My four year old will not stop having accidents: Advice?

My 4-year-old daughter will not stop having accidents. At one point, she would be playing with her toys on the floor, and instead of getting up to go potty, she peed right where she was. I feel like she’s just lazy to stop what she’s doing to go to the restroom, when we’re out and about she’ll have “accidents” in her car seat and we do constantly ask her if she has to go potty and she always says no, but it’s a lie … I tried sticker charts and just rewarding her when she did use the potty, but that still doesn’t motivate her. Sometimes she’ll try to be sneaky and hide her clothes. She will start school soon and I am so afraid for her. I don’t want her to maybe be bullied for this. We have taken her to the dr to see if its something she can’t control and there’s nothing wrong. So currently I took away her favorite toy and let her know she’ll have it back at the end of the week if she’s accident free. This is my first child so please give me tips on what to do.


Every 30 minutes. Period. She gets no choice in it. She goes potty regularly until she learns to treat needing to potty as an emergency


My son is 4 and we had this problem for a bit. We had to make him stop what he was doing and go potty. First we did every 30 mins then increased to every hour. Nis he tells us and very rarely has an accident at home. He will in the car, he tells us when he has to go potty and sometimes we just can’t get him to one fast enough

Make her clean up her accidents.


I agree. Going to potty scheduled times was only thing that has worked for mu children. 30mins or an hour that’s it.

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Some kids are just wired that way . They either dont realize and it’s to late and they don’t care after the fact. You can try everything and it could be happening till age 6 . Do what you must . But it’s not that serious .no point on getting upset .

Dont ask her if she has to go , say hey let’s go potty and go every half hour if necessary. If she says she doesn’t have to just say well sometimes you have accidents so it’s my mommy job to help you till your able to do it all by your self. Dont scold or sound disappointed just matter of fact . If she has a accident have her put cloths in hamper and help pick out fresh ones and say see that’s why mommy want you to try to go even when you think you dont have to .


My daughter had issues until this past summer. She is 5.
We tried EVERYTHING. Even in preschool they did a time chart and was super helpful but to no luck.
I took her to a chiropractor for a month and it stopped along with the chronic constipation.

Make her count to 10 while trying to go and if the flow doesn’t start, do it again a little bit later, do the count every time

I agree with taking her every 30 minutes or so to start. That’s how I potty trained both my girls.

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I wouldn’t ask her if she has to go. I would just take her. I really don’t think I would take something away from her for a whole week. But that is just my opinion. Your her mom.

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Any time my daughter is with me I just tell her to go especially during times where she’s very distracted. I also remind her to listen to her body. My daughter is also 4 and she has accidents a lot at dad where there is a lot more going on keeping her distracted. But she’s also 4 and even if she knows how to, we still gotta remind them.

Get up and take her to the bathroom every 30 minutes it’s that simple. Shes not being lazy it’s called her attention is on her toys or whatever shes doing and doesnt want to stop cause shes having fun so you as her parent need to take her to the bathroom


Sounds like a medical condition called Enuresis. Talk to your child’s doctor. Hiding clothes just means she’s ashamed and doesn’t want to be in trouble. I’m dealing with the opposite in my son.

Place her on the toilet every 30 mins. I hate comparing kids to animals but it’s like potty training a puppy. You bring them outside and immediately put them outside when they wake up in the morning.

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Just remind her to go potty. Please don’t shame. She’s only 4 years old. So sad when expectations are set so high. It’s a child.


Do you still have her in diapers? If so she may be so comfortable that she just doesn’t care. Put her in pretty, big girl panties around the house. Regular material is uncomfortable when it gets wet. I agree with the everyone else about the potty trips every thirty minutes. It is also a good idea to have her help clean up her own messes. If she has to think about what she is doing, she may find she has more self control than she thinks


We take my daughter to the potty every 30 minutes whether she has to go or not. She also has the issue with her answer to everything being “no” and so we just take her regardless. We tried stickers and different reward systems and nothing ever worked. She goes to the potty by herself occasionally but we hope she catches on soon!

Remind her every 30mins to 1hr. That’s what I did when my daughter was younger especially if she’s focused on her tab or toys. I also used to tell her it’s not proper for a girl to just let it out everywhere because it is embarrassing. It’s normal for kids around that age to have accidents just constant reminders & more patience. You got this.

I would recommend a chiropractor. She could have a pinched nerve that’s causing it.

