My brother in law constantly eats my toddlers food!

So fed up with my brother in law. He constantly eats my 3 year old daughters foods and drinks her drink regardless of how many time i tell him not to. My daughter didn’t finish her chicken nuggets and fries for her lunch(don’t come at me for that) so i put em in the oven to hide them from him. Hours later, i go to reheat them in my air fryer and he ate her nuggets up. Left her legit 2 freaking bites of chicken left and a bunch of fries. This dude always does this to me and her. Hes always using her personal plates, cups,bowls,utensils after i specifically ask him not to. I’ve even hidden them from him and he still finds em!!! He is 31 years old and just keeps taking from her. I wish he would just move away from us. I can’t stand him.


Time for some laxative brownies


Um it’s time for Brother n law to see the door.


Why is he there. Hes an adult kick him out


I wouldn’t be putting up with that…He is grown …He is either slow or he doesn’t like being told what he can and can’t do…Your other half should be having a serious talk with him and if that doesn’t work,he needs to move out.He shouldn’t even be there to be honest.I don’t know the situation but he is taking from your child.That is wrong on all levels…


If he can’t follow rules, he can’t live there. Dad/partner should be letting him know and putting him in his place


I know this isn’t what advice you are asking for but please do not store food in the oven. It needs to be refrigerated until you re heat it.


Um… As a parent I would be more worried about why are you putting food in an oven for hours instead of the refrigerator and giving it back to her. As for him sounds like it’s time for your husband to step up and tell him it’s time for him to go.


Heck I’m more concerned that you put her nuggets in the stove for hours and then reheat them…


Nope, I don’t know why he is there but if I was you, I would talk to him about having to move out. That is ridiculous.


Laxatives lots and lots of laxatives


Threathen to kick him out, because honestly, if that were me, he would already be out. Don’t mess with mama bear, that’s YOUR kids food and he’s taking that from.your baby, kick him out


I would put a lock on a cupboard and put all my kids food in it. And if that isn’t and option or won’t work, kick him out


Sounds like my husbands cousin who lives with us. I just went through and labeled everything and my husband told him if he keeps doing it and continues not to contribute to the food then he will be evicted


If he can’t respect boundaries, id be talking to your husband about asking him to leave and if that’s not an option, tell your husband he needs to properly deal with this. He’s literally “taking candy from a baby” that’s absurd. My younger siblings were doing it and they learned real quick if they want something they need to ask first.


Honestly if he can’t respect you, your child, and the rules you’ve set forth he is an adult and should find somewhere else to live


Dude, I’d be telling your poor little girl how her uncle is eating up all her food. Have her go guilt trip lol. Make him feel like crap while she has to wait to eat since he ate everything- every time!!! Have him start get it from every one including her!


Give him a notarized letter stating he has 30 days to vacate the residence. Also, it may sound stupid, but you might need to buy a mini fridge for your bedroom and install a lock on your bedroom door. Or use the laundry room/closet or something. Sad that it would have to be this way, but he’s breaking rules and taking from your family. But using a mini fridge in a locked room seems to be the only way to keep him away from her food until he has left the property. But you can’t simply kick him out without a proper 30 day notice if he has things like mail coming to the home, his driver license has your address listed. So a letter is your best option. I’m sure you can find many examples online on how to do it properly.


Mines lived in his car in front of my house for a month lol seriously are leftover chicken nuggets or tenders? Really a big deal in the grand scheme of things… Does he work is he typical? No mental health or drug issues? … If he’s responsible enough to hold down a job it’s time for him to rent a room somewhere?.. But one thing is for certain and two things for sure your husband is going to side with his brother that’s how it goes. Not worth it all over chicken.

I’d start putting locks on things. If he can’t respect your boundaries and your child’s food he needs to go.


If it’s your partners brother he/she should be addressing it


Curious if he is struggling. Does he have a job? Is he able to afford groceries. I still would set boundaries…but I have been in a tough spot before…no excuse to take your food but maybe he is too embarrassed to ask for help.


When he goes to take a bite take it from him. When he goes to drink take it from him, whether it’s his or hers just grab it up like he does. Give him the same treatment. Like if he’s going for a drink slap that drink right out of his hand and say “no!” And tell him to go to the corner and think about what he’s done. If he’s going to act like a toddler, start treating him like one.


