My daughter has been complaining of stomach pain and I am at a loss: Advice?

I know of a child complaining of stomachaches, & it turns out the child was ingesting own hair & had a hairball in stomach that had to be surgically removed


I feel like it might be anxiety… Has she been having trouble at school or with her peers? Any recent changes that could be impacting her?


Is she on any meds for ADHD? My son was on them and he complained of stomach problem and he had gastritis - little red dots all over his stomach from the meds. But to much Tylenol and Motrin can cause this also

When I was young I had the same problem, doctors couldn’t figure it out for almost 3 weeks then báñenme I started my period.
At 9 years old I started my period my stomach pain was cramps and I didn’t know what cramps were at that age.

Could be reflux. My son has it and Morton makes it worse when it wares off. Also could be from latoice intolerant

The gut is linked very closely to the brain i would look at gettin her tested for h.pylori as that can cause numerous issues including stomach pains


Take her to gastroenterologists. Crohn’s or Colitis. My son has Crohn’s and have been through this.

I had that same issue as a child, it turns out it was anxiety. But yes definitely get another opinion! She shouldn’t be doubled over in pain like that.

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See a different dr. It could be a number of things


My grandson did the same finally took him to ER found out he had a inflamed appindex’s 14 days of antibiotics and doing alot better for now they don’t take them out unless life or death he also has slow bowel so they put him on mirlax and for 2 years now no problems unless he gets backed up which is easy with going to school and not drinking enough water and not have the time needed in the restroom . Go for er where they can actually run test besides just pushing in on her stomach. Good luck :+1:

I would ask for s sonogram, xray and bloodwork for sure! Nothing too much for our kids!


Get a second opinion


Could be grumbling appendix. Get a second opinion


My grandson had this problem and finally was diagnosed with seliac disease and is gluten free now and no more stomach pain.

It could be stress. I suffered for years and it wasn’t until I was an adult I learned what it was. It was so bad, I spent time in a hospital trying to figure out what it was. They could find nothing


Get a second opinion, my daughter had seizures, the staff at the hospital told me she was acting out, not once but twice. I took her to a neurologist turns out she was having seizures…still has them to this day. Get to the bottom of it, that’s your baby.

Take her. To children’s Dr devoid. He is great. Took my son to him. And found the problem. And now he is doing great

Motrin can cause stomach pain and issues. You shouldn’t be using it for stomach pain. I would ask for a referral to a gastro if you need referrals and rule out anything else. Then I would concentrate on anxiety if it’s not medical.


They say sometimes it can be caused by anxiety :woman_shrugging:t3: ask her if something is bothering her. Gud luck poor girl

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This is the way children display anxiety,we learned it the hard way!

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Get a second opinion especially to exclude heart a condition i worked in a hospital and I remember a small child with stomachache finally got a cardiologist to check him and he had heart problems

Doctors are a complete nightmare when it comes to stomach problems. They will try every trick on the book to fob people off my little girl is 10 now from being 6 week old she’s had problems with her belly, i paid to get her tested myself because the doctors refused to test her and a load of food allergys/intolerances came back. Always go with your gut if you feel something isn’t right. It might not be related to food but since my little girl was diagnosed ive heard loads of similar stories

Maybe see a gastroenterologist… stomach doctor… so many possibilities and her current doc could b right but dont chance it and definitely get a second opinion!


Abdominal migraines or anxiety or both

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Probably just anxiety but I would get a gastroenterologist to look at ASAP. And demand her pediatrician order bloodwork. I’d also cut out everything but water and milk. If it’s literally only stomach ache then I highly doubt it has anything to do with gluten.

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My daughter did this. They did a scoop and she had pulips in her stomach. She’s on a prescription med to reduce acid. Helps alot if taken regularly. I’d rule things out and go as natural as possible

Check for a parasite. My granddaughter had those symptoms and had a parasite called Giardia.

Gastrointestinal. I had acid reflux disease at age 5. They couldn’t figure it out but my mom didn’t stop and that’s what they found. That can also lead to gall bladder issues. Have them check her GI track, check for ulcers, appendicitis, and gall bladder disease

Have they tested for Celiac? My daughter went through the same thing. Missed school, stomach aches almost daily. We changed diet, did all kinds of things. Turns out it was autoimmune Celiac! Best of luck to your little girl!

Is her Dad living at home ? Sometimes kids say their stomach hurts when they are stressed out.

Get a referral. Also, press around on her tummy area to try and pinpoint where it hurts.


Anxiety. Was the case with my daughter.

My son had a similar issue. We found out he had an intestinal blockage. I would most certainly get a second opinion.

I have had anxiety and depression my whole life. I remember when I was a child getting terrible stomach aches and it was actually anxiety. I’d definitely get a second opinion maybe see a gastroenterologist. If everything checks out and things don’t seem to get any better over time, I’d check into a child therapist.