Put her back in a diaper

My daughter is 5 and still has accidents taking a toy isn’t going to help it just makes it worse

My daughter is five now and has finally stopped doing this 24/7… :expressionless: still working on the occasional bed wetting too. I’ve tried everything consistently and it’s basically come to the point they say they’ll grow out of it. I would definitely keep an eye out for UTI’s because my daughter came to the point where she would tinkle, but not enough to show through her pants, and she needed up with 2 infections when she started hiding it. She was fully potty trained with no accidents during the day or at night and then boom right before she turned 4 it’s like she went through a complete regression even knowing she shouldn’t be doing it. She just turned 5 and so far day time accidents are rare now and so is the bed wetting. She did go to school and only had 2-3 accidents the whole year but only did good while at school, but I think it was the place setting.

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Ease up, I had a child not able to register until it was coming out. It came right at 11, if you think it’s hard for you… It’s worse for them. Plus the anger and trauma inflicted through punishment.
There will be an answer and outcome eventually, but it’s going to come with… diet, drink routines, diaries, clock timer, A Calm And Responsible Parent Leading it.
She’s a kid not a robot.


Do whatever works for you! Consistancy is KEY. Whatever you decide do it every single time, every single day. Until it “clicks”. Differant things work for different kids. I have 3 boys and they all potty trained at different times. What worked for 1 absolutely didn’t work for the other. I drove myself CRAZY comparing and trying things that worked for another child. Just do whatever works for you and try not to make your self crazy comparing your child to someone else’s child. Advice is advice but it doesn’t mean it will work for you!

I would strongly suggest you take her to the doctor and make sure she doesn’t have a medical condition. I was the same way as a child. My mother eventually took me to the doctor around three. I was diagnosed with OAB and Bladder reflux. Its something i still struggle with, it does get better with age tho.

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I had the same problem with my daughter and she’s 6 now and still has a accident ever now and then not often tho but at 4 I just walked her to the bathroom every 30 mins for a month straight it drove me crazy but after a month she had it down and learned to listen to her body mostly every now and then she gets to sucked into what she’s doing and doesn’t make it to the toliet

Every 30 mins put her on the potty. Consistancy.

As Cheyenne King said bladder reflux goes undetected by many doctors. She needs to see a urologist and have a ultra sound done. They fill up her bladder through a catheter then do a ultra sound as it flows back out. All the symptoms you are describing were the same. Bladder reflux also causes numerous urinary tract infections. A urologist is a good idea just to make sure.

My step son was like this. He was too into his game to stop and go toilet so would wee in his bedroom/wardrobe/ cupboard in his room. It was awful! He was a little older than your daughter. But I got to the stage where I got him to help me clean it up. Told him that he needed to use the toilet like a big boy. Every 30 minutes or so ‘pause’ whatever game she is playing with and take her toilet. It’s a bit like puppy training. Keep taking them until they go. I used to give my son a piece of chocolate every time he used the toilet, yes. Even in the morning! It worked though. I hope you get there soon. I understand the frustration!!x

Try take her to the ciro. I was the same when I was younger. When I went to the ciro they cracked my neck in a few sessions and I never had another accident. Something about being pulled out when I was born disconnected the connection of my bladder telling my brain I had to go

There r certain test required to see if she has a uninary issue. We had to go to my pediatrician then referred us to a Childrens hospital. She was 5. She ended up with a bladder disorder that involves the nerves. And sometimes accidents are signs of emotional stress. Maybe more than it seems.

I used a remote control for a tv and we used it to pause everything we hit the pause button and what ever you were doing everyone in the area would pause mine felt like she would miss something and it worked wonders she is 9 now and we have started doing this with my 2 year old and it’s still working with her too she will try and use the potty we also let her pause the area that way she knows she won’t miss anything

It could be a sign of ADHD. Hyper focusing and not “hearing” her body’s need to urinate.

Pull ups… she’s not being lazy. Not all kids develop that message in their brain that they have to “potty” at the same time. Some kids don’t fully develop this brain signal till their 6 or even 7! It’s not their fault at all. They have no sense that they have to go until they feel wetness all of a sudden. Be patient and let her wear pull ups


Alot of children do this when they are over engrossed in things. The most important thing is not to tell her off or punish her just say ok we will try again next time. I also wouldnt take something away i would introduce something. My son did this and so we gave him treats for having a full dry day. Telling them off will make the unsure of it all and hide it.


Set a schedule for when she needs to use the potty. As soon as she wakes up in the am, then after breakfast, etc. Im potty training my 2 year old, she won’t tell me when she has to go. I just put her on. And when I do ask she says no all the time. Stick with it, try pull up or get her the training pants that are thicker than underwear.


