My ex wants to take our child across the country to meet a woman he hasn't even met: Advice?

My ex wants to take our son across the country to meet a woman he himself has never met I told him he should go first to meet her and then take him the second time, but he says I’m overreacting and that he is doing nothing wrong I have explained if it doesn’t work out and u introduce him to her its gonna mess with him, and I don’t want him confused he then proceeded to tell me that it would be the same concept as me having a man come to my house when the children r not here (which I don’t bring anyone to my house) I’m just concerned that it’s not good for my son and Idk what to do if I tell him no then he will cause issues for me with a family trip I have coming up he’s always been childish and narcissistic and it’s always been his way or the highway any advice?


This shouldn’t even be a question. lol. Not no but hell no…


Hell to the Nooooooo

No way would I allow this :joy: not in a million years , not even the second time he meets with her , she’s still practically a stranger

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I would say no, but it depends on your custody agreement. If he has custody during the time they are going on the trip, you can’t stop him. If it will interrupt your time then he can’t take him without permission.


Hell no! Bring your child across country to meet a stranger?!?!?! Why would he even want to bring your child? Could be a dangerous situation. Very stupid and absolutely wouldnt happen on my call.


Maybe after he’s met her a few times. Women be crazy to. F that


He probably wants to see how she is with your kid? Eventually he will see women in the area and take your kid since he doesnt have a problem with this so just tell your son it’s a friend for now and if everything works out then later let your kid know they are dating

Fuck no!! I wouldn’t thats me tho… wat if its some lunatic he’s meeting

That’s a hard hell no. 100% nope nope nope. He’s never met this woman himself!


Sounds like a bad idea. Hasn’t he ever watched Catfish?

Not a chance should the child be going

Fxxk what he thinks absolutely no way would I allow my chlld to be introduced to someone he doest know it’s all about control the narcissistic dickhead. STAND your ground or he’ll have girls trailing in and out of his life .

Nope call your lawyer get ahead of him


No way ! He needs to meet her first !

Oh hell no. People are crazy…

Hell to the NO! He can do what he likes without you son involved. What he is doing is selfish, it’s not even to spend quality time with him. He’s doing it for another women. What if this women is asking him to bring your son along to steal him - human trafficking. I would NOT allow it!
Tell him to keep the baby out of his business!


Negatory good buddy…

Is this a joke …

In regards to it causing issues with your family trip, your son’s safety takes priority. It is not safe for him to take him when he meets this woman. Period. Face the family trip issue when it comes but as for this, big negative.


Helllllll no. For many reasons. She’s a stranger, he doesn’t know her etc. So many red flags on this one. I’m a worry wart so maybe it’s just me but no way are you taking my CHILD across the country to god knows what! This world is too crazy right now.

Wtf. Nope. He hasn’t even met her and wants to bring your child? No way no how. Irresponsible controlling man.

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Hell no maybe hes trying to leave with your baby


Absolutely not would be crazy as hell to let that happen

I wouldn’t even be cool with him taking him the second time. He needs to meet her, get to know her and make sure she’s not a psycho, then your son can meet her

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If she wants to meet him, let her come to him


Erm no. . . Not even the second time.
Yes same concept for you.
You wouldn’t let your child meet a new partner until the relationship is somewhat established.

Absolutely not. It shouldn’t even be a question.

That’s definitely a big fat fn NO

Oh hell no. You don’t introduce the most important person in your life (your child) to anyone unless they’re important in your life too.
I’m still with my husband but if we ever broke up there would at least a 3 month probationary period before I introduced my kids to anyone, even just a new friend.

No way if he takes the child with him there maybe a good chance he may never bring the child back

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How can he say a family trip for you is the same as meeting a stranger? It is not. Stop this from happening.

I would not let my child go

Use your head. Hes never met her and could be a crazy psycho and kidnap or murder your child. Wake up

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I would have to say no

Hell to the naw! This woman could be a psychopath! How is this even a question?! I would be questioning all of his parental decisions past and future from now on.

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Big ass NO. What’s wrong with him. She could be psycho

No way let him meet her see how they get on and then I’d think about it if u meet someone it’s the same thing ud check he was OK before u introduced him to anyone it’s not fare on the kids seeing different people all the time when u know this is it then think about the kids not before

Hell to the no! My ex husband thinks my children are going to go out of the country to live with him when he can’t even provide for himself. They are delusional I swear!

