My daughter wants to hang out with her best friend but she has lice: Advice?

I’ve always used loads of conditioner when washing & hair gel or hairspray. My 3 have never had them even when they’ve been going round in school.

Nope. Id explain to the parents that sleepovers cant happen until the issue is taken care of. Lice is a hassle to get rid of. As you know. Its not worth the headache. I actually had a friend that i couldnt hang out with anymore when i was little bc she gave me lice 3 times. My parents put their foot down. Its costly and a pain in the butt.

I had a friend who’s Mom would do the kids hair as soon as she came over. The next day she would wash everything & do everyone in the house. I couldn’t…too much work.

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Speak to the child’s mother and see if they can get it cleared up on their end. It’s not fair to make her lose her friend so just tackle the situation at the source

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HELLLLLLLLLLLLL NO!!! and I would talk to the parents and be honest like lisen ur kids having lice is not happening at my house clearly these ppl never do what it takes to treat it have u been in there house??? Is it dirty??? Cause 9/10 thats why ppl can’t get rid of lice, bed bugs and roaches an I would tell them they cant play till its taken care of if they tell u they have takien care of it they are lying so the kids can play also teach ur children on how to look for lice in someone house pillows blankets on other kids them itching heads cracks of couches that way they can get out asap

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Finally a big fat NO!

If it is me I will help the child and her mom to deal with the lice. Talk to the parents and deal with it together.

There’s nothing to be ashamed about… be honest and be kind… lice can lead to serious infections… once they have it under control your kids can play again…

Just be honest with the parents tell them your not going to let her come over until they get ride of it, that’s ridiculous her parents need to treat her and treat their house

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That’s a hard no, communication is important here with the other parent(s)

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Tell her mother to take care of the problem! Its not fair for any of the girls or your family! im sorry im Straight up I don’t deal with that shit and if the mom can’t get rid of the lice ask if you can do it for her if she dont let you if not dont let her come over! It’s not embarrassing to have lice it’s embarrassing to keep it


Well what if her mother doesn’t know her daughter has lice, and if she does then call cps because obviously she’s being neglected at home. Sounds like someone’s not doing something over there for one of those reasons. So talk to the mom and if she doesn’t care then call someone.

I’ve had to do this with ppl before it’s not the kids fault it’s the parents fault

Dog shampoo works really well !!

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Also maybe her parents are having a hard time maybe offer to help say sure she can come but you do a lice treatment when she arrives and have her change in to different clothes idk its though on the kids i would offer to help for the kids its been a crazy couples years and idk I feel for the kids


In my opinion I would say no been there done that but if you feel bad then Have her come over and treat her hair before they play and if her mon says anything well she should have taken care of it to begin with and your saving her from getting her kids taken (cps can take your kids for failure to take care of lice)

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Mom its ok to say no, damn that, whatever the reason no Is a valid response. They can face time they can video chat all that my answer would be no.

Tea tree soap. Wash her hair or just tea tree spray on hair


Maybe find activities they can do outside and tell them they can’t play inside. Then when your daughter comes in she is to go straight to the shower and wash her hair.

Use to have same problem years ago and their parents would not do anything about it even after I talked to them so I just started to treat that child’s hair before even coming in our house. You can do this while being nice and friendly about it all and without making the child there is something wrong with them. Even if you make it like you are playing hairdressers with them and making out they have beautiful hair and get the other kids involved and just put conditioner in their hair to go along with it all.

If u call the kids doctor for an appointment they can prescribe lice shampoo that works wonders it kills them with one use, maybe let the mom know about it and keep it in mind if your children ever get it again, also dont let the friend go over having lice is a nightmare. Be honest with the mom.

Just tell the mum the thought of it’s making me feel itchy

Have a heart to heart with the girls mother, offer her some help. She may be struggling in some way.


Some of y’all are so god damn ignorant it’s disgusting. Say no, make her lose a friend, call the other parents out for neglect? Just because the child still has lice does not mean it’s child neglect. My friend had lice for 7 MONTHS and they did everything all the time they could to get rid of it in their house. Nothing worked. Ever. So don’t you dare sit there and say the little girls family is neglecting her because not a single fucking one of you rude ass bitches knows if that’s the case. Y’all are what’s wrong with society.