Could be a food intolerances most common are wheat and milk. Try cutting it out one at a time. They will not show on allergy tests. I suffered for yrs before I found I had a wheat intolerance

Reduce fruit and fruit juices my nutritionist told me. Try gluten free products and see if that helps. She could even have a prob with diary.

I’m 43, had a lifetime of ‘tummy problems’ been to numerous doctors, specialists, hospitalised and had a few exploratory surgeries. Have been given different diagnosis over the years. As you know your own body, nothing seemed to fit symptom wise. The best thing I ever did was a thorough food allergy test. Was simple as sending your hair to a lab. I was amazed at the list of foods they discovered my body reacted too (common fruits etc) I was amazed when eliminated these from my diet (one was chicken, which I easily replaced with turkey etc) Also swear by probiotics. Have zero medical training, would def keep following up with second opinions, gastroenterologist etc, but worked for me :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging: Also agree anxiety should looked at. So much research coming out now on the links of gut health to mental health. A lot of diets coming out to ‘reset’ gut health.

Get her checked for abdominal migraines. Had never heard of them before and I was at doctors/hospitals every other day for nearly a year before it was diagnosed :thinking:

I have seen students with anxiety complain of stomach ache. I’m not sure if the stomach ache is real or if they don’t know how to express what they’re feeling. Could it be something like that?

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Get her tested for H-pilory. It’s a bacteria in the stomach

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Pediatric visit first most go from there

lemonade and juices i agree with susie it can be too much acid also a six year old can have a nervous stomach i had an ulcer at age 6 i drank paregoric

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Check with a good gastronomy dr

i have the same issue as ur daughter n got tests done last week n found inflammation so it could be an inflammation in the stomach so get it checked out by the gastroc doc n have them do the endoscopy to make sure n rule out that nothing is in her stomach. hopefully she gets well soon. i am a new mom so i would be worried to but like i said get a referral from her pediatrician for the gastroc doc n go to them to get the tests done. hopefully this helps u out.

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Check to see if she has IBS. The pain might be guess I was in pain like that since I Was 4 years old I’m 49 and still have stomach pain and bloating get her checked out

Suffered with severe IBS for years. Turned out after 50 yrs as long as I do not eat anything with skins or seeds I get better. Fruit had to be mushy ripe or baby food.

Have you tried a homeopath?

Your daughter can be lactose intolerant. My son had the same issues and the Dr kept telling me it was nothing. I cut out all dairy products. He hasn’t had a issues since

Or maybe she really is having pain and needs to be checked out somehow and

Have her tested for food allergies. My daughter was 4 and nobody back then could figure out her stomach pains. Was Celiac’s. Omit all gluten and wait a week…if she feels better, you may have your answer. Same with lactose.

Have them do further testing but usually Anxiety or stress related too. My son was like that until I found out he was being bullied at school and when I finally homeschooled him the stomach ache went away.

My daughter used to complain of stomach pain , turns out she had asthma , wishing her well x

Which side of her stomach hurts? If it is her right side, get her appendix checked. Get some blood work done. I would take her to a Free standing ER the next time she is hurting. They will do some blood work and some radiology.

Have her tested for H pylori it is common and contagious

Constipation?? My daughter was horrible to where she was hospitalized for a week

Children say stomach ache when anxiety is happening sometimes.

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She probably has anxiety.

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She needs studies done. Pedi should recommend a G. I doc. Unless she s totallied cleared off any possible med issue should not consider anxiety first

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Pray on that and get a second opinion

I had a similar situation with my daughter when she was in 2nd grade. We even went to Children’s to a gasterologist. Still nothing worked we switch school districts and she was better for a year. Then started in again we went back to Children’s got a new doctor and she was finally diagnosed. She has IBS with Dyspepsia. Which means when her anxiety was high her stomach hurt bad. They didn’t give her medicine but sent her to counseling and after 2 months. She knows how to handle her anxiety to help with her stomach. Not saying this is the problem but sounds so familiar to me.

Does she open her bowels regular

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This can be a symptom of sexual abuse. I did not read all 200 comments but just wanted to add that possibility if it hasn’t been mentioned. I’m glad you are following up on her complaints and taking your child seriously.

Get her gall bladder checked


Also check the reproductive organs. A lot of times fibroids or endometriosis can start in young girls. Check everything. All good feed back and possible reasons r given by so many people. Great comments everyone. Praying she is goi g to be alright.

Food Allergies./ Immunologist. You can have internal reactions and no visible symptoms on the outside. Those internal symptoms would cause stomach ache, internal swelling (look up EOE - it can occur anywhere within your digestive tract which you have to dig to find online but I have it I know it’s true).

Needs a GI dr for sure

My daughter ended up in sick bay every day with a stomach ache wanting to come home. She was bullied from kindy to grade 4 and it turned out when the girls had been really vicious she would go to sick bay so she didn’t have to sit with them in class.
Not saying the same is happening with yours but usually there is more to it when they are that young.
Alternatively… definitely try another doctor If you feel something is wrong trust your instincts. Good luck xx

Get an ultra sound done

Definately go past the GP if he/she is ignoring. My friend’s daughter had the same issues - particularly after breakfast and lunch and they discovered she was a coeliac at aged 8. My son also had tummy pains when he was younger until quite recently (he is 15) - he had constant constipation issues. It could be anxiety but you definitely need to investigate more. Good luck.

