My boyfriends son still wets the bed: What can we do?

I need some help. My boyfriend’s son is nine and has been wetting the bed for years now. He has tried everything to help, including the underwear sensor, medication, cutting him off from liquids after a certain time, and getting him up multiple times a night. We ate at our wit’s end. Another mattress, third this year alone, is ruined… Even with the plastic covering. We don’t know what to do at this point.


Have you taken him to see a doctor? I had an issue with this as a child and it was medically diagnosed. I’m not sure what it was anymore.

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Buy a mattress cover, my friends son is still going through this and he’s 12. She tried everything she could. So she just buy mattress covers and it does saves the bed.

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Take him to the doctor

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Take him to the doctor. He may have a medical problem

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How often is he in your care? Can be a stresser. May not feel comfortable there or miss his mum.
Do not blame the child. He wouldn’t be doing it on purpose


Definitely take to doc. They can ultrasound his bladder and make sure nothing is wrong. They can also give medication to strengthen his bladder

Speak to your gp and get him referred to a specialist. Lots of kids just kinda go into a deep sleep and dont wake for the toilet. I used bring my son out exactly 2 hours after he went to bed. If it went to 2.5 hours he would have wet it. He is 8 now and hasent wet the bed since he was 4.5. My now 5 year old was the opposite he wanted nappies off at 2.5 and wouldnt wear them in bed. He has had one accident. Every child is different and at age 9 maybe a specialist would be able to help

Take to Bladder Specialists!!!

We had to use Male depends for our son. He would wake up and change it and go back to bed. It helped retrain his brain better than the sensors.

Is he diabetic or the zombies run in the family you need to take him and be checked

I did it til I was 12 then it stopped

He may need his tonsils out

Bed wetting is considered “normal” until 12. Pull-ups, mattress cover, and patience. He’s probably as embarrassed as you are frustrated. My daughter just turned 11 and still wets the bed every night. We tried everything as well and nothing worked. Obviously if there are other symptoms that lead you to believe there’s something more going on, then a trip to the doctor may be in order but otherwise there’s not much you can do.


They usually quit on their own. When they are a certain age. Usually 12 or 14.just be patient, and keep the laundry. It’s not because they want to, they just can’t help it.


Take him to the dr… see what’s wrong… I’ve also heard that bed wetting is a sign of abuse but if not maybe something medical…

Get the doctor to do full tests, guessing being on medication was doctors orders? go get a second opinion, sounds like an underlying issue, or has a smaller sized bladder, it’s not just him doing it on purpose, dont get angry or mad at him, as hard as that sounds, because it will just make him feel more insecure and have more accidents

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It’s also a sign of stress or behavioral issues such as adhd or odd but not always

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A urologist, a better mattress cover and pull-ups (adult Depends if needed for the size).


Whip his butt & he get his lazy butt out of bed & go to bathroom.


Children can wet the bed up to the age of 12 or 13…we had the same problem with one of ours and it ended up being that their bladder wasn’t growing with the rest of the body…my child is now 14 and hasn’t had any problems in several years…just needed time for their bladder to catch up…use a mattress pad


I’m in same boat with my 7 year old stepdaughter…

Make sure to check with the dr. If all is well, he should grow out of it soon. Mine were 10/12 when they stopped. Literally one morning they woke up dry and that was it. No more wetting. There are mattress covers at Walmart for around $12 (twin). They worked best for us. Not the all plastic ones, but the ones that have like a thin fabric on one side and thicker plastic on the other. You can even put one of those over an all plastic one for extra protection. Holding fluids, getting them up, etc. never worked. They did have pills that they’d use for sleepovers, but were not recommended for every night use. This is certainly a pain, but far more common than I ever thought, before having kids. Much more common in boys than girls and my boy’s dr told me they did not worry about it being an actual issue unless they had other symptoms or didn’t stop by the time they were 14.

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If you’ve tried mattress covers and are still having to buy new mattresses them buy a air mattress until you figure out the problem.

