My friends have told me my son should be potty trained: Advice?

So my son is almost 2. He’ll be on 2 February 15th. I’ve been told by a lot of people that he’s supposed to be potty trained/training by now. It made me really start thinking if he’s behind or something. Should he be potty trained already? How should I go about teaching/helping potty train? He hasn’t shown any signs yet that he’s ready(that I know of from what I’ve read or heard about). I’d really like to help him start if it isn’t too early or too late. I have another baby due in May, and I was hoping that I could have him started by then.

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My son is 2.5, and is just starting. That’s ridiculous, to each their own, but under 2 seems early.


My kid wasn’t fully potty trained till 4. Fully meaning she stopped having accidents at night in bed. Don’t listen to your friends lol


I wouldnt say hes behind. Mini turned 2 in August last yeat and we are barely getting anywhere with it.

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Every child is different. He’ll be ready in his own time.

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Every kid is different. Don’t push it. When he’s ready he’ll let you know. Read books about it, watch DVDS. But if you force it it wont last. My daughter was potty trained at 2, my nephew at 4. My 2 year old niece not yet.

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My first potty trained at 2 1/2 my second at 3 years and my third is just starting too at two. Point I’m making is every child is different. When they are ready they will do it. Don’t stress mama!

My daughter is almost three and just now showing signs. He’ll let you know when he’s ready don’t force oh

My son turned two In Sept, and we’ve only started introducing the potty. He’s not quite ready and that’s ok

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Tell your friends to shut up and mind their own business.
Kids are ready at their own pace. There’s no “set” age!!!


My son wasn’t fully potty trained until he was 5, he always had anxiety thinking he was going to pee on the floor. Every child goes at their own pace.

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My son’s took forever to potty train. Daughters were easy but idk if prob start attempting to train him now? If he shows signs he is ready of course

You don’t generally even start to show that concept until around 2 some kids take until they are 3 to be complete if not longer but I never introduced it until around 2


Boys are usually harder to potty train. He will show signs when he is ready. When he is ready, sticker charts with a prize at the end of the week, videos, or books when he start to go on the toilet.

Every child learns at a different pace. My pediatrician said that boys usually start training later than girls and that normally isn’t until they’re 3ish.

Every kid is so different! My SD was potty trained by 18 months. I tried with my daughter at 18 mos and she wasn’t having it. She finally trained at 2.5. He will show signs of being ready, don’t force it!

I’m a stay at home mom and my oldest is 8. I kept listening to others and tried potty training him at 2. Let’s just say he was not potty trained till the age of about 3 1/2- almost 4. He was not ready. Once I stepped back and listened to him and his cues… it took about a week to potty train him.

Everyone potty trains at their own pace.
My step son was potty trained at 2.5, but my son who is 3.5 still hasn’t mastered pooping on the potty. However, for pee one day he just decided he was going to pee on the potty.

My best advice to ask him to sit on the potty about 20 minutes after any meals / medium - large consumption of liquids.

But don’t fret! My mom always says - everyone is potty trained by the time they start college!
Best of luck Mama! :heart::heart:

Every child is different. My daughter was 4 before she was potty trained, mostly because she just flat out refused to go on the pot :roll_eyes: but we got there eventually

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Um every child is different…

He isn’t behind at all!! Any time after two would be fine to introduce him to the potty . But every child is different so don’t panic if he’s not ready by then.

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Both my boys potty trained right before or right after turning 3. Don’t listen to those people. 2 is really early to be potty trained.

My baby’s 3 and I can barely get her to wear panties! :woman_facepalming:t2:

Mine didn’t start until she was 2.5 closer to 3…

They do it on their own time my son was 3 before he was completely potty trained…

Your friends sound stupid :smirk:


You can start trying to at 2, but its unrealistic to expect them to be trained at 2. Boys usually take a little longer. I have 3 boys, all started to train at 2.5 years and weren’t fully trained til closer to 4.

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My kid didn’t pick it up until he was a little over 3. All kids are different. Don’t let anyone guilt you into believing your child is behind based on the performance of another.
Keep working at it, he’ll get it eventually.

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Tell them mind there own business my little one is 2 since October she is potty trained now this week cz she was showing all signs. You will know when he is ready x


My 1st was potty trained by 3. My 2nd refused to be trained til 4 1/2.

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I will tell you something that someone very close to me told me. She said “have you ever seen any kids start grade 1 not being able to use the toilet.”

Each child is different and some take longer than others. My son took a bit longer… he was fully potty trained at 3years but I allowed him to go at his own pace and I gave him a reward system…

Stay strong mommy and don’t listen to them :heart:

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Yeah, no! I have my degree in Early Childhood Development. Typically it’s like 2.5-3, but like the others have said, even then it’s more about when the child is ready! If you force it they get scared!