It’s ok just make sure there’s nothing psychologically wrong with her sometimes it’s a sign of another problem

Just want to sympathize with you on this. My 4 yr old boy is currently doing the same thing!! Even though he’s been potty trained and doing well since 2 yrs. All of a sudden accident after accident and has become a daily thing!! I’m going to start setting the timer, making him go regularly whether he wants to or not. And rewarding him with special treats for a full day of no accidents. Hope that does it!


Anytime she goes to the bathroom, do the BIGGEST dance ever & get overly super excited. I did that with my son when he did that & it helped a ton! & also don’t ask, tell her, hey it’s potty time let’s go!

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Definitely speak with your daughters pediatrician…could be an underlying medical issue…could be mental such as anxiety playing out tbis way. Kids are very perceptive and aware of things around them…COVID “lockdown” and all the changes could be a reason too.

She may not have the feeling she has to go may need to see a doctor

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Tell her that her toys will still be there after she goes to the bathroom. Put her on the toilet every hour. A potty watch is great-- it makes her responsible and aware at the same time. Make her clean herself up, clothes, floor, everything. She might even have to stop playing and take a bath!( not a fun bath with toys-washing up only) You can tell her that if she has an accident, she will lose her privilege for the toy she was playing with because she’s not making the good choice to stop playing with it and go potty. Stick to that no matter what- remove that toy for a day or two.
NEVER put her back in diapers or pull-ups. This will backfire for one of 2 reasons: 1–she’ll feel degraded or, 2-- it gives her permission to go in her pants and not use the potty.
You can try a chart with her favorite stickers --SHE puts 1 sticker on for each dry day and gets she gets a treat( a trip to the ice cream shop, a new headband, a book, new barrettes, etc.) at the end of each 7 dry days , adding 7 day increments as she goes. One month dry gets a big surprise. Then you’re done-- making sure she knows she can’t go back to accidents to get prizes. Above all, be consistent. As a mom, a grandma, and a Montessori 3-6 year old teacher since 1978, these are tried and true things to do.


It takes some kids longer than others. Just be patient I know it’s frustrating but you don’t want her to feel like she can’t tell u she had a accident. Just keep asking her if she has to go potty. She’ll outgrow it soon I promise. Mom of 3.

Let her wear pull-ups! They look like underwear, and if she has an accident she won’t feel that she has to hide her clothes.


Try not to worry. I know it can be frustrating but one of the best pieces of advice I heard when we were having similar issues was ’ they won’t still be doing it when they’re at college’
My boy was always just too excited about whatever he was doing to stop until it was too late! He’s 6 now and still does what we call a ‘wee dance’ and we have to go stop stop quick run to the toilet! :joy:. Good luck! Try not to stress or upset them. X

Having seen this before, I’d be taking her to the gp.
I’d get her general health check done, including kidneys. If that’s all OK, I’d then go with positive training. Also, don’t wait for her to tell you. Say ‘mummy needs a wee, ill race you to the toilet’ etc rather than ‘do you need a wee?’

Instead of asking her take her and when she goes celebrate, jump for joy. Positive reinforcement. Also it’s important for them to hear from you that accidents happen and you love her either way. Sticker chart when after she goes potty


My daughter was the same when she started toilet training, although in public and other people’s houses she was fine she’d use the toilet but at home, she’d wee anywhere and everywhere wouldn’t bother going to the toilet, that lasted about a year, she was 2 and a bit when she started, she’s now 7 and leaves going to the toilet till last minuet, I have no advise, I tried removing toys, time out taking her to the toilet myself every 10-15 minuets constantly asking if she needs to go, rewards you name it, she just eventually grew out of it,

Does she clean herself up? Redress herself? Sometimes making them do all including out wet ones in washing machine etc. they get tired of dealing with cleanup? :woman_shrugging:


my son had to go to jk in pull ups when he seen the other children go he wanted to go as well and we never had another trouble after that

I don’t know that Taking away her favorite toy is the answer to this problem.

Make her clean herself up. Rinse her own clothing out after the accident, re-dress herself. Go back to the timer method, on the potty every hour. Potty training shouldn’t be reinforced by negativity or discipline.I’m also a first time mom. My son will be 3 in March. Upon potty training him this past summer, when he started showing signs of regression this fall I went back to giving him the option of wearing a pull up for outings, in the car and bed time. He absolutely hated being in the diaper again. I also make him clean out his own potty when he uses it. I don’t know that this method would work for every one. This is what worked for us though. My son sleeps through the night with no diapers. And has been in the car for 4+ hours no diaper. He’ll be 3 March 6th.


