My daughter is a wild child: Just needing to vent

I want to absolutely cry. My kid has always been the “wild one” everyone always says something; I just keep going and love her to death anyway. She is so challenging some days, though. Today I picked her up from daycare, and she literally just took off running to the parking lot. It’s a long walk to the front of the school. I’m almost 9 months pregnant, and she sprinted off the second she saw me all the way up front. I just couldn’t catch her, and her brother took off trying to catch her, but then he opened the door and let her out to the parking lot. By the time I got to them, they were both running around in the road. It’s so humiliating, and I know people see how wild she is and judge me and think I’m not a bad mom. My family says all the time, “why don’t you make her listen, “ and so on and so forth. I don’t care what they say, but I am definitely upset none the less and wish that for once it could just be easier I know I’m blessed to have her, but I never know when a trip to the doctor or grocery store or anywhere, in general, might just turn into an actual nightmare meltdown situation.


I have a wild boy. One day they may rule the world :heart::blue_heart: itll all be okay mama


Maybe sitting down with her on her level and asking her why she feels so wild. And ask her to be a big girl and to help you. Sometimes giving time to talk helps. Sometimes they are just rambunctious.

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Girl this is my daughter and she is 10 today and she is more the a wild handful

Id talk to her doctor about it


Sounds like you need a bit of support from family, not judging. Mumma all kids can be wild, I know for sure mines going to be!!! I wish you peace, and goodluck. Just keep doing what you are, eventually she will listen, or get hurt enough to scare her (hopefully not too badly). You got this! Your a good mum and you will win! Xxx


Girl I am in the same boat with my little girl she is such a. Wild child for sure it can be tireing but just taking a min your self and take a breather you got this just keep being a good momma to her

Put a baby leash on her. At nine months you can’t be chasing her down. Make it a little easier on yourself till your able to control her better


Under 3… put her ass on a pack packleash or wrist one… her safety is first most important…if older than 4 it might be time to talk to pediatrician… play game red light green light…

My boy is wild like this I’ve taken him to the doctor and he’ll be getting assessed for ADHD when old enough might be worth a trip to the doctors to ask even for some advice x


I’m sorry you’re at that point of wanting to break down. My wild one is 16 months and she really gives me a run for my money. Some days I just want to scream. You’re doing your best and you clearly love your children. You’re not alone :heartpulse:

My youngest boy is my wild child. His twin sister will follow him anywhere telling him no no no the whole way. But he is also my most loving. It’s definitely harder some days that others. You’re not a bad mom, they are just wired differently.

I have a wild one too :heart: you’ll get there mines 4 and shes just insane, shopping trips etc i dread because she just doesnt listen so strong willed but my eldest is absolutely fine. You’ll be ok :heartbeat: x

Maybe get a little backpack with a leash its helps alot


i learned w time that u have to “predict” in ur mind and be prepared for about 10 different scenarios when ur gonna do something. its easier than to wanna be super mom at the exact moment bcz w children we have to stay way ahead of them. also take the time to observe and talk to her. ask her what she would really love to do or have? when she tells u tell her that tomorrow if she waits for u to come to the door n doesn’t run off u will let her do or give her what she just said. to many people it may seem like ur bribing her, well, ur not, ur teaching her w actions n words that being good is always rewarded. 1st she’ll see its by u, then she’ll get d hang of it as she’s older. u need TONS of patience! ull be doing things u dread, like me i dreaded getting up early for a morning walk bcz i preferred an afternoon walk but a promise is a promise, n so now u can remind her she has to wait for u… for brother thank him for trying to help instead of nagging him…come up w a better way n alert teachers too so u can all work together. its hard, but its the best thing that can ever happen to us!

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Second born? My boy has gotten better but he used to do stuff like this, I finally sat down with him and told him he couldn’t run from me and sense then he’s done a lot better

You are definitely not a bad mom! Strong willed children can be hard to handle just raise her the best you can and ignore the rest. Just the fact you said you are blessed to have her and love her shows that you are an amazing mother!

