My Family Judges Me for Breastfeeding in Their Presence: Advice?

Tell them your child eating may be offending them but them eating offends you so maybe they shouldn’t eat around others either :woman_shrugging:
And before they tell the baby to eat with a cover over their head or eat in a different room iN pRiVaTe why don’t they do that themselves?? Oh bcuz they’re eating not putting on some weirdo peep show… just like your baby is just eating.

Pumps don’t work for everyone and even if they do it doesn’t keep your supply up or give the same antibodies and personalized nutrition the way direct latch does so let them know exactly how uneducated their statement that you should “just pump” is.

This kind of insistence from people not to breastfeed around others is nothing short of willful ignorance and sexualizing a feeding child.

Nobody else needs “privacy” or “modesty” when eating so leave the baby alone. They’re a person too. Stop watching the baby eat if u don’t like how they do it. We ignore your nasty open mouth when you talk with food in it or chew with it open like a cow, you can ignore a baby nursing.

If they can’t respect that your baby is a human who eats, without putting stipulations on when/where/how they can eat they may not need to be around for now. You dont need the extra stress of people being rude and unsupportive


I’m probably gonna get crap for this but oh well. I’m giving MY opinion.

My opinion is that’s, it’s a bond between baby and mom, which should be private. I get how amazing breastfeeding is, but to me it’s should be something done behind a door in private with baby or if in area with people, then cover up. Just because you have the right to breastfeed wherever whenever, doesn’t mean it needs to be for all to seem it’s a bond for mom and baby, not for others to watch. If you honestly think man isn’t gonna take glances or look, then shame on you for thinking that. I mean even women look, if it’s in front of me then I’m gonna glance, but not stare, to make sure the mother is still given some sort of privacy. But how do you expect privacy with half a tit out in front of people. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. I mean hell, how many women can say they don’t state at another women’s ass as they walk by… it’s the same here in this situation. For those that ya what rid the baby doesn’t like to be covered up, doesn’t matter it’s your job to keep baby covered when in public, you’re in charge of the baby/child. But honestly getting mad at anyone from looking I’d like getting mad for someone staring at your ass or another women’s ass as she walks by. This is a very back and forth conversation, but honestly if you’re at someone’s house and you need to breastfeed, do yourself and then the respect and ask for a private room, let alone specially around doing it in front of family. Ifs it’s your won house do whatever tf you want, but di you’re at someone else’s house and they ask you to respectfully cover or something, then you should do it. Breastfeeding doesn’t take a long time, depending on the child and milk supply you have at the moment. But least anyone could do is respect someone else’s wishes in their home, specially in front of family…like I said it’s a beautiful thing to breastfeed and share that bond,cause it’s a special bond,but why would you want it in front of everyone else…



Just go to a bedroom and nurse your baby. You worrying about what they think is something the baby will feel as well.

Your tits your baby your business :woman_shrugging:t5:


She said her Mom told her to cover even though she said she is. If she is covered up and not flashing people U don’t see anything wrong with what she is doing. I was someplace and they told this woman to go in the bathroom to fed their baby, I don’t know about you but that is the last place to feed a child. I agree get it out in the open and ask everyone what makes them feel uncomfortable about feeding a baby. I couldn’t feed my child that way for medical reasons and felt I missed something


If you are in your space, you do you. If you are in public, you do you. If you are in their space, I’d go to a different room out of respect for their home. Breastfeeding my babies was never about anyone but my babies and they hated to be covered so we didn’t cover.


I’m all for breastfeeding but respect goes both ways not everyone is comfortable with it so take that into consideration breastfeeding mothers expect respect but don’t want to give any


Keep breastfeeding your baby. If they’re uncomfortable then they can go somewhere else. Do not let their immaturity get to you. If you’re using a cover then that’s all you need. Tell them to grow up. It’s a baby eating. Get over it.


First explain that when you pump them reheat the milk, it does affect certain enzymes that are good and soothing for the baby, so you prefer direct breastfeeding. If you are in someone else’s home and there are ppl who are not comfortable, just excuse yourself to another room and have some beautiful alone time with your sweet baby…if you are in your home, then they will have to play by your rules.


You channel your inner goddess and do what works for you and baby. If they don’t like it they can go away until you’re finished. Don’t let anyone steal your joy!


Tell Mom it’s my body, my baby, my house! Tell the men in the family to take a hike and don’t come back until I call you!


