My breastfed baby is having a hard time taking a bottle: Advice?

I am a first-time mom and just gave birth a week ago. I pump and feed my baby with a bottle because I plan on going back to work in about 5-weeks. Ever since my baby was born, he will start eating on the bottle and then immediately stop and start crying like it isn’t coming out fast enough. He does fine when I breastfeed him, but I am trying to get him used to be on the bottle for when my mom watches him. Is there a certain type of nipple that breastfed babies prefer?


Pace feed. Could be that the flow is too much for baby.

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Tommee tippee or Comotomo bottles seem to be the best for breastfed babies coming from a grandma who babysits :relaxed:

Try different bottles. It also could be a tongue or lip tie. It took my son 7 different tries of different brands before he finally got it. He also has a tongue tie so it made it harder especially with pacifiers.

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Only bottle my babygirl will take!

Wow your mom ought to know

Have your mom come and try when your not in the room

If the flow isn’t fast enough can try the advent breast nipples the #2 nipples they have 2 holes for a quicker flow. Best bottles I used


Try somebody else feeding him with the bottle he might know you are there and will want the boob out of instinct. That’s what happens with my friends baby


My breastfed babies have both done best on the lansinoh momma bottles

Playtex nursers worked great for us. He might also not be taking the bottle from you since he knows you have the boobies lol. Try having someone else feed him a bottle if you can!


Avent were the only ones mine would take.

We use tommee tippee. My bf babies love it. Pacifiers too

With my son, he wouldnt take a bottle from me. Took it perfect for my mom while she watched him when my husband and I worked. Even at home if my husband by chance tried to give him a bottle, he wouldnt take it lol i literally would have to leave. Babies are smart and he knows you have the real deal :rofl:

I actually but the hole bigger on one of the girls bottle. You can get bigger sized holes maybe he’s just ready for the next step one.

My breastfed babies did great with avent bottles because they are wide like a breast. Honestly trying different bottles is best

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Try putting peice of your clothing close to his nose while feeding bottle

Avent bottles or the Nanobebe bottles that are shaped like a breast might be good

If it is you (mom) giving the bottle that is why. I had to have a friend do the bottle & she kicked me out lol. Kid took bottle fine once I left. Babies smell is one of their stronger senses. Have someone else try with you out of the house

Try a couple different bottles. You never know which one your baby will like best. Also make sure the pumped milk is warm enough in the bottle. When you feed from the boob the milk is very warm so baby will most likely refuse the bottle if it’s too cold. Don’t give up. You’re doing good introducing the bottle this soon

Nuks have been great

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I tried to do this and my son preferred me over his bottle. So I just continued to breastfeed instead. I tried so many different types of nipples but it was hopeless he refused all of them. Good luck, hope he takes a bottle for you!!

Some bottles have small holes depending on what size nipple you get.

To be honest its alot of trial and error. Try getting bottles with different kinds of nipples to see which one they like better. Had to do this with my daughter. Also have somebody else bottle feed. If it was me, my daughter would hardly ever take any bottle.

Maybe up the size on the nipple? Unless you think its the actual bottle/nipple brand. I only used tommee tippie

Still trying to get my 8 month old to take a bottle! Not working!

Just but one of a few different kinds until it sticks. My 3kids used 3 different bottle/nipple combos. :slight_smile: Dr. Brown’s, Avent, and my youngest just wanted the cheapo ones.

My grandsons used Tommy Tipee bottles. One liked to latch and one didn’t. She let him latch once in a while and the other preferred to be bottle fed. He acted like it was more work to be breast fed than bottle fed. And yes it was twins

Maybe try using a nipple shield when he is on u and try to find a nipple/bottle that kind of looks the same and make sure the milk is warm enough

Maybe try a nipple with a faster flow or a different nipple altogether. My daughter wouldn’t take any bottle but the mam ones and those nipples are shaped to be more contoured to the mouth I guess. Just gotta experiment to find out what your little prefers

My girl would only ever take a MAM bottle…but not until she was 7 months old!

Piegon bottles worked best for my LG when she was 4months.

My baby does great with tommie tippee closer to nature bottles.

We used munchkin latch. Our daughter had no issues switching from breast to those.

Try the tweets shape like they are breast feeding but if you are giving him the bottle he can smell you and wants you to feed him get someone else to feed him

Have dad or some body else do the bottle. My kids all would not let me give them a bottle but anybody else could

Just echoing what others have said- my kids wouldn’t take a bottle from ME but would from dad/grandma/big bro etc.

Also look into lipase. It can make your milk taste soapy/funky to baby after reheating.