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Sit down with her and show her videos on what can happen to her if she continues. Also ask her open ended questions to help you find out why she is doing it

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My kids are wild both of them, they egg each other on when they are together, I’m exhausted all the time. My SO works away so it’s just me and the kids mid week and some days I’m so tired it’s a massive chore to keep on top of the house. I’ve got a lot of other stuff going on if my life at the moment at well which is exhausting me too. But I feel you and it sounds like your doing a great job. Maybe try one of them wrist straps so it goes on her wrist and then onto yours so she can’t run off or them backpacks with the leash.

my daughter is a wild child. some of the daycare workers have expressed their concern that they believe she’s ADHD. some kids are just very spirited. try practicing “calm moments” at home. just take a couple minutes here and there with her and do some sitting still activities. start off with short, frequent periods of time and gradually extend them. she will always be wild, but she will eventually learn there are times to be calm. I had to be very firm with my daughter sometimes, but now she’s calmed down quite a bit


I have only had to resort to spanking my oldest daughter three times ever. She is ten now. When she was about 3 or 4 she ran off into a hotel parking lot and could have gotten hit by a car. (I think the man saw me and slammed on his breaks) I remember swooping her up and I busted her butt… She never ran off again. Of I was holding her hand she didn’t fight her way out of it or anything. Sometimes a harsher punishment is required, sit down and talk it out doesn’t always work. … I don’t think you are a bad mom or sound like one and I am sure those people saw you were pregnant and understood. It’s still a scary situation to see though. I would take her to a behavioral specialist and have her evaluated and see what their course of action would be. Thank god your son was with you to help though. Best of luck to you.

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My middle son was this way… I was also prego with my 3rd child family should support and not judge!! He would just be wild and wild was mild to what he really was!! But it does get easy!! Hang in there mama

Honestly you may not agree but when it came to danger I spanked. You can be wild, crazy, and stubborn…even pitch the occasional tantrum if the need was there but I would be damned if they ran into roads or did things that could harm or kill them because they didn’t want to listen. We get tired but as parents that never goes away but trust you will be more tired having to bury a child. Discipline needs to be instilled now or it’ll be harder later, especially with the 3rd kid on the way. But I have been there and dealt with that. So hugs mama. breathe. Then parent a bit harder :heart:

Punishment for their actions. If you can’t control them now, just think about when they become teenagers.


I have 4 kids 3 older girls and my baby 2 years old is a boy and my girls were so easy compared to him hes like a littlw tornado every where we go it seems like … when were at family things no kid wants to play with him cuz hes rough and plays hard his daddy and sisters all play rough with him so he things thats how everyone plays and its not but his sisters love him to death and when were out they play with him cuz no one wants to we luv our wild child itll get easier i keep telling my self that lol

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Baby leash there amazing they even have some that looks like a backpack n holds things. Get one momma trust me I have 3 all close in age

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Tell your family if they want to judge they can step up and help. My SS was insanely spoiled rotten by his great grandmother. She didnt think anyone my SO would marry would want to deal with his behavior issues. Thank God he is basically a good kid and I had experience with four stepsons with ADHD to some extent before him or I wouldnt have understood him the way I do and gotten him past all her b.s…
At the end of the day we all do the best we can for our little treasures. Each child is their own person, each has their own level of processing…and each has their own form of scaring the pants off us all.
With mine I had to break things down on his level. He was 7 but being treated like a 2 year old by the great grandma and that’s where he was trying to stay. We’ve basically td her to butt out and let him know we love him to death and everything will be okay but he isnt a baby anymore and its time for everyone to understand that.

I know the feels. My oldest did that when I was literally 3 days away from giving birth. Thank God one of my co-workers was with me and chased him down. Get a baby leash or those wrist ones from Amazon. People look at you either way, but at least you’ll have some peace of mind that they’re a little safer.


My child was the “feral” child. It gets better. We went adhd med route (not that it’s for everyone) when he turned 5. He was literally endangering himself. Couldn’t make friends. He’s 10 now and the sweetest well behaved child and the meds are almost not even a thought. We did behavioral therapy before meds. Routine. Routine. Routine.

Love her. Put your kids first.

I have one if those
She is 17 now and awesome

Get reigns for her
Try and set boudierys
Lots of praise amd attention when she is good

Who cares what everyone else thinks you poor thing I had two under 6 while pregnant with my third so I get the struggle I used those kid harness things shopping was a nightmare but I learnt to just chill kids are kids stay strong she won’t be so little for too long you’ll get thru

I get it. Some kids are just overactive little jerks that wont listen. I have 2 out of 3 that are like that. Still trying to get them to act right and not like heathens hyped up on sugar. Hang in there.

