My daughter was caught by a friends mom watching adult videos: Advice?

So my seven-year-old daughter apparently got caught by her friend’s mom watching porn on her phone…she has a phone because her dad and I are getting a divorce, and she has to have contact with both him and me on our weeks…when I got her the phone, I put limits on it, restrictions on age on it…you can’t even get on Instagram on it, for instance…when I called my ex to talk to him about the situation, he immediately jumped to bust her a**…she doesn’t know the password to unlock the restrictions so in my head someone that knows the passcode is using the phone and putting those types of websites on it…this all sounds crazy and maybe I’m crazy but what would you do? How does it go about this? I’m talking to the mom that caught it tonight. I just don’t see how she can watch the dirty websites with all the restrictions and passcodes I have on her phone. Please help!


I would talk to her and tell she is not in trouble but ask her how she found it did someone show her a friend or family member but really let her no she is not in trouble so she we tell u the truth


This is not the child’s fault out right. The parents obviously need help parenting, no 7 year old should have access to a smart phone unsupervised. The parents should be letting her use their phone to talk to the other parent. That is what my partner and I do when we have his 7 year old daughter. She has no clue what porn or sex is at this age.
The 7 year old from this post needs to talk to a professional about what happened and why it happened. The parents need to take parenting classes and co-parenting classes together to learn how to properly raise their child.
If the child continues to try to watch porn then on-going help will be necessary. This poor little girl lost her childhood and innocence by the age of 7. That is so sad.


Kids are pretty clever at figuring out lock…some site on the phone may have given it her…but electronics makes the innocent children sitting ducks for pedaphiles…get her the watch phone…you control and monitor who is calling and allowed to call…


Is there any custody issues? Could it be a set up to make Mom look bad? Not saying it is Dad could he have a new romantic interest or some trying to make one or both parents look bad? Definitely needs to be looked into and definitely have the talk with her to explain things and answer her questions based on age appropriation. Above all protect and love her.


Restricts don’t always work on the phones or it could be that she figured out the code. My 6 year old figured it out real quick. But maybe you should talk to her. Kids are no longer innocent like kids before. These kids know about sex as soon as they start school because some of these parents teach them and of course they end up teaching out own.

I found BDSM p*** when I was 9 and no kind of restriction could have stopped me from finding it. When you put restrictions on something that makes kids want to access it even more. Your child’s not stupid if they were watching p*** she knows what sex already is there’s no point in delaying the inevitable. You need to have a conversation with her about sex what it is so she’s not blindsided when she hits puberty and doesn’t know why she’s feeling what she’s feeling how to deal with it constructively and privately. All of you think kids are so stupid, be real with yourselves. Kids are horny, they’re going to explore. You know what it was like, don’t act like you don’t. Can’t stop it from happening so you might as well have sit down and talk about how to explore it safely.


I would be very concerned if was you, not only the fact she is 7 and knows what porn is but how she knows this. Major Red flags


Yeah, even without restrictions on a phone I have a hard time believing that a 7 year old could find porn by themselves unless someone else had shown her or had been watching it on the phone without deleting history. Somethings not right about the situation. My daughter is about to turn 7 and she uses a phone ( its not hers though) and has never even heard of porn or seen a pornographic ad or anything. And theres no restrictions on the phone she uses. So yeah I definitely believe someone showed it to your daughter or told her about it. Kids that age shouldnt even know about porn or how to look it up unless theyve heard others talking about it.


Have an honest talk with her. Tell her that those videos and such are pretend. That if she has questions, to ask you - to not be embarrassed about it, ask whatever she needs to ask…that it’s an important subject so, you want her to know TRUE answers. Also, be honest in your answers


Get her into therapy, and for both parents. Porn is very dangerous for the mind. Regardless of how it happened, it happened. Take away the phone, get a house phone for both parents, and supervision on any screen time ALWAYS.


At 7 years old I’d be getting her a flip phone if she really needs it, or hook up a old fashion plug in phone. My guess is some teenager reset your settings on her phone just because they thought it would be funny. Yes, its easy to do. My question is, why does a 7 year old need a smart phone. Also if you make a big deal out of it she’s going to be more curious, I don’t think you want that. Approach her so you can find out who “borrowed” her phone to be able to do this and in a calm but stern way, tell her that when she’s older she can have a smart phone and when she’s older than that, if she feels she wants to look at that stuff then you’ll discuss it at the time. If you only talk to her one time about this and briefly, then occupy her and her mind with something else, it will easily be forgotten and she won’t think about it. Another question is, if that phone was given to her to contact you or your husband when she goes from one to the other, how did this happen? Is she taking it to school, outside to play or what? Why is the phone leaving the house? Where has she been where there are older kids around who would do this to her and why has she been there. Is she too much on her own and she’s turning to older kids. Don’t blame her, or you’ll have more problems as she grows.


