My daughter has been complaining of stomach pain and I am at a loss: Advice?

I’m at a loss on what to do or where to go to help my daughter. She’s six years old, and for months she has been complaining a few times a week about a stomach ache. I’ve taken her to her pediatrician, and she said it’s her diet. So I changed her diet, more fruits, more protein, and iron, she only drinks water, lemonade and some juices, never pop. But lately, it seems like it’s progressing because I’ve been called to her school twice because she’s been crying about her stomach and she says it hurts so bad she can’t walk. Usually, children’s Motrin will help her for a little while. Again went to her doctor, and she said she could just be wanting my attention, but I really don’t think that is the case because she has my attention seven days a week. I work when she’s in school so I can be home with her, so she has my attention all the time. Has anyone else had these issues with their kids, or does anyone know what this could possibly be? I want to find some sort of another doctor to check her out, but I don’t even know what type of doctor to look for! Please help.


Take her to a specialist. A gastroenterologist. They specialize on these issues. Always get a second opinion.


Anxiety can present as a stomachache in children. Also food allergies


A pediatric gastroenterologist. My son had the same issues and was finally diagnosed with IBS w/constipation even though he goes to the bathroom every single day.

Have you thought about getting the gallbladder checked

My child uses exlax and mirlax we use a stomach specialist

Try getting a referral to a gastroenterologist and see what they say. She could have ibs


Could be acid reflux. Could be alot of things, but if this doctor isn’t going to actually help, get a new one that listens


Gastrointestinal Specialist!!! Make that appointment sooner then later…


She needs a gastroenterologist, have your ped refer you to one.

Take her to mental health. Something’s bothering her, she might not know how to communicate it.


Motrin is upsetting to stomach all asprin is…n 2 it could be gerd…id ask to see gi

Could be gallstones, I had that as a child , and I’m in my 40s no and only just been diagnosed, I was told for years it was ibs ,

Gluten Allergy? My niece get like that if she has ate something that has gluten in even a bread crumb can cause it

Maybe being bullied or try a naturalopath

Another doctor for more checking of course. My son did have anxiety and stress that cause stomachache too and later migraines.

We had this same issue and did all kinds of tests with a pediatric gastroenterologist at Riley Childrens Hospital and it literally went away on it’s own. She actually grew out of it after a few months. I personally think it was anxiety presenting as stomach issues. We would have to leave restaurants because she was screaming how bad her stomach was hurting. Maybe give it some time, or go ahead and have your pediatrician refer you. Good luck.

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My son suffered with stomach issues for years and I kept a diary of when it was sore and what he had eaten, turned out it was dairy that was upsetting his stomach, eliminated it from his diet and he was much better.

This can often be a sign of anxiety in kids whereby the genuinely think they have a pain but there is no “medical” reason why. Play therapy can be very beneficial here as it helps them understand their emotions or things like drawing how her day was can give an insight. Its actually quite common in this age group as they adjust to school and all that it brings. Of course a second opinion could help also :blush:


You need to ask for a referral to a gastroenterologist or someone that deals with the stomach/intestines. Dont keep letting them dismiss you.


Seriously have them check her for diabetes My daughter had the same problem and that was the problem

Anxiety can cause these symptoms in children

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When my 3 year old didn’t want to leave me she’d tell me her stomach hurt. We’d talk and talk and when she wasn’t anxious anymore she’d tell me her tummy didn’t hurt anymore. But I’d definitely get a second opinion and try to pinpoint what situations make it hurt the most.

Does she have issues using the restroom? Perhaps constipation? My son had that happen because he wouldn’t use the restroom at school.

Cut out gluten and dairy and see how she does.


When my daughter complains, I cut back on dairy products and it seems to help and switch to lactose free milk. She likes her milk and cheese and yogurt, but she can overdo it sometimes as it goes in waves. I also notice the complaining will start soon after digesting milk or ice cream or anything of that nature.

Take her 2 children’s hospital they need 2 do more testing could b something major

I had that with my two daughters ended up taking them to emergency room ended up being appendix, good luck

I would say take her to a specialist, but peppermint tea helps stomach aches, and green tea(sugar fee) will help if she has acid reflux or extra acid in her stomach

My 6yr old has had to have quiet time in the safe spot recently because she “misses me and cant stop crying” i gave up a bomb ass job with amazing pay early this year so i could only work while shes at school idk what else to do :unamused:

Id go to a G.I specialist. Could be underlying digestive problem.