We have been there! It was so hard, we could never take ours eyes off of him. He is now the easiest child at 6 and has been since he hit about 4. It was so rough, and alot of judgemental comments. But you never really know what its like unless you have a wild one!

My son was a wild child. My mammaw would always tell me just love them. There were times I would cry not knowing what to do. I always went back to what my mamaw said, love them through the hard times. My son is now grown and a respectable, responsible young man. Hang in there momma, you got this! Just love her!!

Could possibly be ADHD. I would talk to her pediatrician. Hang in there :heart:

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This definitely reminds me of a couple of my Grandkids

I go through this with my daughter, her doctor said she has ADHD. It can be a struggle, tell your family if they can’t be understanding then don’t say anything about how I raise her.

Put her on a tight leash or else she will be beating you up in a few years

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Olivia Searles this will definitely be esmae !

My son will not sit still. Pretty sure he is ADHD. Constantly trying to run away from me for no reason. He acts before he thinks. He’s 3.5. Hes gotten better and gotten worse and back and forth. He literally will not stay in bed and is up and down until after midnight. Then he’s up at 7am the next day. He gets plenty of excersize. It is hard but you are not alone. My daughter is the opposite of her brother and I raised them the same. My son is also super polite and smart. Until people have to deal with a child or grandchild like that they just don’t understand how it has nothing to do with discipline and everything to do with their brain being wired differently. Hang in their mama. You got this. :heart:


Idk how old she is but I’ve been there. My girl is 5. I cried most days and begged and pleaded with God. Many trips to the ER and drs including for myself because she made me a nervous wreck. I fought with drs and started therapy even. She does behavioral therapy and it does help. As far as your family, some kids “just listen” and others like my girl, do not. They have to realize that some kids process things differently is all. My girl has ADHD and she only sleeps about 3-4 hours daily. Something I actually thought I could deal with without meds but found out very differently lol It’s very stressful and it’s been a lonely road for me but it does get better. I suggest talking to her doctor and asking to start behavioral therapy. They’ll help her understand the dangers and “how tos” of things. Also picture words to get her into a routine helps a ton with young kids. It tells her what you need her to do step by step. Hope this helps…Hang in there momma :heart:

My daughter (youngest) is the same . Turns out she has ADHD

My oldest is my wild child. Every day is a battle with her at home, but in public she knows better. You need to set boundaries with her for public, qt home they are just being comfortable and getting their feelings out but in public, its a safety concern. You need to sit her down and explain that playing in the road is very dangerous and can hurt her very badly and that if she does it ever again that you will have to either exclude her from being able to do fun family outings, or she will have to have a safety leash until she can prove she can listen. My daughter used to embarass me in public with tantrums and running off, just general not listening. The last straw was we were furniture shopping, I was pregnant with my second child and she would not listen and kept laying all over the floor. So I told husband we would be in the car, scooped her up, and told her we were done going out until further notice. She didn’t care at first but after a month of daddy going everywhere alone and her being left behind with me she learned that she doesn’t run the show. I think since then I’ve had maybe 2 times that she was misbehaving and both of those times were because we were out past bedtime, which is my fault not hers. You can’t allow kids to do as they please in public, its too dangerous. There’s too many predators, people driving crazy, and just general craziness going on to allow them to do much.

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I had my second wild child. Baby leashes and rewards for walking nicely by you. I know its crazy but when mine is running around I make him a deal. If you walk by me in the store nicely we will get a sticker or a small treat. Big bag of m&ms and if we walk the whole day nicely we get 5. If you don’t than you will get Nothing and a time out. He loves m&ms so he works hard for those 5 m&ms. Noted he is 21 months so of course we have bad days or bad moments. But he does try. If he has to get on his leash or in cart than he looses 2 m&ms. If he stops he gets 3 nothing more. If he doesn’t stop period he gets time out. On another note you are a good mommy she just headstrong and that’s ok. She knows she can fall apart with you because you love her. The road incident would have gotten her in a corner as soon as we got home. 1 minute per her age. So 2 is 2 minutes

Hang in there Mama you were blessed with her for a reason and you are who she needs as well!! I know for my wild children holding their hands and ensuring there attention is on me has helped them understand better.

