My daughter wants to hang out with her best friend but she has lice: Advice?

My daughter has a best friend that was coming over a lot before school ended; I’d also let her go to her house. She’s given my daughter lice twice. I have three girls & a one-year-old boy. Both times my daughter ended up giving it to one of her sisters. The 2nd time, she also gave it to me, & my son & he’s too little to sit still, so I had to shave him bald. We battled it for almost two months. I had washed everything in hot water & dried on high heat, done the whole tree tea oil in everything, new brushes, sprayed everything & even fogged the house. Didn’t allow any friends to come over & didn’t allow them to go over to anyone’s house. We have all finally been clean for three weeks. But now her best friend is asking to come over & Idk what to do. She’s been bored this summer cause she misses her friends, but I really don’t wanna deal with lice anymore. I’d wanna know for sure she’s clean before allowing her to come over, but I don’t wanna offend her or her mom. What would y’all suggest??


Have you said anything to the little girls mother about treating her ? Lice infestations can actually be very serious. Lice survive and feed off the blood of a live host. It’s been found lately that going untreated can lead to blood loss, severe anemia, and it was even in the news not too long ago about a little girl who was otherwise healthy (not malnourished, physically abused or have any other underlying health issues) dying from the parent not treating a severe lice infestation she had. It’s not just a nuisance to have, it can be considered child neglect.

Talk to the mom ask her if she has treated her child and her home
Spray your daughter with a water and tea tree oil solution bother her head and neck also do her clothes. Let them hang out outside. Check the child yourself. Lice are not harmful just an itchy nuisance

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. My daughter wants to hang out with her best friend but she has lice: Advice?

Treat her head before you allow her in house. It will probably embarrass her but we had to do that with my step daughter every other week growing up.


Talk to the parents and ask if they did a lice treatment if not then ask if you can do it if you are willing to do it. I know it won’t solve the root of the problem wich is clearly at home and a cleanliness issue with that family but atleast your daughter can see her friend. Check her hair before she comes in make sure no lice or nits. Let them know if you find any you will treat her hair and comb it with a lice comb.

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Talk to the mama of the kid


My suggestion is why dont you help her friend out … Maybe her parents dont know what to do or how to do it or simply lazy … Its not the little girls fault.

I would just let them know that your daughter ended up with lice somehow and maybe they should check their child just in case? Maybe they just don’t know and that’d prompt them to check.

Don’t take her over it doesn’t matter if she’s bored Why are you going to struggle removing lice from you and your daughters hair when the other mom doesn’t wanna do anything about it I wouldn’t let my daughter go over to her house. I would straight up tell the mom you better clean your child before they can hang out again I’m sorry but I’ve delt with that before and it’s a head ache I have 3 girls I spend about $300 for lice products . Never again did I let my daughter hang out with her fiends

Maybe talk to the girls mom and tell her to take care of it?


Don’t let the kid go over until the problem is taken care of


Just be honest with the mom. When My daughter was dealing with lice and I wouldn’t let he be around her freinds if I knew she was going to pass it on. Yea it sucks cuz they get bored but id rather be safe than sorry

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Don’t allow ur child to go clearly they not clean like that

I would just talked to the mother of the other child. Thats what us Mamma’s did in our little town when our town had a lice breakout a few years ago.

Oils won’t work. Go get the super lice treatment from a drug store and apply it. Talk to the girls parents. Be honest. It will get you farther


Girl. She can wait until the lice clears up. If they get offended that’s their fault.


Try dyeing her friends hair that will kill all the lice.

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You didn’t have to shave your son, you can use the shampoos on them

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I would talk to the mom and let her know it isn’t something to be embarrassed about you are willing to clean her daughter hair for her!!


Put drops of tea tree oil in all your shampoos. Prevents the lice.


We use tea tree oil In my daughters hair. She would always bring it home from school. And this has worked the best. I’ve used it once and have had it back. This was a little over a year ago. And Walmart has this stuff and knw a lot of ppl that use it. And say it works.

Fairytale hair products are made for getting rid of lice

I’d contact the mum and just explain what you’ve explained in the post and say once her daughter is free of lice they are welcome round each others houses again but until then for the sake of the rest of your family they need to keep a distance x


Is this even a serious question?!


When the little girl comes over check her hair right away.

Talk to the mom, sometimes lice is harder to spot in some kids
Although the mom should know she might not be aware of the problem

I wouldn’t allow them to be together until I knew the friends lice was completely gone. As you know, lice isn’t easy to treat not to mention the cost of the treatment for the kids and the home.

Just say hey, my kid had bugs, check your kid and hope she treats her hair…

I use coconut oil all over the head and with a bag all night then rinse out. Hair will be a lil greasy for a couple days but it kills everything and they slide right out!

Proctoring spray or tea tree oil

Maybe the other mom doesnt know how to get rid of the lice. Offer her help.

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Hell no she can’t come over. And if the family not treating her for her lice someone need to step in because that’s abusive as hell.