One of my kids had this problem the doctor said nothing medical was wrong that it was laziness pretty much so I told my child that if it didn’t stop they would have to ring out and clean the clothes they soiled it happened one more time and they didn’t like to have to rinse the dirty clothes and it hasn’t happened since but take him to the doctor it could be something medical

Therapist immediately. This can be a huge sign of hidden trauma and abuse. Better safe than sorry!!


My brother did that, and he ended up growing faster than his bladder, it will stop once his bladder catches up to him… it will eventually stop.

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if you have tried medications, time limit on liquids after a certain time etc
Maybe look a emotional side of things …
There is so many psychological reasons children can be bedwetting & if you have tried the medical side of things … maybe start looking there.
But getting cranky at him ir punishing him for bed wetting is not ok … and will only make it worse.
After all he is still quite young

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Well I can’t understand why the mattress isnt covered if you know it’s an issue… It’s your jobs to create something functional for the kid. Don’t be angry at him he cant help it. He needs to see a specialist.

I wet the bed for years. Turns out it was anxiety. Once I started on anxiety meds it stopped

Pull ups and talk to his doctor

I’d check with dr and go from there. They can find out if it’s medical, behavioral, etc. He may not even realize he’s doing it. Dr’s and specialists will help. Also, check into the vinyl mattresses for bedwetting instead of covers. Here’s one at Walmart


Punishment does not help. My Mom would spank me, and embarrass me. She sent me to school in a diaper. Made the teacher not let me use the bathroom when I had to go, with the thought of stretching the bladder. Needless to say in the first grade I peed myself more times than I want to say. Back then thin underwear, dresses and snow waist deep my legs were broke out. It is something that can’t be helped for many and goes away with age.


I’m sorry, but that is not “normal”. How can some of y’all say it is? So weird!


Have him checked for Diabetes


Should stop after puberty… Just try not to make him feel bad untilthen


First, I would switch to an air mattress until he can stop wetting the bed. Then I would take him to a psychiatrist, it could be something mentally going on with him.

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Ask his dr. Might have a health issue.

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Get him to a doctor he maybe getting abused by someone


He may be constipated. That is why my daughter wet the bed.

See the doctor. They have medication for that.

One of the peds. Here told us that some kids develop slower than other and that some kids this can go on until 12 yrs old

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I had 2 different friends with sons that wet the bed, one was this age, one was older, both took them to an urologist, they had something wrong with their urethra, had to have surgery, everything is fixed now, never happened again, I’d look into this


Not to alarm you but wetting the bed is one of the top signs of sexual abuse, not saying it’s 100% the case in this situation. But I would bring him to a doctor!


So we had this same problem with my step son.

After taking him to a doctor who told his mom and dad that he had no medical issues. He recommended the boy sit on the toilet instead of standing especially towards the evening. It would help relax the muscles and release more urine so he wouldn’t have to hold as much through out the night.

But honestly the only thing that helped was THERAPY. We even pay cash for this and it’s worth every penny. His therapist got him to understand that there was nothing wrong with him and helped him gain confidence.

It also surfaced that he was being punished at his moms for peeing. His step father there would make him take cold showers and spank him. Which made everything worse in his little head.

But he stopped having accidents at our house since he started therapy. He still has accidents at his moms and he is still being punished even though this therapist and cps recommended them not to.

Try these two things they may help.

Use The tablecloth plastic sold off the roll or plastic sheeting to cover. Start with pediatrician.

There are mattress covers that keep all liquids off the mattress! Michael Landon wrote a book about his bed wetting that was due to abuse at home! Some people are prone to bed wetting late in life! Just keep buying pull ups! Don’t mention it in a shameful way! You could also do what I did and get up about 1 am and walk him to the bathroom! Stand with him while he pees because he may be too sleepy to stand straight! Eventually his body will allow him to sleep all night without peeing! You may want to see if he’s diabetic. That will make a person pee a lot even if they don’t drink anything for hours.

This is a little bit to an extreme, but my daughter did the exact same thing for years. We finally found that she was having seizures in her sleep and was obviously not able to control her bladder. She has since been diagnosed with epilepsy. That was after her doctor said she was being lazy and not getting up to go to the bathroom, put on a medication, liquid monitoring, and making sure to wake her once or twice in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and it was still happening. Now that we have seizures under control for the most part we do not have that problem. We do however keep a waterproof mattress cover on the bed at all times.

maybe talk to his pediatrician? Maybe talk to a ped urologist ?

