My Husband Got Mad at a Joke I Made About Him Cheating: Advice?

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"My husband cheated on me while I was 9 month pregnant. I found out and confronted. Skip 2 months later we are still miserably (random happy) trying to make it through. Anyways, one argument he says “she was just a prostitute! I was only with her because she let me pee on her face!” I completely get over the cheating a laugh now. So one day he’s trying to be vindictive and says “let’s call Veronica (not real name) and ask her how much of a man I am” I laugh and said sure call up pee face I’ll talk to her XD he couldnt say anything. So now he’s pouting that he can’t hurt me with that… see how long this silent treatment lasts"

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"Wow. Why stay? Sounds like a real ***hat!"

"Leave his sorry ass. Sounds like emotional abuse if he’s constantly throwing his affair in your face every time you get in an argument."

"Either forgive and let go, get some couple therapy to process and work though it, or split up. This is not a healthy way to teach a child to communicate with their future partners"

"What exactly are you needing advice on? Not only did he cheat on you, he took money that could have been spent somewhere else to do it. And you guys are obviously not happy. So advice? Split."

"My ex cheated with a girl from the recycle place she separated trash and recycles so I told him you want trash go be with the trash you found"

"He brought it up and you responded back and now he’s giving you the silent treatment? Sounds as toxic as they come. Like everyone else said, get out of the situation now it’s not healthy for your kid to witness the dysfunction"

"I wouldn’t be laughing especially since she was a prostitute I’d be checking your self out for STDs!"

"If that doesn’t show you he isn’t sorry I don’t know what will"

"Sounds like y’all are both unhappy and just staying because is comfortable…. Happiness shouldn’t be forced or pretend, walk away queen!!"

"All jokes aside- this sounds super unhealthy and toxic. If you both aren’t willing to work at your marriage to make it better you are causing more harm then good for you and your kids. I’m not seeing where you want advice, it appears you are just sharing a story. Your kids along with you and him deserve better."

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