My child is obsessed with playing in the stove! Help!

Yea I’m looking for parenting advice. My kid won’t get out of the stove. He makes me take the racks out so he can play in it. I even took to unplugging it so he don’t get hurt. I tried cardboard boxes and all type of other play toys. This kid will not get out of the stove. Help! Why is he doing this?


Mine likes to sit in the warmer at the bottom following lol

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What do you mean he makes you? Sweet Momma you need to practice being firm and saying no and not budging on some things. You’re the Mom. :orange_heart:


It obviously seems like a habit,

He was let in a stove once and wants a stove

Anything that looks like a stove would do if hard ban tough love isn’t an option


Depending on how old he is, or his intellect level-find a way to create something or find something that will give him the same sort of effect-it could be a comfort thing as odd as that sounds. Maybe try really big cardboard boxes with battery operated lights? If he’s old enough or learns fast maybe talk to him and teach him how dangerous it is-my daughter was extremely smart and wouldn’t do things that were dangerous if I explained it, or acted like it hurt me really bad. Sometimes kids are just overly curious…maybe have them help you bake something? Hope you find a solution :heart:


“He makes me” is where your true problem starts. Be the adult, not his friend.


You’re the parent. So…parent. You tell him no. Sure he’ll cry and throw a fit but🤷‍♀️ it won’t kill him. However, playing in an oven might🙄


Stop taking the racks and tell him no , let him cry, let him throw hes tantrums , just walk away, this is dangerous


How old is he? My kid did this with the dishwasher constantly, would even open it while it was running just to sit in it. They eventually grew out of it once they turned 2.

You’ve shot yourself in the foot by allowing this in the first place. Now you need to double down, block it inside and out and tell him no! Warn and redirect then consequences…time out will do, a minute per year of age. This is a non negotiable situation. If he does this at someone else’s house or at the wrong time in your house he’s going to get very hurt so you need to put your foot down until he stops. You can’t always be gentle and soft, some times you need to be firm for their own sake.


Could you buy a toy kitchen playset?


I wouldn’t of allow him in the first place.
I feel for you.
What are you going to do when he turns 16.
No control.
Be the parent.


My kids just had a straight rule when they were little, they were not allowed in the kitchen at all! For safety reasons


yeah u might not wanna encourage it lol

He makes you take the racks out?!?¿

Literally just keep on him and you are the parent he can’t make you take anything out!

Find a way! A smack on the hand or butt before you all come at me not so your bruising the kid but so that he is like ow that hurts I don’t like it and keep explain its hot it’s not safe!!!

As much as I WANT to, I’m not going to giggle at your situation. I live with my parents in their house, and are not permitted to put screw anchored locks in their custom cabinets, so we compromised on those plastic click shut things my husband ordered for the doors that have handles mirroring each other, and I just carefully watch him on the doors he CAN open, and keep things that are potentially dangerous out of his grasp. (Glass, chemicals, knives, etc.)

Point is. There IS a situation to a child. YOUR child. Protect, think ahead. Be wiser. I tell my nineteen month old baby “Better you’re mad then hurt or de… Worse!” I IMMEDIATELY redirect him to something I know will redirect his mind, and potential er/urgent care visit averted.

Babies are going to fuss when they don’t get their way. We HAVE to close our ears sometimes, but NEVER our eyes.

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I just can’t comprehend how this even got this far. Why was he ever allowed to play near the stove much nj less inside it? Then you actually removed the racks for his enjoyment. Something is not right here.
It needs to STOP now before he is hurt or killed. What happens if he is at someone else’s house and decides he will play in their stove because Mommy lets him do it at home? It could be on, he could get locked inside and I could go on and on. You might look into some
parenting classes.


He’s doing it because you let him!


Stop removing the racks and hard no. This isn’t a negotiable thing, it’s dangerous.


