My daughter wants to hang out with her best friend but she has lice: Advice?

You are more likely to get lice if you have clean hair. Anything you put on the kids hair will help keep the Lice from attaching to the hair

I would talk to her mother about the situation


Honestly, you don’t always know the other child’s situation. Whether or not the parent is trying everything or has done nothing. I would just communicate with the other parent, ask them if they need any help. Maybe this kiddo has super lice. You can say no for right now. But if you feel like letting the kiddo over, maybe ask the parents if it would be okay to do a treatment on said kiddo. Either way, be kind. You don’t need to end all relationships because of a nasty bug. You can say not for now or try and help on their end. (:

I would explain to the friends mother that head lice is going around and a number of children has picked it up including your daughter and as a precaution for her to check her daughters hair also to give her advice should her daughter have it also good luck.

I’d make up an excuse that one of the kids are not feeling well

You have to be real with them

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what’s really sad is the little girl that keeps getting this…im sure she is very upset…I have no answer except please let your daughter stoll be friends even if it’s only by phone…the poor child us probably horrified over this…very sad

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Tell the mom you are aware of the lice issue as you have just gotten done battling it yourself. Ask what she’s tried and offer suggestions. Let her know that the friends will have to stay apart or it’ll be a never ending cycle of life between your homes until you both can get lice free (I know you have, but this doesn’t put her on the spot).


Honestly you just gotta be straight up with her mom. To be frank I don’t believe for a second her mom is unaware that she has lice to the point where your family has gotten it twice. If it were me I wouldn’t let my daughter go over there.

Wow it’s not the child’s fault that she has head lice and what are you teaching your child about someone she really cares for. I understand how irritating and costly it is I went thru this but maybe asking to meet and talk to the girls parents maybe you can help her get educated on lice and offer to help treat her child. This is a better message to send your daughter.

Honestly the only way is to talk to the mother. Even if they play at the park or hang out somewhere else, she can still get it. I would very politely give the mom a call and be like hey girl, our girls love hanging out and I love that, I just have a tiny concern with head lice being so bad right now in town and I was just checking to make sure y’all are good bc we are all good in ours." Leave it at that and that might give you some peace of mind on that.

Put coconut oil in there hair before she comes over let it stay in over night wash it out the next day.
Gives them nothing to hold on to.

Does she even know her daughter has lice and is spreading it? Secondly have the conversation. Yeah life is annoying and gross but at some point I think everyone has had it. Maybe offer to help treat them all or help do a comb out. They’re children and they shouldn’t suffer just because the adults can’t be adults.

I would spray my kids hair with hairspray. Also put it up in a pony tail. But then I would also talk to the mother about it. Once the mother gets it under control then the girls can play.

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My sister always sprayed her kids heads with vinegar and water before school. The smell fades when it dries and it worked for them. Me? I would politely ask, and if she says no…check both their heads so no one’s feelings are hurt.

Just be real…be honest with the mom


If It was me I would just let the mom know how I feel.

Oh hell no! I had 2 girls one of which had a friend who kept lice. Took 3 times to find out where it was coming from. We steamed carpets and mattresses and pillows, bagged all stuffed animals, scalded sheets and cleaned furniture every single time! I finally cut their hair shorter and cut ties with those friends. Come to find out they had pet rats!!!

After battling lice w my girls when they were young, I started putting Almond Extract in our conditioner and haven’t had them since. I get the large bottle of conditioner so I’d use an entire bottle and shake it every morning so it didn’t settle. Walmart brand was the usual cheaper go to

No way! I am getting itchy just thinking about it.

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It would be a win win situation to tell the mother she might start thinking about how to get rid of the lice that’s in the little girls hair poor child or if she gets mad she won’t let her go over anyway🤷

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I would suggest getting the friend and doing lice treatments on her

Oh momma… I so went thru this with my four… I have lice repellent spray that worked amazing. You are so welcome to it. Stop killing yourself girl… BABY OIL in the hair…put it in throughly thru the hair then do ponytails,braids even a bun. Reapply every couple of days and leave it in for about two weeks. It dissolves eggs,kills the bugs and prevents any newly introduced bugs from living or laying eggs. Warning tho…you will need to replace your pillow cases as it leaves a big oily stain on them. Please feel free to contact me

Tell the mother your afraid maybe her daughter caught it from your girl. You take the hit for your girl. I’d even buy the treatment n say I’m so sorry not sure how this happened. Good luck.