Pull ups. He will eventually stop.

Go to the doctor and get it figured out could be something medically wrong

We got in touch with our school nurse who came out to see us and our son, we had the bed alarm that didnt work & tablets that did but then he had to be weaned off them,

Some kids have emotional and physical problems. That causes bed wetting. Some kids go to 13 or 14 year olds.

Double up on the mattress cover. Have him checked by his doctor to rule out anything medical. If there is nothing medically wrong then you just have to wait it out. Some kids wet the bed until around puberty. You can continue limiting liquids before bed and waking him up to go in the middle of the night, but until his body is ready to stop there isn’t much you can do. Do not ridicule him, just be supportive. They do have pull ups for older kids that you can put him in at night. A good trick for middle of the night sheet changing is to have 2 sets of sheets on the bed already (mattress cover, sheet, mattress cover, sheet). That way all you have to do is take the wet sheet and cover off and you have a dry one underneath.

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There’s really nothing you can do about it until he grows out of it if he does. My friends son is now 14 and he finally stopped wetting the bed,Dr gave detrol and nothing they tried seemed to help.

He could just have a lazy bladder I was a bed wetter till I was 13 I just suddenly stop, he will stop in time I wouldn’t worry if the doctors are saying there nothing medical, just let him know is not something to be embarrassed about and it’s easily cleaned up.

Some kids wet the bed is they are being touch or has benn

People writing about abuse… my son is 11 he wets the bed still After trying alarms medication etc turns out he has a complication with his bladder… just because a child wets the bed doesnt Automatically mean they are being abused… some people call themselves adults? Or even worse parents… some people adults r the sick ones


My son is 13 and he is a super deep sleeper. He still wets the bed almost daily. He wears a pull up at night so the bed doesn’t get wet.

We r in the process of seeing a specialist but his doc says constipation and being backed up put pressure on their bladder so we have tried cleaning him out but he still has issues and has his whole life. But he is also a super deep deep sleeper. 

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Have you thought about having him checked by a Dr.My son wet to bed till he was 9 we had him checked by a Dr.his diagnoses was my son slept so soundly that in his sleep he dreams he is in the bathroom and goes.we even tried getting him up in the middle of the night and walked him to the bathroom.He did quit wetting to bed shortly after that.

My daughter had the same thing and it was due to her bladder being smaller than what it should of been at her age and she slept extremely sound. Dr recommended goodnight, they are a pullup for der children, yes they cost but it will save you from buying mattresses and he will be able to sleep better along with you

My daughter is the same. She has a urologist appointment in January. We bought the zippered vinyl mattress covers from Walmart, then my mom gave me a bed pad that I lay on the mattress and then cover with the vinyl cover, and it has saved her bed. And she soaks the cover sometimes. But I’d definitely have him checked by a specialist.

Take him to the dr. And have his bladder and kidneys checked

My son had that problem as well but they do mature and grow out of it. I don’t know what the normal age is… 10 maybe… I don’t remember what it was but the doctor told me that it’s just a maturity thing and his bladder has to grow and he’ll get to an age where he stops doing it unfortunately you know they have pull-ups he could wear and then when he starts noticing them being dry then he can try without them. I know its hard but try to be supportive.

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Get a mattress cover. Save the matress

I had a grandson that wet to bed and the Dr told his mother that is because he is in a deep sleep he was over 10yr when he quit she would make him put pull on

Take him to the doctor. Either it’s a psychological problem like anxiety or it’s something physically wrong like kidney or bladder disease.

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My brother was the same, we tried everything you have tried and more in the end we just had to wait he grew out of it. He was just such a deep sleeper he didn’t wake up when he needed to go toilet…

Maybe his bladder isnt fully developed. My cousin was like that till age 13 ! .

Could be a medical problem. My son was holding his pee and it would cause accidents at night. Also messed up his bladder.

Consider taking to a doctor

Take him to the dr. there is a medical condition related to bed wetting.