I would sit and watch hansle and Gretrel with him and show him what happens with children who go into a oven :grin:


Use a strong Velcro strip to keep him out of it.
Or some kind of a latch. You may want to do the same for your refrigerator, dishwasher, washer/dryer, or things like that that he may want to climb in and could get hurt.

Can you put a baby gate up so he can’t go into the kitchen area without you?


I have 2 of these on my oven door. One on each side. Plus I remove knobs to prevent playing ( gas stove :grimacing:)


He can’t make you doll. He’s a child. Buy a safety lock and stand your ground.


How does he “make” you remove the racks? Simply say no, absolutely not!
And to answer your question, “why is he doing this?” Because Mama, you let him.


I put oven safe child locks on mine straight away unfortunately you’ve shot yourself in the foot by allowing it, yes kids will try and mess with stuff they’re not aloud too they’ll twist knobs, push buttons even try to grab stuff out the oven like the trays or wired rack but you just have to keep firmly saying no, tell your child why e example. We don’t touch the oven because it’s gets very hot and that’s can cause you to get hurt.

My son is only 20 months but because I live in a flat with open plan kitchen/ living room I find it so difficult to stop him going near it but I’m sure if I continue with don’t do that and telling him why he will.get it.

I’d look into oven safe child locks they’ve been a god send for me and just keep pulling/moving your little one away
Good luck mama


This is NOT negotiable.You are the parent here.I don’t understand how a small child ‘makes you’ do anything let alone take the racks out of an oven for him to play in :flushed:I’m not even sugar coating it.Sounds like you’ve already let him play in it.Take control of your child.This could kill him,do you get that?


Make him stay out, this is extremely dangerous. Don’t take the tracks out and don’t just let him even open the door. Get firm with him and if he cried then he cries. Explain to him how bad this is. Children have died playing like this.


Get a nice size safety gate block off kitchen

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He doesn’t “make” you take the racks out…

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Talk to him make him understand that playing inside of a stove is not a play ground it’s for cooking,put the racks back in and tell him no if he asks can you take them out again.

Hold up, you LET him play in there ?!


Who is the parent? You started this in the first place. You need to stop it now or he is going to get hurt. Never should have been allowed to happen. Get tough.


Buy him his own toy oven :woman_shrugging:

He’s doing this because you let him…even helped make it more fun taking out the racks…this has to be a joke…


I get kids are curious little creatures, but c’mon lady, you’re the parent here, not him.


Is this genuine? You are the adult! No child can make you do anything and if it ends in a tantrum, tough! Rude it out and stand your ground. They’ll get over it but it’s a hard no! It’s dangerous and ridiculous!

Just say no
It was a bad idea
Mommy made a mistake … we don’t play in / on stoves.
You never know if he will try by himself somewhere else

Playing in any appliance is ever a good idea
As parents we make not such great decisions, we are human .
But this is a safety thing
Take blame , explain to him and maybe put yourself in timeout so he will see you are serious .
Good luck

Let the kid get burnt.
Growing pains.
This is a clear way for the child to know the stove is dangerous, and learn the dangers of life.
Unconventional? Maybe
Effective? Absolutely!!

I feel you!! I spend most of my day following my kid around to stop him from doing things like that. Smh

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um… tell him he can’t? don’t take the racks? be the parent? lmao


Dont they have baby proof latches that can be installed ?but start by sayin no ! And leave the racks in…


Do not allow this behavior.

You let it happen, now you gotta break it. I’m pretty sure there’s a lock out there somewhere for it. And how did he make you take the racks out? Aren’t you the adulr?


See so many comments sarcastically judging this women ! My 5 year old has asd and adhd and it’s very difficult to tell her no she will scream and hit bite smash the house up etc I try to be firm but I literally need to sit with her 24/7 as soon as my backs turned she will do what she wants anyway no amount of punishment will stop her it’s a battle everyday with her so sometimes she gets what she wants because mum is exhausted and doesn’t have any fight left in her ! To the person who posted this my inbox is open no judgement just support there’s too many women bringing other women down without checking they are perfect themselves !