Hell no!!! What if something happens?!? This is a total stranger. Who know what they’re capably of or what intentions she has. No no no!

Whaaat, just no. That’s crazy.

I would need more information. Is he wanting to take the son to meet her bc SHE requested it? She could be a child abductor. That’s just weird. If he’s going across the country to meet her, then he needs to go first. Dads attention will be on HER not the son the entire time. Bring your lawyer in and ask what legal obligations you have to let him go.


What if shes a catfish trying to snatch the child. Hell no. There’s NOOO reason he would HAVE to take a child to meet a women for the first time across the country other then him being selfish and wanting to “show off” smh

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Why dose he even want to take his child on his first date anyways? :thinking: bit weird! Think he needs to get to know her first himself!

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I am with you on this one.

Hes never met her… Make him take u to court over it… If he wants to fight u on a family vacation over it… Then… Deal with it in the courts… U know hes going to play it… So… Get your ducks in a row and protect your child

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No I agree no way I would let my ex do that. Are custodial parent. Then I would take measures so he can’t.

If it’s his parenting time then it’s his right to do whatever he wants. You don’t have input as much as that sucks. If he is asking for extra time outside of your custody agreement for this then say no


Listen to everyone commenting! Please don’t let your child go!

Um, NO! Why the hell would he want your child to meet someone he himself has never met???

My daughter hasn’t even met her dads new girlfriend. I’m not comfortable with it and he respects that

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Nope. Been there. That alone was enough for emergency temp order for not leaving the county without explicit approval. Don’t let this happen. Mama bear that shit.

I agree with you. He shouldn’t bring your son on his first date to a woman he has never met before.

Dont allow it way to dangerous let him throw a fit aleast your kids will be safe.

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No dont. He might try not to come back.

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I would never how does he know she won’t hurt him or your son and it’s different if you bring a guy over when they not home at least you know the guy he doesn’t know her. I met my husband on line and waited like 2 months or more before introducing to my daughter’s

No it’s not the same it’s not about meeting the lady it’s about taking him across country that would be a absolute no in my book …he should have more since then that anyways

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Absolutely NOT!!! For all you and he both know, that woman is a pedophile. No way no how. On the other hand she may be a very nice lady but you don’t know that and neither does he. The answer would be NO and he would have to suck it up and deal!!!


Absolutely NOT that’s putting ur children’s life in danger who the hell knows what this woman is capable plus how does he know it’s a woman?

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Ur advice about family trip u need to call a attorney get something wrote up normally when u are split up you can’t even take a child out of state let along country a attorney would see that this child doesn’t get taken and your son going on a family trip is totally different my ex wanted me to let him take our daughter to main to meet his girlfriend’s family uh no thank you she don’t even know his girlfriend …

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Do you want an amber alert on your child? Because that’s how you get an amber alert on your child. Trust those instincts mama.

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Lol take it to court if he’s an unfit parent

Hell no! Not leaving the country. Why would the woman even want to meet your son before she even meets him? The aren’t too bright the two of them.

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I would say no. Because he’s never met her… and because that would make me uncomfortable.

Dont let him go why dont he let her come down.

It’s a no from me!!!

Uhm it’d be a swift fuck no of it were my kid. Sounds sketchy as hell

No no no. He doesn’t know this woman and all the way across the country

I don’t believe children should be brought into relationships until the relationship Is On Solid Ground.It’s A NO for me

All I read was the first sentence but that’s a HELL NO from me. Nope, nu uh, nerp, negative. That’s how Lifetime movies are made! :flushed:

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Have you a court ofwr to state child lives with you and when bring back is? If no then your risking him not coming back with your child and you won’t know where they are

Seriously? Is this a joke? Absolutely NOT

NO. He could take your child and never bring them back. He has no idea who this woman is.

Absolutely NOT. I’d NEVER first off the whole covid-19 thing still DOES exist, you don’t know if he’s getting catfished or not🤷🏼‍♀️ It could be a man instead of a women for all you know. You said hes childish and a narcissistic person… I wouldn’t trust letting my son go out of state with someone like that let alone out of the country… but your the mother you make the decisions we’re just giving advice and telling you what we would do in your shoes but my answer is F*** NO!