Try a baby kid leash and put on where go try and calm down.and especially with a baby coming might help u and if wants go special places say hey if u dont stay with me no park or whatever till settle down I couldn’t go no where with my middle child unless had kid leash on

Hell my 9 yr still asks for it and I still have and threaten to use it if doesn’t settle down.

My kid is also the wild one. I get judged all the time. I struggle. And cry. And strugglecry. He’s 6 and gets in trouble in class, his teacher has to send him out in the hallway. He’s not malicious, he’s just active. He asks too many questions and is curious about everything.

A recent question he asked me: “Mommy, do you think godzilla’s are nice?” I laughed so hard I cried.

He’s my little boy though. He’s the sweetest, most caring little boy. He apologizes when he realizes he’s making things hard for me. He makes sure I’ve eaten (“Mommy, did you lunch?”) He makes sure I’m taken care of (“Mommy, do you need me to keep you warm?”).

I love him with all my heart. Of my three kids, he’s the showstealer. Wild and crazy and loving.

Could be adhd & Who cares what other people think!!! Tell them straight that
All kids are different in nature & until they actually have a wild child themselves then other people will never know what its like to deal with.

Don’t beat yourself up Kids R Kids try having a talk with her and tell her she can’t leave the building until you are up there

Unless people experience our strong willed, wild kids, they will judge all the time AND it doesn’t feel good. :disappointed:

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My oldest was and still is my challenge kiddo out of my 4.

Probably why I didn’t have anymore until nearly 9 years later.

You have to take it day by day.
Find ways to make things to work in your favor. Small rewards and follow through is key.

Set a goal for her that she can get a sticker on her chart or something reasonable if she walks beside you. Getting down on her eye level helps and explaining to her what your about to do will also help.

I had a runner have to stay in the parking lot of school and wait for the escape…I feel this. It will get better.

Two words, baby leash :joy: im totally kidding, but don’t be too hard on yourself. That spunk will lead her to great heights! Dont let anyone make you feel that way, you do your best. Thats all we all can do. Stay strong :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I would suggest asking your famoly dr about adhd or autism my son is now just going through the testing for adhd, autism, and a sensory disorder me and his pediatrician both agree he has a form of autism with sensory issues finding out early is good to as you will be prepared to get her the help she will need with school, socialization, and so on. My son has already started to do better with the small changes his pediatrician and his school have made together to make things easier for him


She’s exciting about life around her, so much yet to learn ! How beautiful that’s she’s not shy and not scared to be herself​:heart_eyes::sparkling_heart::clap:t3: as long as she’s not intentionally hurting somebody, you’re doing a great job! She’s not 20 to know all and behave and understand things as an adult, please understand how brain development works!!


I feel this :100:. My Lotus Rae is EXACTLY same. My family says the same but we all kinda embrace it in a way. Lotus is 3 but I swear she acts like she is 12, verbally and all. But what has helped me most with her is sitting her down and just talking about her actions, she always agrees, says she sorry mama and then we take 3 deep breaths. The deep breaths really help her to back and calm herself. I do it in public too.

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Always remember your a good mama, kids are hard work but super worth it, but makes it much harder when you dont have support. I have a 6 year old whos my wild child and its great advice to get her tested. It could be adhd or something similar and your daughter dosnt understand what shes doing. But you should be able to get the support and help you need. Keep strong and most importantly look after yourself, happy mama happy kids i say. Take care

Kids are hard as is! Even harder when they have a strong personality like your daughter your doing your best mama and thats all thats matters! My son is super emotional and will have a melt down over the smallest of things I get your frustration at times!