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I was done by the " he makes me take rhe racks out". What child MAKES a parent do anything? Tell him NO and stick with it…You’re the parent, act like one.


Appliances are a big no. No stove, no washer, no dryer. Too many tragedies. Start by explaining to him why it is no longer allowed. And find something else for him to do, maybe build a fort. Re direct and stand firm. It’s just not worth the risk. Nvm the fact that you unplugged it. What if he got shut in and stuck?


Put your foot down say NO and teach him its unsafe. Next it will be the fridge or dryer or someplace you wont think to look and you will find him xx

He “makes” you huh? … no words besides maybe be the adult here? :thinking:

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Exactly how does he make you?
And how the heck did he start doing this anyway???
I’m gonna be blunt, that child could d I e this way. Stop it.

The operative word is NO. Say, mean it, don’t be his enabler, be his parent. Leave the racks where they belong. If necessary, devise a way to make the door inoperable. Even if it’s duct taped. And don’t forget, there needs to be consequences when firm boundaries are intentionally breached. This is an issue of safety. It’s a parent’s responsibility to keep their child safe. Not the child’s choice.


This is what’s wrong with kids these days the parents let them do what they want, “he makes me take the racks out” I’ve never heard anything so ridiculous in my life. Take control of your child now and stop being his friend and be his mother. This is what’s wrong with this generation


Turn it on so its hot he wont gt in then… surely he wont.


Be sure you allow it? :woman_facepalming:t3:
How about teaching him no and it’s dangerous?:woman_facepalming:t3:

I can’t believe I’m actually reading this on the Internet today :roll_eyes:


I really think you should have never let him think it was a toy to begin with, but hindsight is 20/20. I took my kids by a house that burned down where a little kid died and explained to them that is why kids cannot play with fire: lighters, matches, stoves, campires or anything like that.

Be the parent First
Then the friend
Not being mean
Just honest


Leave the trays in and shut the door !
You are the adult and he is a child!


“He makes me take the racks out so he can play in it.” And ya wonder why he wants to play in it . Who has the problem here , the parent or the kid ?

Have you asked him? If so, what was his response?

Well MAKE him stay out of it. SMH should have never let a child play in the oven from the start. Who in there right mind would ever think this was ok even one time.

Just say “no it’s not a Toy” you make the rules not the child.

Prolly stop letting him do that all together and baby gate the kitchen off if you can

He “makes you take the racks out”???
He won’t stop as long as you let him be in control… of you.


Your letting the kid rule you. HE makes YOU take out the racks. Does he twist your arm? Tell him no. Your the parent

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Don’t take the racks out!! Geez he can’t make you do anything!!

Oh my gosh why did you even partake in that idea? Moving forward you need to immediately get a lock. There on amazon we have one for our fridge in the garage. You also need to educate him how Dangerous it is and what can happen. Please purchase locks before something happens you cannot take back.


Try saying No , shouldn’t of allowed it in the 1st place tbh it’s an oven not a toy

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Why would you let your child in the stove to begin with? You cannot actually for one second think that is safe?

Didn’t the child grow up with fables like Hansel and Grettle? Looked what happened to the human flesh-eating witch and the stove

Pow pow on the hands is better than kid setting the house on fire or burning him/herself


Most ovens have a lock function. Stop removing the racks and lock the oven. It simply isn’t safe, it is completely non negotiable.


See if he likes the washing machine better ?


You’re so irresponsible!!! Your fault for allowing him to do it in the first place you’re the adult smfh. Poor kid


Don’t take the racks out and tell him. No!!

Can’t believe this is even a question to be asked lol First off he makes you?? Oh hell no.


YOU ARE THE MOTHER. Jesus, he makes you take out the racks??? Ohhh my gosh, I can’t with some of you “mothers”. WTAF. When he dies in someone’s oven because YOU, HIS MOTHER, is such a damn snowflake that she would be told by a child to let them play in such a dangerous place and situation, you need to just stfu because you are an idiot and you have no right having a kid. Omg :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Do you have a swimming pool that you can just toss him in JUST BECAUSE HE WANTS TO??? See how utterly ridiculous this sounds???