Either tell him he isn’t allowed to come over if he is purposely disrespecting your wishes or tell him he needs to pay up for everything he eats. I would also charge him double as you have to make another trip to the store to relaxed what he eats.

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Your last sentence says it all. At first I really didn’t see a problem with him eating the food she left. I was going to suggest you cook the amount you know she eats. Then I thought you were being a little unreasonable but now I realize the problem has nothing to do with the food you’re just tired of sharing your space. Either have him or yourselves move on.


Sounds like he’s got some kind of mental issue, especially if he’s using her plates, bowls and utensils. If that’s not the issue he needs to go. I would have already laid hands on him. Good luck.


Bro it’s food maybe he needs a little help financially and trusts you enough and feels comfortable and safe with y’all or at your house so he might feel like it’s ok to eat when he’s hungry. I mean there are two sides of the story here and there’s always reasons behind someones actions even if those reasons aren’t really understood


Tell him to move out or start paying you so you can keep her stuff double stocked for him and her to eat


I would ask him to give you money for groceries so that you can double up on stuff so that he can eat some too. Like a bag for your baby and a bag for others type deal. Food is expensive and I get needing some help but after being asked not to do something multiple times and he still keeps going and not coming to you and saying he’s struggling, I’d be at the end of my rope. I have 4 girls and 3 of them are 5 and under and the 5 year old has food aversion due to autism so I’d be getting pretty vocal about things.


Honestly, kinda glad he ate chicken products that were left out for hours. Maybe a dose of food poisoning will kick his habit.
If he cannot be in your home, do not have him there. It’s really that simple. Unless he has some kind of disability where he needs to be in supervised accomodation I truly don’t see why you’d put up with it.


Sounds like he’s doing it to literally bug you lol

Why is he there? Does he have a mental illness or disability or something? There’s way more to this. Also. It isn’t safe to just keep food in the oven it needs to be refrigerated or could cause your daughter to get sick.


My siblings used to always go throu heaps of snacks a day so my ma put a lock on the cupboard. It worked to.

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Have your brother deal with his brother. And in the mean time, I know it’s nasty but if it was me and my kids food whatever they don’t finish I would lock in my room plus all their own dishes. And I would ask hey are you hungry or are you okay? Maybe he is struggling financially. But that’s just me I cook meals for everyone and if I have visitors I fix them a plate too. When it comes to food I ain’t cheap but my kids are very picky and I make separate food for them and I wouldn’t want anyone touching their food so i say it straight out, but I offer other food. Have a talk with him and have ur husband do it too figure out what’s going on

Hes saving your kid from salmonella. You dont just hear up and eat chicken that’s been left out for hours.


If he lives with you, kick him out. If he just lives nearby, don’t allow him in your home again.


I might be Petty Betty but my ass would be buying him some dollar tree toddler plates, cutlery, etc. I’d make him drinks in a sippy cup, ask him if he needs to go potty in front of other adults. I’d make a star chart for him with sections that say “listens” “plays well with others” “eats his own food” “no potty accidents” etc.

If he wants to be a child so badly, I’d treat him like one.

Put a special lot aside just for him with some laxatives in it, he will think you gave him food poisoning and hopefully never want to tea your food again

I would put laxatives in the leftover food/drink… see how he feels after……

That is highly disrespectful. Has your spouse said anything?

Tell your husband if it’s his brother . And then I’d buy him his own little kid plate set like I do my kids friends and say " this is for YOU when you come over to play ,so you can have your own big boy plate and bowl ! It’ll be here for you to use when you come over " . Act like a child , get treated like a child lol

It’s just food :woozy_face: I could never deny someone food period. I’ve allowed family to stay with me & never cared what they ate as long as they ate :woman_shrugging:t3:


Sounds like your talking about my brother who’s turning 30 this month :disappointed: he lives with me and my mom refuses to let him go. She swears it’s his mental health but it’s ridiculous that I’m constantly having my kids upset that things that were for them are now gone. He does it to me too. It’s so frustrating

Assuming that you or your husband are paying for your child’s food, b i l should be respectful of your wishes. There’s no reason that he can’t buy the same food at the store for himself.