My daughter wasnt potty trained until 3…despite what people said I wasnt doing it until I felt she was ready! I’m glad I did it when I did because it was really easy and she was completely dry 24/7 a few weeks later! Xx


If he’s not ready and you start it’ll take longer. I started before my oldest was really ready, a little before 2 and she literally just stopped pooping her pants at 4 1/2. Meanwhile I completely ignored my second child and she literally potty trained herself :woman_shrugging:t3:

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Each kid is different my nephew is 5 and just now fully potty trained if he goes commando. We tried 3 different times he do good then relapse so to speak. My son was 3 when we started.

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He will use the potty when he is ready you can keep asking him every half hour if he has to go potty or try sitting him on the potty but he’s not gonna use it until he’s ready


Every kid is different. I always wait until my boys are about 2.5 and they’ve all done amazing.

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Not behind at all. If you think he is not ready to be toilet trained, don’t put that unnecessary pressure and stress on yourself or your child. There’s plenty of time for that. People will always find a reason to criticize others and I’m pretty sure no one grew up and still wearing nappies. :woman_shrugging:t2:


Your friends are idiots and need to mind their own business.


Kids potty train at their own signs of readiness. Doctors and therapists will even tell you to NOT force it.

Mine wasn’t 100% done potty training till 4. He started around 3. Big deal!

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Don’t push them if they aren’t ready!

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I would say now is the time to introduce the potty. I think my kid was just barely 3 when she was trained (a few accidents sometimes).

Every. Single. Child. IS DIFFERENT!! Tell your friends they’re idiots. Most children aren’t fully potty trained until 3 and even then some take a little longer! There’s a reason 4K children are supposed to put a change of clothes in their book bag. My boys were relentless. Both boys finally were FULLY potty trained right before they turned 5. By age 4 they were in undies all day but night time was our worst struggle. Don’t beat yourself up! All you can do if keep trying. Forcing a child could make them take even longer.


Do these friends even have children? That’s such an unrealistic standard for a child to be potty trained by 2.

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My son just turned 4 and he was fully potty trained by September. It took a lot of work. Everyone is different and children don’t care about following socal norms. Tell your friend to shove it or she is more than welcomed to potty train your kid for you

Every child is different. My daughter started learning at school but would not tell us that she wants to use the loo when we were home, and mess herself. Her teacher suggested we keep her in her panty for longer at home to encourage her and I would ask her of she would like to use the loo. It didn’t work out as and when I would ask her.

She was sick with flu one week and we kept her nappy on, I didn’t want to force her during that time. However one of the days she just asked to use the loo. On her own.

Shes been using it during daytime ever since. Shes 2 years and 8 months

My girls were both potty trained by 2 1/2 but my son is 3 1/2 and could care less! They are all different!

He’s at the perfect age to start introducing him and get him interested. All kids develop at different ages so there’s really NO exact age. I ran a daycare for over 28 years and we saw it all! Parents would say my 9 month old is trained if you put her on the toilet after her feeding. No they were trained, not their baby.

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My daughter just turned 4 and we just got her COMPLETELY POTTY TRAINED. Yes the pressure of getting your kids potty trained at a specific age is draining but I have found out when they’re ready they will do it. Good luck, mama!:purple_heart:

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Mine was almost 3 and training but regressed when his little brothers were born. Every child is different and there’s no magic number :woman_shrugging:t2:

my daughter was 3. she was ready then. my son is 2 en says; nonono :joy:

The doctor told me that some start early but the actual age that the need to be able hold it is 3 years old. Some kids start early but like everything, it’s different for each child. My first started wanting to use the potty at 1.5 years and then just lost interest. All of mine picked it up around 3. You can always offer to go potty but I wouldn’t force it. If you make it hard for them they may struggle a lot and you will get as equal frustrated. Good luck to you both.

Mine son didn’t until he was about three. Your friends are being judgey.

My oldest was potty trained by time he was 2 but my youngest didn’t until after 3. You got time mama. Don’t rush him :slight_smile: you will know when hes ready

Just hopping on to say he shares my birthday! But seriously good luck with potty training. My daughter was almost 5 when she became completely toilet trained, she autistic. It was a frustrating journey, but we did the dang thing.

Heck my youngest is 4 and it took me 5 months to potty train him. He is not my bio kid. When his dad and I got together he told me he has asked the babysitter to help him and even paid them extra and they didnt do it. He was a single dad no help from the bio mom and he worked 50hr a week. So when I came into his life i worked with my son it took him 5 months. They will do it when there ready!

