My daughter pushed my niece and my sister got really angry....advice?

My sister and I live in a duplex so our daughters (both two) are always playing together and usually there’s no issues. Well today, we were over at her apartment for my sister’s step-son’s tenth birthday party and during the party our daughters had been playing nicely until out of the blue my daughter pushed her daughter. I immediately told her to stop and went to get up off the floor to get her. Unfortunately I wasn’t quick enough since getting up off the floor takes more than 3 seconds and within that time she pushed her again. My sister completely flipped out on me in front of our family and her husband’s family. She screamed at me to take my daughter and leave which I did. But then she was also mad at my mom because my mom left to carry my younger daughter (8 months) over to my apartment since I couldn’t carry both girls at once. My husband wasn’t at the party to help me since he was working. Now my sister is blaming me and my daughter for ruining her step-son’s birthday party. I’m not entirely sure what I could have even done differently. My daughter is in speech therapy so it’s not like she can tell me why she pushed her cousin. I will say she hadn’t napped, was around people she only had met like once before (brother-in-law’s family) so she had been rather nervous around them, and she only ate a cupcake while at the party so she was hyped up on sugar. While I don’t condone her pushing my niece I don’t necessarily think she did it to be malicious. At this point I don’t really care to be around my sister and I’m not sure how to move forward with this. Any advice or thoughts on what I should have done?


She totally was out of line……keep your child busy,make,other friends and let her get over it. Keep us posted……


My daughter and niece are 7 weeks apart. When they were that age they did not get along. Always pushing each other. They’re two! She definitely over reacted


Sounds like your sister needed a time out from the party! Their two, age appropriate behavior and she needs to realize that won’t be the last time her child gets pushed.

I’d tell her she ruined her own party and just go about my normal business without her. When she decides she wants to have an adult conversation about it and not act like she’s 2 talk to her. Until then just don’t worry about it. It’s not like worrying about it is gonna change the situation in any way shape or form. It just makes you miserable


Kids that young are learning still lol. Your sister sounds insane. Kids are going to push each other, smack, and probably bite at that young of an age. You did right by correcting her in the moment that’s literally about all you can do.

Your sister needs to lighten up

Omg your sister way over reacted. They’re 2. It’s what they do. You were working on the situation not just staying silent and ignoring it. Wait until the next time when her daughter is the one to hit or push and show her how it’s really supposed to be handled.

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Eesh I do inhome daycare as well as having 2 kids myself. Also 8 older siblings. If they r growing up that close they will have worse than that happen in the future. Kids fight. Family fights. Playing and rough housing happen you just correct it when needed. All you can do


This won’t be the only time something like this will happen. Kids will be kids and will hit, bite or push occasionally. As long as they are corrected when this happens they will learn they can’t act that way. My best advice is to not live next door to family!

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It’s time to move farther away from your sister.

In my opinion there were 3 two yr. olds at the party. Your daughter ,your niece and your sister.

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2 year Olds will be 2 year Olds. They are still learning how to navigate their feelings. Your sister over reacted but you two shouldn’t end your relationship. Kids are going to disagree. She ruined that party with her fit throwing.


Typical 2 yr old. Get your sister a book or pamplets on toddler behavior, obviously she’s lost about it. They at that age are just starting to learn what’s ok and what’s not and they won’t know unless taught and it takes time, love and patience!


Sounds like your sister really overreacted, they are 2 and behaving like 2yr olds. Your sister on the other hand isn’t 2 but was acting that way.

Give her space and when your ready talk with her.

In situations like that I limit the time I’m at occasions like this. Too much stimulation n stress. Family is probably the least understanding. So sorry.


They are two. They can’t even regulate emotions lol. She was being dramatic but may also have some anger deeper and that just finally set it off. Wait a day or so and ask her to coffee or something without the kids so you guys can talk.

She must have other built up issues, or maybe thr stress from the party but they are 2 get over it!

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You should have smacked your daughters hand and firmly told her no push. That should have finised that conflict then cont to enjoy the party.

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I’d keep me and my child away from her

Sorry but little people can get angry too! And they don’t have control over their emotions yet so yes sometimes they push, bite, slap and it’s our job to teach them how to deal with their feelings! Your sister sounds more like a 2 year old for flipping out over a toddler scuffle! She would have a stroke dealing with my daughter she is rough, wrestles with her older brothers and doesn’t take crap! Honestly the other child obviously did something she didn’t like and she was in her way communicating “get away from me”

Nothing. Nothing you could have done differently. This is her issue.