Maybe you should speak to the child’s mother and see if there’s a reason they still have it or keep catching it. Times are tough and maybe she doesn’t have the money to treat it. Maybe she doesn’t know how to get rid of it. I’m sure if her daughter has it, she does and I’m sure she’s miserable… if not then I would call children’s services and have them check in on them. That would be my last resort. If it was my child’s friend or not, this is what I would do. I would offer to help and then if that didn’t work, turn it in. That poor little girl doesn’t deserve to live like that.

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I’d have to be honest with the child’s mother , I mean seriously what if she brought bed bugs or roaches into your house ? And I’m not trying to be mean but it could happen, where do you draw line on keeping your family healthy and safe ?

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Definitely communicate !!!
Tell her you enjoy letting your little girl have fun with her friend, but that her daughter has given them lice and you’ve treated it.
Maybe tell her you want to avoid the situation again and see what she says.
OFFER HELP, maybe see if you could treat her hair when she comes over if you’re able to do that and if she’s okay with it.
That’s the best thing you can do!!!

My sons daughter kept getting from her friend I would buy all the supplies for treating her with butt length hair the beds couches and whole house.i even bought to treat the ladies three girls.but lady wasn’t spraying the seats in her car so he finally said t[ her so she sprayed her car seat got rid of them.

I would suck it up and ask the mom if she was able to get the lice problem yet. Do you want to have shave all your kids heads. It’s not rude. It’s assertive.

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I know it might sound rude lol but check her hair before she comes over and don’t let your daughter go over there!!!

I would just shampoo her hair and have her change into something of yours when she comes over. If your able, maybe bring it up to the mom politely. The kids shouldn’t have to suffer but you shouldn’t either.

a nitty gritty comb works great to get rid of them and it’s available on prescription too

I had a friend who had lice all the time growing up and my mom would just treat her hair when she got to our house. I never got it.

Lice like clean hair, so after a whole month of my daughter constantly getting lice from her class I got very upset… they didn’t check this one boy because he wore a wrap on his head or a bun I made it mandatory to check his head I’m sorry but 5 times in one month… turns out he had an infestation :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: my best friend who is P.R. Told me to gel her hair up seriously lots of gel in a ponytail and braid… she was 10 at the time I did with both my daughters after that and didn’t have another case… they are 19 & 22 now… good luck Ik it gets very expensive especially if you live on a monthly budget ugh…

I had that same situation when I was your daughter’s age. My mom took the liberty to have my friend come over and she sat outside with her, cleaning her air. Making sure she is rid of it for good. She called up the mother and said “your daughter is clean of lice, now do your part to clean the house…etc if not I will bring this concern to authorities.” Sadly we didn’t hang out much after that because I was tired of it too, didn’t trust her mom.

Uggh sorry but it’s a negative. If her parents can’t keep her from
Getting lice they can’t send her over. Plain and simple. It’s probably embarrassing to bring up for you but having to take care of it Is a lot of work. No I’m sorry

I would speak with friends Mom + Explain to her the gravity of the situation and that you had struggle to keep your home and daughter hair clean…That ur daughter miss her friends just as hers and if she don’t mind watching her daughter hair to prevent any infection- and explain that best friends miss each others and they should not suffer for parents lock of communications- And that a Team work make them dreams work!!! Simple…or you can watch her friends hair outside with a hose and lice treatment to ensure yours be safe before entering your home…put a shower cab in y’all hairs till friend bk home…ext💁

Wash her here and blow dry it add tea tree oil to her shampoo and put some on her neck and behind the ears where the lice like to go to!

When my kids were young, they both got it from school. The best results were mayonnaise on the scalp and plastic wrapped heads. All stuffed animals and bedding and infected clothing were sealed in bags for a month. Then we tackled the house with spray and such. After that, my answer was always no. Done

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My daughter use to get it bad finally Vaseline and a bag over her head and comb every day to get the eggs out use a good she should not be around her friend until you are sure it’s gone.