Daddy just got busted! Yes hes mad and it’s not her thats to blame…Hes not what you think. I’d keep an eye on him!


A person I worked with said one of the children brought a tape into the daycare labeled Cinderella. It was porn. The owner had to send a note home to all the parents.


Omg at first I thought it said 17 year old😂 but umm there’s definitely something up and I wouldn’t even know where to start but explain to the little girl what it all is and that it’s for adults only

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If you guys are getting a divorce doesn’t mean she needs a phone , she’s too young and he can still contact her to chat on your phone at appropriate times. A friend went to court and he wanted his kids to a phone aged 5 and 7 and the judge said no they don’t they are too young.

As for the porn just talk to her about it , make it a safe space for her to open up if she feels like it.

  1. So she needs a cell phone? Why not a flip phone?
  2. Somebody had to give her the idea. Either a friend’s older sibling… or your ex.
  3. Simple talk explaining why it is bad and then switching phone for a flip phone should suffice

In what world does a 7 year old need a phone :woman_facepalming:t3: either she uses the parents phone or get her a phone that doesn’t have video access. I was 15 when I got my first phone. Never needed one before then


My daughter is almost 15 she speaks to her father on my phone only, she does have a phone i got her at 13 when she started catch the bus to school but he doesn’t have her number, I also have parental controls on her her phone, I can see everything she watches it comes up on my phone. 7 is far to young to be exposed to something like this poor kid!!


Whatever happens, the most important thing is that she gets a thorough education on sexual health & safety.

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It was her father’s porn that he was watching on her phone, which is why he overreacted. How would a seven-year-old even know how to find porn online? I don’t. She watched it because it was on her phone and she was curious.


Isn’t there a phone that only has the ability to call the mother, father, and 911 and nothing else? If there is that is the phone she needs.


She shouldn’t be punished for something everyone naturally does. She should be talked to about the age appropriate and things that she shouldn’t be seeing or would like to see. That its fiction as well etc. You get the point. My concern is finding out whu She is watching at 7? Did someone do something , is someone currently or who exposed her to it. I know she could stumble upon it herself as well but it’s best to get to the bottom of it.


For starters I completely disagree with the idea of a 7 year old having their own phone. Regardless of the circumstances! At that age they are not ready for that kind of responsibility. Secondly kids are a lot smarter than we realize and may know more than what they make us think, but don’t expect them to tell us parents that or admit to it! So for whatever reasons there are for her getting caught watching adult videos on the phone is initially whoever got her the phone. Now that she has watched that kind of stuff it has now opened a whole brand new door where it’s time to sit down and "have that one on one personal talk " about the birds and the bees. It’s time to take the phone away from her and only let her use it in your presence.


Yall. Need to stay in your lane when it comes to how old the child is and what she chooses to do with HER child. Not your business


As everyone is asking why a 7 year old needs a phone… when parents are going through a divorce there are many stipulations set up for all and this might be one of them.


I went through something similar recently with my 8 year old… not to the extent of porn but innapropriate things she shouldn’t have been. Watching on YouTube and it killed me. I put my feelings aside and made sure she knew she wasn’t in trouble first as everyone is curious at some stage in their lives. Then I made sure she knew she had nothing to be embarrassed about and I explained to her in the most age appropriate way why little girls shouldn’t be watching things like that and if she has questions she can always come to me… And then I took away every inch of technology in the house :joy: she was only allowed to use the iPad with my supervision for awhile and YouTube only on the family tv. I also asked her a billion times if this is something someone at school told her to look up or if she heard if from an adult etc… I don’t think a 7 year old should have a phone, you and her dad should be ensuring you both communicate well enough on eachothers weeks so that she doesn’t need one.