I know families who have EXACTLY the same issue as this Mum. 3-4 kids. All brought up the same way in love and discipline. BUT have that one child who is just wild - boy or girl. They are just wired differently to their siblings.
Our youngest of 3 had an amazing temper when she was a toddler! The older 2 - calm and nothing like it. Thank god she has grown out of it! :joy:
And on top of it, this Mum is 9 months pregnant. Other mums should have been helping her instead of making her feel like crap.


i completely understand this!! my 3 year old sister is the same way(i’m 18 with a child of my own) my mumma tried the baby leash. people will judge but it’s safe


I have one who is just like this . He has spd though. But he is a runner . I always use a back pack leash for him. I was very pregnant when I was getting my kids in the van , and was clipping one of the babies carseat in and me being big like that I couldn’t shit the door behind me to set the carseat down and he squeezed past me so fast ,I flipped out of that can so far banged my knee into the door and had yanked his jacket hood thankfully . Fractured my knee. Right as I had his hood a car was flying through the parking lot . So now we always use a back pack leash and he has it on until I have him buckled up. There’s no shame in keeping your child safe .and don’t feel bad. Not everyone is going to have picture perfect kids

Well… i get that you are venting… so if you don’t care what they say… why would you care what we say???
Being pregnant with two little ones is already a challenge.
To me… she might feel jealous about the baby coming. You might want to try getting stuff together for the new baby together.

However, I do feel that since she is in daycare (as you said) she needs to learn consequences of her actions. Now, you might start with standing in the corner and then chatting about her behavior and how it makes you nervous (street n such)
My grandkids are in day care and I have stood them in the corner since 1. Yes they only got one minute but it taught them to calm down and I got to come to THIER level and chat.
Start some kind of discipline now… before she goes to regular school and maybe have bigger issues.
Hope this helps!! Congratulations on the baby to come.


There is a difference between a wild child and a child that’s put in danger because you don’t want to “look” like “that” mom. Get a backpack leash or instill the fear of MOM into that child in these situations. I had 2 energetic girls and both learned that roads and hot things were a real NO the second they started walking. I’ve weathered some real meltdowns, but never worried they would put themselves in danger because they knew those things meant severe punishment.


Get a baby leash. My kid used to be like this and I know most don’t, but I gave her a good spank on the bottom and well, she has not done this since. Good luck!


Not sure how old she is ? Are their other challenges like not sleeping well and other impulsive behavior? Or focus issues. Can she sit still and watch a Movie or work on a puzzle or does she need constant supervision? You can have her evaluated for Possible ADHD by her Dr.


My neice is 6.5 and high energy/emotions and her daycare provider taught us a trick to getting through to her when needed. Either before a traditional incident inducing event or in the aftermath of said event you talk to her at face level and if necessary use hands(gently) to make sure she is focused on you. During this “close face talking” you are calm, express your fears of what the behavior expectations and consequences are and get her to summarize what she understands/heard. If possible during this heart to heart close face talking ask her what you can do and she can do differently to help her keep these expectations of behavior that way she can commit to specific actions and you can participate in supporting her. Another bonus that works with high energy children is positive reinforcement/reward earning- each positive pick up/drop off, well behaved outing etc. could earn time/points/stickers towards special activity or outing.

Hugs you got this mama. I have a wild child. Her favorite activity is trying to fall off the couch and jumping on things… shes 14 months. Lord help us

Idk if my son is that bad but he is pretty wild lol I get it. People say I dont do enough then they try to parent around me like he is suddenly going to listen. Kids got alot of energy sometimes that gets him into trouble but he is such a blessing and joy to have and I love his energy and personality. At the end of the day we just need to love and take care of our kids best we can.

My only daughter and miracle baby, is the wild one out of 8 boys (twins/twins/quads) and I can relate to how you feel. But just know this is not something you have done wrong, it’s about personality, genetics, and being a kid. I am a mental health and substance abuse professional who works with kids and I still reached out for professional advice and help to help with my daughter and keeping her safe. She is only 6 and extremely smart and active but her ability to consider safety is zilch.

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My granny used to say “if you don’t catch them by the time they are 3, you’ll never catch them.”
She needs boundaries and discipline.


A baby leash saved my son and the one Time I didn’t have it on him he ran in front of a car thank God they stopped in Time and I was quick enough to grab him in time also but I can’t tell you how helpful it was! My daughter was just like him also I feel your pain!!