That’s total crap my daughter is 2 and a half and is not potty trained I tried when she was 2 but she wasn’t interested so I left it I may try again soon to see what she does but seriously don’t worry and please don’t force your child it will make it harder

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Every child is different. I took my son for his 2 yr appointment yesterday and his doctor said that you just have to watch for signs and start potty training when he’s ready. Her exact words “some kids are fully potty trained by 2 yrs old, some aren’t until they are 3 or 4. And that’s okay, and completely normal. You can’t force them to be potty trained, it’s a work in progress”

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If your son is showing signs he is ready for potty training then that’s when you start it, introduce a potty into the house though so he gets use to it being there

Everyone is different. Stop listening to people and their opinions. Unless your doctor says their is an issue you may not potty train until 3 4or 5 and that’s between your family and your doctor not people who have no real impact on your daily life.

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My son wasn’t even interested until 2 1/2 or 3 to start. You guys are just fine! Tell your friends to butt out!


My kid was fully potty trained at 4

I live in South MS and the preschools/daycares here want your child to be potty trained or learning to potty train by age 3.

We started ours at age 2, regardless if they showed signs or not. Walmart sells a miniature “My Size Potty”. It looks and even makes flushing sounds like an actual toilet.

We start off with a small routine (after morning wake up, before and after nap, and before bed). Then, we add 15-30 minutes after eating…unless they’ve already gone. And we stick to that routine. My 4 year old was potty trained in 6 months. My 2.5 year old is still learning. Praise praise praise if they do pee pee or poo poo in the potty! Even if they tell you they have to go and they potty on themselves, praise them for atleast telling you!

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My son will be 4 in May… he’s only been potty trained for about 4 months. My oldest was potty trained at his 3rd birthday. Every kid is different. I think ‘the experts’ say it’s easiest to potty train 1.5-2yrs.

My son is 2… will be 3 in April…hes “basically” potty tained. He never poops in his pullup but he does pee in it sometimes but he uses the potty almost always. But we have been working with him for awhile now. Everyone learns and trains at different ages and speeds. Do it when you see fit. I also have a daughter that potty trained early and everytime she goes…of course he has to go…so that helps as well. Just get him a potty and start inducing it.

My grandson & my daughter live with me, since his birth. We just got him one of the Elmo flush potty seats.

He does NOT use it. He tries :joy: he stands in front of it, he sits on it, but he has not figured out what exactly he is supposed to do yet.

So we just try to take him to it multiple times a day, we sit on the big potty & go in front of him while he sits on his.

Just let him get used to it being around. Tell him what it’s for, & do lots & lots of practice runs.

But do NOT feel pressured that he should be doing it yet. That’s crazy! Now by 3 1/2 if he’s not doing it you might worry a bit :wink:

Not trained but my 4 yr old boy didnt wear a diaper since he was 3. Because the weather was hot then he told us he doesnt like diaper anymore. He still pee accidnetally on a bed but have to let him pee before he sleeps and middle of s night sometimes.

Every kid is different don’t worry to much

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My 2 oldest were 2 and 1/2 before they were completely potty trained.

My youngest was about 2 and 1/2 when he STARTED potty training and wasnt totally out of diapers (at night) til he was almost 4.

Every. Kid. Is. Different.

That’s really unrealistic. I understand starting potty training at 2, if the child is showing signs of being ready. But your baby isn’t even 2 yet! I’m sorry your friends sound judgmental, and ignorant. All 3 of my older kids started showing signs of being ready between 2-3, and we all potty trained by 3-31/2. But kids will let you know when they are ready, they will start showing the signs. So I would ignore your friends, your baby isn’t supposed to be potty trained by 2.

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My son was close to 4 :joy: my daughter was close to 3.

Kids will potty train when they are ready, tell all those perfect parents to shut up!

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I’ve potty trained 5 kids around 2 is a good time but my 3rd daughter was potty trained at 13 months :heart_eyes:

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My son potty trained when he was nearly 4! Don’t stress yourself. He will learn when he is ready :relaxed::relaxed:

My oldest was potty trained by two and my youngest was potty training at two fully potty trained by 3 each kid is different

My youngest is not even two and shows interest in potty training but my middle.xhild who’s 3 has absolutely no interest and my about to be 5 year old had to be given no option at 4 for her to do anything. Every kid is different

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I don’t know where you live, but I know we have schools here where I live that unless you have a note from the doctor, they won’t let your kid into kindergarten unless they are fully potty trained. But you have plenty of time for all that. Good luck!!! And definitely don’t listen to your friends. Always consult your pediatrician if you are having any concerns.

My girls potty trained at 10 months and 18 months I have a 9 month old and I can’t imagine him being ready at 10 months like my daughter was. I’d just try and see what he thinks.

