My husband complains my food isn't good: Help!

My husband complains that I do not cook “good enough” what are some recipes I can try that are easy and taste good? i will admit i am not the best cook…give me all the tips and tricks to please this man because lord knows that I am trying


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. My husband complains my food isn't good: Help!r

Pinterest and Google are my best friends. I get tired of repetitive meals so I’m sheets trying something new. As long as you can follow instructions, then you can cook!

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Have him cook. Problem solved.


find a cooking group on fb or instagram if you have 1.

Tell him to make his own food. :woman_facepalming:.


You can only try so much if not tell him to cook his food lol

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Food fusion
easy peasy lemon squeezy… plus it taste too good.

Be greatful for what your given or go without


Try some fb groups or simple recipes and there is nothing wrong with him joining you in cooking. Maybe he should see that it takes time to learn.

Try hello fresh or Pinterest as previously suggested

Don’t be submissive - if he has that attitude make him cook dinner


I think it’s great you want to learn new things to try. However, I do not think its great that you’re doing it for HIS benefit! Do it for you! He is grown. Tell him to cook his own food if he’s gonna be a douche canoe about it. I am all for learning new things. Not about learning them to benefit ungrateful ass hats!

There’s a great recipe called ‘like it or lump it mate’
This isn’t the 1950s, he can always cook


I don’t think it’s recipes as much as knowing what things mean such as saute or measurements…wet vs dry. Having new spices not out dated. Don’t over cook/under cook. Lasagna, spaghetti…easy.


Wow, the poster asks for helps to improve her cooking skills.

And many of the responses are not helpful.

Suggestion that she be happy with poor to mediocre cooking skills or to stop cooking entirely, or tell him he should be grateful for awful cooking, eat what he is given or go without rather than to try to improve.

Wow, just wow…


What are his favorite meals … Do spins on that. What does he order at restaurants? What r your regular meals. Do you have kids to feed too? Ask him to teach you or ask his mom what he likes… Get tips from her. And dont feel embarrassed to ask… She will see you are trying to make your husband/ her son happy.

Cooking with love the food tastes better lol :joy:
Not but seriously i think you should just watch your measurements and don’t over cook your food there’s a lot of YouTube recipes and Pinterest and Fb,Ig Tik Tok don’t let nothing get to you not everyone is good at cooking :cook: and it’s okay! Hang in there :pray:t3:

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A knuckle sandwich hahahaha

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Ask him what he would like. Ask what he thinks the issue is. Cook together. It can be fun.


A few things that helped me massively is don’t ever put salt into what you’re cooking until it’s DONE and then add little by little until it’s right at the end. Also, over-mixing things can make it mushy. And using butter or margarine keeps food from sticking to the bottom of a pan. You almost never have to use high heat. Just above the medium temperature is usually the go to. When you cover food with a lid, don’t allow the steam to fall back into your pan or pot. Have a dishrag next to your stove at all times and wipe things constantly. But do this for YOURSELF and not for that ape, okay?

What doesn’t he like about the way you cook? Do you overcook the meat? Is it not seasoned enough?

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Jesus Christ I couldn’t imagine living with some of you. Criticism is a good thing sometimes nothing wrong with honesty or improvement.

I would go on strike … stop cooking for him … just cook for yourself and if you have kids .


All the women just telling her to be disrespectful to her man. Has it occurred to you she’s trying to make her husband happy because she’s a good wife? From a man’s perspective of you catch that attitude or tell me to cook myself after working all day Is ask you why I bother with you if you don’t care about me. That being said, see if you can find out about what his mother used to cook that’s normally what I return to even as an adult. I mine simple things like Goulash, hamburger steaks, smothered pork chops and tamale pie.


Make him cook instead


Follow Marion Grasby or Marions Kitchen. She explains everything so well. From cooking techniques to ingredients and more. Plus she is so easy to follow are her recipes are AMAZING!

Does he not like what you cook? Or he says it doesnt taste good? What is the real issue

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cut up chicken, boil to cook it, add garlic alfredo sauce and cooked rotini noodles all mixed together and warmed on the stove.
mix flour, garlic salt, meat tenderizer and seasoned salt in a plastic bag. coat fish filets (or chicken strips/nuggets/ etc) and fry in vegetable oil.
if you have a crock pot, put two lbs cut up stew beef, diced potatoes, cut up onions, carrots and celery. season as you like. add one or two packets of gravy mix, add one box of beef broth or beef stock. cool on low for 8 hrs.