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No shame in the leash backpack game! We have a fun Dino one! I have a very intelligent and super sweet and overly wild. She can be the best kid in the world but if her mind is set I am running. Now we have a Dino backpack leash. I know she won’t get hit by car or scooped up and kidnapped. I have had a few people say things to me. I either smile and keep walking or tell them be thankful you don’t have the same issues and hopefully if you have more kids it dose t come back to bite you… at the fair anywhere in public she has the backpack on. I also try to use all of her crazy wildness to build her up, I try to contain the fire I never want my girl to lose her spark.


My little guy has trouble keeping his hands to himself (4yo) at school and we told him if his teacher told us he had a bad day he would lose tv time… That didn’t work! So we have started rewarding the good things! Small little dollar store surprises have been working wonders! Don’t lose hope!


Our job is to keep them safe and loved so that they can grow. If that means making rules and enforcing them then that’s what you do. When you give them rules it shows you care.

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Start with consequences of not listening/not behaving now. Also talk to her pediatrician about possible evaluations


You are the mom. It is very important that she minds you, for her own safety.


Iv had some pretty wild children , I’m a mother of 8, my eldest was a runner she was Houdini and nothing kept her at bay she is now one of the most easy going responsible teenagers around so don’t beat urself up it gets easier in a sense that they slow down, parenting on the other hand does not get easier I’m sorry to say lol but ur doing a great job and always remember that on the hard day’s.

You do need to make her listen. Thats a safety issue. Not just a wild child.
You are the parent. You are responsible for her safety and you allow or not allow certain behaviors. This is something you’ve allowed or she wouldn’t be so comfortable doing it. Fix it now. It will only get worse. Especially since you have multiple children.


Thank you so much for sharing this I have 4 very very wild children and I hear the same thing I let them run wild despite my best efforts at correcting behavior and rewarding good behavior it is a challenge daily but to hear that other mothers are out there like me is at least comforting to know I don’t struggle alone

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My 3 year old son is the same way! I feel better knowing there are others like him! Lol I have never been to the grocery store or out in public with just him. My husband always goes bc my child is just difficult! Runs away, will start screaming, you name it! He’s a wild one! But he’s also so sweet & kind.

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My son was and is the same way he is 12 now and on adhd meds when he was younger i did the backpack leash fuck what others think oh and drink lots of wine after they go to bed it seems to help lol god bless and good luck

You are doing great mama! Its going to be ok! I would get a book on emotions and talk about how different behaviors make you feel. Create a reward system, even if its a pack of gummies in the car waiting for her. Praise her brother for good behavior and she may mimic the behavior you want to see. Talk out your thinking process and how you react to situations, show her you can be a goofball in the back yard but in the parklot, we stop, look, then walk to the car (use code words, or create code words with the kids and use them) :grinning: hope this helps!

You are doing your best. Better be safe than sorry. A baby leash may save her life until you can make her understand the safety issues. Don’t let others judge you. That energy and spunk will work for her in the long run

My daughter was like this …she impulsively sprinted off in crowds etc and I had to use reins for her safety and a pushchair til she was 5 …she is autistic and has adhd …not saying this is the case with ur child but running off is common in kids with adhd/asd. I definitely think reins will help xx

There is a huge difference between allowing your child to be a wild child and allowing your child to be out of control and right now your child is out of control and that is not ok she need boundaries

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Ask the daycare staff for help bringing her out to you. You need all the help you can get right now. She’s a healthy lively child and there is no need to make it any harder for yourself. Just call them and ask.

They will and do test you she knows you are vulnerable and can’t run after her and she knows you are not going to do anything about it so off she goes , yes it’s great the she is a happy little care free thing but they also need to listen and do what mummy says if you say stop and wait for mummy then that’s what she needs to do . Sounds like there isnt much of a consequence when she isn’t listening to instruction , and folks that doesn’t mean I say belt the crap out of her either .

I know ALOT of people judge and frown upon the backpack leashes but girl get you one and tbh dont worry what others say about your baby girl shes wild and crazy but that doesnt make you a bad mom dont let anyone make you feel that way. It will take trial And error but find an effective form of discipline that works for her. It wont be easy but discipline is important. But praise is also important congratlate even the slightest accomplishment of good behavior and discipline the bad behavior she will learn eventually what she would rather do behave or misbehave. Keep your head up. The fact that your reaching out and caring enough to ask for help shows what kind of mom you are. A caring and loving mom.