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Your sister ruined the party but freaking out. They are 2 it happens it will happen again. It’s Normal you did the right thing by telling her nit to push and going to get her. Your sister needs to chill and fast

They are two :roll_eyes: I think your sister needs to get her crap together. That’s a horribly inappropriate response and not something she wants to be teaching her children. As a matter of fact, I would refrain from taking my children around her and her behavior until she got herself under control.

Well you should of cussed her out. Lol she needs to grow up… to me it sounds like there was something else bothering her and she didn’t want y’all there.

The inappropriate one was your sister. Your daughter behaved as 2 year olds do and it sounds like you would have handled the situation appropriately given the chance. When my niece and my daughter were toddlers my niece bit my daughter constantly, none of us liked in and we intervened and corrected but it happens.


Tell your sister to grow up. Okay, maybe don’t really tell her to grow up but she sounds a little unstable and slightly toxic. The kids are TWO and that behavior is age appropriate. Maybe she was stressed. Try talking to her in a few days and hopefully she has come to her senses. Forgiveness is an act of love. She is your sister and it’s important to have a healthy relationship with her.


Mom was stressed already and bent out of shape before the push. She’s taking it out on y’all.

It’s a learning situation and you did everything you could do on your part. Sounds like her outburst ruined the party rather than that mishap.

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Your sister needs to show age appropriate behavior take lessons from your two years old…


Tell the niece to tell your daughter don’t do that. Then leave it alone

How to move forward?! How about moving down - as in back to earth and getting your head out of the clouds…
They’re 2. Get some common sense. Enough to shove some into your sister’s ignorant head as well.
The overreaction on both your ends is embarrassing.

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Ditch the sis for a while, find other things to do…AWAY FROM HER!!!

Um they are 2. You did the best you could in the time frame you had. You were in the middle of a discipline. I think your sister over reacted.


Exactly they are 2! And it happens, best to do is say we have gentle hands and don’t push our friends. Sister shouldn’t of yelled at you in front of everyone, seems like she spoils her daughter! They are little! They can’t communicate very well at 2. It happens. My kids are 6&7 and sometimes still push each other granted they both know better. 2 year old not so much!


Your sister over reacted and owes you an apology, but I do think that you should have made it perfectly clear to your daughter that putting her hands on others is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. A punishment appropriate for a two year old should have been given. Trying to make excuses for her bad behavior will only cause more serious problems that will be harder to correct in the future.

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You’re sister over reacted ridiculously!


Your sister is the only child in the wrong . She’s grown and should act that way . It’s normal for children to push and you attended your daughter wen she did . You aren’t wrong here

Omg. I love my sister to pieces and if she acted like this bc my 2 year old pushed her 2 year old, then I wouldn’t be back. How she acted is totally unacceptable. And if the kids go to daycare at all, I hate to tell her but those kids will push and bite and everything else because THEY ARE TINY TODDLERS!


Your sister sounds like a loon tune!

Your sister definitely over reacted.

You did the right thing and left those babies are 2 so so petty sorry you and your children had to go through that again very very petty an apology should be coming your way soon all the best to you!

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They are two and things happen. With her flipping out like that I’m sure it really embarrassed your nephew in front of everyone


Sounds like your sister threw a 2yo tantrum!!! She should be ashamed of herself for acting like a toddler in front of all the family!!! She’d owe me an apology before we could move forward.


Shake it off. The parents need to step back. They are only 2. Five minutes later they wouldn’t have been effected by it.

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Kids fight and push each other all the time! Her kid was fine, tell her to stop being dramatic

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The kids are fine. The mom will be fine. Give her a few days.

They are two. They are like tiny drunk people at that point.

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Your sister is being absolutely RIDICULOUS!!

They’re two.

Toddlers have BIG emotions and ZERO coping skills. This kind of stuff is incredibly common. What’s important is how the ADULTS react. That’s what teaches children HEALTHY coping skills.

You never should’ve been yelled at or asked to leave the party. Had this been a couple of tweens, then maybe… MAYBE.

Your sister owes you an apology.


First of all they are 2!!! You were getting up to adress the situation. What was rude is her losing her mind and telling you to leave.