Wait what? He makes you? My kid doesn’t “make” me do anything, I make her do things, like stay out of stuff wtf


They sell locks for oven doors. Put one on and teach him he cannot do that.


Get child proof locks for it … stop doing what ever your child asks for

So the child is the parent seems they can get an adult to do anything OMG really :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Stop letting him play in there. You took the racks out and let him go in. Tell him NO! It’s not a safe choice. You either play in the boxes or nothing. Don’t even get him a toy stove that looks like it. That just enables the behavior. Get a good child lock to put on it and redirect him AWAY from the stove :woman_facepalming:

No! It’s a complete sentence. You better start using it now. That gonna be a fun word him to learn as a teenager. Your setting not only him but yourself up for massive failure.

Do not take racks out. Get a child proof lock meant for stoves. YOU are the parent. YOUR job is to keep them safe.

Sounds like u created a problem by allowing it in the first place

That is extremely dangerous and u can say NO
U are the parent he is NOT

Who cares why he’s doing this. Tell him no, it’s not safe, and put a child lock on it. How is this even a question? :thinking:

Stop letting YOUR brat dictate what you do‼️

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Some people shouldn’t breed.

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I’m just over here like …… :woman_facepalming:t2::woman_facepalming:t2::woman_facepalming:t2::woman_shrugging:t2::nauseated_face:
Stupid can’t get any stupider!
How come people have to go through a process to adopt but don’t have to go through a process to have kids of their own! What an idiot! …
Parent on the phone “ hold up, lemme get my kid out of the oven real quick “ like what!!!

Why the hell are you letting him play in it in the first place? That was your first mistake

Are you in love with someone and he/she doesn’t reciprocate the gesture, frustrated because of a Break -up :broken_heart: then you can use this to attract that lover into your life. It brings back your ex, and help solve broken marriages. Life is too short to be unhappy. Think about that. You deserve utmost happiness and love.

Note: this is totally harmless and have no side effects

Why would you take out the racks in your stove to let him play in it to begin with? Some things come with a hard no and consequences every single time after a certain age, by that i mean like 2. Things that are dangerous makes that list. My youngest will be 3 in a month and a half and any time he sees me cooking he says “no touch, that’s hot”. They can learn, but you set yourself up for a rough time while he unlearns the bad habit you allowed.

Why would you even allow that one time lol

Definitely a very bad habit that should of never been aloud in the first place .you are going to have to be firm and say no and listen to him cry and throw a fit for his own safety.block or strap the oven door so they can’t open …you can also turn oven on and get it really hot and then show him " hot"


What do you mean he “made you take the racks out”?! He had a gun when he declared it? You’ve shot yourself in the foot allowing him to do this in the first place. He needs to learn this us DANGEROUS


Better get a latch and brackets to hold the back down. Kids have been seriously injured when stepping on the door and it flips over. There is discipline and you are responsible to parent, that means that at all times you control behavior. My first child had asperger’s syndrome and it was difficult, but my hubby would find a way to safely latch anything that needed it. What you’re describing is dangerous, even if unplugged. Kids can be hard to correct, but it is our responsibility to do that and to keep them safe. If the child is truly that hard to manage I would seriously look into the reasons and whether help is needed.

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I’m not even being mean but did you try saying no? Because if you’re taking the racks out for them I feel like you’re not saying no
And yes. Your child will probably cry because you told them no but that’s much better than getting hurt


You just said he makes you…. By doing this you’re allowing the behavior. Tell him no. He tried take him out tell him no and hot or ouch. This will become repetitive but you have to set limits.

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My children weren’t allowed to touch my stove when they were young especially young enough to fit inside an oven. You need to ask yourself why you allowed it to begin with? Learn to say no firmly and stick to it.


Lock it closed with baby locks