take the car back immediately and sell it before he is liable for worse than monthly payments

You can add a statement to your credit report explaining the situation for that creditor. So if someone pulls his credit they will see it. Also offer to show court papers to prove your comments. I did this and it helped.

He should have been responsible and went with her to get the info changed when the divorce happend .