You need to get a friend to pick her up. Someone she likes and trusts. You cant deal with that at the moment. She might be seeking attention. Tell her you will need help with the baby from their big sister. Involve her . buy her present say its for helping and being a good girl.

Discipline your kid. Parents are there to teach them right from wrong. If you’re not going to listen to your family’s solid advice, then be prepared to scrape them off the road after they get hit by a car. You could buy a leash, but in my opinion, that’s just putting a bandaid on a much bigger issue which is letting your kid do what they want because they’re a “wild child”. Also bad behaviour is not adhd. It is only a very small part of it. If your kid has trouble focusing on things at school, and then paired with bad behaviour then yeah I’d take her to get checked, but if her teacher didnt say anything about a possible adhd diagnosis, it is more then likely your parenting and maybe something needs to change. You could try calling your local CPS and they can probably point you to programs where you can learn how to discipline your child.

I have been in this same situation numerous times. So I sympathize with you. Us mom’s worry 24-7 about our babies. I like how someone mentioned baby leash. When I had my 2nd child (now 12) I laughed at that idea. We went to Disney when she was 7 and I bought the wrist band that is connected to another, but I didn’t end up using it. With my 3rd child who is now 4, the more she disobeys me and runs off I want to pull that wrist band leash out and use it! It might actually be your best bet since it sounds like you have 2 younger kids and 1 on the way. Just remember you are their Mother, do not let anyone get to you. I have had MANY people say “why don’t you make her listen”, but they aren’t there all the time like I am. Sending you hugs <3

Oh gosh! Sounds like how my daughter was. Now she’s 4 and she has a super wild little brother that is 2! I would say it gets better but it actually gets worse. LOL! Hang in there!

I had the same issue when I was pregnant with the second in the last stages I just bought that leash back pack. Cause she had run off on me twice and once I couldn’t find her. I got so scared. Thankfully I eventually could hear her loud laughs and made my way to her. We used it up until I healed from c section and baby was sitting up in stroller stable. Hang in there. She is still my hyper child and combative, and yes some people say silly things of why we don’t check her behaviour. But you just do what u gotta do to kee her safe and let them talk. Congrats on your growing family

Is she young? We have three wild boys almost 7, 5, and 2. When the older two were young, I had them in skip hop leashed backpacks. Sure I got some judgement, but I imagine less than I’d get from my child getting lost or smashed or something. I kept the leash in my hand and held their hands as well. An extra level of security. We still have them remind us of the rules before we exit the car or leave a building.
Some kids are just more wild and strong willed, despite what others may think, it’s likely nothing you are doing wrong. Those with mild mannered kids just don’t understand.
Opinionated kids are hard to raise, but they won’t be the kids that give into peer pressure. They’ll be the kids that are leaders, that push limits to make great changes to the country and their communities as adults. Breathe you can do this :heart:

For those of you that suggest a leash for the child, let’s put you on leashes!! Leashes are for animals, not children!!!

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My kiddo is exactly this. I work in a pre-k & she will purposely act up in front of my clients. It’s so embarrassing sometimes. Just remember, all kids act the WORST for their parents, because they’re most comfortable with you. & just because other children aren’t acting like that today, doesn’t mean they never act like that. I’ve been reading “Easy to Love, Difficult to Discipline” by Becky A Bailey. Its definitely a game changer.

Well every parent has too show the kids who’s in charge some times you gotta snatch em up an then take away the internet every kid I know has too have a phone in there hand I’ve broke alot of phones your the parent

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I have a wild child too ( a couple actually) and momma you are strong and amazing and doing the best you can. You are not going to be able to “ make her listen “ , she’s a free spirit and you don’t want to take that away from her. Mine is a little shit and likes to hit his siblings then run away laughing. We’ve tried everything he just won’t stop. However he will sit on the stairs in timeout as long as you leave him there. It’s the only time he ever listens :woman_facepalming:t3::woman_shrugging:t3: I don’t get it but I just keep trying and do my best. Try looking up techniques for kids with autism and adhd or aba therapy’s. My older son has both and we use some of the same tools for the wild one and it has helped on the big stuff. We are still working on the running in the street/parking lot but it’s better than it was. Big hugs to you mom you got this!