I have 5 children and they have all been different. My 2 oldest girls were trained by 2 but my son didn’t do it until he was 3 1/2. Now we have a 3 year old girl and newborn and our 3 year old refuses to use the restroom. She talks about it and knows exactly what to do but refuses. I’m praying our newborn will be easy like the 2 oldest.

Umm both of mine were almost 3. He is not even 2. Tell her to mind her own!

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He’s not behind. You may want to put his potty chair next to the toilet, and allow him to see you using toilet, saying " mama has to potty" and asking “do you have to potty” ? Use the potty word when you change him so he starts to get the connection.
Relax. Eventually they all learn, albeit some before others. The surest way to fail would be to pressure him.

My daughter didn’t potty train until 3, they will signal when they are ready. Don’t fret


He will be ready when he is ready, we tried introducing the potty to my son at 2 and he was not ready till 5 months after he turned 3. He may not be ready and that’s ok!

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My son will be 2 on may 23rd. I’m due may 10th with my second. I don’t want my son scared or feel forced to be on the potty so my thought is when he understands the concept of having to go potty I’ll tell him to pee on a tree or something outside. He’ll think it’s fun and a game.

My kids were close to 3!

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My son was 2 1/2, boys are always slower then girls.

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My youngest just turned 2 and we haven’t started yet. With my older two I just waited until they were 3 and did the naked thing. He’s starting to show an interest so I think we’ll start soon. Anytime someone comments on it I just say “Are you the one changing him? No? Then don’t worry about it.” Shuts em up every time.

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I have a 2 year old boy who only 2day pissed in his dump truck and continued 2 play with said truck!! I’m sorry I didn’t wait coz now he won’t wear a nappy and goes in anything with an opening… Take ur time


As long as he’s potty trained for school don’t worry hun can he tell you when he has gone in his diaper? Does he understand when it’s time for a bum change ?

I just read a book by a person who helps parents with potty training. She said the ideal age for potty training is between 20-30 months. Now the reason for this is that a lot of children are still reasonable at this age and like to please their parents and haven’t totally gone into the stage where they are consistently pushing boundaries and think they shouldn’t have to listen to anyone. Obviously some children are more
complaint at any age than others. She also dispels the myths that your child will show you they are “ready”. She claimed potty training is a learned skill so you just have to teach them that skill. Many kids will never Indicate they are “ready”. I have five children and when I waited too long, it was a much bigger fight than it needed to be. There is no right or wrong I think some just believe it may be easier if you start a little earlier. He is definitely not “behind” since it is a learned skill and not a developmental milestone

My son turned 3 dec 19th and hes not 100% potty trained yet, and we started a week before his bday

My son will be 5 in march he just got potty trained a month ago. Still wears pull ups to bed though. Don’t listen to the other parents that think they are perfect because there kid was potty trained early. Kids will go on potty when they are ready. Take him to potty every half hour. Set a timer and reward him with toys or candy when he goes and gets the hang of it. You are doing just fine mama. It took my son a week for him to get it.

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My daughter is almost 2 1/2 and potty trained. Her daycare has helped so much I told them what I was doing at home and vice versa. I implemented what they do and it took no time to do it. Living in South MS they want them potty trained by three at daycare.

Get new friends. A child won’t necessarily develop the nerve telling them they need a wee until five! You can play guess the wee where you make a diary of when they wee and put them on a potty/toilet half an hour before. I “potty-trained” mine in a week doing that (and it leads to loads of accidents!) What you’re better off doing is looking for signs that he’s putting his hand on his pants or seeming to hold his penis (look in supermarkets at kids trying to get parents’ attention and you’ll see what I mean!) I would start the big boy pants and why it’s nice to be dry chat from about 2.5 at the earliest. Some girls do know before then, but most don’t and boys are usually older than girls in their development. Nurseries tend to use the regular potty trips method rather than actual toilet training. This was popular 30-40 years ago - so if you put ME on a toilet, I wee :joy:

I’m sorry this may come off rude .
But fuck them
And their lame opinion
My 3 year old, TERRIFIED of a potty lmao,
He is your son when he is ready he will let you know, I promise.
My nephew was almost 4 before potty trained fully

Is he dry overnight? If not, hus BODY may not be ready.

Is he scared of it? His MIND may not be ready.

Trying to force it won’t make it happen faster!


No way I don’t know who told u that!! Boys especially are later potty trainers. They just take longer to do it. My son was 4 when he finally was 100% trained. So just do your thing and let him decide when he’s ready


Ped told me not to even talk to her about it till he was 3. I trained him at 2.5 but i knew he was ready. Pediatricians typically say 3 for boys. Boys are much different than girls.

Both my girls were potty training by 2… They were NOT potty trained till after they were 3 .