My daughter pees through everything at night: Advice?

Hey mamas! I need some advice. My 4-year-old has been potty trained since she was 2. But she cannot hold her pee at night, which I know is normal. The issue is, she pees through everything. I cannot find a diaper or a pull up that works for her. Does anyone know of something heavy duty I can use for her?


Cut out liquids about an hour to hour and a half before bed, maybe wake up at like 5 or 6 and take her to the bathroom. Diapers or pull-ups only encourage it. With underwear it will wake them up and they can stop, and then get up to go pee.

Well if I were in that situation instead of looking for something more heavy duty I would just set an alarm in the middle of the night and wake her up to use the bathroom. I think using a diaper still makes them think it’s okay to keep using it. Plus, if you don’t let her drink too much before bed you should have no problem putting her go bed at 8:30 and waking her up again at around 2am to potty then let her sleep. I personally don’t have this issue with my son so I’m just going by what I would do :blush:


No fluids about an hour and a half before bed then yes make her wear underwear and pee before bed. My son goes to bed at 9:00 no fluids past 7:30 and then I wake him up around midnight and have him go pee again before I fall asleep. If you are looking for something like pull-up wise go with overnights I used those and they were perfect now I jus put a overnight pad under the sheet to protect the mattress. Good luck momma

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You can get cloth diaper doublers to put inside of her diaper. It’ll just be a layered cotton pad, but it’ll absorb a lot and wick moisture from her skin. I also found Luvs to be the most absorbent.
Thirsties Reusable Organic Cotton Cloth Diaper Doubler, Large (3 Pack)

Cut all drinks either 2 or 1 hour before bed my daughter is 2 & I’m starting the potty training I’ve cut all drinks before bed so she’ll wake up with a dry pull-up

These work very well I use them for my son who is 5 and sleeps so deep he wets the bed. Good luck

I remember when I started potty training my daughter through the night I would wake her up around 12 before I went to bed and put her on the toilet she got use to it in the end and she started waking her self up xx

I’ve heard great things about Sposie Booster Pads. Find them on Amazon. You slip them into a diaper and it adds extra protection. We have good luck with Honest Company Overnight diapers. Perhaps try cutting out liquids an hour before bed, too!

Sposie Booster Pads Diaper Doubler, 90 Count, 3 Packs of 30 Pads, No Adhesive for Easy repositioning, Fits Diaper Sizes 4-6


My son does the same thing I cut all liquids 1 hour before bed, make him pee before bed, and use goodnights (the only nighttime diaper that works for him).

Cut liquids a hour or hour and a half before bed time. Make sure she goes potty before bed. Those waterproof matress protectors work great too, even diaper pads under her. I had this issue with my daughter also she was and is a very heavy sleeper. It will get better momma!

I had this issue as well, I use the bathroom myself multiple times a night so I just changer my daughter in the middle of the night usually

Nothing to drink 2 hours before bed. It gives her bladder time to empty before bed.

Do not use pull up

And teach accountability and responsibility by making her clean up the mess by washing her own bed linen and pjs. My 5 year old washes his own clothes since age 3… All my kids do. Put a sticker on the button or knob they’re supposed to use… And a sticker on the side of the detergent cup where detergent goes.

The main key is the no drinks two hours before bed… We call it no sippy after 6. They’re in bed by 8…

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They have people pee pads they are usually by pull ups or incontinence supplies they’d should help

Put two diapers on !

Per pads like the ones they use in hospitals or not being homes

I used to take my daughter in the middle of the night or 7am sharp to avoid this

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I always woke my kid up right before i went to bed and set an alarm for 2 am to take her again and she never remembered me getting her up to pee when morning came.

You could try a pullup with a Poise pad tucked inside.

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I use Huggies good nights and I put a bladder leakage pad inside it. If I don’t have pads to use as a liner then I put 2 on her. One with a tear in the crotch and another overtop. That way any over flow goes into the next diaper. She’s 3.5 now and I’ve been doing this since she was about 6 months old.

What about cloth panties 2 pairs at bed time with 1 plastic paint Starting cuting her drinking to early hourd

Add a poise pad to the pull up

Have her sugar checked. I went through this with my son.

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Have you tried cutting liquids off after a certain time? I use to have to do that with my oldest.

I would just get mine up in the middle of the night and sure enough she pee’d every time. Eventually she started getting up on her own. Sleep walking to the bathroom.

My daughter is almost fully night trained and what I do is I make her go before bed, then before I go to bed I go and make her go and then I get
Up about 2-3am and I make her get up and go again and it’s worked for her

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Sounds like she needs to learn how to use the potty at night by four they should know. At first you need to get her up too do it. My kids would take naps during the day and that is when I would test to see if they could hold it while napping. Than I moved to bed time. Its called potty training for a reason. You don’t want her to be the only kindergartener wearing diapers at night. Also, limit drinks before bed

I don’t know what others have said, but do you restrict fluids? Usually 2 hours before bedtime is a good guideline. Also, make sure she goes potty right before she gets into bed.