My son did this and I have babysat many kids that did this also. They are just scared they are gonna miss something, just like when they dont want to stop playing to take a nap. I think what you’re doing is fine! I did the same thing to my son. He grew out of it!

My son is having this priceless problem too! Also he never wakes up dry, no matter how many potty tries, small water drinks and none before bed, nothing works. We were not using pull ups but he goes through sheets and jammies so often and needs a 6:30 am bath before daycare everyday. We’re losing our minds

Never take a child’s stuff away that is counter productive. This could be manifesting from anxiety or something else. Some kids just take longer for their bodies to send those signals to a child. She will get it just don’t make it a huge deal that could backfire badly.

Dont ask her just put her on the potty. When we were having that issue I brought out the timer and every hr she had to sit whether she had to go or not. If we’re out running errands, even if she says no I make mine try and she almost always has to go.


All so just ask her what dp you want tp quit going in her clothes an use the grandson said speggittos told him one month no accidents i would get him a case worked.u also need to remember that is the one thimg they. Have controll over.

Having the same issue with my almost 4 year old. Instead of asking if she has to go potty i just tell her to go. I ask every 30mins to an hour and everything she goes. Is tough but you got this momma.

We got my son a potty watch. You can set it to go off every 30, 60, or 90 minutes and it tells them to go to the bathroom. It was a fun and cool thing for him and it helped A LOT.

Stick with a schedule–toilet before and after eating, when she gets up in the morning, and after naps. You also have the option of putting her back in diapers. My second granddaughter (3 years old), just decided one day that she was done with diapers. Some kids just take longer. I do know that it will get worse if you are stressed about it. And, of course, make sure that there are no medical conditions.

So couple of questions:

  1. can she just not realize she had to go until she really has to go and then she just can’t make it in time? I personally am this way, i dont have to go into i have to go.

  2. try setting a timer for every 30 minutes and when the timer goes off she has to go sit on the potty and try to go for a couple minutes

  3. no one likes to ask this question but has she been inappropriately touched? This can be a huge sign of abuse that most people don’t realize.

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Potty timer every 30 minutes have her sit for no less than 2min and then after a week or two go to every hour then so on as it fits your schedule

Put her back in diapers. She’s not ready.

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Every child is different and every parents method to potty training is different. In my state most schools will not accept your child into kindergarten unless they are potty trained, but kindergarten is also not a requirement. I wouldn’t be worried about other children making fun of her more so the part of if she will be accepted into the school. And yes, I know I’m probably going to get crap for saying that, but it’s fact here in my state. One question I have is, was your daughter potty trained before this or did you just start potty training. My daughter is 3 and we had tried several times to potty train and she was just not getting it so we took a break and tried to make the potty sound awesome and explain that she has to learn to use the potty if she wants to go to school. Once we picked it back up on trying she was ready. Now she had accidents and we made her help clean up. At some point we started doing timeouts only because it was obvious she knew when she needed to go because she would hide and then pee or poop herself. I would have not done timeouts if it wasn’t obvious she knew when she needed to go. And I know some parent would not agree with me on this as well. Lots of positive reinforcement when she did go. Dancing and clapping, fruit snacks, etc. We tried stickers on paper and she didn’t care, but she loved putting them on her potty. She’s been accident free for about 1 1/2 months now. We couldn’t force her to sit on the potty ourselves or it was a fight but I know that works for some parents. You’re honestly just going to have to try to figure out what works best for you and her and I wish you luck.

Time outs. 4 minutes each time since she is 4yrs old!

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My daughter is five and has been doing that just at home.if they know better and there’s nothing wronge I usually take away the for everything atleast for me

Talk to her doctor about the timer method and to see if any medical issues but my girls took till age 5 to potty train fully

Don’t ask. Sit her on the toilet every hour whether she says she has to or not. Eventually she’ll just go on her own. If she does go on her own make a huge deal about like you won the lottery. Pick up the phone and pretend you’re talking to grandma or whoever and brag about what she did.


Make her take scheduled potty breaks even when she says she did need to.

Start taking her to the toilet every hour. Be with her and make sure she gets on the potty. Stay with her till she is done and washes her hands. It will click in . I know it sounds tedious, but don’t we all need a little extra attention once in a while ?