Have a talk with her mom. It’s definitely necessary.


Tell her you guys are busy, nobody got time for that… them things jump and in today’s world who knows, they might even fly… :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Call to the friends mom or cps. I know that sounds harsh but it may be an issue of neglect


Call her mom . The fact that this child has had lice more then once her mother should know better then to let her go anywhere or have anyone come over until she takes care of it. I’m assuming because she allowed her child to your house and your to come to hers that she really don’t care. I would call her mom and just point ask her if her child or anyone else in there home has it because your child wants to hang out.

Unless you wanna go through the same cycle all over again.

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Rubbing alcohol. Kills them on contact even the nits. Its safe to spray on furniture u cant wash and the kids head. Scalp/hair may get dry put some leave in conditioner in after spraying with alcohol. Nits hatch after 14days and the shampoo doesn’t effect the nits so if you miss one you’ll have to redo the whole process. Id recommend spraying everything and the kids heads ever other day for a week with alcohol and itll kill them on contact. You’ll still have to comb the nits out bc obviously you dont want them in ur kids head but they wont hatch it u missed one

Tell them you have lice and you don’t want to spread it. They won’t want to come over.


For 1 its okay to say no. For 2 its perfectly fine if you bring it up to her mom because by now she has to know i mean kids get it but for them to keep it is totally different. We’ve had ordeal with lice unfortunately so i feel you pain all to well.

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Good for in front of refrigerator where some graze and drop crumbs!

I would speak to the mother and explain the situation.
Also Spray a very good amount of Tea Tree Oil in your children’s hair and braid the hair, lice don’t like it and it prevents them. Also i heard peppermint oil helps as well.

You gotta bring it up to the mom. I’d call her and let her know that you don’t wanna offend her but if she wants her kid to be able to see yours she should really get it under control and then explain what you did to get rid of it.


Buy free lice from walgreens and read directions… That whole diy hack doesn’t work . also check the clothes and bed sheets and comforter and pillow cases , throw out the hair brush , clean alot … If her friends have it talk to the parent’s let them know . also tell your daughter to not lean heads in. Also maybe the mother going through a hard tough so try to communicate with your daughter friend mom.

Omg the comments on here are ridiculous how is a child having nits “not keeping them safe” seriously all children get them its part of growing up there is such thing as protection spray :roll_eyes: not letting your kids have friends due to a few nits is pathetic imagine how that child will feel knowing they can’t play with friends over something that’s not their fault! all schools have them so how you gonna stop that? Not send them? Mention it to the child’s parents and just plait and protection spray your children’s hairs simple :+1:

Wouldn’t be offensive at all to ask the mom. Lice is a pain, I’m sure she’d understand

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If its her bestfriend then u should have good communication with the parent and discuss it with her and both find a solution

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Castile soap, found in laundry aisle. No harsh chemicals and kills lice. School nurse told me about it and it’s way cheaper than the lice treatments. Also, say something to the parents, they may not be aware of it or aware that everything has to be washed and vacuumed.

You have to ask for advice???

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Tea Tree Oil is a life saver !! (couple drops in your shampoo) It is sold as a shampoo &
also. I used it at the start of the school year when my kids were younger.
My daughter went from hair down to her bum to super short. Was quite devastating to both her and I.
Once I was told about tea tree oil products,we never had that problem again. Even when there was a class outbreak.