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Add more butter and garlic to everything.

Honestly I would ask him what he likes you to cook my husband is a very simple guy eats only a few things so he’s easy to please lol but talk with him come up with a meal plan and maybe shop together for things and do simple recipes online :grin:

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Get a pan of water and bring it to a boil, while you’re doing that take a knife and some bread, spread the bread with peanut butter on one side jelly on the other. Now with the boiling pan of water add ramen noodles. Cook as directed, and tell him from now on its ramen and pb&j or he’s cooking.


I use the tasty app. I always read the reviews for tips/changes that others suggest. Most of the recipes I’ve tried from that app have been really good and the suggestions from reviewers are usually right on point to make it them better.

Honestly if the key that help us grow and be better at something.
What exactly he does not like about your cooking? The choices , the flavor ?
Ask him what are his favorites plates and try to watch some videos about it, he can also teach you how to make it , or you can even take some classes

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That’s kind of mean. Even when I burn my food my SO says it’s still good. Maybe ask him what he’d like for dinner go on Pinterest and find a recipe for it. That’s how I get most of my recipes :joy:


Stuffed Peppers, Cabbage Rolls, Baked Lasagna or steak and double baked poroe are always great. Invite company too cause they will appreciate the goodness…

Can dm me if u want my special spices remedies :grinning: best of luck doll

Mexican casserole

I eyeball everything.

Depends how many people you’re cooking for. Brown some ground beef I usually do about two pounds. add whatever seasonings you like. My favorites are garlic salt seasoning mix, garlic powder, onion powder, sometimes I’ll throw in dehydrated minced onion. Seasoning salt, little bit of red pepper flakes, black pepper, Taco seasoning add about quarter cup water and cook it.

1 can of kidney beans (rinse)
1 can of crushed tomatoes
1 little can of green chilies
1 can of Mexico r or regular corn. I use what I have on hand.
1 small can of tomato sauce

Mix it all in and cook it for about 10-15 minutes so all the flavors cook in. When I cook with canned tomatoes I alway add a teaspoon of white sugar. It cuts acidity. Try for it see if you like how it’s seasoned. And if you need to add anything else.

Transfer into 9 by 13 baking pan. Sprinkle about two cups or more of cheese on top. I use cheddar, mexi cheese or Colby. Just whatever you prefer.

Then take the crescent dough. Put it on top. Stretch it out so it fits. You can even use a rolling pin to flatten it more. Put it on top. Put in preheated oven at 350 until golden brown.
It’s delicious. So easy and fast. Makes good leftovers to

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No but in all honesty ask him what he would like to try. Maybe make it into a thing you all do together, look up recipes and when you have time cook together. Maybe he’ll realize how hard it is and make suggestions himself on how to make it better.

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She has some easy quick delicious recipes that are easy to follow.

Sometimes my husband doesn’t like what I make. I just tell him he can eat it or make his own food if he doesn’t like it.


I am baker has great easy to follow recipes.

Pinterest is the best place for recipes, add simple or easy at the end to help limit options, and avoid complicated recipes with 10+ ingredients. Beware of your cooking temp (350 or 400 to bake, I set my stove to 6 usually but 7 if I’m frying). Paprika, garlic power, onion powder, and pepper are my favorite seasonings to use, also a couple shakes of crushed red pepper to add a little kick. I wait to salt until the end. Once you find out what you both like it’ll get easier, good luck!

Tell him to cook for himself! Are you his $lave!?


It really just depends what he likes… what type of meat he likes or doesn’t like, certain spices or flavors… ask him if you haven’t already. My husband is super picky. When I cook something and he’s not a fan, I ask him what he doesn’t like about it or what would make it better and that had helped a lot.

What nationality is he. Just saying because my husband’s Mexican and I’m Puerto Rican and we eat a whole different food than they do

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For recipes go on pinterest but the only way to learn is to keep trying. I started cooking for myself 7 years ago and when I look back at pics of plates I was proud of then I laugh at myself. I have come a long way. Don’t be afraid to try new things and use fresh ingredients(peppers, onions etc) not just powdered seasoing.

If it’s not up to his standards, then why wouldn’t he just do the cooking?

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season every thing and don’t over cook if your doing a roast make sure you have a meat thermometer that will help you out look for recipes online try them and perhaps perfect them always go by the recipe

Just tell him
He eats what’s put in front of him
Or he has a sandwich


Get a chuck roast put it in the crock pot take a package of beefy Lipton Onion soup mix mix it with no more than a half a cup of water pour it over when the meat falls apart or as close to falling apart at your carrots celery potatoes and such

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Claudia regalado she has a YouTube channnel very very good cook

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Maybe he could cook and show how he would like it for at least a month so that you can master it :grinning:


If his mother or caretaker as a child is living go to them and ask for help :heart:

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Get the food book from Coles awesome meals an easy …He needs to do some cooking if he doesnt like it …:smirk::upside_down_face::kissing_heart:

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God forbid she wants to improve a life skill.

Bunch of harpies here.

Do you all have that same attitude when it’s reversed: your man tells you, tough shit you can like how things are or do it yourself? Because that’s how you sound. You all must be in some loveless marriages.

Tell him to cook for his damn self then! Like wtf?

Hire him his own personal chef :woman_cook:

I take a oven safe pot. Take some either regular chicken thighs and trim the fat or boneless skinless thighs. (Thigh work best for this)
I put them in the pot. The intake about 3-4 potatoes and cut them into really thin wedges. I mean like really thin. Put them in the pot. I add my favorite seasoning. Seasoning salt, garlic salt and parsley mixture, pepper flakes, black pepper, garlic powder. Onion powder, I also use mustard powder in all my recipes. Then I add a little fire oil. You can use regular oil. Just enough to coat everything. I mix everything well so everything is coated in seasoning. The I put the potatoes on the bottom and the thighs on top skin down. Cover and put it in the 400 degrees pre heated oven. In about 30 minutes. I pull it out. Mix everything put the chicken chicken skin up cover and put back in the oven for about another 30 minutes. Sometimes I’ll uncover last 10 minutes so the skin browns.

You can eat it as is. The potatoes are so tender since they are cut so thin. Or you can eat with some good bread or for a more filling mean serve over steamed rice.

Get an air fryer. And rice cooker.

It helps so much but don’t put in the high heat setting.
Learn how to cook rice, mash potatoes, pasta.
Side dishes help complet a meal.

For example:
Rice…. Can get rice a roni… just follow the instructions
Follow a cookbook while learning how to cook and don’t free style cooking when ur learning. After ur comfortable, then u can do ur own recipes.

A lot of the time it may not taste good Becuz it was over cooked, no salt/garlic onion or too much water.

A good chicken soup recipe:
Chicken breast in a lot of water fill with water till it’s covered.
You have to add: a handful of cilantro, few garlic cloves, half of an onion and a tomato, 3-4 tablespoons of salt. Boil that… it will smell delicious!
After the chicken is cooked add the veggies.
Meanwhile skin the carrots and potatoes and cut them in decent small pieces, u can add celery, or corn. Only cook veggies for 30 min on med high. U can add egg noodles curls if u want.
Take the chicken out and decide in smaller pieces.
Or u can pour a half cup-full cup of rice… made either chicken noodle soup or cream of rice chicken soup if u as a bit of cream.

Another recipe with that broth from that chicken soup:
You can use the broth to make yummy rice.
Always put a qt of onion and a piece of garlic when cooking rice. Use the broth instead of water. Add chicken bouillon and some frozen veggies. 1 cup rice to 2 broth ratio. Cook on simmer. Don’t mix too much. Cover it.

Taquitos or fajitas:
Shredded chicken from what u boiled.
Heat up corn tortillas wrapped in a towel in microwave for 1.5 min. Soft. Put shredded chicken in tortilla and roll /hold together with Toothpick. Make several.
Heat up oil in a pan. Put each taquitos until golden brown.
Serve with sour cream or guacamole.

As for fajitas, slice bell peppers very thinly also onion slices. Then u add garlic salt and pepper, paprika. Add the shredded or thinly chopped chicken.
Also olive oil. You can sprinkle a bit of chicken bouillon and mix well.

Get a can of beans always heat up and spurce up with a piece of oil, olive oil and garlic. It brings it to life!

With the broth u can make lentil soup or any kind of soup. Always add garlic and onion, salt. Pinch of Chicken or tomato bouillon. Add veggies.

You can do make a chicken salad with the same chicken. Shredded and add can of veggies, chopped up dill or cilantro. Mayo.

Always cook the chicken with those ingredients … not just with salt and water.It makes a huge difference!

Steak quesadilla:
Get flour tortillas , shredded cheese.
Freeze the pan with butter-makes a huge difference in taste.
Steak season with salt and pepper… cook to liking with oil or butter.

When u get a pasta sauce, always spruce it up by adding spices and bit of sugar.

Hope this helps :relaxed:

Tell you what happens in my house if my guy doesn’t like what I cooked for the whole family. He makes himself something else to eat.


First of all you need to tell him how you feel when he criticize your cooking. You are making an effort and he should support you. If there is certain thing you want to cook like spaghetti, just go to YouTube type in how to make spaghetti and you will see many videos. That goes for almost any type of food you want to make. Good luck!


Watch every episode of Good Eats.

Toast. Dry.
Or your dinner
Or he makes his own.


He can cook his own damn food


I would straight up ask him what you can do to improve. Maybe how he ate things growing up differed from you so just communicating his likes and dislikes would help a lot

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If he doesn’t like the food he’s cooked and won’t join you in the kitchen to explore new recipes, let him feed himself!

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You can message me and I’ll send you some simply recipes and help in any way. I have picky eaters and people allergic to stuff. Also in the makes of opening a restaurant!

Id be like cook for yourself if you dont like my cooking


Tell him to cook for god sake he eats there to.

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Tell him to cook for himself then. :woman_shrugging:t3:


If you want to try do it for you not to please a man.
Tell him to teach you how to cook since hes fkn top chef :roll_eyes:


Here’s a good recipe for him to try,make him a knuckle sandwich tf??


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He can start cooking?
But if you want to learn new recipes then google easy recipes. Slow cooker is great


Watch cooking shows, videos… learn methods. Once you are comfortable with that you can make anything. Start simple, once you master, move on.

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Maybe let him help you in the kitchen and show you some tricks to great cooking! May not help your cooking but it might do wonders for his complaining!

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Tell him to help you cook,show you some recipes he likes.if not…dry toast🤣


OK if you don’t like my cooking, I suggest you do all the cooking now.:rage: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


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I wish I knew who this person was… I would friend them and help them with any questions while they are slaving over that stove for that ungrateful man. And give them hugs.


Pinterest!!! I have saved so many amazing recipes through the years. I also hate washing pots and pans, so I look up a lot of one pot meals

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Tell him to do the cooking. Doesn’t matter if he works all day. Us women are expected to work all day and then come home and cook the dinner. No reason why he can’t. Plenty of husband’s do the cooking.


First guys, she’s asking! If she didn’t want to try she sure wouldn’t ask. Alright what can you cook? What does your husband like? Allergies?


Id say tell him if he doesn’t like it, then he can cook. If you want to learn for yourself, just look up recipes, preferably ones with videos, and try them out. But I’m a petty b*tch so if I were you I’d tell him to cook and only practice while he’s gone and don’t give him the food :rofl:

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Ya buddy, its called skip the dishes…:roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Sis you got the wrong man. My old man will eat it and say that’s the best meal he’s ever had whether it’s taste like garbage or not. I’d tell his butt to eat it or starve. Bc you didn’t even have to cook for him.

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Don’t cook for him!!!


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Just make him a patch of brownies and put some laxative in it then when he is on the crapper look at him and say wow my cooking must really be crappy :woman_shrugging:


Tell him if he doesn’t like it, he can be the chef! F all that disrespect :roll_eyes:


Do you have a crock pot are great also just google easy recipes Pinterest

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Invest in a slow cooker and look up recipes, best and easiest way to get an amazing feed


Tell him to make his own dinner then :joy:


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Ask him what kind of food he likes or get him in the kitchen to cook together.

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I’d tell him to cook himself


Try simple things like roasts and stuff in a crock pot with potatoes and carrots the key to a good roast is seasoning and cook time. And a crockpot makes that so easy or a Dutch oven on the stove if you don’t mind having it hot in the house.