Well in my opinion, there’s no “reversing” what she’s seen, and kids are pretty damn smart and can guess passcodes pretty easily, or watch you enter it in at some points.
I think it’s important to talk to her and tell her the difference between what’s appropriate and what isn’t, and explain that what she’s watching is fake and that’s not what love really is. She’s unfortunately been exposed sooner than you wanted, I’m sure, but the important thing is to make her feel safe and to trust you and not that you will punish her for something maybe she didn’t realize was inappropriate.


Please…please…PLEASE do not listen to these ppl who are telling you to chastise or punish, let alone spank her out of it. To think you are going to punish the curiosity out of her is mega ignorant. You need to sit down and talk to her. Find out how she learned about porn and how she beat the restrictions. If you act aggressive and punitive she is unlikely to be open and honest with you. And regardless of if is her own curiosity or someone praying on her, you need to intervene. Additionally, although it is a small chance, there is a chance the friends mom was wrong or being dishonest. You need to focus on helping your child.


No smartphones. My eight yr old has one as well in case she goes somewhere and something happens that makes her feel uncomfortable and more so bc she is autistic, never can be too safe. With that being said I got her the most basic tracphone that isn’t a smartphone and purchased a plan that only allows calls and texts, no internet use. If you set up an account to keep her out of that kind of stuff that requires a password then it sounds like your ex is grooming her if she had no way to find out the password on her own.


Talk to her about what she saw. I normalize sex talk and adult talk in our house. Ive found the less I comfy I am. The less they are. So they are more willing to talk about anything. They are coming of age but you can also google a lot of things and find porn. Lock google to age restriction. I googled hamsterx broccoli once and got porn when all I wanted to know was can hamsters have broccoli


Age? I had a family give my son adult movies at 13. I destroyed them, when they ask for them back I told them what the consequences were to giving minors pornography.


Just a heads up, if she can access YouTube or even YouTube kids, there has been proof of porn being available there as well


No guy is going to watch porn on anyone else’s phone let alone without deleting the evidence. So if you’re trying to blame him for this look somewhere else :joy:


A seven year old is not responsible for the communication between parents


You don’t need to justify why you have allowed your child to have a phone, or what type of phone. Every parent makes their own decisions and that’s no one else’s right to comment on.

As for the porn, id try talking to her… see how much she understands about what she was looking at, and how she got onto it in the first place and take it from there x


Your ex is despicable. Be open and honest with her and hopefully she will do the same for you, because you’ve helped her feel safe. Your ex needs their ass whooped. No one should talk about disciplining another person like that unless they want their own ass beat. Doesnt matter if the kid “did something wrong” … which she didnt. It’s porn.

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This seems shady. A 7-year-old? I’d be grilling that other mom for info and your husband too! And get her a phone without internet, if she has to have one.

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To start she can use both your phones to call the other a 7 yr old SHOULD NOT have a phone


I think we need to know more. What was the conversation that was had with the child after the incident? How did she break through the parent controls? Did she indeed seek out this content? Does she understand what it is? I think there are many question to ask before we make assumptions

First things first, talk to her and tell her she is not in trouble. I’m serious, do NOT punish her for this. If you do, she’s never going to tell you anything ever again. Actually ask her how she found those sights. She’s seven, if you talk with her respectfully and explain why she shouldn’t be seeing that, she should be able to tell you. But that’s not going to happen if you punish her for it, especially since she likely had no idea it was wrong to begin with. Under no circumstances is this her fault. Once the situation is clear you can go forward from there. Maybe get her a flip phone moving forward, one with only text and call options, until she’s old enough to use an actual smart phone on her own.

Why does a 7 year old have a phone is my question and I’m sure it’s an adult who put something like that on a phone.

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Sadly she should lose her phone for a while…
Next time take the phone away and get her a flip phone with no internet


There is parenting controls where your phone will be notified when something bad goes on it. As a parent you need to do some research and just see if someone else has access to her phone. I think I would ask that child what does she think she was watching. Makes sure an older person isn’t watching g them with her or had before and that is how she knows anything about it. Makes sure that something hasn’t happen .Google and see which parenting app for study like that. Change the password and explain to her that she isn’t aloud to give it out. Good luck.

I’ll have to get back with you on that, my head is spinning 7 years old? My lord what is this world coming to , I’m truly lost for words

My son didn’t get a phone till ten and found he was looking at dirty things the week after the sex Ed video the first time home alone. My first reaction was angry and I flipped then sadness then horrible sadness. First thing I did was call his dad and he hasn’t had a phone sense. Make sure to set up your google on the phone so you can track anything and set it up so you can’t delete history without a double password. Talk to her about it. I had to calm down and tell him it was normal but not appropriate for his age it didn’t need to be in your head yet. But it’s in her head no so don’t see it going anywhere. Also people saying the dads reaction was weird I don’t think it is. I was super angry when I first saw it.