I would talk to the mom and make sure the lice is gone & check the friends head before she comes in the house. It might seem dramatic but I wouldn’t give a damn lol. Lice is to much of a a hassle to just “hope” the friend doesn’t have it anymore. Start putting tea tree oil in your daughters hair as well.

Let the other Mom know & don’t have her go over to their house but they can play together outside, if you are comfortable with that. There is a product you can buy called lice repel it’s like a detangler you spray into your childs hair before they go to school/situations they may pick it up. Also, keep her hair pulled back & braided & let your daughter know not to hug/put her head near, share brushes/head gear etc.

Maybe you could buy the child a kit and give to her mother


Most importantly is talk with the mother.

No. Have a gentle talk with the mom.

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MAYONNAISE!!! Lather the head up in mayo and let it sit for like 30mins. It suffocates them and they can’t breathe. Wash it out and comb through get as much of it out as you can and then wash with dawn dish soap after. Repeat if needed

Say no because of lice! Simple as that


Advice For Why … NO Mf :exclamation::parking:


Um no​:weary: Is the kids parent not treating it? Kid shouldn’t leave the house at all till it’s lice is fully and properly treated. Their high contagious like animals passing around fleas or ear mites​:nauseated_face::face_vomiting:

I found the best thing to get rid of lice is the hair dryer…they do not like the heat and they will be gone…

Tell her NO and tell her why…contact her parents and tell them why and to get the kiddo treated.
You dont need advise for this…ITS COMMON SENSE!!

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Invite the child over for a sleep over then de nit her and your daughter then when you drop her back to her mum just say you had noticed your daughter had them after a trip somewhere so did her daughter to so you wouldn’t spread them to her house hold then your not blaming her


This stuff is a life saver…my mom picked it up from Walmart when my daughter was in elementary school…saturate the hair…leave on over night n it kills everything! I used it on my cousin’s kid when she would come over to spend the night with my daughter

If they’re close friends call her mon & say hey my kid got lice, which means yours probably does too. Maybe even offer her some shampoo just in case it’s a money issue for the other mom, or maybe even offer to do hers & you pretend to do your daughters & you’ll see for yourself if she does have it. You can get lice from a lot of other places . & if she does & she has other siblings, let the mom know .

Similar thing happened here. Except my daughter ended up with super lice. Her hair was down to her butt. She ended up with several rx treatments and a $200 treatment that the Army supposedly uses. And she got a bob. Total pia. Not doing that again.

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Tree oil helps a lot

Clean her hair without mom knowing lol

You need to talk to the mom…it will be hard but you need to

Talk to the mum
Lice can be bad for your health

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Do virtual play dates on kids messenger


We dealt with this same thing last summer. We cut and colored our daughters hair and treated everyone regardless if infested or not. She now uses coconut shampoo and conditioner. She frequently colors her hair(not for lice, but bc she’s 16 lol ) my best thing was a electronic lice comb!!! It electrocutes the lice on spot. I got it at my local Walgreens for like 25$ and I swear by it. Also reach out to the other parents regarding the lice situation, maybe thier struggling with it as well& could use some help? Cheap dollar store coconut scented shampoo& conditioner are the way to go tbh. Best stuff to help stop from getting bugs!

Nope and explain to the mom why.

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Yea it’s a no…and explain why … talk to the parents

Buy an electronic nit comb and comb her hair it will get rid of lice and nits


Talk to the other child’s mom and let her know about the situation. Let her know that it has happened twice and that you just wanna make sure before inviting her that they check her or took care of it. In a polite way… it’s has happen to my Niece twice so my sister in law called the parents of the Girl and let them know, no one was offended but sister in laws was Glad they took care of the problem especially being a small private school :wink:

Tea tree don’t help. When I was younger my mom would always spray my hair with hair spray so they couldn’t get on. I wouldn’t do sleep overs!

Have a sleepover, immediately wash her clothes and anything she brings in hot water.
Saturate her hair in coconut oil, it doesn’t take long. It kills everything nits and bugs alike. Wash it out real good (probably at least 2 shampoos) and comb with lice comb. Shouldn’t be more than an hr worth of work.Then send kids off to have fun

You should probably call cps. Believe it or not lice can kill a child and if it’s that bad she probably isn’t even getting rid of it


No I would not let my kids go to somebody’s house with lice the parents need to go to Walgreens or Target and get a bottle of Rid to wash the hair vacuum their whole house wash all the clothes in the house professionally shampoo the carpet the mattresses and the couch

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Honestly I would give her a bath and do a treatment on her. And then I would figure out how to say something to the mom with out her being offensive. Maybe ask if there’s anyway you can help. I guess idk… but then I would keep an eye out Bc then that’s just the mom neglecting that baby. And CPS needs to be called.

First and foremost why do you keep letting your child go to their house or vice versa. This is careless


No , it’s too much to deal with …she needs to be made aware , give her a bottle of tea tree oil and come back to play when the bugs are away .