Look for a nipple that looks like yours AFTER he is done eating.

It takes a little bit for their suck reflex to develop completely so I would suggest waiting a couple of weeks before introducing the bottle. Keep pumping but maybe wait until baby is 3-4 weeks old to do the bottle transition and every baby is different so you might have to try a few different styles before finding one that works.


I’m on my sixth breastfed baby and this boy is my most picky by far! Try the Nuk simply natural. There is an air vent whole in the nipple that supposed to be on the top side but my son would only take it on the bottom side. Only bottle he’ll take.

Depends on the baby. My third and last baby is 10 months and still will not take a bottle. I wasn’t planning on nursing her for long but I’ve had absolutely no luck with a bottle since bringing her home. My other 2 nursed and took a bottle no problem :tipping_hand_woman:t3:

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My son wasnt breastfed however he did struggle with nipples. He was used to the ones in the hospita and we ended up having to go through nipples to find ones that worked for him. They definitely have different flows! Even if they say the same type of flow on different brands or kimds they still differ.


You may have learned from all these comments that every baby is different. My suggestion to you is wait another week, every lactation consultant I’ve her talked to say wait until baby is 2 weeks at least to introduce a bottle, and then it may be a matter of trial and error with bottles. Everyone of of my kids preferred a different kind. I have four kids :roll_eyes:. Good luck to you! You’ll find the right one, just but one or two bottles or different nipples at a time so you don’t drop a fortune on bottles you won’t use.

Try adjusting the temperature of the breastmilk/formula. My second son refused a bottle as well. Didn’t matter if someone else gave it to him or not. However, we accidentally discovered that he liked it really warm. I was afraid it was too warm. He did not. He sucked it down like it was the best thing ever. After that we had no issues giving him a bottle while I was at work.
Good luck on finding what works for you and congratulations on your new blessing.

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My husband went to the local pharmacy and bought every kind of teet he could. My daughter took to one that was very similarly shaped to my nipple. It’s all about the shape and we used S26 formula - never changed that. Good luck - it’s all trial and error.

Tommee tippee is what my sister used. Worked good for her baby as she didnt want to physically breastfeed for long


I tried to breastfeed and it didn’t pan out. My delivery/recovery was rough and family helped. So it was whatever I could pump into a bottle during the day. By the end of the 2nd week he refused to bf because it was more work. I did find out the hard way that Dr.Brown’s bottle was the best to avoid tummy problems due to swallowing air. They are well worth the extra cleaning.

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I LOVE the Munchkin Latch bottles. The nipper simulates a breast and out of my 3 kids, they all used them and none had any issues latching whatsoever. I highly recommend

Hi congratulations on baby… I actually found that it wasn’t the teat it was the temperature of the milk … breast milk is body temp so I always had to warm it for a little longer, my son guzzled the first few sips as he was hungry then he’d cry and turn his nose up u til I tried this x

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I don’t know if anything is necessarily preferred. I think it’s all specific to the baby. I’d just keep trying bottles until you find what he’s comfortable with. Maybe a bigger nipple for faster flow?

My daughter has been exclusively breast fed since birth. She has never taken bottles. She is almost nine months old now so I am wanting to wing, I’m so over breast feeding, but she will not take a bottle from me at all. However, her father and anyone else has no issues giving her one. Her pediatrician says that normal. Sometimes they won’t take a bottle from mom.

Maybe see if he will take a bottle from dad?


Try Tommee Tippee bottles for sure. I’d breastfeed exclusively for the next 2 weeks and still pump in between. They have to build up the sucking. And I’d have dad bottle feed. This is what worked for us. Good luck.


Try pacing. It’s a feeding technique. My son had a ver yhard time with bottles until I learned how to pace him. Paced Bottle Feeding - YouTube

I breastfeed and pump aswell. I use medela bottles, my baby does fine with it. Just make sure to sanitize it after every wash. The hot water loosens the nipple, as my mom would say.


They usually advise breastfeeding exclusive for at least 2 weeks b4 offering a bottle as they suckle different on breast and teat .
All babies are different though .
Good luck x

My oldest was super picky with bottles. The only one he’d use without fuss was tommy tippee.

Try a faster flow nipple. They can manipulate more milk from your breast but they are stuck with whatever comes out of the bottle so faster flow will help.

There are dozens and dozens. You may just have to keep trying until you find one baby likes

My youngest only took MAM bottles. We bought just about every kind and that was the only one she liked. She still didn’t really use it the first day i was away

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Use to have Platex with nipple like mothers and use could push out air in bag


my breastfed babies would only take wide mouth bottles and nipples…didn’t matter on brand but size

Just open the hole on the existing nipple so it flows a little better. Will not get them all to work the same, but it will work and he or she will adjust.

