My Fiancé Blocked Me And I Do Not Know What I Did Wrong: Advice?


"I have been engaged to a man I've known for 12 years, but we have only been In a relationship for six months. .In under a month of dating, we were engaged, and we began with our wedding planning… he became so distant. .He would hardly visit me. .Conversations became really cold. I asked multiple times what was wrong, and he would say everything is perfect, and that made me feel like I was creating drama over nothing He went to visit his extended family a few weeks back, and when he came back, we started having worse fights. To a point where I sought help from an elderly person from his family, and since the day that man spoke to us, he has been ignoring me. He would read my messages and ignore them or respond with one-word answers and my calls. He has not picked them up for a week put when I call with a different number, he answers immediately. Should I let him go yesterday? He blocked me, and I'm not sure what I did wrong. I just need him to say how he feels. Last weekend he told me he would speak to me when he's ready."

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"Whatever his issue is, he handled this so poorly that you deserve better. I don't care how long you've known him, after 6 months of dating this is too much drama."

"That’s not a very healthy thing to do on his part and I would be VERY weary about following through with the marriage. You should return the ring, block him and move on. Good luck."

"I know you want him to tell you how he feels and you actually want to hear the words from his mouth but sometimes we have to listen to people's actions because they speak much louder than words regardless of how cliché that may sound and his actions are saying he wants nothing to do with you sometimes people are too afraid to say what they are feeling regardless of how childish that may be so I would let him go and move on and consider yourself lucky it ended now instead of after you got married or worse had kids."

"His silence speaks volumes. Maybe he feels he proposed too early and instead of being honest with you, he’s acting like a child. Let him go honey. Even if he does come back, do you want to be with someone who’d rather ignore/block you then to actually talk to you about whatever is happening? You need a mature man, not a child. And he’s being extremely childish."

"It's over . Unfortunately. I'd stop trying to talk to him it's only hurting you more."

"I feel like you both moved waaay too fast and now he's had cold feet and left. I would stop trying to communicate with him grieve the loss of the relationship then move on. For him to do it this way shows he has no respect for you at all he's not worth your time."

"No response, is a response. That must hurt, but you have to let him go. There's so many other men out there. Don't let him come back to you. Because he probably will."

"My partner did this to me, bought an engagement ring then started acting weird. but when I’d confront him saying I was worried about him, he would tell me “everything is perfect” found out about a month later he was cheating."

"Even if he came back tomorrow this an insight on how your life will be every time something goes wrong. Let go and move on no matter how bad it hurts. I know it will but better now than 1 year from now."

"Let him go now, it is/will be much easier now than when you get married. Be thankful all of this happened before you got married rather than after, it saves you more heartache and money!! He sounds very childish!"

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Run, run, run. He had second thoughts, he wants out, but he doesn’t want to look like the “bad one” and end it. So he is going to give you the silent treatment, tell you everything is ok, and let you be the one to end it. That way, he doesn’t look bad because YOU ended it “for no reason”. He is a narcissist- get out now! And like everyone else, I say you dodged a bullet!

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