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Put her hair in ponytail and put coconut oil in hair lice can’t stick to hair spray everything before Freund comes over then all u have to do is wash bending and vacuum

Coconut shampoo and tea tree oil before she goes over and when she comes home. Change her clothes and make her shower as soon as she walks through the door. I would let the parent know they can use Listerine mouth wash to spray all of the other girls bedding and everything in the house as well as use it in the little girls hair to help keep the more eggs from hatching. My niece has super tight curly hair and is prone to getting lice this was the only thing that helped her not get it anymore

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Not sure speaking to the mom will actually help. If this child has lice this bad and constant. Chances are the mother has it too. Even if you treated the child, she’d go back home and get it again. And honestly sounds a little neglectful. But offer a hand. Maybe she’s struggling mentally. But I also would be careful treating another child without permission simply bc of reactions, you never know how she’s going to react to it. But I’d start with talking to your daughter and explaining to her why this can’t go any further


If you know the child parents , go talk to them really nice and see what they say .
Maybe they don’t know that their child has head lice.
If that doesn’t work then just tell your child look I understand that she’s your best friend.
However I can’t afford to keep doing this so no she can’t come over and no you can’t see her any more.
And just tell your child that you aren’t being mean or anything but you can’t keep doing this every time.
Be up front with everything.
Yes sometimes it hurts the child but the child will understand after awhile.


Bruh. It’s not offending anyone. The other parent should be taking care of her kid. If she has lice, she needs to get it taken care of. No one wants to deal with it. Until the lice issue has been resolved, I don’t blame you for not wanting your daughter to see her friend. It’s more about health than feelings. The other parent needs to know her daughter has lice and has to take care of it. Like really???

I would say no, no, and no.


Time to find new friends.


I would call and ask mom if maybe she needs help treating it. Maybe she doesn’t see very well or have the proper stuff to get rid of it because lack of funds. Never know.

They have lice repellent… I have the same problem and when we are around them we use lice repellent called fairy tales and it works really good. She is able to have fun with out catching the nasty lice

Are they vaccinated?
If they aren’t taking care of small health care issues such as head lice. How are they maintaining bigger health care issues. There is a very deadly virus going around.


Say something to this child’s parents, and just so you know, shaving your son’s head DOES NOT get rid of head lice, you HAVE to use lice shampoo. And as far as “tea tree oil” what the hell is that for because that’s not getting rid of anything either


Not sure how to deal with this except to talk to the mom away from the kids. U can prevent the lice by adding tea tree oil to ur normal shampoo and conditioner. Fairy tales have products that kill and prevent head lice that r kid safe for most app ages. My friends nephew was under 2 when they used it on him. They have shampoo, conditioner and spray for daily use to prevent lice. Here is what the treatment looks like. It’s chemical free.

Just let her hang out with her what’s the big deal

You need to report the family who is spreading the lice. Apparently they are doing nothing about it.

Use tree tea oil. After a shower put a couple drops in your hand then work it threw her hair. Also put some in her clothing. This will work as a deterrent and keep them away from her.

Baby oil your daughters hair and then let them play in a park baby oil makes the hair to slick for the lice to hold onto and also helps to de-lice hair if you have it.


Nope, she is not coming to my house and my child Is not going over there. The parents need to take care of the problem


I would not be concerned about hurting or offended anyone at this point. I would let them know straight and direct and no she can’t come over.


I’m the parent thT if a kid came to my house with anything including lice, ok let’s go we are fixing it. Then when parents came to pick up kids I would say oh by the way I seen this in her hair so I took care of it. Parents always seemed thankful. I never punished a kid for something that was out of their control. And always made sure said kid understood things happen to everyone. Don’t be embarrassed let’s just take care of it and forget about it.

I would just offend her mom and ask her. You as a mother have a right to keep your kids safe no if’s ands or buts


Tea tree oil in coconut shampoo havent gotten lice in over 3.5 yrs I put it in the shampoo and conditoner


Maybe the girls mom doesn’t know. I would talk to the mom first and let her deal with it from there but I wouldn’t let my daughter hang out with someone that has lice.