Kids will say they have stomach pain, because they can’t express in words anxiety… maybe watch for possible stressor. Could be People places and things…, this also includes the parents behaviors as well that can have an adverse effect on children

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Umm see a specialist for the stomach? Helllurrr

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Another general practitioner and make sure she’s doing #2, iron can constipate. After that perhaps it’s anxiety, in which case a therapist may help teach her to cope with stress.

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She needs to see a pediatric gastroenterologist


Could be a sign of anxiety. Journal all activities around stomach pain and see if you notice a pattern. Of course do this in conjunction with a medical doctor to rule out anything that could be a physical medical condition.

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Gunuva wa bosucu. Bosoka with warm water and drink

Anxiety manifests in this way in children , they complain of stomach ache when anxious as they can’t recognise anxiety or the signs of yet , but think about it , your stomach does hurt when y anxious, is it the same time every week ? It could be a lesson she’s struggling with :woman_shrugging:t2: good luck momma x


Ask to be referred to a pediatric specialist. Better safe than sorry.


Put her on an all organic/non gmo diet and I bet her stomachache will go away! We do nutrtional kinesiology and treat these issues where I work EVERYDAY! So many kids are sensitive :cry:

I have a daughter whos same took jer to hospotal loads of times and said its consterpation so i changed her diet and it was still happening turns out shes had water infections plus consterpation some times but have they checked 4 that?

My child was having the same problems. I took her to the doctor to see what was wrong. They told me that she was probably constipated, even though she was having bowl movements. I started her on 5mg fiber gummies. She likes them, and it worked! No more trips to the school nurse.

I would find a new doctor


Both of my daughters had abdominal migraines. Check with your doctor to see if that’s a possibility

My 3 daughters all had their gallbladder removed when they were very young. If I hadn’t gone through it I wouldn’t have believed it. I was 21 when mine was removed. Is there something she eats and then gets the pain? Like greasy food or whatever food.

It could be her appendix

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Get a second opinion

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Have her check for gluten issues celiac disease. My youngest daughter started at around 7 or so and since we have changed her diet it has made a drastic difference

My son when he was young use to complain about his stomach hurting too. Doctors said growing pains. Witch could be. But as he got older he still had the problem. Had him take anacid pills boom did the trick. Try that

Anxiety maybe? Does it only happen when she’s at school?

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Get imaging done of her entire gi track. After all issues have been ruled out seek a child behavioral specialist who deals with anxiety. Good luck :black_heart:


Had a nephew with the same symptoms. It was his appendix, it was gangrenous. After it was removed he was diagnosed with celiac disease.

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My daughter had learning issues, which made her stress about school. Her anxiety would get so bad it would physically manifest into stomach aches. Luckily, I had many people who were aware at school who would work together with me to manage it. It took many years, most of them, to get a plan together and get help. She is 20 now and is amazingly independent and has learned to manage things better. A consult with a child psychologist might be the first step.

Some will just push it off as acting out. Take her to a specialist. It could be an allergy to wheat or something else food or environmental. Does she have a bowl movement every day? some foods can cause constipation. Tell her to tell you when she has one so you can look at it and describe it to her doctor. Any way don’t ignore it and don’t let her doctor ignore it either.


I took my grandson to the ER. They did a scan and he had his appendix removed the following morning.

I’d start with a gastrointestinal Dr.


My kiddo complained for three weeks of a stomach ache and then dropped DKA to find out she’s type 1 diabetic.

Take her to a Gastroenterologist Sounds Like Something Similar to what was going on with my Goddaughter… She eventually had to Have her Gallbladder Removed…

Get a referral to a peds gastro doc


Has she traveled outside the US? Regardless check for H Pylori.

My 7 yr does this & come to find out it’s anxiety… it started when she was 5 yrs old we just figured out … School & separation is what triggers… she’s a mamas girl

Take her to a Pediatric gastroenterologist! This is how it started with my daughter too.

My son used to do the same thing to the point he would make himself sick and even pass out after a bunch of specialist and tests it was determined that my plucky our going little boy actually has severe anxiety since then we’ve changed a few things and he hasn’t had an episode since

Try a holistic Doctor !!! They run test but not your normal panel!