You can get her just a basic phone that does not have those capabilities. Seven is way too young for a smart phone

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Get a phone that you can’t get into the internet with. My son is 17 and still doesn’t have a Mobile phone how ever he does have a iPod but can only access the net with wifi. made the mistake with my first 2 children not doing it with the younger 2. 7 is way too young to have a phone let alone one with internet.

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I’d be worried that someone close to her is grooming her by introducing her to p*** Take away her phone only letting her use your phone to talk to dad. That’s not normal behavior for a 7 yr old little girl. Talking to a therapist might help her open up on how or who gave her access to p*** videos. Or maybe it was something as simple as a pop-up that she clicked on. I had an issue with a p*** virus that kept popping up on my phone and I couldn’t get rid of it. But whatever happened please be gentle when talking to her, and plz don’t let your ex bust her ass. Making her feel ashame for being curious; could bring on negative feelings that can lead to other destructive behavior problems.

How a 7 year old knows about that sort of stuff would be more alarming to me :weary: no 7 year old needs a phone and access to all of that regardless if there is a divorce going on, he can ring her through you. I co parent my daughter with her dad and there’s no way in hell she would be allowed a phone. I’ve said the time she really needs a phone is when she’s at an age where she starts going to and from school alone and out with friends, until then why does she really need one? :woman_shrugging:t3:

Yeah id be defo have a decent talk with her.
I wouldn’t want my child to think porn is what sex is because it’s not (mostly :rofl:).
Maybe have allocated times for your ex to call her and only let her have the phone during those allocated times. I personally think 7 is way too young to have a phone because yes you have lock etc but clearly she’s getting through somewhere.
Good luck!

The first course of action is to take the phone. A 7 year old doesn’t need a cell phone, if someone needs to contact her they can call her on a landline or your phone. Second, sit her down and find out how she got access to the site. Did someone else use the phone and figured out the passcode, or did she do it on her own? Tell her what she saw was not appropriate for her to watch, it’s for adults only, and if she ever had questions she can talk to you without fear.

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Is someone grooming her to molest her? Ask her how she found it, calmly and quietly.

Talk to her and find out how she even knows about pork sites at 7 years old. That is just crazy.

I have mm guardian app on my teens phone and so far ive been pleased.

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The phone needs to be taken from her immediately and if she is with you or your husband and she wants to call you then she should use one of the adults phones. For goodness sake she is 7 .

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She’s 7 obviously she isnt watching it especially and if she was u just said it yourself she doesnt know the pw so duh she isnt watching and duh someone else is on it

Why do you parents continue to act as if you don’t have brains? Why did you get her a smart phone. AlL she needs is a phone that does what phones do…make phone calks.

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At 7 she just needs a phone that calls and sends text. Not needing a smart phone at that age…and this post is exactly why

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Oh well, she found it now no point in punishing her y’all gave her that power might as well let her be and have the talk if you haven’t yet

My 8yr old used Google home assistant and that is how he found the loop hole

Just a thought change her phone to pay as you go. I believe it’s only phone calls no internet. She wouldn’t need wifi it could be disabled it would not effect her talking to her dad.
My niece got into that by age 12 she was sending naked photos when her mom stopped her she moved in with her dad. No supervision at all she had sex at 12 and hasn’t stopped since she’s 21. (Apparently one of her dads friends took her virginity)

It’s deff possible! So as you can see my last name is Hustler. One of my twins at school decided to show one of his friends on their school iPad what shows up when you type their brothers name in Google. The teacher caught it and when we met with the principal she was shocked that it bypassed the school security oh and he’s 8 btw. We sat him down and talked to him about it took all online privileges away for two weeks but their kids their curious and he knew he was in the wrong and wrote letters apologizing to teachers and student etc

The phone is only to contact family so get a cheap one that doesn’t access internet, I think if she could connect to her friends internet it will let her explore anything whatever the restrictions on the phone internet are

Just maybe the mum was lying don’t know why she would but it’s a possibility

Are you crazy? Seven year olds don’t need phones, if you or her father need to get in touch with her, you both should be civilized enough to call each other, since she should be under the supervision of the parents.