No!! And be blunt to her mom as to why. Maybe you can help her with suggestions on how to end it on her household.

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Tea tree oil the hell out of your child’s hair ! And make sure that if they do hang out her friend is lice free.

Don’t forget to wipe down all nonporous surfaces with bleach…that made all the difference in treating our home

I would definitely wash the little girl hair since it seems her mom don’t give a crap
Poor baby


Being real and honest is the only way to be. You set the examples for your children. Talk to her mother


Offer to do the friends hair with treatments. Maybe the parents don’t pay attention enough or don’t understand how serious it is or how to get rid of it. My mom used to brush my friends hair and she did treatments on ones hair before. I don’t think my friend ever even told her parents though. We were only like 9

Sounds crazy but put some dog flea shampoo in with your daughters shampoo to wash her hair as a preventative for her to get head lice.


It’s time to tell the truth


Maybe the Mom is having a hard time financially and can’t afford to treat her whole house. She can treat the little girls hair all day long but they will still keep coming back bc they’re living on everything in the home. When I was 14 my entire neighborhood battled lice bc of friend of mine who didn’t live in the neighborhood but was friends with most of us was carrying the queen bug but bc her family were very well to do ppl they thought they were above getting lice. All of the parents from the neighborhood had a community meeting and banned my friend and her family from entering the neighborhood until they took care of the problem. It was a very interesting summer. Best thing too do is offer help if you can take an understanding approach and if Mom gets cray cray about it then absolutely do not let your daughter around the other girl bc lice treatment can actually be harmful if used too many times especially on your baby boy. Also mayonnaise gets rid of them if the infestation isn’t completely out of control

Dog soap you can use to wash

I would be honest with the girls mom.


Fairytale has a bug repellent spray for hair. I would get that and put both girls hair up in tight pony tail and get the spray all over both there hairs and let them hang out together outside only. But that’s just me my niece gets lice all the time and I love her too much to not have her around.

Lice prefer clean hair. To help my daughter avoid getting them we always put some mousse and a few squirts of hairspray in her hair before school. Everyone thinks you have to be dirty to get them, but it’s actually the opposite.


Girl u gonna burn to learn twice… no means no … or risk loosing your sanity of dealing with another episode

I can’t be the only one thinking this, but how is a serious on-going lice infestation not warrant a call to CPS??? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Hair spray and then put tea tree oil in some spray on de-tangler. Then spray that on, with the hair up in a pony tail.

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Tell her you can’t risk getting it tell her it has nothing to do with the girls but lice is hard to get rid of and very expensive and time consuming. Talk with the girls mom that poor child needs someone to say hey your child is suffering and needs help offer to help pay for the treatments.

Give your daughters friend a hair treatment for the lice. Just offer to shampoo her hair

Lice is a nightmare my daughter had it all the time in elementary. I was doing her hair all the time. I wrote the teacher a note so she could tell the class to check their hair. Instead she said “take it to the nurse”

Hellllll no keep it real. I wouldn’t keep dealing with that. You Need to be blunt and tell the parent what it is. How do they allow their kid(s) to go on that long with lice. Thats child neglect in my mind. My daughter would be taken care of instantly if I found out she had lice. Sometimes being truthful and to the point is what people need. Imagine what that child feels. Smh no damn way my kid would go months with lice and I wouldn’t be the parent to allow my child to spread it. Smh people are too sensitive to the truth these days. Offer to help the mom or jus say no, period.

Honesty… And compassion… Let her know and offer to do all the kids hair… No biggy but yeah very annoying


Start using tea tree oil or shampoo with tea tree oil.

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Mayo… Imdead serious, we had the same issue for MONTHS… talk to the mom and smother the friends head in mayo for a night. Say is a “gals pampering” session for littles. It will kill them and protect yours at the same time


Be honest and kind about what’s going on. Treatment should be done with the best friend aswell. If the parents get offended about something as simple as lice than idk what to say.


Fuck that. You should be the one who’s offended. I dealt with my daughter getting it from her aunties house. Come to find out her aunt, my ex’s sister, has had lice in her home for almost decade.!! So I was dealing with generations of lice and the mfs were getting immune to the shampoo. The aunt don’t clean either. That lil girl could have lice forever unless u tell her mom something.

I’d talk to her parents about it. Maybe they can’t afford to treat the little girls hair. They might need help.