I went to a separate room when I breastfed except then it was just my hubby and I. I did it for my privacy. But if it bothers everyone else, remind them they were probably breastfed as well and stop looking at it like its sexual


Just don’t pay
attention to them.
Just keep breastfeeding, the best thing you can do for your daughter.
Tell them if it bothers them, they need to look the other way.
You should be proud and not shamed.


Rather than make family uncomfortable breast feed in private.


You don’t “deal”. you politely set boundaries to create an environment of peace for you and the baby. If they want to be around you and the baby, no more comments are welcome.


It is as normal as the sunshine! Healthy for the baby so that is what is important. You can be discreet when doing it,it is a private moment of bonding.If the men still feel uncomfortable,they may excuse themselves.


My in laws said a couple of negative things but I would just pop back with it’s totally natural and the best milk for my baby as long as I stay healthy. This this was the late 70’ early 80’s and I really dont recall much negativity. In fact I recieved more of the positive for breastfeeding. I think today people are just use to artificial everything. From breastfeeding to Intelligence, some are more comfortable with it. I love nature and the simple way of life. Just stick to your conviction to feed your child naturally and dont let anyone talk you out.of i


Wow! Times have really changed. When I breastfed my son 35+ years ago, I just went to a different room because I knew my in-laws were uncomfortable. Never crossed my mind to “take a stand” against their wishes.


I would say continue to breastfeed your child but also be respectful of others and cover up I did and my children are grown adults. I get both sides but some people do not know how to deal with what God had design hundreds of years ago. In example Moses and the Pharaohs daughters wet nurse no bottles back then


You should cover yourself. Matter of respect. You wouldn’t pull your breast out for someone to see if you weren’t feeding your baby. It makes people uncomfortable.The best thing is to have a mommy and baby bonding in another room. You can talk sing and love at the same time. They grow up so fast.


Tell them all to stick it!!! If they dont like it they can leave the room!!! Breastfeeding is a natural and beautiful thing!!!


Honestly, it’s disrespectful that the men in the family are being judgemental about it. Tell them to get it over it or don’t look. Why should you have to cover up when you are feeding your child? They are the ones who don’t wanna see it as a natural thing and that’s sickening. They only see one thing. That’s gross and they need to grow up and let you be a mother. If they don’t like it, then don’t be around them. I know they’re family bu toxic is toxic!


I breastfed all 4 of my children. You dont have to pump if you dont want to! I did not pump.
If “the males” cant handle life, maybe they need to go to a different room! I never was uncovered when I nursed. I covered myself and my baby with a receiving blanket and stayed in the same room.
It is not your job to make each and every person comfortable in this world! Your job is to raise a healthy, well adjusted baby.


Do what makes you feel comfortable… you are doing something great for your child, do not let others dictate your life. I was criticized and found the relaxation with my babies alone in the other room was a bonding gift, the babies can tell when you’re tense and it will affect your milk. Enjoy that baby :heart:


I refused to cover up my baby while breastfeeding. If they have issues that’s on them. Boobs were made to feed babies nothing else. And to anyone who told me to cover up I’d ask them how they would feel if I threw a blanket over their face while they ate. My kid comes way before their issues.


Sounds like your mom needs to grow up! Breastfeeding isn’t sexual. Your baby is getting the best food there is!!! You never know what people put in formula nowadays! Tell your mom to mind her own business and if she doesn’t like it, then she can leave when it’s time for your baby to eat. I may sound rude as hell, but sometimes you gotta put people in their place no matter if it’s family or not.


All this talk about breasts not being sexual. Where the hell did you grow up? Little girls are told don’t let anyone see or touch them. Later, if they don’t mature fast enough, those same girls are mocked. Preteen boys dream about them! Movies and magazines glorify the damn things! When you are hard wired from birth "don’t look, don’t touch " of course people are going to be uncomfortable! No one is saying slap a wet wool blanket over your baby! They can be covered comfortably. I’ve been in situations where a child is being nursed and no one knew because the mother didn’t make a big deal about it. Common courtesy.


It’s what the Lord made them for too! Take it up with him. You’re being a good mom maybe a little jealous. As long as you’re covered up.


It made my father-in-law uncomfortable even when I nursed with a full, draping cover. That said, he never asked me to stop, even when we were at their house. He always moved, never commented about it, just got up and went elsewhere in the room or to another space. He realized it wasn’t about me, it was about his own discomfort. I say be modest about it, but otherwise just ignore the commentary. If others don’t understand, you’re not going to convince them.


Tell them it’s A natural thing God gave women to feed your child. Grow up men. ( some people make everything sexual) DON’T feel guilty. I love it that women still breast feed. You go girl!!!


Call the men out for being creeps. If they’re uncomfortable and/or sexualizing it, that’s on them and they’re 100% in the wrong. You’re feeding a baby, not trying to give them a show, and if they take it that way, they’re creepers, bar none.


You just stop going around those of your family who have issues. They can learn to avert their eyes and deal with it, or take their happy behinds out of your home.


Your house your rules, those who are uncomfortable can step out. Someone else’s house, respect their wishes.


Stop going over there and when they ask to see the baby say sorry he/she will be breastfeeding for the next (insert age) years! Feel free to come by then!


Go to a different room where it is a calm experience for you and the baby.


If you are in their home I’d just excuse myself however in my home or even out where there is no rule in place do what you want to do if they still have a problem tell them when they start eating with a blanket over there head then maybe you will start feeding your child with one over theirs


Just clear the air with everyone, and I mean EVERYONE (EVEN THE MEN).
Tell them you want to breastfeed and you have no intentions of stopping. Ask anyone who has any issue with it to tell you to your face that they do and ask them to explain why.
Once everyone knows how everyone feels you can choose to continue being around them or just avoid being around them. You do what brings you peace and of that means not spending time with them you can tell them that.


If they’re uncomfortable, they should leave


It’s a normal function. I personally would want my privacy. Why would you want to be in the middle of chaos. Go to a quiet room and enjoy every second of this special time. Your body , your baby. No need to cause a war over something that is beautiful :heart:


You whip it out and feed your baby! If THEY are offended then THEY can leave the room or the home… You do what’s best for your baby and your self!


Tell them you’ve heard of people with phobias involving others eating and would understand if they have a need to leave the room.


It’s none of their darn business. Breastfed babies are healthier and smarter


Excuse your self and go to another room if you’re so concerned about the men in the family.


Tell her if she doesn’t like it she doesn’t have to watch or she can leave the room. I didn’t breastfeed my firstborn but I did my second and I looked at it as her needs came first and if anyone had an issue with me whipping my boob out they could tell me. I wouldn’t even cover up unless in public and would just turn so they never saw my nipple. No one had an issue at all and my dad, father in law, brother and brothers in law just asked for advanced notice so they could make sure they didn’t turn my direction coming into a room. Ultimately it’s YOUR baby and what you decide to do and how you do it should be respected and if they can’t let them know that that is a boundary they can’t cross and if they do you will take a time out from visiting. If you are comfortable with the way you are doing things that is all that you need to focus on.

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I breastfed my 3 children. Never a problem. I’m a nurse and I just did it. I wore shirts that you unbutton from bottom, you can’t really see anything, and your babies and you are healthy. Depending on situation sometimes I would go in another room, but most everyone was fine with our decision… keep sing what you know is right, there are so much clothes that allow you to nurse without shoeing all that God gave you… I didn’t feel good doing that anyway… good luck!!!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I always use breastfeeding as an excuse to get away from any judgmental family or people :joy::joy: I’m like ok I will just go in this room for peace and quiet since it bothers you :joy: I am a mom of 3 little girls so I’m always searching for a way to get some peace.

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That has an easy remedy.Go in another area ie: bathroom or bedroom. If they are uncomfortable, I would bet they are also from an older generation and very uncomfortable themselves. It’s your body and your baby, respect yourself and your family be the bigger person this time.

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This is somehow becoming about one person- can’t it
Just be a matter of respect. At our home we have large family gatherings with young adolescent boys who are very embarrassed when a mom “bares” it for feeding. How hard is it to be excused for 15 minutes to feed your child? Nothing misogynistic or prejudiced or jealous here. Just manners. What has happened to manners? Oh yes, everyone is too busy being offended!!

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I am sorry you have to deal with this. We are a breastfeeding family. So much so my great uncle in his eighties peeked under the blanket to see my firstborn at a family funeral when I was nursing​:joy::joy::joy:. I can’t even imagine dealing with that kind of hardship within my immediate family. You just keep feeding that baby, Momma! Eventually it will just be the norm and they won’t think twice when you are feeding that sweet babe

None of my 3 liked being covered so I became an expert at getting them latched & settled without flashing anyone. I also used my sling. But wherever I was, I was feeding the baby where I was most comfortable - my recliner or whatever. If you don’t like it, look away or go away!
I had a security guard at the mall tell me to go to the bathroom once. That didn’t go over well!
You do what makes you & your baby comfortable - tell everyone else to back off!

Breastfeeding is the most natural thing. If men are not comfortable with it, maybe they need to get their minds out of the gutter. Breasts were created to feed the little ones and not for the pleasure of men - or women.

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Tell the offended that you won’t get offended if they put a blanket over their face or go into the bathroom to wait for the baby to finish eating.

You are doing nothing wrong and should never let anyone make you feel as if you are! It’s natural and they don’t have to watch. Good luck! It’s a great thing you are doing for your child! :heart:

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Ur always gonna have people commenting on this. Kind of crappy ur family is being like that. Unless ur just whipping ur boob out to do it. Which is shocking at first to see it done like that they should be used to it if ur baby is two months old though. That was my first experience with seeing breastfeeding. My sisters friend just whipped it right out nothing to cover up. Just was a little shocked since i was younger and didn’t know what she was doing but i got used to it. They should be able to. If it makes them that uncomfortable they don’t have to watch u do it. I try to give nursing moms privacy. Seems like thats their issue.

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I would stay home away from family and breastfeed my child. Sorry. I would never do it in front of anyone but I have noticed lots of women do. Do you but don’t expect them to change. They won’t.

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I breast two children, at a time when it was not very common. Breastfeeding can be done unobtrusively and that is what I tried to do. It may be. Natural but many are not comfortable in viewing it. Why embarrass them unnecessarily. Cover up! Be polite!

Any time you are expecting to be around the men, family gatherings just pump. Why not. Either way your baby is fed an its just not worth all the drama when you have an alternative. Besides its also an opportunit for grandma grandpa or daddy to cuddle an feed the little one.

If i was in my own home they had to deal they could go somewhere else but if I was in theirs I wouldn’t feed in front of people who weren’t comfortable with it. I know thats not the in way of thinking but feel respect goes both ways. I’m respectful of peoples feelings in their own home. Now if moms just anti breast and being cranky all the time tell her to shove it :grin:

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Personally for me I always went somewhere secluded to have one on one time with the baby and always covered up in case someone came upon us. Others will do it in front of everyone and not be covered even breastfeeding toddlers in the store with no shame each person is different I just think for me its made for one on one time

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My family didn’t mind thou I was the only one who
Breastfed it was when I went to friends house for the weekend she was so mad at me because she said I was turning on her husband lol my son was only 3 weeks old and I ate something he didn’t like I think it was lasagna maybe too much tomatoes sauce so I needed to breastfeed him I was so full of milk
My reaction
I said really ? I went up stairs to my room
Ps I was working at the time and designed a program for women to pump at the office and they knew that some people are strange do what you think is best :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heartpulse: ignore them I breast fed both my kids neither of them had ear tubes while everyone I know who didn’t breast feed did

Tell all the “men” that if they are offended by using boobies the way they are meant to be used, that they have legs, use them the way they were ment to be used and walk away! Feed your baby where and when you want to, especially if you are in your own home. Good luck and God bless! People need to get over themselves and let others be.


I breastfeed both of my children back in the early 70’s when women just weren’t doing that. You are doing what is best for your child, people just need to grow up. I went to another room if someone was uncomfortable with it, but most of the time I just took care of business

My mom was the same way and would even give my youngest bottles so I wouldn’t be able to nurse. If you are covered and have a quiet area away from them-go for it. If you are at home and they are visiting I would cover up but let them know it’s your home and you would breastfeed wherever.

Girl, I’d have a family dinner and then come to the table and throw blankets on top of their heads while they eat. Then sit down and feed your baby openly! Or make them a plate and set it in the bathroom and tell them they get to eat in there.

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Wow, okay to those who are making you feel uncomfortable Shame on them… Breasts are not just fun bags and if it makes those family members uncomfortable ask them to cover their face because not every baby likes to be covered up. I know from personal experience that no matter if you cover with a blanket or a breastfeeding cover people will complain. So, you feed your baby and worry less about their opinion and care more about what goes into your baby. I promise you, those negative individual’s opinion matters not and your babies growth does. Having said all of that, be aware that stress effects your breast milk supply. So, tell them to go deal with their issues and you will continue to go about feeding your sweet little baby.

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Easy, tell them if they don’t like it than don’t look. It’s your body and your child not theirs.

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It’s great that you are breastfeeding, however you can either do it in private or buy a cover up and use it. For those telling you to basically be rude to your mom for her asking to do what you should be doing without having to be ask or told, don’t listen to them. If you are still not sure, pray about it.