At 7 if she has a smart phone maybe she shldnt.
Call me old fashioned but my kids where monitored even on the computer that sat in our living room.cant they use your phone to speak to their father/mother.

My son was watching YouTube when he was 5 and Mario obsessed and silly me thought he was watching YouTube kids when this happened but all of a sudden I hear heavy breathing and Mario saying “oh yeah” so I look and its Mario and princess peach having sex. On regular YouTube. She may fave found the wrong video on YouTube.
My advice is to be honest and open with her. Sit her down and ask,
do you know/understand what you were watching?
How did you know to watch that?
Did someone show you?
Let her know that she will NOT be in trouble for answering honestly.
If any of her answers raise red flags she may be getting groomed. It may not have been full on porn. She may have been showing off and had over heard someone talk about it and thought I’m cool, I have a phone, I’m going to be cool and look at it. You don’t know until you ask her. Please be calm and caring. Don’t let her see your rage or disappointment or she will shut down and not talk. You can show those after you finish talking to her. Then you can decide if she needs to be punished or if she just needs an talk about age appropriate material and phone privileges.

Could it have been an ad on a website or something? Just saying it might have been an actual accident as well just clicking things. The internet is a weird place and not everything is always shady. The other advice and stuff here is good though but just putting out other options

Too young for a smart phone. I agree give a phone but there are many basic phones on the market that would be much better. In terms of restrictions you need to go to the phone provider to apply tighter restrictions they will be able to help you. Kids are inquisitive so I wouldn’t reprimand rather talk about what has been watched etc.

at 7, i don’t she really even knows what porn actually is. i would most definitely check all the passwords and restrictions… make sure they’re all in place still. change passwords to only what YOU know. talk with the friends mom… see if she can recommend any other information or ideas to use and go about. make sure only your daughter has access to the phone, and NO one else.

Maybe Google provided a site without age restrictions. Don’t know how it works with limiting content on a Phone. I think I first saw dirty things when I was 6-8. It’s everywhere now a days and more descreet back then so hiding everything is impossible. You can only do what you can do. But you can tell your Child what is wrong with it and try and make an understanding why it’s not a thing she should be looking at. Everything in life is a learning curve.

If she has a web browser on her phone you really can’t block it so change the phone to one that doesn’t have it

My son is 8 snd i just found out that he knies my passwords.

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I was around that age when my friend and I accidentally found porn online (this is like 15 years ago). We kept searching music videos for this one song and watching all of the videos we found just to keep replaying the song over and over again and one of them was a Mario (the cartoon) but it was pornographic and we had no idea. We got in trouble later without realizing we had watched weird ass porn of a cartoon character.

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Time to set up sex education. For you, your kid, your kids family and schoolmate. Remind them that it’s urges and you liked them to start learning about self discipline. And if anyone keeps sending them those videos or helping them to watch those are most likely looking to condition them into accepting those behaviours for themselves. Please let them know that intentions and actions has consequences which they will be expected to be responsible for themselves.

7 year old isn’t responsible enough for a phone. No matter what. Data? No damn way. MAYBE a call only phone if the parents aren’t both adult enough to co parent and see that the kid is in contact with the other.

Could the friend’s mom be lying? I would have picked my daughter up ASAP if I were you.

Maybe the kid was on a site, and it was hacked with porn? Lots of weird stuff online. Remember the whole Momo thing kids were watching online…

Take the internet and data off her phone so it can only be used for texting and phone calls personally in my opinion a 7 year old doesn’t need a phone can your child not use dads phone when she’s with him and your phone when she’s with you ? I also would sit down both you and dad and have a conversation about appropriate and not appropriate for her age she also is clearly curious about certain things so maybe it’s time to have a conversation about what her body is going through and the changes she’s going to face unfortunately she’s already been exposed to things well above her maturity and age now all you can do is cushion and try to guide in a healthy fashion I also would recommend some therapy for her as divorce in its self is never easy and unfortunately both you and dad between your own personally issues have left 7 year old in the middle I wish you luck and hope it gets better this kind of thing is never easy and is tough on everyone

I never usually comment on post like this but I’m a mother of three children and I would also be deeply concerned if I found anything like this on my kids phones but 1. It’s your child and if you want her or need her to have a phone its 100% your choice and anyone commenting that a 7 year old shouldn’t have a phone should mind there business 2. If it’s a smart phone everything that’s looked up on a browser is in most cases stored on that device somewhere so my advice would be to take the phone to a phone tech and have them go through the phone they should be able to track any history time and dates that any websites where searched and then maybe you might be able to get some sort of answers as to weather were your child was or who with at these times and if someone else had access to use her phone at these times. Don’t let anyone mum shame you into making a decision to get your child a phone no matter her age because they have no idea clearly the circumstances surrounding your decision.