Brooke Amber I feel like you would have great advise for this mumma

Take her to see her pediatrician. She could have an underlying issue that is causing her to wet the bed.

try no drinks after 7pm and potty before bedtime…worked for my son

My dad used to wake me up at like 3am to go pee and then put me back to sleep, maybe try that?

No drinks after a certain time and always make sure she goes toilet before bed. Maybe wake up to go again before you go to bed. You can also get alarms that go off when they start to pee if it gets that bad, my sister used them and they worked. If shes already potty trained maybe not put a nappy on at night time so she knows that she has started to wee and will wake up. Id maybe also put a potty in the room in case she cant get to toilet in time if shes just in her underwear.

I used to buy the parents choice pull ups from walmart for my son. They are thick and hold a lot. If that doesnt work, u could always put an overnight huggies diaper and then a pull up over it 🤷

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We use the goodnights. They also make mats that stick to her bed. Kinda like dog pee pads


My middle was like that. We went through EVERYTHING. The walmart brand pull ups actually worked the best though and we put the puppy pee pads under her at night… Also a lil tip if you dont wanna keep buying the pee pads… At walmart they make these little pads to go under a sheet (kinda like a washable pee pad) they are in the section with the toddler sheets and such. Put one on the bed, put a sheet and then do it again!! Double or triple up on the pad/sheet combo that way when she pees in the night you aint changing the sheets every time!! Just strip off the first layer and voila!! (Didnt find this out till my last kid 🤦)

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Try cutting her off of drinks 2-3 hours before bedtime… With the exception of a sip of water when needed… My step siblings had the same issue, thats how my dad got a handle on the situation

my son had that issue, doc told us to feed him half a peanut butter sandwich before bed and it worked.

I have a cover for the mattress and I just added a mat on top of the sheets. My son is a heavy sleeper, so no drinks before bed time and have him use the restroom before bed.

We cut drinks off after dinner(6-7pm) and that’s helped tremendously.

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I have had 2 kiddos out of 4 who had/have bathroom issues. We have done a few different things.

  1. We have a full mattress cover going around the entire mattress (the last layer of two).
  2. We have a plastic liner that covers the top and is easy to clean (Clorox wipe over the whole thing when there is an accident)
  3. No sweets after 6:00 (for a 9:00 bedtime), as the sugar is a diarrhetic and causes more nighttime accidents.
  4. No water after 6:00, so ensure little one gets fluids throughout the day.
  5. Before going to bed, make sure they have one last potty, and then I woke mine up before I went to bed for a “middle of the night” potty. That is difficult at first, but eventually, they get used to it. They also eventually learn to get up and go themselves if you do it long enough.
  6. And probably most importantly, you might want to consider getting them checked just to make sure there’s nothing physically going on. That just ensures beyond a shadow of a doubt that it’s not a physical issue that is beyond normal potty training concerns. (As a parent, that last one is solely based on if you feel like there could be a deeper concern.)
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try not to give her alot to drink after 5 that’s we did for my daughter it slowed the wetting down I’m not saying stop giving her something to drink just minimize how much

Make sure u buy mattress pad to protect the mattress. Buy 2 and put 2 on and a sheet and a towel under her with a strong pull up or my experience is the Huggies little movers we’re true strongest holding pee. My daughter was peeing in the night now she doesn’t anymore she’s 4 I find it that I wake her up in the night and ask her if she has to go.

I had this problems at a child. If you take her to a chiropractor the will adjust her hips

I wake my kids up once at night and we have no issues. I think they are too small to hold it the whole night. They are 3 and 6.

My daughter does the same. We find that its with reqular pullups but if we use the pullup goodnights she doesn’t. We also cuz drink off an hr before bed and make her potty before laying down

We also use the goodnight pads. We also have our LO’s bed double made with the waterproof mattress pads and a sheet so we can peel it off and put him down again quickly after changing.

My sister had this problem as well! My parents got 2 sheet like water protection covers to go over her mattress at night under her regular sheets! It worked REALLY well! It never went through the mattress! We got them at walmart. They also stopped giving her drinks at a certain time at night and made her use the bathroom right before bedtime!

We used a plastic “over diaper”. She was in underpants so she knew she peed but it didn’t wet the whole bed.

We were having that problem with our 2yo granddaughter peeing thru every night time diaper we tried, and we finally bought these adhesive pads that stick inside her diaper, and that did the trick

Medline Booster Pads with Adhesive

Some medical supplies stores have heavy absorbsnt diapers for adults with incontinence issues most of these come in child sizes

Size up on Pampers Overnights or whatever their pull-ups are called. My boy used them all through being 6 years old at night and didn’t have a problem as long as we sized up

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Limit her intake of fluids close to bed time will help


First and foremost, do not allow drinks an hour before bedtime. That should hopefully cut down on the amount. Also go up a size in overnights. Make a reward system, something that can motivate her brain to get up and go pee!

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I had the same issue with my kiddo. We tried every pull up, plastic panties that go over pull ups, limit drinks before bed. Unfortunately the only thing I could do was get her up to change 1-3 times a night. We would use the disposable pads under her so it would make clean up a little easier. Eventually we got the alarm for her undies and she was night time trained within a week! However she was 8 and it’s not recommend for kids under I think 6. Hang in there mama! Hopefully someone will have a better idea. :blush:


I sized my son up a size in overnights and put underwear over the top just to keep everything in place…also have a plastic sheet just in case

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I limit my sons fluids close to bed time and that helps us. Or try cloth diapers they have heavy duty inserts for night time.

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My 3 year old pees a ton when he sleeps; always has. The only overnight pull ups that gave been enough for him is the dollar general ones.

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Get cloth diaper liners that you can wash at home. Lay one inside the disposable diaper…

I used to wake my son up throughout the night to potty, until his bladder matured more.


Nothing to drink 2 hours before bed.


We had the same problem with my son at that age. We found inserts that are used for adult diapers they were a life saver. Almost like a panty liner it sticks to the inside of the diaper and doubles the absorbancy. I know a mom who found child size ones online. Do a search and see what you can come up with

A size up in pull up then i use to wake mine up randomly through the night several times and make them potty. In about 2 weeks they trained themselves to go potty during the night

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Don’t give her any thing to drink after 6 pm and take her to the bathroom before bed and wake her up in the middle of the night my daughter is almost six and has this same problem

Have you tried bathroom breaks before bed too? Even if she doesnt have to go? Just make her sit for a bit.

I found diaper liners in Amazon that helped me when my daughter was going through this.

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We used to get our child up to the bathroom a few hours after they fell asleep. They didn’t always go, and it didn’t always stop a nighttime wet-through, but it helped. Even now this child usually gets up once a night after going to bed to pee.

Try the waterproof washable bed pads. (Amazon)

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Nothing to drink 2 hours before bed, make sure she goes right before bed, set an alarm and have her go once in the night and make sure you have pad lining on your bed to help with the mess😊


There are pee pads you can get to put under her when she sleeps. We used them with my grandma when she was getting bad. Its not a perfect solution but it will protect the bed.

Change her through the night, my 3 year old is still in nappies and my 1 year old is to, I have to change both or they’ll leak through

Or try drinites pyjama pants, my 7 year old wears these as he still wets the bed and he never leaks through

Put chux on her bed no drinking after 6

My daughter same thing…nothing to drink couple hours before bed, pads on the mattress and waking her up…

Cut any liquids at 7pm.

You can maybe try a bed pad if she doesn’t roam all over the bed. And we have to use the overnights for my son. Because same. Potty trained but the meds he’s on have him wet the bed

May want to look into a bed wetting alarm. We used one many years ago!

We have to get my son up in the middle of the night to go potty and most nights we have to change his target brand underjams. We have yet to find anything that can hold his bladders worth for a full night.

Put one her size and one a size bigger over it

cloth diaper training pants? I don’t know much about them but my baby is cloth diapering now and will use them eventually , I believe the brand kanga makes some

No drinks after 6pm… maybe a drink of water right before she goes to.sleep

I use the goodnights for both my kids

I had the most amazing pee mat for my daughter. No idea where I got it but they use them at hospitals. Maybe Google sleep mat for incontinence.

Small adult brief over untaped diaper


I would make sure shes not drinking right before bed or close to it. I know its hard but only until her body adjusts to not going for 8 hours or so.

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I had the same issue with my girl. Apparently muscles that help hold urine at night develop later on. We use puppy pads on the bed as she was too tall for the pull ups as well as waterproof sheets

In the home care or disability provider shops, you can buy bed mats that will protect her mattress. I worked in the field and these will definitely protect your sheets, mattress. They are called Kylie’s.

Perfectly normal, try waterproof matted protector, sheet, towel then continence pad as well as her pull ups or nappy. Avoid sugary drinks before bed try and stick to water. If she well hydrated during the day that will help.

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Our peda told us limit drink after supper. Give a salty snack before bed like crackers or pretzels. Cut out red dye number 40 and milk after dinner they r bladder irritants

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Goodnites! They’re essentially a pull up for older kids but far more absorbent. Worked great for us, just bought the XS size :slightly_smiling_face:

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I stop liquids after dinner but I allow a sip or two before bed and must go potty before the bath and before bed. I still will put a pull up on him or as we say nighttime underwear. I also heard from someone that they would bring their child back to the potty before they went to bed and put then back to bed.

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Have you tried good nites? My nephew had trouble with bed time until he was 9 years old and those held the most.

Put an overnite maternity pad in diaper r pu ups to absorb more ? May help

I buy adult diapers for my 10 year old boy. They hold a lot.

Try adult diapers, when I was young I had the same issue. Mine randomly stopped when I was 10

Pull up with a cloth “diaper” and extra liner…? My son was a heavy sleeper until 5

We use Huggies overnights and they work great on my super hydrated son. You could try putting a cloth chuck pad under her on the bed too

I use Huggies overnights for my 2 and 3 year olds

Add a maxi pad to a pair of underjams