Your best bet would be having you child use the bathroom like a small schedule she can follow. Can be from every half after she’s had something to drink. I’m having same problem with my 5year. But I’m also potty training a 3yr old and 2yr who’s following along. So this is my only solution for now as they will not tell me if they need potty time. Hopefully you get some helpful tips. And she passes this stage before she starts school.

If there is no reason that is evident, I say ‘give it a try’!

Take her to the toilet and sit her on it often

I personally don’t think she should be punished by taking her favorite toy. That’s just cruel in my opinion. She doesn’t have control over her bladder yet, she’s still young and learning.
Perhaps she can’t feel that she has to go? Start potty training from the beginning. Have her go on a timer, sit on the potty for a few minutes every 30 minutes, first thing when she wakes up, etc. Get on a schedule until she can do it on her own. You can try the three day method of wearing no clothes for two days and getting on the potty of a schedule then panties/regular clothes the third day and having an putting for a few hours.
Also don’t ask her if she has to pee, just have her sit on the potty.


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Have the Dr check her for UTI

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My granddaughter went through the same thing. Turned out she was constipated due to an issue with her colon. She wasn’t feeling an urge to go because of all the pressure on her bladder. It is now controlled and she rarely has an accident. Her pediatrician kept saying it was behavioral but my daughter finally took her to a GI specialist and got answers. I’m not saying that she has the same issue but it may be worth looking into.


Our doctor said the brains signals to the bladder are not fully developed until around age 9, unfortunately bodies don’t go based on what we want. The truth is it will happen when their body is ready. Punishing them for something they have no control over can just make matters worse


I’m having the same issue with my 2 year old except, she will only pee on the potty and refuses to poop. We’ve tried everything. Making her sit every hour, giving her rewards, catching her when she does it and make her sit down, taking things away, poop showers (cause she isn’t fond of water over her head and sometimes she plays with it and is covered head to toe). Idk what else to do either.

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Ask the advice of her pediatrician not the internet for this , it may be medical or not and will have professional knowledge pediatricians deal with this issue often and every child is different and unique there are many good opinions here but how to choose from so many that don’t know your child is really hard . Good luck mom I’m certain she won’t be walking down the aisle in a diaper that’s what my pediatrician told me lol

Take her to the potty often. Make a schedule if you have to. Allow her to sit there for just a few minutes and if nothing happens she can get back to whatever she was doing, if she does go give a small reward. I mean small. Mine would get two m and m’s. It helps her cue into the signs her body gives her more. If she does have a week with no accidents then maybe a reward. If I may ask, does she stay dry at night?


If it’s the fact that she keeps peeing, leave her half undressed. Put her in dresses or a shirt but no bottoms. Some kids don’t like the feeling of the pee running down them and them being covered in pee. Pants and underwear absorb it so the underwear feels wet but that’s it.

I had to re-read this because I thought it was my post from the other day in a different group :rofl:. My 4 year old daughter is doing THE SAME THING. I have asked her if she can feel she has to go and she says yes, she just doesn’t want to. She has peed while playing and just sat in it like it like nothing happened. Or she will wait until the last minute and miss the toilet but then not tell me she peed all over the floor so I get a nice surprise when I go in after her :roll_eyes:.
She has been checked and she medically has no issues. We have talked to her multiple times about it and she just says she doesn’t want to go because it isn’t fun.
Last time she peed in her room and didn’t say anything I took all her stuffed animals and our them outside her door. Every night before bed (if her behavior was good and she had no lazy potty moments) she can earn a few animals back. If she didn’t have a good day she doesn’t get any of them and if she lied at all she loses ones she earned back. The system seems to be working. We have also stopped calling them accidents because it’s not… it is a choice she is making to not go when she feels like she has to. She also helps me clean up any potty mess she makes.


She isnt ready and maybe your pushing the big girl thing to hard. My youngest is having the same issues but she is also not adjusting well to change and vehemently hates the idea of anything related to being a “big girl” or not being a baby but only when pushed. I gently encourage but dont punish. Even when i know she can help it. She will do it when she is comfortable in her environment again. Emotions are tied to all body functions. And sometimes 4 years old do get so distracted when busy or distracted that they don’t easily recognize the signs of needing to go. Theyre too focused on what is going on around them.


Take her to the potty consistently. Every hour if need be. I personally wouldn’t punish her. My son’s pediatrician said sometimes it feels like a loss to a child to go in the potty. Just be patient. It will take time and patience.


After she tells you no on the use of the bathroom while your out take her any way and repeatly take her dont wait for her to say something … you have to help her get into the groove of going … Tell to go dont wait…

You have turned potty training into such a negative thing no wonder why she’s having such a hard time. I can feel the anger from you myself I’m sure she’s feeling it 100xs worse.