2 yr olds are going to eventually do something like push someone weather it’s another child or an adults leg, while it does need addressed at the time, she didn’t act abnormally for her age.


They are 2! I’m positive everyone there thinks your sister is nuts. Pushing happens. That’s crazy and I’m sorry your daughter was forced that kind of punishment of being removed from the party. That’s a sad way to handle that.


Your sister completely over reacted. Kids push, hit, bite. They have a hard time controlling and expressing their feelings and a lot of times that will come out in aggressive behavior. The best thing to do is redirect, tell her it’s not ok, have her apologize and move on.


I say your sister took it too far they are only 2 years old. you went to get her sorry it takes time to get off the floor. I just wouldn’t talk to her

I’d tell your sister that you told your daughter no and was getting up to stop her but wasn’t given the chance. No one but her ruined the party by overreacting. And it’s probably best they don’t play together anymore cause occasionally these types of things will happen.


Didn’t you say they were both two? Other than saying no and maybe a time out that is about it. I don’t think prison time is required. Talk to your sister she was probably very unnerved with all the people at her house. Tell here they are children and you fully intend to talk to your child to express hitting and pushing will not be tolerated. You guys are adults. Work this out. If not for yourself for the cousin. I’m sure they have forgotten all about it.

They’re TWO. so is your sister.

Tell your sister to chill tf out, they’re 2! I have 3 boys between 12 and 16. If I had a nickel for every time they beat the living daylights out of each other, I’d never work again. Kids fight, it happens, especially as toddlers.


Ummm they’re 2. And it won’t be the last time either. Being so close in age, and growing up together, there will be plenty of more times where one does something to the other. No sense in her acting like it’s the end of the world.

That’s normal, a 2 year old doesn’t have self control yet :sweat_smile:


They are two years old. Your sister over reacted and was the one who ruined the party.

Sister needs to take a chill pill and fast kids fight and they’re babies who can’t communicate they push bite hit and the next second are playing nice and sharing id take a break from sister and give her a reality check most adults don’t have their feelings in check can’t expect a small human who’s been alive less then 1000 days to know better


I think your sister overreacted about a 2 year old pushing another child. Kids are naturally going to do things like that and unless an ER visit was necessary or you did nothing to stop it, then she seriously overreacted. I can’t see how 2 year olds pushing one another ruined a 10 year olds party. She needs a serious reality check.

Just a teaching moment. Kids do stuff like that. In no way could that have ruined a party. Seems like your sister was stressed and took it out on you and now she’s probably embarrassed.


At this point you nor your daughter did anything wrong. It was hella disrespectful for her to go off on you infront if people.
You need to set boundaries with your sister!!
Sounds a lot like my sister.


Yikes. And they are TWO. Not TEN. That’s a normal developmental thing . You disciplined your daughter gently (which I think is appropriate). IMO, your sister was stressed out and flipped her S over something small. If that upsets her, wait till she hits middle school :woman_facepalming:t2:

Ann over here angry and laugh reacting all the comments has me thinking she is the overreacting sister :joy:


This is not abnormal behavior for 2 year olds. Does it need to be addressed… yes, but still completely normal. What is abnormal is your sister reaction. I have to wonder if this has been a reoccurring issue between the girls that you were aware of or unaware of that came to a head in that instance? Is there something else going on with your sister?

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Your sister is being completely unreasonable and immature!


TWO year olds push each other.
They ALL do it.

Your sister ruined the party by over reacting!

There is something else going on & that must have been the last straw to make her snap.

I’m sorry family can be so challenging sometimes.

To be honest I’d be looking at the brother in law for your sister to freak out like that . Maybe he’s putting his hands on your sister and our natural instinct is to protect our children from going through what we did . Second they are two get over it . But go about your business like wtfever .

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They’re two. Two yr olds have big feelings. I would understand if you wouldn’t have started to get up to correct it and it was repeatedly happening. But that is super unnecessary.


Your sister completely overreacted and if that was me, she never would’ve yelled at me like that publicly or I’d have cussed her out.

You have something negative to say to me, you pull me to the side and say it privately. You do it publicly and I’ll be sure you are the one who ends up in tears.

On top of that, I wouldn’t speak to her anymore. I don’t let anyone act like that towards me or my children, even family.

How old is your daughter? Either way, your sister is overreacting. Kids push, hit, etc. It happens. You immediately tried to address and remedy the situation, and you left when asked to leave. Your sister overreacting is what “ruined” the party… if it was even ruined at all.