I would just let the parent know personally that you have had an outbreak at your house, and that it’s a good idea to treat herself and her kids too before we let them hang out again. Maybe she can’t fully afford it? Doesn’t have any experience with it? Let her know if she needs any help or advice that you will be there for her. It takes a village :wink::heart:

Tea tree oil repels lice. Add a few drops to your shampoo. Maybe put a few drops towards the neck hair line and by the ears. Worked for myself

Invite said child over for a pamper pj night… Face masks etc treat the kid with lice lotion, and your own (no issue raised) and when you drop the kid off give the mom a heads up and say rather than make an issue you treated both kids and hope you don’t mind

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Tell them it’s a no because it’s still pandemic and there’s delta variant. But I usually talk yo my kids about stuff like this tell them the consequences so they understand

Use fairytales and do the friends hair too then tell her mom you did so to help her out and that if she needs help with her home or other kids in the home that you’d be glad to help. Saves everyone and you already did it for months for your home and it’s your daughter’s best friend so she’s like family anyways

I’ve dealt with lice and it’s a real phobia of mine.
It would be a no from me. I would have to have a conversation with the mom about past instances, where things stand right now and if she needs any tips/ help with it. After all that, I would be able to know what direction to go in. Playing somewhere neutral at first as well. Yes, maybe I sound stern about it… life lessons.

I’d definitely share your your process on how you got rid of the live with you fam. That way they know you know, but you aren’t flat out " yo baby got lice"
Lol but for real I would total be casually like ’ yeah my daughter got lice And this is what I did to get rid of it."

Oh hell no she can’t come over and my daughter sure as hell ain’t going over there. Sorry but when her mom gets that shit under control for awhile then we can talk about it.


Talk to her mother. Tell her straight up. Take care of her daughter.


Put a preventative in her hair, there’s things out there so you don’t get them when others have them. I have used them for my kids more than once, you can also get hair ties that have them

I would flat out say no! It only take one lice to lay 300 eggs in its lifetime of a month! No No and hell No!!

Kids get head lice. It kinda goes with being a kid :woman_shrugging: If her friend and her go to the same school she’s bound to get it again. I use to put coconut oil on my daughter’s hair closest to the scalp, then would put her hair in a “as tight as she could handle” bun. Then put a little more coconut oil around the back of her hairline. I did this almost every day when there were lice break outs. I would also remind her don’t share hats, hair ties, hair brushes and also try not to get “to close” to other kids heads. Tea tree oil also works you can get it in a bottle at Sally’s and just put drops of it into shampoo and conditioner or by the tea tree oil shampoo and conditioner. Though it doesn’t get rid of lice it does help prevent it as lice do not like the scent of mint
My sister uses this stuff on her daughter’s hair and it has works great and she hasn’t had head lice yet. Maybe give the Fairy Tales a try? You can get it at Walmart in the hair care isle or order it on Amazon :slight_smile: they probably have it elsewhere too.

Honestly is the best policy


I would speak to the mother and say you’re doing you’re kids hair do you want me to do your kids hair too? That way it won’t offend the mother or kid, and helps to get rid of them also kids can still play with each other. Then just say to the mother to keep on top of it.

And my kids were little they fought that stuff so hard cuz there was like seven little girls in the neighborhood I finally gave my kids bactrim something about the sulfur it killed all the eggs and kept it there for a while but that was the only thing that finally worked. I fought that shit for months

normal anytype of conditioner gets rid of them soak their hair over night then wash off and nits hate hairsray or spray with a leave in conditioner or detangler

No way until her mom cleans her house. Sit down and talk abt it in a clam matter. Sometimes the truth hurts but you and your kids shouldn’t have to suffer. I was prone to it when i was a kid and hated it. Especially since my mom was always mean to me when trying to get rid of it. She even threatened to shave me because of it. Now days I dont mind my head shaved

Mint &Rosemary shampoos work to keep them away also

Tea tree oil mixed with lavender oil… Helps treat and prevent

Meet at a park and stay a safe distance away. They can play without touching or being right on top of each other. Then it won’t be in your home. Apply tea tree oil to your daughter’s hair beforehand just in case. :woman_shrugging:


My cousins kids had it and thought it was from my kid and lol definitely not!!! I had it so bad in 5th grade I had to cut off all of my hair after the damage the school got infested. I’m constantly checking my oldest hair because she goes to her dads a few times a week. I’m so anal about that. Please explain to your little one how important it is to stay healthy and clean and call that girls mom to tell her that she needs to do a full clean and get it under control.