Cpl drops of Tea tree in ur shampoo bottle for regular shampooing. Keep her hair tied up and back. Perhaps talk to the parents and offer to help them get a handle on it. I had lice a ton as a kid. And ppl can be really mean and nasty about it. Poor kiddos :black_heart:

Check her head before she comes over. Also lice live on the head not in the house. They cannot live off the human head for more than 24 hours. Bombing is unnecessary Have her sleep in thick coating of conditioner with shower cap if you see any bugs. She can wash her hair in the morning. Put in Tight gelled back bun and no head to head contact in the morning. Put her pillow/pillow case in dryer.

I used to manage a chain of head lice treatment clinics. I can answer any question you have.

Lice shield in a green bottle sold at Walmart.It has tea tree and other fragrance they hate.I had an issue when my kiddo was in preschool similar to yours…The school wouldn’t do anything about it.This stuff really does repel them.
After that maybe consider a park play date.Put your kids hair up too.Talk to mom she may not be going through all the motions to fully get rid of it.(furniture,clothing,beds,toys…)

I’m not sure where your located but we use something called fairy tale spray it helps keep lice away


NO, the answer is NO!
Why would you put yourself through that again?!

My best friend always had lice when I was little. Her parents never would pick it out or not good enough but it was always there and our parents would almost fist fight trying to talk about it. My mom eventually stopped telling them and would just make her treat her hair to come over. Yes was thankful that my mom didn’t ruin our friendship over it

Talk the mom.straight up ask her. Hey are you guys dealing woth lice? We just got rid of it. No shame.


Defiantly talk to the mom. Maybe she is embarrassed and doesnt know what to do. The friends whole house has to be treated for this to ever end.

Compassion and not wanting to hurt the other Mom’s feelings can only go so far.
Some people have no idea their children or themselves have lice until someone tells or asks them about it. I have dealt with Lice, it was passed onto my daughters the same exact way, from a friend. Turns out the mother had no idea what lice was, but knew something was wrong because they were always complains about itchy heads. So I helped her recognize what it was and how to treat for it. They weren’t infested, but it was there for a bit longer then just getting it.
Also, please don’t put yourself through that again, your sanity is to precious!
OR you could approach it with your daughter caught it from someone else and you were passing the info along to her because they were hanging out around the same time… :woman_shrugging:t3:

Put ur little girls hair in plats and use hair spray found this helps to stop lice my lg hasn’t had any in ages thank god they are a pain in the butt but as said above they like clean hair x

I use either tea tree shampoo and conditioner or coconut oil shampoo and conditioner also use head lice repellent spray when doing the girls hair of a morning. So far seems to be when they are at school they have there hair checked every night.

Pamper session and give fairy tales as a gift

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. My daughter wants to hang out with her best friend but she has lice: Advice?

Don’t have her over. Maybe they can talk on Skype or FaceTime.


I would have her come over and stay outside until you check her friends hair yourself, and if you feel comfortable checking her hair and if she has lice maybe you can do her hair for her and help her mom out. I’ve had to do this a couple of times

Tell her not until her mother takes care of the lice. That is not ok and it is neglect for her mom not to take care of it. It is a pain to get rid of it.


I would talk to the other mom. It happens but the other mom should send her daughter clean if not I’d see if it would be okay to treat it myself

Don’t allow it both of my kids are bald because of this issue…I didn’t wanna discriminate against my nieces who had lice and it spread like wild fire

I would tell the little girl to have her mom call you. Then gently ask the mom to take care of the lice. It’s neglectful of the mother to not treat her child’s hair, also you don’t want to hurt the child’s feelings because it’s certainly not her fault.


Ring the mum and say ur treating ur kids every month for it’s riff the now. Does she want her wee girl done to while ur doing your kids save her a job . So it looks like ur doing her a favour with out insulting her . Mammys r sensitive folk lol .


When she comes over kid on ur doing buns in ur daughters hair and ask if she wants to b twins . They normally do when besties , then check her hair while ur doing it .

They will hug each other whether they play outside or in at least this way u get a heads up if she has them.

That should be a no brainer

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Is there a lot of other kids in the household / a split custody situation with the best friend - or is the mom just a total falldown?

Yup, that’s a no for me

Nope don’t allow her to hang out with her friend. The friends mom needs to take care of her daughters lice. This is absolutely neglect. If your daughter is bored try to do stuff with her to distract her.

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Talk to her Mom. If she gets offended then that is her problem. You have to take care of yours…as she SHOULD hers.