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How does he even know it’s not cat fishing or a trap? Not to mention you don’t introduce your kids until you know it’s going to be a long term situation.

For me that would be a hell no! You don’t take your child to meet someone you haven’t even met no no! Especially NOT across the country.

No no no!! Children should not be in ball in the beginning of an adult relationship. And he don’t know her, could be a catfish, could be a psychotic.

Uh, no. He’s never met her…I wouldn’t let my child go. That’s just crazy. He needs to meet her first and then if she wants to come to where you live then they can meet.

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I wouldn’t risk it. People get catfished all the time and it’s weird that he would want to take your kid with. For a first visit to a woman you’re wanting to have a relationship with? Nee dankie. Something is off. Rather be safe than sorry. Let him visit alone and then take 2nd trip with your baby. Trust your mama gut honey

Not happening, nope.

No no. Did he meet this girl on the internet?? You have a right to be concerned and to say no. Its our jobs as parents to not put our children in situations where they could be hurt. This doesn’t sound safe.

Where I live (Indiana) no one parent can take the child out of state (let along the country) without the permission of the other and they have to give a timeline of when they will return. I would read the parenting guidelines for your state and or your court agreement. A lot of time it will state on a court agreement (like mine does) that if the parents cannot agree they refer to the states guidelines.

If there is paper work nothing you can do if its during his time

Do you trust him to take your son out of the country and come back? That’s the real question. Forget the woman he’s meeting. And what if he’s being catfished?? Think of everything before you decide. If it were me… I’d tell him to kick rocks. My child isn’t leaving the country unless I can go too


Wtf did I just read?!!!


He is insane. NO WAY! She may be normal and she may be a serial killer.


your ex should be institutioalized.


The question is how old is your son? He would be meeting someone new but he could go to the store with dad and meet someone the same way. If it’s dad’s time dad gets to choose the activity.

Do you have a custody order? Do you have it stated in order, that neither of you can leave state or country without permission? If not, go change it, now!

What if it’s just a ploy to not bring back the child? What if there isn’t a ‘woman’?
Ever heard of sex traffickers?

Hell no! Go to a lawyer now, change or get agreement to not allow this shit.

What in the actual f*^#?? Hell to the MF NO!!!

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No. I didn’t even read the paragraph honestly, the opening question was enough for me to say nopppeee. Tell him to watch an episode or 2 of catfish just so he can see how often these things work out for those people. Good luck!

I’d tell him Hell no!! Hes obviously retarded. Why is HE even going across the country to meet a woman he hasn’t even met yet??? Ridiculous he would even want his son to go, too. Don’t even consider it!! Wow!!

Who cares if he could mess up your family vacation. You’re talking about a woman he’s never met online and human trafficking and sickos are EVERYWHERE. She might not even be who she says she is. As a parent I would never let this happen and I would never be in a position to take my daughter to meet any man either. Get a grip and tell his ass hell no.

That would absolutely NOT be happening with my child. Stand your ground!

Definitely a big NO!!


Neither my ex nor I can take our kids out of state without written permission from the other. So I would be saying hell no.

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I wouldn’t even let him take the child a second time ffs​:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Your pretty easy worrying about the wrong things. It would not even be about how he would react to another woman . That would be the least of my concerns . I would not let him involve my baby in his 90 day fiancé BS

I’m gonna have to agree with you. My daughters are 18 and 20 and living at home one a senior and the other in college. My boyfriend of a year didn’t meet them until around the 4 month mark when I was sure he was a good guy. They have only met one other guy that I was with 14 years and one I was with 2 years after their dad left. Of course they were younger then, but trapsing men in and out of their lives at any point is a no brainer that you Don’t do. My friend from hs had to deal with that and it was hard on her. Most Men don’t seem to feel the same. Idk how old your son is, but I would express your feelings to his father, but unfortunately he is gonna do what he wants on his time. And with narcissists, they are gonna do whatever tf they want to do. There is no reasoning with them once their minds are made up. He will find more ways to make your life hell if you piss him off​:grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

Noooo, that’s dangerous.