They are two and kids will be kids. Sounds like sister completely overrated

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I agree your daughter is 2 things happen. Your sister is totally in the wrong.


Sounds like your daughter was acting her age two. Your sister was also acting like a two year old. At least your daughter was showing age appropriate behavior.


Your sister overreacted. They’re children! That’s what they do.

Your sister should be ashamed of herself.

Sounds like the expectations of the day stressed your sister out and she took all her own stress out on your 2yr old.

Your 2yr old wasn’t doing anything that isn’t age appropriate for the situation she was in, Over stimulated.

Give it a couple days and sit down and talk to your sister. I’m sure once she has time to process her own reaction she will be embarrassed and apologize.


She’s 2 !!! It happens. Your sister over reacted!!


Your sister needs to grow up. They’re 2!

Kids will be kids!! Adults need to be adults and handle the situation and get over it!!!


I would say something to the sister tell her you no it wasn’t right but neither was her yelling at you in front of people


Your sister is the one in the wrong and needs to apologize to you. She took it to far, they are 2 years old! They are still learning at that age.


She is acting really immature, you redirect your daughter and took y’all self out the situation, what more she wanted damn.

I definitely don’t think your two year old pushed her cosuin maliciously like you said she was tired and anxious. Your Sister needs to be an adult and get over it


She was probably already stressed out about something and took it out on you. People do that to the ones they love most, especially close family members. I’m sure she regrets what happened now but she is embarrassed. People have done this to me and then acted like nothing happened!

Jesus! The kids are 2! There will be pushing, pulling, poking, snatching etc. there’s No violence or malice in it and it’s complete normal and part of their development while learning their personal space, turn taking, sharing , feelings and emotions. Your sister ruined the party by massively overreacting, not your child. Your poor dd. Moving forward tell her neither the children did anything wrong and to get over herself as they were absolutely fine. All they needed was a pick up off the floor back to standing, a reminder to use kind hands and a distraction of a toy or game. That’s it. Nothing more nothing less


Pushing is instinctive at that age. We teach them culture. Sounds like your sister is actually the one who ruined the party. I suspect she won’t be big enough to admit it.

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She’s two need we say more?

She’s 2 years old and your sister needs to realize that. They’re toddlers they don’t know how to express emotions like we do. Hell even some adults don’t know how to express them correctly. If I was you maybe just go low contact with your sister for a little bit.

They are 2. They are still learning right from wrong. Apparently so is your sister. She definitely overreacted


They are young!! These things will happen and likely worse at times but that’s how it is!! Kids will be kids! You did All you could and shame on her for making such a scene and penalizing a toddler who probably doesn’t even entirely understand what she did!! Your sister is being way extra about this and needs to get off her high horse and stop being selfish and over the top. Nobody wants to see their kids getting hit or anything but they are 2!!! She sounds crazy and people at the party probably feel she reacted inappropriately too! If anything SHE ruined the party by over reacting and causing an unnecessary scene. I hope your mom told her about herself! She’s in for a rude awakening when this child starts daycare/school. The kids do much worse!

Omg your sister needs to take a chill pill ! They are two!!! They push , they bite, they spit, they hit, they pull hair !! So what!!! Like come on !! She’s being ridiculous

Normal behaviour for a 2 year old. You handled it completely appropriately.

She is 2. This is completely normal behaviour. There could have been lots of reason to pushing. Your sister is the AB for how she handled it.

OMG!!! Kids push kids all the damn time , there’s not much that you could have done but telling your daughter not to do it again

Tell your sister to get a grip. They are babies.
This is going to happen the rest of thier lives. She’s the one who ruined everything, if it was even ruined.

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Your sister is way overreacting

Good grief- she’s 2! As long as you intervened and said ‘no, we don’t do that’, that should have been the end of it! They’re still babies, without the words to fully express their feelings. They just need guidance. She was probably just tired and hungry :woman_shrugging:t2: Children don’t get ‘hyped up’ on sugar, research says that’s children being excited and parents expecting them to be ‘hyped up’. Your sister has massively overreacted and should apologise if that’s all that happened. Try to build bridges. Life is short for too much drama.

She’s two…she doesn’t even know how to be malicious! But your sister needs to stop acting like SHE’S two years old :roll_eyes: