My Boyfriend's Ex-Wife Hasn't Been Making Car Payments and It's Affecting His Credit (And Life): Advice?

I would dispute it with the credit bureau. They will have 30 days to respond, or it goes away. With the court document, I would think it would be enough to handle the credit issue.

My boyfriend who co signed for my car never put 1 dime toward my car. I make the payments, but his name is on the loan n his name wont come off till the car is paid for but if I default on the loan it’s not gonna affect his credit. Of course I’m not gonna do that, I have too much invested in the car now. He is deceased

No attorney, they cost money. Small claims court you can get at least $5,000 depending on state.

Let them reposses the car from under her he should have gotten his name off of it along time ago

Call a lawyer. If it’s in the divorce agreement he’s legally protected

Tell him to get a job and make his own dam payments

Just pay it. Simple.

F court. Who’s names the car in? In his take that shit. #REPOED. In her name go on credit karma for trans union and equifax and despute ownership of the account. Make sure to show proof of the divorce decree. then go to experian and do the sam damn thing…FYI. MAKE SURE YOU DESPUTE THE OWNERSHIP FROM THE MONTH AFTER THE DIVORCE WASNFINALIZED. All the ticks will be removed.

Find the car, take it back, sell it or turn it in. Perfectly legal to take the car since he is half owner. Been there, don’t that… problem solved.