My little one liked the lansinoh mOmma bottles/ nipples. It mimics breastfeeding with the flow, and has the air release hole !

I used avent bottles with the natural nipple
We nursed and did bottles. In hindsight we introduced the bottle prob 3 weeks in. She was all systems go!

Have your mom exclusively bottle feed the breastmilk. Baby is getting confused.

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Nuk Simply Natural! Both of my kids loved these after fighting several other brands

My son preferred that bare air free bottles. And they helped with gas and colic. He was breastfed as well

My Daughter would only take a bottle for other people. If I was around she would NOT take a bottle. So leave the house and have Dad /Grandma/ anyone else try to feed. They prefer it straight from the tap lol.

Use bottles that have wide nipple and have someone else try to feed him because if you’re trying to bottle feed he smells you and will refuse to feed with the bottle

Tommee tippee bottles worked wonders with my step son. He was used to being breastfed and it was the closest resemblance to the boob.

Has baby been checked for lip and tongue tie?? It can seriously impede feeding as latching onto bottle is harder for them. My youngest grandson had both and lost over a pound in the first week of life. Feeding was painful for him.

My baby rejected several other brand such avent, tommee tippee, pegion, etc. But goes well with NUK bottle, using latex premium choice teat s-size. Maybe because of teat shape.

My daughter was very picky about bottles and tried Tommie tippie no issues after that.

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Try Playtex nursery bottles with drop ins. My kids and now grandkid could only use those at first. Cleanup is nice too.

My 4th couldn’t take a bottle and everyone kept telling me he needed time to learn. 10 bottles later we were syringe feeding and cup feeding, which didn’t work either. He was severely tongue tied and my oversupply had regulated he couldn’t pull more than 1/2 oz per side. Seek help from and IBCLC if it continues and you can’t find a bottle that works. He ended up in feeding therapy after a posterior tie release to learn how to drink from a cup.

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My daughter was like this as well. We got her the NUK with the soppy cup type nipple. That was the only thing she would take. Never a bottle.

My youngest hated the nipples that just drip milk and I got the medela calma nipples that he actually had to suck on to get milk and he loved those

The Tomme Tippe bottles are amazing. The nipples resemble a breast and they’re slow flowing enough your baby doesn’t swallow a lot of air

My daughter would not take a bottle from me, but she was fine taking the bottle with everyone else if I wasn’t around.

Talk to lactation specialist or his doctor he maybe tongue tied or by cheap bottle and nipple test it by squeezing if it comes out to slow u can carefully make bigger with fork or sharp knife

Have you tried Dr.Brown? My last baby did this and I started breastfeeding and then on the bottle I put breast milk and put the bottle nipple as soon he stated to suck it took me a while but he got the hang of it

I used the nuby nipples. They worked with both my breast fed boys

I tried several types of bottles before mine would accept it.

Mine would never take a bottle from me. It has to be someone else and me not be in the area.

There’s a nipple on a bottle that worked for my son… it’s flat on the bottom. And round on top, they even say on the package that it is like a real nipple to them. But they’re more than the other bottles. But it worked.

Breast fed both of mine but with the first I had to go back to work so also pumped and gave him a bottle. Waited until breastfeeding was well established ( about 2 months). He wanted no part of it! Tried many different types and he finally picked the Playtex drop-ins. My daughter was not picky at all.

Playtex nursers was an easy bottle to transition to.

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Can you use a different kind of nipple or are there still nipples you can adapt to your breast to adapt.

Evenflo balance is what my baby uses and he goes back and forth from breast to bottle.

I tried all the expensive bottles and my babies preferred the cheap gerber brand bottles

Tippy tommy bottles only bottle my breastfed son would take .

I used comotomo my boy loves those bottles

Yeah first few weeks do the breat…baby will go on bottle even at 3 months. They’re naturally inclined to suckle from breast

Years ago, we would heat a needle and make the nipple hole larger for bottles.

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Breast milk basically flows out of the nipple where as bottle fed babies have to suck. Try a bigger teet flow.

Some bottles harder to suck then others. Keep trying and you will find one that works

I have done both bottle and breast fed for this reason. Keep trying bottle and maybe different types

He may not take a bottle from you at all. Try having another person give it to him

Change your nipple no . From 1 in to 2 .Use no. 2 nipple for your bottle… maybe. No 1 . Is not dripping fast enough for your baby.

Maybe the nipple size is too large