My husband had a kid I never knew about, I'm hurt

So my husband have a maybe baby from when he was 19 years old, I wasn’t made aware of this until recently. We are expecting a little boy in 4 weeks time and my feelings are just so bloody all over the place, we have been together 3 years both in our 30s, I don’t get why he would keep this from me? His maybe son is 13 years old and has zero contact since he was 2 years old, when the baby mama ran away and got married to a Marine cutting all ties with my husband and his family.

He said his ashamed of not fighting for the little boy more that’s why he didn’t tell Me. Seems so suspicious especially when he couldn’t stop raving about having kids for so long and never once indicated he had already had one, i feel like him lying has taken away from our experience

It is unfortunate that he didn’t feel comfortable enough to tell you about this. It sounds like a very traumatic part of his young adult life. Try to have some empathy and don’t make it about you, because it isn’t. This also should not take away from your experience as parents together because this is still his first time being a parent too. Getting someone pregnant at such a young age and having them run off with the child is traumatizing! Maybe get some counseling for him and some together.