So I nursed 6 of mine. I made the choice, if I was in my home I nursed wherever, in their house I sat in a bedroom if it made them uncomfortable. While breast is best you still have to be considerate of others. How much milk are you making under stress?

People that get weirded out about breast feeding make me uncomfortable. It makes me wonder if they would be safe to change a babies diaper around or even a child be alone with them. They are sexually meal time for a baby. What else are they going to sexualize? It just really puts me on edge and someone that didnt think I should breast feed my baby I wouldn’t leave my child alone with. The sexualized reasons and the fact I would doubt there ability to make good decisions with my child

When I know I’m going to be in a public space or have company I generally pump beforehand. If I don’t have time to pump I excuse myself to another room if I’m at a friend’s or even my own house if I need to nurse. I do this out of respect for others as I understand some people become uncomfortable.

If you’re in your own home. Then tell them if it makes them uncomfortable they can leave. Otherwise, buy a cover, or use a blanket to cover up.
Breastfeeding is a natural thing but if you aren’t home, and someone says it makes them uncomfortable, do what you can to avoid the issues.

If you are breastfeeding in your own home make it clear that anyone who is uncomfortable is welcome to leave. If you go to their house go to another room or discreetly cover up with a light receiving blanket. I get it that it’s your God given right to breast feed but you could cut the guys in your family some slack. A naked breast is a naked breast.

My parents had a fit when I decided to breast feed. What turned out to be funny is when a friend of my dad’s stopped by. He said I hope you are breastfeeding your baby. I said yes. Still my parents weren’t comfortable. By the time I had my second baby my mom was ok with it. My dad had passed away.

I breastfed both my kids and if I visited someone I would always excuse myself and ask if there was someplace I could go . Most people were ok with it also I was really good at covering up when out at a restaurant most of the time nobody even knew what I was doing

I get if you’re comfortable and you have to feed your child when necessary, but I’d have never felt comfortable breastfeeding in front of my male family members and they wouldn’t have been comfortable either. If there’s family around you usually have a private room (no not the bathroom, that’s just disgusting I wouldn’t want to eat there so I wouldn’t expect my child to) to use. Just have an honest conversation with the ones who say it makes them uncomfortable and maybe you can both understand why they’re so uncomfortable & why you’re so comfortable. My family always treated me with respect it’s just not something I would have been comfortable with but I also never changed my daughters diaper in front of any males, relatives or not.

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Just like a pacifier, you need to ween. babies off of the breast as quickly as possible. Pumping bottle milk will work. Sometimes women like this more than the babies.

I agree Nan old timers believe in privacy. My youngest daughter wore a bikini at 9 months pregnant to the beach and when she had the baby she did breastfeed the baby not in public but around the guys in the family. They were uncomfortable with it and so was I cause we were not raised like that. Old fashion. I told her how we felt about it and she started using a blanket or go into another room. Don’t blame the people for their respect for you cause that’s what it is. Just get up smile and go to another room. Everything now a days is open to the public. But just remember there are people out there that have sick mines and I don’t think you would like the idea of them looking at you sexually. Just have respect for yourself and cover up in public. It is not cute nor sweet.

Find a comfortable chair in another room for you to nurse your baby. It’s a lot less stress for you & your baby. Good luck.

I breastfed and never had a complaint or dirty look. Modesty was important to me, but also, no one made it weird. Often I would leave to latch, then return when we were settled and they could feed without exposing me. Idk why people make such a fuss of it, on both sides.

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I have never understood why a woman wanted to breastfeed in public and not cover up??No one wants to see your breast in front of everyone…You are being silly!


Tell them to get a life. You are using a part of your body to do a natural function. They need to get over it.


I feel you on this. I’m 10 months in to this and it is hard and exhausting! Nothing about breastfeeding has come easy. I was one of those who always thought a mom should cover up. My baby won’t stay covered. We have family coming in to town for Thanksgiving and so I will just go to our bedroom to feed her.

Ask if you can get some privacy if it bothers them so much…To each their own how long they breast feed. …There is no right or wrong answer as long as mother & child enjoy their time together .

Go in another room away from men. The older generations could be embarrassed I would be. I breastfed my baby and I covered my shoulder with a receiving blanket and my baby drank

Tell them to get over it. Honestly if they don’t like it, they can go away. I breastfed my youngest for 6 months. She is number 5 and the one I was able to feed the longest. The ex embarrassed me with the oldest 4 so this time around I stood my ground!