If this is your husband’s brother, then you both need to sit down with him and tell him that you don’t want anyone else using your child’s dishes and make sure that he is aware which ones are hers. Tell him he is welcome to use the other dishes. If you have a particular drink that is only for your child and no one else, then (you and your husband) tell him that drink is off limits. As far as the rest, in my opinion, you need to lighten up. And that probably isn’t a very popular opinion among today’s entitled & offended by everything generation. But in my family & the way I grew up, our family’s homes were just like our homes & we were comfortable there interchangeably. I couldn’t imagine being mad at my brothers, or my sister or brother in law or any of my cousins, for having something to eat. If she didn’t finish the nuggets, why did you feel a need to hide them? You fixed them for her to eat at that moment, so obviously you could spare them. Hiding food like that seems like a hoarder mentality. Maybe you didn’t have a lot growing up so you feel like you will starve if you don’t hide food? A lot of people whose illnesses include hiding food, began in that way. You really seem to have a lot of jealousy and animosity towards your brother in law. That is not healthy. And I’m not saying that to be mean. Maybe you need to evaluate & work on yourself so that you can be happy.

Everyone say kick him out I say get even first. Laxatives does wonders. Had to stay somewhere not to long ago it had 4 small family. 3 couples husband and wife. Last family had 3 kids as well. We all shared the fridge. One of the wife’s with no kids keep stealing everyone food. So I informed the kids on what I had put it in so they wouldn’t touch it. Funniest thing I either seen. She don’t touch much now. It take a real piece of shit to still from a child. If he will steal something as stupid as food he would steal anything. You should definitely make him leave

It definitely sounds like he has some mental issues going on for him to be 31 and doing that to a baby… on a side note since you stated hours later… he may end up with a good case of food poisoning, and spared the baby since meat is not to be left for more then 2-3 hrs room temp… definitely some boundaries with legit consequences need to be set not for the baby but for the bigger baby…

So much wrong with this.

No he shouldnt be eating your kiddos food

Yes he should follow simple requests

No you shouldnt give your daughter chicken of all things that has sat out for hours

But not enough info either. Do you live with him? Is he visiting? Does he live with you?

I think its silly however to get bent out of shape for him using her dishes and utensils though…. Unless the child has meltdowns when he does, then it seems like a way to teach sharing too.

But hes eating her leftovers? Come on now! Unless he is opening up things specifically purchased for your child to eat, then thats just silly.

Yeah hell no. Tell him in a very firm way, please do not eat her food. Also am I right to assume this is hubby’s brother? If so then he needs to say somthing as well not just u

Oh no he would have to go! If he’s living with you he’s oversharing his welcome for sure! That’s ridiculous!


Girl you’ve got a PROBLEM cause let me tell you! It’d happen to me once! I’d legit fight him over my child’s ANYTHING! That is straight BS on his part and f THAT‼️

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Went through a similar situation with my BIL eating all my kids snacks. I had to literally threaten to kick him out sadly, after a few warnings. I supplied him with a meal a day and he worked full time, he had more than the means to move out and live on his own. He did end up finding his own place, and we’re still on just fine terms, I love the kid.
There’s ways you can be stern and still be respectful! :slight_smile:

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No sir!!! I would go off an show him the way to the door!!! 31 years old eating my youngins food…No No No

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My daughter’s father did that too. He constantly bitched about health issues he had, but kept helping himself to specific foods and supplies that I, not him…but me had baught for her. Pissed me off to no end. Finally I told him to stay away from us.

What I would do, make it burn… serious Chilli sauce (hottest you can find) or something like a little bullet Chilli (I love hot food and that little monster had me just about crying and burning for hours :woman_facepalming:t3::face_with_hand_over_mouth:) inside a nugget or something, in a way he can’t notice it without inspection (which i promise you he isnt doing, he’s just popping ot in his mouth)… small little slit on the side… that’s only if he doesnt like hot foods… it’s petty, but it works :rofl: that’s how I stopped an x friend of mine from stealing my food… this obviously being food you don’t intend on giving your little one again…

First of all ,Don’t put food in the oven to store it for later. The maximum amount at room temperature before it is thrown out for chicken is two hours. that’s a great way to cause food poisoning and kill somebody. Second of all, lock it up. There’s no way I’d be allowing a grown man to steal my child’s food. If he doesn’t like it, he should leave shame on your husband for not sticking up.

Ask him for the money as technically its stealing from your child. If he doesn’t pay you tell him to leave.

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I would sit him and his brother down together and put it to them in no uncertain terms it stops and it stops now ,its blatant disrespect .If it happens one more time ,bil goes,pack his shit in trash bags and set it out.If hubby fusses he sleeps on the couch.Stand firm.Don’t argue.Like a quote from a movie …You’ve said your piece and counted to 3.