This is going to sound strange. But to a mayonnaise treat on thier hair. Get a jar a just lather thier hair but it up in a shower cap for 30 minutes for once a week for about a month. My school nurse told me to do this, they can’t lay eggs on the hair. I do it all the time. It also conditions the hair really well. I worked in a school for the last 15 years and I’ve never gotten a case of lice and when we happen to hear of a case first thing I do is that mayonnaise.

Definitely talk to her mom or whoever takes care of her and talk with them…
You should not have to continue to treat your 3 kids because a friend has lice… I wouldn’t let my kids hand out with her until something has been done… It’s also not healthy for the friend to have constant lice… Hope it all works out…

Been there done that!! Just say no

Fuck that talk to her parents they need to get a handle on that

My sister’s step daughter gets lice on the regular from her friend’s houses and I flat out told her if any of you have lice do not bother coming here! :woman_shrugging: It’s way to time consuming, expensive, and quite frankly a pain in the ass!!!

hair gel works a treat as it puts a coating over the hair and the lice can’t stick to it :smiley:

It’s ok to say no… that is a timely treatment, just kindly tell the mom the reason. Hopefully the little ones cam remain friends.

Maybe talk with the mom. Get to know her and offer to maybe help them out with the lice situation in their own home. Your kids are friends, you shouldn’t let something like that be what keeps them from being connected.

Put hair grease on her hair, lice can’t live on grease


Nope my kids wouldn’t be hanging out with friends our family until it was cleared

Call the girls mom. Explain how your daughter and you like her daughter but worry about spreading lice. You will know after talking to mom if cps needs to be called or if mom does not know how to get rid of them.

Nope …there should be no house visits either way. Find a park or something and before you go grease your daughters scalp and hair with heavy grease. It’s alot easier to wash out grease than get rid of lice. But I would have a Convo with mom. Just check in and offer assistance she might be overwhelmed or might not care. Either way it will sway your next move

Just say no and be honest the reason why

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You don’t want to punish the children over lice. The next time it happens make sure to talk to the parent. It’s not the child’s fault they have lice…gosh I remember being a kid and getting lice and everyone treated me like I was disgusting but it was not my fault and I was too young to understand how to get rid of it on my own

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Sorry but you have to put your foot down on this one mama.

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idk maybe be the parent and say no & that’s the end of it.

Say no, but I think I’d talk to the child’s parents, maybe they can’t afford stuff,hello them out.

I wouldn’t let my kid go over there if the parents aren’t taking the proper steps to get things taken care of that’s f***** up that’s not fair to y’all

Maybe suggest a play date not at the houses and mousse, gel and spray and braid ur daughters hair. Good luck mama

Do a tight-ish braid well theyre hanging out and maybe get a nit/lice spray to spray before they hangout, than treat the night that they hangout. (Maybe if you can send some home with the friend as well or ask the parents if they need it as they might not have the tools they need at home):heart:

Sorry little one’s.

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Why would feel offended, it you house

Tell that mom to clean her dirty a$$ children

You have the responsibility as a parent to keep your children safe, and this do not seem to be a safe situation.

Ummm the parents being offended BY the truth /:woman_shrugging:t3:
You dealing with lice for another 2 months on multiple children because of a emotion :flushed:
:thinking:I think the answer is CLEAR :smirk:


Heck no!

Real mayo works great to treat lice in hair…and no chemicals.

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I’d have a talk with the childs mom. I wouldn’t let them hangout until I knew for sure the lice are gone.

Nope especially if friend has given lice before, i would kindly explain not until her lice clears up


If she has given head lice to your daughter 2x then say no explain y because if it’s that bad and the parents don’t know that’s a problem and if they do know about and are doing nothing that’s child neglect…. head lice isn’t just a bug issues it’s a parasite and needs to be treated……… with that being said a have a fool proof system that I have used since my old came home from his dads house when he was two and had it

  1. Put baby oil gel all through the hair let set for 30-45 mins and use lice comb(the baby oil gel will loosen the eggs)
    2.Wash hair with dawn to get it all out
  2. blow dry till dry
  3. Lice shampoo all the hair follow those directions (i also comb with lice comb while lice shampoo sets
  4. Blow dry in sections checking to make sure there aren’t any eggs or bugs
  5. Wash and dry everything and use lice spray on anything that can’t be washed

I would say no until it’s taken care of. If they are around each other at school etc. use tea tree oil in your shampoo, fairytales lice prevention, and use heat tools on her hair (blow dryer/straightener) Also, if you can reach out to the girls parents and let them know you know and ask if they need any advice or help taking care of the issue.

I would polite say no and explain my reason. Once the problem has been dealt w then come on and yes I would check their hair before coming inside.

Tea tree oil in the hair and a tight braid if possible

When my sister was little and she kept getting it from her moms when she would go mom got tired of it and she ended up trying the hand sanitizer and it not only took care of the adults but the eggs as well… just left it in our hair and bundled in a towel for a bit and a few days later we were clean again

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I’d make them end the friendship :woman_shrugging:


Use spot on! They’ll be gone for ages