Your the mom do as you please. Tell others to go somewhere else. Bunch of pitiful people these days. Sex on the brain so much can’t see a breast for what it was intended for to feed her babies… Lord.

Why should you have to justify doing something that is natural? Try to find a quiet, private place. And cover up. It is a beautiful thing.

I think u should cover up at least put a cover over it. Theres a lot of people like that including kids do not want to see that. Just respectful to not do that at family reunions unless u want to show ur boobs to everyone which isnt right

If you are in your house, and the men don’t like to see you breastfeeding, they can excuse themselves until you are done. If it is their house that mom is causing an issue, inform her if it is a problem, you will schedule visits around feeding time, so you can nurse in peace, and nobody else has to see.

Sounds like you have the perfect reason NOT to have to spend your time with them. Sorry mom can’t make it, still breastfeeding!

I breast fed my children in private or so positioned that no one could see what I was doing. It is not difficult. I applaud all mothers who can and choose to breast feed but I don’t need to observe them

I breast fed both my babies back in the middle 80’s when it was just starting to get popular back then I would go in another room if I was you when I was visiting next time and the baby needs feeding just get up and go to another room feed her and when you get back if anyone says anything about you leaving the room just tell them that you did not want to offend anybody because I had to feed my baby hope this helps

If the men aka apparently little baby children in your family are offended by you feeding your child, then they can leave the room while you do so. You should not have to adjust what you’re doing to fit their comfort level.

Breastfeeding in the company of others can make some uncomfortable, so out of respect, cover up. As for the unsolicited advice about pumping, bottles, etc. just say, “we’re going with the decision we’ve already made, so I really don’t want to discuss it any further”. My mother was a VERY intimidating person, everyone constantly bobbed and weaved to keep her happy. One day I’d had enough and said, “mom, you are not the measuring stick of how I live my life”. She was speechless for the first time in my life. It greatly reduced her interference.

I’m all for breastfeeding. If you can do it, go for it. But I also have respect for my body and my brothers and dad. I would never purposely expose myself to them or strangers in public.

I refuse to breastfeed my daughter in the ladies bathroom. No one else eats there. Throw a blanket over yourself and your baby, find a quiet area so you and your baby relax .

You could pump a supply for when you are around them. Letting them bottle feed your baby increases the bond they have with the child. Or go into another room long enough to feed the baby. It depends on how big a part you are comfortable with. Men are naturally more uncomfortable with seeing a breastfeeding mother because they tend to think of breasts sexually after a certain age. If these are older men in your family that you respect you might want to make some concessions.

That’s harsh! I would just excuse myself and go and feed her somewhere else and enjoy it. I did not breast feed my 3rd baby girl and regret it now terribly for her sake. Something very special about it apart from the goodness. Won’t last forever.

I have 4 older sisters and a brother, all married, Mom and Dad too. When I breastfed and it was my daughter Crystal or my son Carl, I was breastfeeding at home with no one else around, then I kept uncovered for the eye contact and the extra closeness. When anyone else was around including my husband or my Mom, I had a very light fabric easy to breath through that I kept covered with. If I was mid breasfeeding and my husband came in where we were, all bets are off. Husband sees the breastfeeding going on. If it was a family event at Mom and Dads, or my sisters home and their husbands, I’d disappear into the guest rooms for feeding time being totally discreet. Eye contact is important for our children. I also didn’t want Dad or my brother or brother in laws feeling uncomfortable or my sisters upset that their husbands caught a flash of my large engorged breasts. That would not fly well. So as not to offend family or even friends, I kept the breasts covered like they were a very big secret. Having a soft very thin cover is important to keep up the modesty. My children obviously felt very safe falling asleep under what must have been like a light cloth like fort. Lol Whisper to your baby, the flashlights come later… Enjoy your special time now because they grow up so fast. As a Mom, we simply try and carry on more lady like qualities. You got this… Hold you chin up like a Queen you are. Love, Kelly

Sounds to me like you’re doing everything right. My daughter pumped for when she had to leave baby or if she was out in public. You use a cover when needed. Don’t listen to your mother ( never thought I would tell someone that). You’re doing a great job.

I feel that many mothers that breastfeed and do so in front of others, are doing so for attention, you can always excuse yourself and go into another room, etc.
I breastfed , and never found a need to flaunt or make anyone uncomfortable, or to make an issue of it. How childish.