Id say yes then check her head as soon as she gets there and if she has it to call back the parent to pickup. Let them know that it’s been an issue and it makes you sad for the girls because they can’t hang out if one has it. Talk to the mom if possible

maybe take care of the lice for the child so that they can spend time with eachother. maybe the mother is being neglectful or doesnt have the money to help cure the problem and the daughter might be use to it because thats how her mom is raising her but show the daughter and be a role model for her.

I would talk to her mother and let her know that either she hasn’t treated her childs lice properly or maybe has not treated it at all … Untreated lice can potentially be very dangerous for that little girl ! Any good parent wouldn’t allow their child to play with other children or go to another child’s house while infested with lice! This other mom seems a bit irresponsible :woman_shrugging:t2: And it’s definitely neglect !


I wouldn’t let her see this friend until her mam takes care of her life properly

You dont worry about offending them, speak to them nicely, and explain why she isn’t allowed over, or around your daughter until you know for sure they don’t have it anymore. Lice is horrible to deal with, had it several times as a child and I had horribly thick and long hair so it was a nightmare. Don’t be afraid to hold your ground when it comes to your home and family. That child’s parents should be making sure they aren’t neglecting their children like that.

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You may not want to offend anyone but offending her mom is better than dealing with their lice…


Have you contacted the girls parents , how come that poor child head isn’t getting taken car of . Sounds like a neglect issue , that poor girls head. I wouldn’t it’s a horrible nasty thing to keep getting rid of . Face time or something . Talk to the family maybe they need help or something, so sad.


You’re not bieng rude r mean but making sure no lice before visits ! Yes we have had kids friends share those critters 2-3 times no thx we stay cautious n use tea tree shampoo

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What I did in a situation like this, was take the friend into my room when she arrived and checked her head and if she had lice I took her home and got the money to treat her and made it fun and not embarrassing to her

Mother needs to be offended


Talk to the mom make sure her head good before letting her over. Spray everyone’s hair with hair spray or apply coconut oil to everyone’s head just as a extra precaution for yourselfs . Not the child or your daughters fault.

Omg! Went thru it for yrs CHECK HER HEAD!! 4 Bugs & eggs!!! If so tell her NO! I know it’s hard but gotta b DONE!! It’s jus a head check! Cost me thousands of dollars I had 4 kids & it happens all the time! Sorry not sorry I WAS PISSED!!!:imp::imp:

Check the friends head n treat it yourself. I did that to my daughter friend once. I talked to the mom and she was treating for lice but not getting all the nits.

Wash hair and stuff with rubbing alcohol. Put hair up when around and only play outside at a park or something

Talk to mom! Offer to help! Tell her not to be embarrassed it happens. Buy some shampoo kits, some bedding spray, and shower caps.:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

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No way. I wouldn’t send her. Lice is so hard to get rid of nowadays at least for my daughter it is. They do sell products to prevent lice. Fairytales shampoo and conditioner from Amazon and o think tree oil prevents it as well

You can spray her hair with vinegar to prevent it

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Have a chat with bfs mom and outline what you did to get rid of them, if you have any products left over pass them on to her. make light of it she may not know what to do just be honest and say until she has them under control her hold can’t come visit but be helpful and supportive if mom needs it

I would talk to the girls mom. Untreated lice can cause some serious health problems, and its not a problem you should have to deal with.


*****keep in mind that you have to treat for lice initially and then again a week later. If you miss any of the nits(eggs) they will hatch a week later and you’re infested again. Also, treat your daughter’s seat in the car, all places her head may touch. I would have a conversation with the mom about how she’s treating the lice on her daughter’s head. Maybe even say “I heard you have to treat again after a week…” like as if you’re sharing info with her. Maybe she doesn’t know?


You tell them when she’s rid of the lice. They can play together again but it’s too much stress on you each time to get it out of your hair, your daughters ans shaving your so. Plus the laundry and they love stuffed animals so almost they have to be washed or kept in a bag or a high net. Her house is probably infested and when school starts again they won’t let her back til gone completely.

If you could get blue butter and rub it in the girls hair it will go away but lice in this time never hair about in about 25, years

Sorry but NO NO NO!!

Put tea tree oil in your shampoo. Lice hate it. The last time I got lice I was in fourth grade and we started putting tea tree oil just a couple drops three or four drops in the shampoo and conditioner and I have never had lice ever again. My mom research that it is a miracle cure

It would be a hard no for me.

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