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Is it possible it couldve been a pop up ad, and that she perhaps just continued on the open site? Check in her settings if there are any site that have push notification access, check in both the browsers settings and the phones settings.

Check her history as well on all browsers, that way you can also identify was it her looking for something or per pop up ads.

And perhaps disable the browsers in the app settings on the phone. That way it’ll dissappear from her home screen till you activate it again.

Youtube kids instead of youtube. Dissable the apps that you think she should not use.

If child needed a phone for contact, a DUMB phone would have been sufficient. Then there is no internet connection and this wouldnt have been possible at all

Gotta do pretty specific searches to even get to a pornsite. Go through the search history. You will be able to tell if it was her by the spellings

Simple. No phone.
:woman_facepalming: what the hell did people do before mobile phones?? I’m sorry, but your seven year old does NOT need a phone. If she needs to contact/be contacted … use ur or her father’s phone.

7 is young for a cell phone. My children have the Gismo pal from Verizon and its literally just for talking and i put limits who can call my kids and who they can call. There is nothing else exact voice messages that they can send. To go and get a regular phone for a 7 year old is crazy. Bc my bff had the same issue with her son and thats why i only have my kids with a gismo. There is no internet search bar or anything. Its just for talk or text

Although I dont agree with a child having a phone, thats isnt the issue. I would check the phones browser history and search history. You should be able to see when these sites were apparently accessed. Maybe there might be something to be able to change so they can’t be accessed again.

Red flags id be very concerned as how Ur child knows about porn and why is she watching it id be looking further into this

Find out who her led her to look this immoral smut there friend or family .

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I don’t use a smart phone so I don’t know how to block things, etc. My first thought was that your ex may have lifted your restrictions so he could use your daughter’s phone because for some reason he doesn’t want access to porn on his phone! Maybe he has a girlfriend or someone that he doesn’t want to know he watches porn! And like someone else said, maybe some teen or someone else changed the settings as a joke or something! Is there a way for you to use settings no one else, not even your ex, could possibly know to undo the blocks?

Putting restrictions on most phones only enforces those restrictions when using the network. If she’s on Wifi the restrictions won’t be in effect.

7 watching porn. Why isn’t these certain sights barred in your house plus on my boardband they put family protected thing on there due to adult websites.

If it’s signed into google you can see her history might be worth a try? Xx

She didnt need a smart phone. No 7 yr old or child under 16 that doesn’t work needs a phone. Thats your fault.

No 7 yr old should have a phone. As far as i’m concerned.Thank you.

Regardless, a 7 does not Need a phone. Take the phone!!! She can call her dad in your presence. Period!!!

I can’t help you with the phone part I’m tech stupid lol. But maybe take the smart phone away and use a boring old-school flip phone they still make them. Kids are so curious I’m 100%sure if my kid wanted to they could figure that out they are smart we don’t give kids enough credit. She could have heard people talking about sex or porn or anything in between and maybe tried to ask questions but as many adults do they won’t tell young kids about adult things so she may have just spelled the word sex and see what she found who knows. Definitely take to her for sure our house is extremely open we do dumb things down for them but when they have questions we answer them. I feel very bad for you this has to be a very tough situation especially with divorce added in there are a lot of dynamics going on. Give her a good talk let her ask maybe if things are good do this with bio dad together, I would say the last thing you would want is to make her feel bad about it. My kids 6 and 7 have a couple friends that seem to know an awful lot and I have caught them telling g my kids things they shouldn’t know lol. Good luck momma try not to panic it’s very likely just curiosity

This is why kids don’t need smart phones :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: should have just went with an old slider or Motorola Razor

Maybe she just needs a flip phone which will only allow calls and texts.

Giving a 7 year old a smart phone lol…giving them one without any apparent (or in this case lack there of…boom roasted) quality security set up is just dumb. Having social media apps and internet browsers even enabled or on the phone of a 7 year old seems wild.