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Is she having any problems in school with bullies or allergies to wheat flour, hope things get better for ye

As a child I had ‘abdominal migraines’ - not sure of the science behind it x

Find another dr that will take this seriously. Tell your current pediatrician that they are a quack and to go back to school. Kids don’t cry from pain for nothing. Please take her to a serious pediatrician or the ER. Something is really wrong.


Go to a nutritionist. She may recomend a ketogenic diet.

My little brother had this issue for over six months they ended up doing explorative surgery on his stomach what they found was he had inflammation of the stomach lining and intestines, there is no cause it just happens.
They gave him specific medication to help the issue and within a week he was back to his normal self and hasn’t had it since that was 7yrs ago now

does she drink cow’s milk? she might have milk intolerance. It’s really painful.

Anxiety!! Ask if something or someone at school is bothering her.
Ask teacher what was child doing before tummy started hurting.


I had stomach problems when I ate I was reacting to wheat maybe get her tested to see if it’s wheat or dairy that isn’t agreeing with her stomach

Take her to a Gastroenterologist. They deal with stomach issues. Good luck.


I went through this with my son. I had to fight to be seen be a specialist, but it turns out he had a high intolerance to lactose (you’d be surprised what all has lactose in it) and severe anxiety.

Get a food allergy AND food sensitivity test.

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Def get a 2nd opinion. A pediatric gastroenterologist would be good. My daughter was lactose intolerant and we didnt know it. Had tummy aches all the time until I took her.

My sons did this and bad stomachs run in my family. They had to be put on acid reflux medication but have seemed to outgrow it. Pediatric gastroligist (sp) said get a better sleep routine , take the Med, and never drink anything with color or dark. Lemonade, water , sprite.

We had the same issue. Went to all the drs. Did all the tests. Ani- acid (Pepto or over counter) helped. We made sure no meals before bed. And cut back on dairy and pasta a little. Also attributed to some anxiety. It’s hard for kids at that age. Symptoms were gone within a year.

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Anxiety… or how are her bowels?? She might not be going all the way and getting it all out and she has backed. Up bowel… take her to children’s hospital and don’t leave until you have an answer… def find another pediatrician who will listen to you

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She needs to see a gastroenterologist that treats kids l had problems when l was a kid and now suffer from IBS.

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Internalized stress? School Billy? Tension in the home?

Worms would be my guess. Also funnily enough clothing that is too tight, eg a skirt

Take that child to the doctor my niece had that same problem and they found a tumor willowton tumor in her stomach my niece was complaining just like your child complaining so take her to the doctor and tell the doctor to check her out for a tumor

Anxiety maybe… my grandson is 9 and has the same problem a couple days a week

Is she being bullied at school

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Maybe constipated had same problem with my 7 year old and she was constipated due to her loving milk so she had to decrease amount and or use lactose free milk.

Take her to a Gastroenterologist for children. Don’t ignore it, stay on top off this.


Get her sugar checked. That’s how we found out my sister had type 1 diabetes. At least to eliminate the possibility

We have a local 13 yr old girl who is dying from cancer right now …and she complained of stomach pain for months to her mom…but her mom blew it off not thinking it was serious…they gave her one year to live and that was on Halloween!BRING YOUR CHILD IN :heart::heart:

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Could it be she is having concerns with another student and this is how she is dealing with it?

My son did that, and his intestines were twisted. Meds and growing helped his.

Do you think she may be being bullied?

Could be nervous stomache=anxiety


Stop giving her iron. Might be making her constipated.
Could also be anxiety.
Go get a second opinion from another doctor just to make sure it’s nothing.


This may be her way of expressing Anxiety is there something going on in school

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It could be any range of things. You know your child. Trust your instincts. If you feel something is wrong, listen to it. Get a second opinion. You’re well within your rights to fire your doctor. Don’t let them write you off if you feel like something is wrong. We have intuition for a reason. Listen to it.

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Usually at that age once everything medical is ruled out, it’s usually anxiety. That’s how children express anxiety. Something happened at school or when you weren’t around for her to be expressing it to you. Have her checked out medically and then get her to a child counselor to help with anxiety and fear.


Anxiety in children manifests as head aches and stomach aches. I’ve been dealing with this since my child was in 1st grade when he started getting bullied by a teachers kid. We’d like to think our kids tell us everything but they don’t so there is that possibility

Have her checked for celiac disease

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See if she is being bullied in school