Pork shoulders (if you eat pork) or a good boneless chuck roast, get super tender over night.
Put in the crock pot only fill broth, stock, or water half way up the meat so the other half is still above the water. Season thoroughly, my favorite everything seasoning for meat is Cavenders.
Cook on medium heat over night, pork will take a bit longer probably 10-12 hours to get really tender.
The beef may take about 8 hours depending on the size.

You can throw some potatoes in there cubed up. Not the full length of cook time maybe half. Or your choice of sides.

If y’all like pork ribs I can tell you get a slab or two of ribs (baby back my preference).
Make sure you remove the membrane from the underside. (YouTube videos of need) I make my own rub, coat the ribs in yellow mustard top and bottom, mix together brown sugar, paprika, salt, black pepper, chili powder, garlic powder, onion powder. Coat the ribs heavily. (The mustard is a binder) wrap well with two layers of foil bake in the oven on 350 for 3 hours covered. Open the foil coat in barbecue and place back in the oven for about 30 minutes to get the barbecue caramelized. I’m telling you the will fall off the bone.

Try making some specialty burgers or something season well sauté Some bell peppers, onions and spinach in some salted butter top and melt some good cheese on there like a Gouda something gooey like that.
Normally I’d stuff them with the ingredients maybe those sautéed veggies and some bleu cheese crumbles.
Get a good bun like a brioche that will help make it look and taste much better. Brioche are dense and really soft and slightly sweet.

“Tacos” are simple but you can really set them off with some fresh made pico de gallo (can find recipe anywhere), and also combining your own seasoning instead of store bought pouches. Chili powder (lots), cumin, salt, onion powder, garlic powder, oregano (light), and a bit of tomato paste and water. These are Americanized obviously I’ve not conquered much beyond Americanized foods myself lol

Also google can be you friend if your unsure about how long to cook things especially meats cook temps and completion temps, getting a digital meat thermometer can be a life saver if you’re over cooking meat because you’re afraid it’s under cooked.

Online recipes can help big time also just to get some ideas and outlines how to make something.

I also make some simple sides like asparagus in the oven on a sheet pan let them out slice some salted butter lightly salt dust with Parmesan or use grated parmesan for about 20- 25 minutes on 350.

And you can slice up yellow squash and zucchini and treat it the same way.

Cheesy broccoli rice casserole I use two boil in bag minute rice white or brown, 1 can cream chicken, eyeball the (boil a few minutes first) broccoli, in a bowl or pan melt some American cheese slices probably 6 1/4 stick of butter, 1/3 block of cream cheese and a 1/4 cup of heavy cream, whisk together. Mix the cream of chicken and the cheese sauce mixture into the rice and broccoli, in a baking dish too with shredded cheese cover with foil and put in the over on 350 for about 30 minutes.

Stuffed mushrooms (I don’t care for mushrooms but my guy likes them) remove stems and wash, mix up cream cheese fresh or dried chives and stuff in the center, wrap bacon around the mushroom not over the center just the circumference, toothpicks to hold in place, bake about 20 minutes on 350, on a sheet pan, remove, top each with shredded cheese and bake about 15-20 minutes. I hate mushrooms but I can eat a couple of these.

We could go into frying chicken but it’s not everyone’s thing and frying chicken at home on the stove is a whole other ball game than frying in an industrial fryer :joy: took me awhile.
But I make some pretty good fried chicken or garlic Parmesan wings (those are my guys favorite) says my sauce is almost as good as Buffalo Wild Wings. :smiling_face_with_tear:

I could probably go on forever in more of a comfort food kind of way. I worked in a diner kitchen for more than 13 years started when I was 15. Been a stay at home mom for the last year I’m 30 now soon to be 31. I think my cooking is my S.Os favorite thing about me. :joy:

I roast some vegetables in the oven and my family can’t get enough of them. You could do broccoli or cauliflower together or separate. All you need is garlic salt and olive oil. Roast for 20 minutes, then mix and give another 20 minutes. I do the same with asparagus. Very tasty.

Cook together…follow a recipe…if he still complains…then eat your own meal and but him some frozen meals…light some candles. Create some ambiance…set the mood when you surprise him with good recipe…then if he still complains do the suggestion I said about frozen meals