Even if she says she doesnt have to go make her anyway. Always make it exciting and say ok well let’s go try real fast and when she goes get all excited for her and say give five. My 2 year old nephew does this and my 4 year old niece done this when she was 2 also.

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My Neice would do this up until she was 5. She had no health problems. Her pediatrician said it’s laziness. He recommended making her get up from what she’s doing to use the bathroom. She needed pulled away from what she’s doing to use her brain for other things besides what she’s doing at the moment


My 4year old was officially completely trained a week before she started school, accidents are a rare occurrence and she’s only had 2 accidents at school (before they shut down) every child is different i attempted the negative feedback trick (like taking things away) and it made it so much worse, we went to drs and therapist even got her tested for autism during that time period (although for more than mere wetting herself) in the end it turned out she wasn’t comfortable going to the washroom and didn’t want to be there by herself, so I had to make sure I could accommodate her learning period to the point I was waking her once a night to bring her to the washroom if she was awake or not, which isn’t exactly easy with 2 children younger than her around, but once she had her confidence then she started doing it herself and coming to tell me, very proudly, the first few times I threw everything I was doing down and we had a dance party,


More praise when she does go…i would do a pee pee dance with mine…They love your happiest reaction…makes them look forward to going so they can do something fun with you.

Dont ask her if she has to go
just take her to the potty at least every hour required


Put her on a strict potty break schedule. Practice saying “we’re going to try anyway” when she says she doesn’t have to. When she starts school, they will have regular bathroom breaks. Maybe let the teacher know that she needs to try every time, so she doesnt skip the break time.

she may be trying to show you that she is upset about something. 4 year olds aren’t good at openly expressing fears or anxieties.


I feel like ur expecting way too much from a 4 year old. She is 4 and she is still developing and I don’t think she is intentionally “lying” to u or “sneaking” around I think she is busy, distracted, preoccupied and scared of losing her favorite things forever for having an accident. A week is forever for a 4 year old. Maybe u should stop talking about it for awhile and make a new game plan. Limit fluids take her to the bathroom more often have ur partner help u. Keep it positive or ur poor daughter won’t want to go for u when she is having a hard time with potty time because she might think Ull just get mad at her. I also think ur focus shouldn’t be that she’ll be bullied I promise u all those kids have a change of clothes for accidents because it’s normal at this age. Ur focus should be u can do it I know u can! It’s ok we’ll get it next time! Have her go pick out new pretty panties get her books on potty time and videos for kids.


She is not being sneaky by hiding soiled clothes. She is probably both embarrassed and doesn’t want to disappoint you.

Take her every hour. Anyone saying she’s “not ready” and leave her in pull ups amazes me. She is 4, she needs to learn and should be encouraging techniques not to wait "until she’s ready’. Encourage her and give a sticker or small candy as a reward for going, set a special timer, pretty panties, and let her go when you go so she can see how it’s done.

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A friend of mine bought her 4 year old daughter a watch with a timer, she set it and every time it went off it was time to try. She had her potty trained in 2 weeks. Of course the watch was a cute girly one that she was excited to have to start the process. Good luck!


Its normal we all went through this all kids are different each child has his or her time… its ok yo use pull up and she will eventually see other kids in school going to the loo and will not even want the nappy she will feel the need to also use the loo that’s how she will learn . No pressure no punishment. My daughter did the same thing I put the pull up and within a few days of she refused the pull up as she saw the other kids going to the loo so thats how they will learn. From other kids. Same story with the bottle… eventually they will stop being a caterpillar and become this beautiful :heart_eyes: independent butterfly. So just relax it is normal.

My son had accidents until I started making him clean himself and the area he messed up. He got grossed out and then stopped. Sometimes I had to go hand over hand to get him to clean up but he had to clean up. I would still have to clean after he cleaned because obviously he is not going to do it great when he was that age but he did not like clean up. The fact he did not like it and it grossed him out made him pay closer attention. We also took away whatever it was he was playing with at that time until the next day telling him if your so focused on this toy that you can not go to the potty then you can not play with it the rest of the day. Maybe tomorrow you can play with it again.

No all of that said has your child been fully potty trained during the day. If she has and since that time has there been any major changes in her life and with who she hangs out with. Because sometime that can play apart. For my son the doctor and I knew there was no changes I know and was around everyone he was around that is why we (the doctor suggested it and I was will to give it a try) have him clean himself up.