My mother and brother both had issues until around 16

My second is 8 and does the same thing. He has sensory processing disorder and ADHD. I know it’s frustrating. But not uncommon :blue_heart:

I seen a doctor got some nose spray meds that did help but I wet the bed till I was 12. Just was am to deep of a sleeper to wake.

Make sure there are no medical conditions first, because bed wetting can be a sign of type 1 diabetes. After that, I’m not too sure. I was a bed wetter until the fifth grade, and then it stopped on it’s own. He might just be a heavy sleeper and his body is not adjusted to hold it in, or his bladder might still be developing. You may have to buy him some pull-ups along with the plastic covers, and wait for this to blow over. Definitely don’t shame him for it. Maybe keep some towels next to his bed so at night if he wets the bed he can put one down and go back to sleep without bothering you.

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Have him checked for sleep apnea could b he’s sleeping to soundly to wake

I knew someone that had the same issue. I remember her saying she would have her son drink a lot of water then hold it to help his bladder get bigger. Maybe ask your doctor about it.

My son did this till he was 17, his kidneys were too big, its probably something he will grow out of. Get desmopressin. It helps, mattress covers, and either pullups or depends. Keep your sanity. It’s not anyone’s fault. Hugs sweetie

Does he have dyslexia?
It can be something in his brain not telling him to wake up to go to bathroom.
He will out grow this.
Tom Cruise peed the bed till he was 14.

My niece is 11 and still does it… She sleeps on a cot now

Time for a doctor visit

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I wore pull ups till I was in 3rd grade… just stopped one day

Think it’s just a habit. Someone needs to get him up two or three times a night .Sorry can’t help you more.

Time to see a doctor

Pull ups they make them for older children.

Talk to the doctor. It could be a medical issue. I would probably get some pull ups for him to only wear at night. That should keep his bed dried and from getting rid of the bed. But also make him go before going to bed could help too

Go to a doctor. Rule out all medical reasons. Thrn look into the night time kids diapers.

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Bed wetting is considered normal until around age 12. You can ask a doctor for advice, but minus any health issues, he will eventually grow out of it

My daughter wet the bed until she was 12 . She has a small bladder and dodnt know she had to pee until she had to go right now. We worked with her to help her with getting up to pee . We use incontinent briefs to help with mattress replacement. It does get better

He needs to be checked for underlying medical conditions and also he needs his mental health checked.

Please don’t make him feel like he is naughty for wetting the bet, I’m sure if he could control it he’d like to be able to sleep without wetting himself.


My son finally stopped at 9. Hes sound sleeper and dr said their brain isnt able to wake them up to use bathroom at night. I now limit drink intake and he uses bathroom couple times before bed. His brain just might not be ready yet.

Chocolate was the culprit for my brother

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I had this problem when i was little still done it to age of 15 i got diagnosed with overactive bladder brain constantly telling my bladder need a wee i got tablets and i stopped

My son is also nine and does the same thing. Went to the dr, everything is fine. Was told its common in boys until around age 12.

My son is also nine years just fixing to turn ten and just recently stopped wetting the bed , have his kidneys checked by the doctor and then ride it out it will get better.

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Have you been and checked on him medically, my daughter has an over active bladdrr… My sons bladder was ¼ of the size it should have been… He just stopped one day, but my girl is still struggling at 13…

I bed wet until I was 21 years old, then I was diagnosed with ADHD,after treatment it stopped. I didn’t even realize it was correlated, but it was. Good luck. Don’t shame him xx.

Lots of boys wet the bed till around 12. Work with a urologist. What usually happens is they hold their urine too long and then it basically stretches the bladder. This makes it harder for him to tell when his bladder is full which exacerbates the bed wetting. It takes months to reverse this and regain proper bladder health. Until that is accomplished it’s virtually impossible to quit bed wetting. Also buy a hospital bed and put a waterproof cover on it. Every morning he puts everything in the washer. Then wipe the mattress with odoban. Once a week set the mattress outside too. I used to manage a group home of 12 adults that all wet the bed. You have to remain diligent but it is possible to cut down the smell and damage.

Get night time pants and plastic covers it’s normal some kids it takes a while to be able to hold it

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