This happened to me when I was young. We moved & I was in a new school. I hated it!! I also was lactose intolerant, but I really believe it was because I didn’t want to go to school.

Get a second opinion. Could be gal bladder, appendix, unidentified allergy, bowel issues, and etc. Start journaling her food and liquid intakes, note times and activities when complaints of stomach pain occur. This will help you and doctors. Definitely seek a second opinion, any doctor who dismisses something for attention without eliminating common suspects first isn’t fit for their field. If something else is found out, get a copy of medical record from original doctors office and file a complaint against the doctor who justwaived away the issue. 💁


Take her to another doctor. Trust your kid. You are her advocate!

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As a teacher I see this every day. It is often anxiety causing the symptoms.

I had a similar issue when I was a child. And the doctor basically told my mom that I was full of crap and wanted attention. So I ignored my own pain as much as possible. I was 8. Years later, in another state, a different doctor discovered the muscle that lets food into the stomach wasn’t working properly. Please get a second opinion.

Oh for pity sakes- does she eat any flour in breads cakes noodles pizza etc?It’s glyphosphate poisoning from all the chemicals in your food. Stop feeding your child processed foods and buy organic .

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Talk to your doctor about IBS(irritable bowel syndrome) it causes a lot of stomach cramping like your insides are being cut out.

Have you tried cutting out all dairy?

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Pay attention to what she is eating and make note of it and how she feels afterwards. Process of elimination. If it’s anything with white or wheat flour she may be gluten intolerant.
I also agree with Tangie about the anxiety, it could be anxiety. Watch if it only happens in certain situations like going to school.
Above all trust your gut instinct and if you keep thinking the same idea over and over listen to that thought. If you feel a specialist or second opinion would be beneficial than put your mind at ease and go with it.
Love, light and best wishes :revolving_hearts:

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first thought was constipation. my son had to be on a probiotic for about 6 months to regulate him. now he is clockwork. second would be anxiety, try to pinpoint if there are stressors that day or at that time. if you are really worried about internal organs, get a second opinion. you are mom, you know your child best

Bug the doctor. Again and again. Ask for further testing. Keep a log of what she eats and when the pain is.
Also keep a log of what is happening at school - talk to her teachers daily if you can for a couple weeks and log that also. Sometimes anxiety can present as stomach pains with kids - they will complain of stomach pain.
But keeping a super detailed log can help doctors pinpoint what’s going on - physical or otherwise.

My boy has been hvg the same. Doc gave his fiber powder to drink. it has surely helped sis. He goes to toilet very easily now. U may want to chck with ur gp.

Could be constipation :weary:

My daughter had something like that but she woke up at night. Just in pain. She had scopes done and found out she produced to much gastric juices. I’d try to get her to a gastroenterologist

Ultra sound, x rays, gi doctor

Get a diff dr something more is wrong


Try taking away milk first then eliminate other foods if that doesn’t work but only one thing at a time for like two weeks each. Good luck

find a gastroenterologist. O e who specializes with children if posdible. Prayers that you can get help for this child

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A Gastroenterology doctor, preferably in a pediatric hospital!

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Has she been constipated? Sometimes younger kids hold it in longer then they should! I’d give her stool softeners (Colace, but get the generic). They take about 3 days to work! Worth a try! :face_with_monocle:

Take her to gastroenterologist did my daughter he was only one that listened then later found other issues. Was told by other docs it was her weight her nerves my divorce etc. She also had tethered cord.

Change the diet to a Gastroparesis diet! Not a healthy diet, but its easy to digest. And get another doctor involved!!!
Best of luck to you!

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Do u have a pediatrician? She could be lactose intolerant but youd be best to see a pediatrician good luck


You need a new doctor!

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My advice get a second opinion from another doctor. Everyone should these days I had symptoms happening told I had depression by dr and specialist went and got myself a new dr he found bowel cancer. Saved my life. So I recommend if your intuition done feel right get a second opinion

Ultra sound or x ray , you need to rule out anything physical, ie, twisted ( sorry cant think, twisted Bowel?) Once that’s ruled out, then it’s an elimination diet, food and allergy testing. If a person says they are in pain, at least have an ultra sound

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Could be stomach migraines if anxious or upset about something

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Be wary of the Motrin!! It can cause or worsen abdominal irritations &/or bleeding. Find a new Dr!!

My daughter has complained about the same thing for a year . Less rice crackers and taking moovical has worked and not as much milk and beetroot for her.
Take note on how her poo comes out as well!

Been there…after many tests…was a juvenile form of epilepsy. Controlled by tablets…faded away as she grew olded

Take your baby to the ER