That so wrong do too your child I am mom
Never allowed this

Do you give him some of that food? What if he does it because of hunger? Start giving him some and he’ll stop stealing. Adults need nice food too


When it comes to my kids looks like brother and law would’ve been up out of there by now and anybody else overstepping boundaries in MY shit but that’s just my opinion

You should add laxatives or something nasty in the food and purposely leave it there (obvio not in reach of your baby) maybe that will teach him :woman_shrugging:t4:

Buy him some toddler utensils and a sippy cup. Tell him those are his and he’s not yo use hers :rofl: he sounds like a total jerk.

I’d make him a peanut butter and shit sandwich or something equally as horrid. Maybe next time he will think twice.

Lock it up and tell him he has to provide his own dorm frig for his food, or kindly find another home.

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I have a teenager and a 2yo. Andi’s snacks disappear too…. I bought a French door cabinet & installed locks on it. It’s my snack/toddler food cabinet. I restock the kitchen snack cabinet twice a week. (Every 3-4 days)


I understand your dilemma, but why would you leave food unrefrigerated for hours to feed your child?

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If he can’t respect your house then, he can leave.

Kick him out that’s just a little weird of him and rude as hell

Tell him to respect ur home or get his own

I would totally agree that would be frustrating but I lost my brother and I soo wish he was here to have a problem sorry just a diff point of view

Set some boundaries, you aren’t wrong for that.

If he lives with you he needs to move out. If he visits see what you can do otherwise. So rude and immature

Your husband should be handling it. It’s HIS brother tell him to take care of business.

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Wth. He’d be gone. What’s wrong with him.

Put your big girl panties on, you’ll be alright. Only dogs fight over food smh

If he’s squatting, kick him out. If you’re living in his home, move out. Easy.

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Am I the only one that doesn’t think it’s a big deal for him to finish the food her kid doesn’t want…??

Does he have mental or health problems.
What is a 31 yo with you.

Next time put laxatives or something awful like castor oil in her food and leave it for him since he enjoys stealing her stuff. Teach him a lesson

He would have to go idk who got mad lol

Put a laxative in some that you know he will eat keep away from the kids

You know what to get him for birthday and x- mas

Tell him he can sleep on the porch

Why isn’t your husband saying something? Put something spicy and leave it for him. :woman_shrugging: It’s his own fault if he eats something that wasn’t his. Also - please don’t feed her something hot that has been out for hours, that could potentially make her really sick. Anything that has already been prepared like that has to be refrigerated promptly to be safe.

Tell him to stay away and if not put lock on everything so he can’t get in to anything

I can’t move past nuggets sitting out for hours…

Tell him to go get something the car and then lock him out of the house.

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Seems like he had a learning disabilities or something.

Time to kick him out or lock him out from visiting

who’s living with who? one gotta go

My question what is your living situation?

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Who is living with who??? OR is he visiting

Why is he even at your house?

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Does he live with you? Or do you all live with their parents?

Either way this sounds like he is intentionally be spiteful… if he lives with you, kick him out. If you all live with parents, move out ASAP… :woman_shrugging:

Can I ask, is he mentally handicap? His behavior definitely sounds like an adult with a mental age of a child. If so, perhaps his family needs to look into paid care in a facility?

Confront him. If he continues kick him out.

Why are you living with your brother in law in the first place?? One of you needs go.


You left uneaten nuggets in the oven for a few hours? … planning on reserving to your toddler? It’s probably best that your BIL ate them. Seriously though, sit him and down and don’t talk at him but talk to him. Find out why he does it? Sometimes when you talk at people they don’t hear you. He might honestly think he’s doing you a favor because why just toss out uneaten food. Maybe ask him if he likes the food you feed your daughter, he can give you some money next time you go shopping and you’ll pick him up some of the same snacks. There has to be some common ground and honestly you sound so irritated with him that maybe that irritation comes out in your tone when you speak to him and due to whatever he’s dealing with in his own life, you get tuned out. Good luck, and as an adult, he shouldn’t be taking/using your daughters things.

You putt chicken nuggets in the over for hrs to reheat them?

How does he have access to these things? Does he live with you? Is he over 18? If so, then make him leave. I’m sure there’s other rules he’s not following. What you allow will continue!


Is he doing it just to piss you off?!